Kids Corner #24 Earthizens

Kids Corner #24 Earthizens

Kids Corner

(A little visit with God-book Wisdom)

Inspired by the God-Book pearls of God’s own wisdom of Truth

~ Written by Wiesje ~

(Inspired and brought into Manifestation by Wiesje in the Earth Star date of 2017)

Message #24


 Hello to all you special children,

Yes know you are an EARTHIZEN!

Because you are an Earthborn citizen!

But you also are a Planetizen because you are from Planet Earth.

A citizen of Earth you are, of the whole world, our globe, our planet!

Your birth was where your parents lived at that time.

And then you may have moved to other places.

So let us see where are you living now?

Or where you have been before?





We have to try to remember why we came here now, on this Earth-walk journey.

It is meant to have fun and joy, to experience love and caring on Earth!

But also learn lessons!

How to cope with living here, where we have good and bad co-exist.

There are always positive and negative energies, dark and Light.

But it is the Light you need to follow, which equals love energy!

Earth has also other names.

Gaia or Terra, and Earth is feminine!

Mother Earth or Terra allows us to be Her citizens for as long we live in this Earthly human body.

When God Created Earth it was pure and perfect.

With all there is to enjoy, many resources to be able to live comfortably.

Water to drink and food to grow.

Talents to know and how to do the work.

So Terra has many resources!

With help from the Sun’s light which sends beneficial rays, and occasional rain, to water the produce and flowers to grow, we will always be able to eat and be nourished. Of course we have to work at it.

Nature is Terra’s most wonderful expression.

Look at the oceans, and the marine life in it.

The energies of high and low tides that moves the seas.

The four seasons which bring forth each time the different life cycles.

Regenerating all life, as you see in the plants and trees with new leaf’s and flowers.

God Created everything so awesome in balance and biologically detailed.

Even our human bodies, consider how delicate our bodies are put together to function to house our Soul.

But Mother Earth does not like to be misused!

Terra has a Soul like we have.

It is like we live on Her back while we live on Her.

She feels all that goes on, the positive and negative forces.

She shudders and shakes when people fight and hurt Her feelings.

We may feel that in areas of volcanic outbreaks, earthquakes and hurricanes.

When people take too much from Her inner Earth, like oil, gas and crystals.

When people cut down too many of the trees and have polluted the waters.

That then causes Terra to be sad if people do not care for Her

At times She needs to shake off that unloving negativity.

As Terra is a living Being, we must love and respect Her.

She has “insides” in the inner Earth, to help to keep Her in balance.

Especially the crystal caves.

There are also big plates in the Earth that are lubricated with oil.

If too much oil is taken from Her it’s like us, if we bleed too much, we get sick.

Pray for Mother Earth your home planet that people will be more mindful of Her.

Pray that your Earthly home is protected from dark energies.

Pray for yourself that God’s White Light will always surround you and protect you.

And all will be well.

Love and light,


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