Kids Corner #25 Soul Voice

Kids Corner
(A little visit with God-book Wisdom)
Inspired by the God-Book pearls of God’s own wisdom of Truth
~ Written by Wiesje ~
(Inspired and brought into Manifestation by Wiesje in the Earth Star date of 2017)
Message #25
“Soul Voice”

Hello dear ones,

We are going to meditate today on SOUL VOICE!
What do you think it is?
I let you think a while………

First of all, we are a SOUL a special entity that chose to inhabit a body.
That body was Created in love by our parents.
We decide, that this body is in the perfect family, and place to be.
Then we are born, and grow, and learn to eat, and walk and think.
Our parents, family and teachers, influence us, as they teach us.

Most what we learn is what our parents and teachers know.
But then there is so much more to know beyond what they teach us.
It is up to us to expand our knowing and wisdom.
One way to do that is to make choices.
When you are still very young, you have actually more knowledge.
Only you could not talk yet and express yourself.
Then you have to absorb what other people teach you.
It clouds and covers your own instinctive knowing.

We humans have it more difficult than animals who know all at once.
Animals are intuitive and know all from the start.
We on the other hand have to learn what is is superimposed on us.

You happen to be born with a PERSONALITY, which becomes the YOU, you are!
The emotions and expressions you show, in reacting to life as you feel it.
It likes to be in charge of your feelings and act out on it.
But it is your willpower to control your actions.

Also you are born with INTELLECT that is the You, that develops your knowledge.
It is the ability to think and understand.
The ability to develop powers of thinking and reasoning.
The capacity for rational or intelligent thought.

Now about SOUL, it is the real YOU. It is a spark of Creator God!
Your body is mortal, Soul is eternal, it never dies!
You are made in God’s image from LOVE and LIGHT.
In God you have your being!
Your Soul / God’s spark in you is always present.
Soul is always trying to influence PERSONALITY to act the right way!
It tries to shake up the INTELLECT to truth and awareness.
Soul lets you know through your gut feeling, your intuition that it is alive in you.
It is that still voice in your head that talks reason and tries to nudge you.
Soul gives you ideas, dreams, and inspiration.
Soul wants you to live out your mission, why you came to Earth.

You know SOUL has a hard time, sometimes PERSONALITY is hardheaded.
It wants to override those feelings of better knowing SOUL influences.
Because INTELLECT gets in the way it thinks it knows better.
Our free expression and free choices can override better judgement.
It is what it is! There is no right or wrong. It is a matter of learning.
We have to learn life’s lessons for our self, that is why we are here.

We do well to be sensitive to Soul-voice, and listen to it.
The Voice of the Universe, our Spirit Guides and Guardian Angel, God!
To be in awareness and know that;
“ In God we have our being” and Soul Voice is never wrong!

The light of God surrounds you,
The love of God enfolds you,
The power of God protects you,
The presence of God watches over you,
Wherever you are God is,
And all is well!
Light and love,
Kids Corner /