Kids Corner #28 Rethinking Our Conditioned Belief in a Nutshell

Kids Corner
(A little visit with God-book Wisdom)
Inspired by the God-Book pearls of God’s own wisdom of Truth
~ Written by Wiesje ~
(Inspired and brought into Manifestation by Wiesje in the Earth Star date of 2017)
Message #28
“Rethinking Our Conditioned Belief in a Nutshell”

(Knowledge from “The God-Books,” which were transmitted from God)

God explains:
This is the Source of CHRISTED LIGHT.
The origin of Soul’s beginnings back in time, as Light Beings!

CREATOR put Gods in charge of the Universes, to Co-Create.
Under one condition!

Then a lot of experimenting began on different planets.
And in different Universes.

Also on the multiple planetary systems we see in our night sky.
Many of us originate from them like from Arcturus, the Pleiades, Andromeda etc.
So from there our Souls populated Earth into Earthborn bodies.
Different life forms were Created. Intelligent life everywhere.
The Soul the Spirit of life forms are a spark of Source, Creator’s Light and Love.

Our planet Earth is a younger planet, She is also a living Soul !
Created by Our God who goes by different names in different religions.
In fact God calls himself Luminescent, of this Earth and Universe.
He is in charge of the whole of our Universe, surrounding Earth.
God Created the intricate lifeforms, with ability to procreate!
Plants and animals and the Human race all procreate.
Humans were Created as sparks of God Himself.
As is said He Created us in His likeness
For God to experience Himself as part of our being.
Yes in God we have our being! We are not born in sin!
God is not Sin!
We are born with FREE WILL. (Correctly known as Free Expression)

When Earth life began all was perfect, pure and pristine.
Clean water, a perfect eco system and love was all around.
Then humanity with free will changed attitude.
Greed, control over others through politics, and religions began to take over.
History has shown how religion has influenced politics and wars.
The aim was to move humans away from God’s love.
Only by way of authorities could you go to God.
Pay tokens for sins etc.

A belief in a wrathful God who is to be responsible for disasters.
An angry God who is to blame if things go wrong.
A God who controls humans, in what is happening to them.
A God who creates diseases.

We also believe God is love.
God Created all that is good, God wants all good for us!
Biblical stories like a father to offer his son to kill him, is not God’s story.
God would never kill his children.
Much in those early stories have been changed over years.

What has happened to His Creation and free expression of humans?
We are an eternal Soul that inhabits a mortal body.
We evolve or devolve depending on free expression.
We are not to judge, not even God judges us.
Later back in Nirvana we call here heaven. There will be a review of our life.
We will judge ourselves confronting our life’s right and wrong.
We will again experience the pain and joy in that review like a slideshow.
This to see if we learned our lesson in that life time.
Karma is real you may have to try again if needed.

We can see how humanity has been manipulated by negative forces.
Science has been developed for good and for bad.
Science labs have created viruses to destroy other humans.
Pharmaceuticals control our well-being at many levels.
Wars have been created for control over others.
Hunger and poverty created by fellow humans.
Greed and much more food and money for only the few.
We can see that all around the globe.

God did not create negativity: disease and pain
Humanity did!
We need to relearn love and compassion. Back to the Native’s beliefs.
The Earth is God’s to be respected.
Jesus and so many other Evolved Beings brought all the life lessons to us.
Much of Jesus’s own teachings were deliberately erased or edited.
Jesus has been much misrepresented also by the dogmas of controls.

She is also going by names as Gaia or Terra.
Her Earth body sickens from negativity.
Humanity is like fleas on her back, some are paining her!
Oil is like her veins and arteries. The crystals her inner balance.

The plunder of her inner Earth has imbalanced Her Being.
All for the gain and prosperity and greed of few.
Wars and killing fields shake her Soul and she shakes it off.
Earthquakes fires and storms are needed for cleansing and rebalancing.
In many ways humans are responsible for this imbalance.
Human casualties are sometimes part of a life contract.
Our Souls go back to Source and may re-incarnate in another life time.

God Created us with a Soul, like the flower bulb which blooms each season with a new flower. Humans are no different.
We have lived previously as many different personages.
It is time to rethink who we are.
Children of God, as a spark of God who is of Love and Light.
God loves us, and because of God within, we are to spread that love.

The good news is that The Jesus The Christ Consciousness has come.
We Earthlings who are receptive, know this by awareness in us.
We live the Christ Consciousness, we collectively are the second coming. (In truth there was NO END to the first.)
We are the game changers, as our mission here.

Love and light,


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