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The Four Horsemen of the Golden NOW comments page 2


Comments page #2

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I just wished to share with you what I saw this morning. I woke up early and the moon was shining through the bedroom window. When I looked out there were 4 beams of light coming off of it in equal lengths in the shape of a cross and the song that started playing in my head was “Stand by me” Just wished to share this with you.
I pray that all is well in your area! Blessings, Rita


  • Hello Celest and David,
    Thank you for making this clear, once again, about what ‘The Four horsemen of the Golden NOW’ really mean!
    I have read this one before, some years ago on your website – and it was good to read it again, for the meaning of it (I read it again because of the recommendation in the newest “Blue Star Speaks Transmission”; “The Movie and the Mind Field”).
    I believe I now found (remembered) a whole new meaning about the Cross and the 4 directions, as I every day – and have done for many days now – make the ‘I insert the Reality of THE Christ Consciousness into the forefront of my mind – and I send it out in all four directions, North, South, East and West – as I am blowing the Golden Conch’ – I can see now that with this kind of ‘exercise’ that what I (and other light workers/Advocates for Justice) do and what is happening is that I/We participate in and help with Gathering all four races and helps the coming together and peaceful living of all four races here. 🙂
    What a Delight!
    You are welcome to put this comment up on the site where you have the posting of ‘The Four Horsemen of the Golden Now’, where all the other comments about this posting are.
    Thank you both, for all that you do,
    With Lots of Gratitude,


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Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients – God Book #8

“Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients”

(Book 8 of 8 of “The God Book” series)

“Avatars” became available on October 1st, 2017

NOTE: 10-13-2017  Kindle E-book versions now available

415 pages


You can order your copy directly from the printer at

NOTE: Kindle version is now available as well from Amazon

To order from Amazon please go to

PDF versions will soon be available on “Rainbow Products”

OR on

“Ethereal Transformations”

This book will be available in Paperback, PDF and E-book formats

Throughout the readings of some of the complexities of truths which this book unceasingly provides, readers are afforded unlimited opportunities to learn more about what they have forgotten and to be able to see how much knowledge and wisdom far beyond what they thought they knew, has been hidden from them throughout their lives. It is commonplace for people to accept at face-value all that their peers, religious clerics and school teachers tell them because that is what they have always done. In so doing actual truths have been lost or replaced with provocative illusions. The final book of the God Book Series quickly dispels peoples’ previously held convictions. For us to say that this particular book of the Series is a “in your face” rendition of truths revealed and mysteries dissipated, would be the understatement of this millennium.

God and the other Luminescents provide a continuous contiguous outpouring of truths and humor. In a collectively ingenious manner, they open doorways of heretofore unknown truths. Yet they do so in uncompromising “straight talking” forms of speaking, but always with the deepest love and respect for all good people everywhere. The writing of this book has been a joy for us but it was also a challenge of the best kind. As usual His books take on a life of their own and before we knew it this year was slipping by and we were still writing! Our desire for readers is that they learn from all this massive effort God and the Others put into this book; for this truly is Their final effort to teach people how to move forward while others are walking backwards. Please bear in mind as you read the book that there is no more time, the clock is at the midnight hour.

Celest and David

God refers to the chapters in this current book as “Epics.”

 Epics (chapters)

Foreword written by Celestial Blue Star and David of Arcturus

God’s Introduction- “There is a Valley” …

  1. In the Beginning
  2. Avatars and Avatars amongst you
  3. Higher Standards
  4. Life Altering Decisions
  5. Inconvenient Thoughts
  6. Pearls of Wisdom
  7. Facilitators
  8. The Recognition Factor
  9. Products of their Convictions
  10. Misanthropic Truths
  11. Irrevocable Decisions and the Mayhem Factor
  12. Levels of Consciousnesses and their integration with The Jesus The Christ Consciousness
  13. The Evolution of the Luminescents
  14. The Equation Never Changes
  15. The Introduction of New Cultures
  16. In the Line of Duty
  17. To Have and to Behold
  18. The new Zero Tolerance Code
  19. As My Son also Rises …

God’s Closing Message – The Void

The Other Luminescents’ Closing Message – When the Courageous Rally there is no Separation

Blue Star Speaks – Heart of Gold

Chako and Jesus – Avatars

Dave & Cyndi, inspired by God – The Power of Thought

Katherine, inspired by God – Living The Light: Kindness

Celest and David – Let the Reckoning Begin – The time of Déjà Vu

The Sum of it All


Winter People who Ride the Wind – God Book #7

~ Winter People who Ride the Wind ~

God Book 7 for website

Winter People who Ride the Wind

(Book 7 of “The God Book” series)

“Winter People” became available on June 1st, 2015

232 pages

You can order your copy directly from the printer at

NOTE: This book is now available on Amazon.
The Kindle version will be available in the next few days.

To order from Amazon please go to

PDF versions are also available on “Rainbow Products”

This book will be available in paperback, PDF and e-Book versions

Throughout the writing of this God Book Series, God along with many others of Divinity seek to further broaden the receptivity of everyone’s minds by informing people of previously unknown information that is relevant to everyone’s evolution. Even though many truths and facts of life are not remembered when a person is incarnate, all information is well-known to discarnate Souls. So it was decided that NOW is the time for incarnate Souls to relearn or to remember more of the truth that has previously been veiled about life.

In this current book, Winter People who Ride the Wind, God presents more revelations that some people would consider to be startling yet somehow familiar. With an amazing twist during the writings, the presentations of the messages are gifted to the readers by not only God who is the Luminescent of this Universe, but by all other Luminescents of all other Universes as well. With outstanding momentum of a progressive movement They state with one voice that They have been joyfully anticipating participating in this book; it is part of Their own pre-birth agreements with all of us. You can definitely feel the interchanges of Their combined energies throughout the book. This book requires slow reading; be prepared that you will need to read it more than one time. God stated that the last three books of this Series are the ones He says are the most important ones: Advocates for Justice, Winter People who Ride the Wind and the final installment which is Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients. We ourselves ask that you read to understand and understand what you read. Read on, fellow journeyers!

~ Celest and David ~

 Note: God refers to the chapters in this current book “Sagas.”

Here are the Sagas and brief excerpts


We have observed many people who have evolved into such fine beautiful states of themselves that they are a joy to behold! To these people this is what “normal” means. We have seen others who have professed to be in the “know,” but in reality they have only learned how to mimic talking the talk. Yet the others who maintain their life-walk have now learned to walk the talk and to teach by example. Everybody has a different definition of “normal.” We say, “Living in the NOW IS the new normal.”


God – Although these books were destined to be written by Celestial and David, it required many millennia for Me to properly format the sequential steps that had to be taken in order for each of these books to come into materialization. Because it is still so difficult for most of you to clearly understand that “organized chaos” exists as a wondrous method of preventing “random” happenings, you may also have difficulty understanding that it is also the incredible flow of beauty that organized chaos projects and infuses all life forms off-world with, that contribute to the continuity of the Creation Processing.

Saga One – Wind Song

Initially, when the Earth Star planet was Created it was well-known throughout this particular Universe that Earth is part of, that because she would be among one of the youngest worlds when compared to the ages of other worlds, Terra would require a great deal of assistance in the form of the magnifications of manifestations by MySelf and many others of Divinity, as well as by Star Keepers from other Universes. The Star Keepers and the others of Divinity helped in the settlement of this world in order for her to Create a firm foundation and to assist in the Creation of many new life forms here. Just so you know though, your scientists, astronomers etc., are way off on the age of Terra.

Saga Two – Reflections of Life

Advocates, We who are the Collective of the Luminescents have been blessed with experiencing your processing of information by watching how so many, many of you have been spending more time reflecting on your personal and Spiritual lives since you began to read these books. It is a different type of processing which most of you are doing; unlike how you dealt with information before. This shows Us very clearly that I, and now WE, have been hitting some catalytic nerves within your minds and hearts.

Saga Three – Winter People Speak

Greetings fellow Souls; although I have been known by many name energies throughout my various life experiences, I am now known as “Kugainlo.” This has been my name for several millennia now. I am one who long, long ago was sent to this Earth Star planet to assist in the Creative times when innocence still roamed this Earth. No, I did not arrive here alone; I was in the company of many, many other Winter People whose duties included watching over all the new lifeforms that had been Created by ALL Universes. These lifeforms were sent to Earth for the purpose of beginning new waves of innocence  that had been intended to be the life-givers and the life-carriers of all the races of Planetizens and of course Earth Seeds as well.

Saga Four – Weak Links

OK now, We want to speak with you about the weak link mind-groupings and their effects on humanity as a whole. Also, We will include the magnificent roles the Winter People play in the weak link transitional process or system. Of course there are many more than just one set of these links. Although their numbers were once legion they are actually also legendary in their ability to destroy so many races of people here on Terra.

Saga Five – If you could see you NOW

With each Soul transfiguration that has occurred as an important step of your journey, it provided each of you with limitless opportunities to explore and new options to consider. It is always at that pivotal gridline intersection that you as Soul always begins a type of dance that delights all of Us. The best way We can describe this dance to you is this way: the very matrix of your Soul begins a fluttering synergistic swing which quickly shifts to a type of cascading, flowing movement then suddenly bursts into myriad prisms of Light.

Saga Six – Evil wears many Masks

OK now Planetizens, although it is wonderful to speak of all that is good, it also means there needs to be an acknowledgement, an understanding that evil exists as well. It is important to explore some of the aspects of downright evil that has been trying so desperately to still hold on here to all that it has been able to for so very, very long.

Saga Seven – Psyche Warriors

God … OK Children, now We are going to continue to explain even more of the continuity of the “whys and hows” of true life. Many of you are only just beginning to remember true life, while others are struggling to remember. Remember what We have told you; the more personality is able to relax by accepting truth over illusions, the more Soul and personality will merge. By the way, We are pleased to tell you that one of My Sons, Jesus The Christ, has now joined Us in writing this book. We feel it is only fitting considering the utter depravity He HimSelf had to endure throughout His many Earth Walk territorial explorations. It is befitting that He too should also speak with Us to you. We speak as ONE voice.

Saga Eight – The Crystal Ball Effect

All of Our conjoined technological information although freely shared within all multiverses, must always complement and reflect all of the contiguous fields of upcoming breakthroughs that will directly affect all of Our lifeforms on all worlds. This is part of the flowing motion of organized chaos which We all live in. None of Our worlds ever enter into a stasis mode; that is simply impossible! This is but one reason why all Advocates, and yes this does include ALL Winter People, are never truly satisfied with living a well-deserved life UNLESS they KNOW they are still Co-Creating, regardless of what their individual or collective destinies are. Does this help you now to better understand why oftentimes you feel restless, a bit antsy or frustrated at times, or when you relive an ancient feeling that you are not doing enough?

Saga Nine – I Want to Believe, I Want to Believe

Breaking away from the former foundations that have been set into play is not an easy task for anyone! Firstly, a person needs to construct the “I believe,” rather than the “I want to believe.” The term “wanting,” in Our Collective understanding simply means that there are inherent weaknesses engrained within the minds of people who are “in want.” These are not merely fear-based, but clearly define a lack of mind-hardiness required to take the “lack of” out of want and migrate their minds to “I believe.” To build the foundation means that the mind-mortar MUST conjoin the Souls’ desires to begin a new life here by altering the infrastructure of illusion and changing it to “I believe.” True believers do not require proof about Us, about reincarnation, or about any other of the Divinely inspired Creations which exist on all Universes. True believers KNOW. The greatest construct of “knowing” is believing without needing to explain yourself to others about your beliefs.

An Explanation

Although it was never intended for the magnetics to alter to such degree that they would become far too ferocious, humankind’s propensity for deviously altering the former weather patterns has been solely responsible for what you are all dealing with now. Surely you all understand that the barometric effects which now accompany these elemental forces that are out of control, do indeed impact on each of you.

Saga Ten – When the Message is Lost

OK, now WE shall journey on and discuss this present Saga with you. The messages We have sent to you each since the nano-moment you gave birth to yourself always revolved around the ultimate quest for immortality at the highest Soul level. But it was to be in a manner designated to provide you as Soul with the totality of wearing the Mantle of Greatness which would reflect your innocence and unearthly beauty, while you “danced the dance of God.”

Saga Eleven  – The Rising of Humanity

Yes Advocates, humanity will rise once again and in great measure it will be because of you! In one manner or another during those times, you will each see, feel or hear the tonal energies of both My Son Jesus and Our Mary Magdalene. I suppose you could rightfully say, “They will be leading the charge of the Light Brigade.”  So it is that as you each resurrect We ask you to remember that you are SIMULTANEOUSLY ascending as well.

Jesus and Chako

The lessons are many, and they are not superficial lessons. They are lessons that usually involve the heart.  It does little good to think about a problem.  One must feel the problem, for it is in the feeling that the heart will resolve it.

God replies to Jesus and Chako

OK Jesus and Chako; I must commend the both of you on the amazing maturity you have each been projecting through the Lights of your Souls for a long time now. Jesus, My Son, you do indeed “do Me Proud!” Chako, throughout your many life existences you have always sought the good; so it is no surprise to Me that the two of you work so well together. You may or may not remember Chako, but you too just as Celest and David, were there at the alleged crucifixion of My Son.

God and Maria Speak on The Winter People

The Earth could easily lift off into a higher dimension without human beings. That would in fact be far easier. However human beings have the potential to add their higher consciousness to this planet. They could create something of exquisite beauty. So that was Our choice, that is what We are striving towards. You are all in on this plan. You wanted to make this happen. You wanted to be a part of it. Well, there you are.

God’s Closing Message

I, as well as all the other Luminescents, have waited a very long time to be able to communicate with you who are Our Children, you who have gathered here on Earth from every Universe, every Galaxy that has ever been. You are in the final stages of the unveiling of illusions which were intentionally designed to separate you from your home worlds, from your Spirit Guides and other mentors. Because of those occurrences YOU, each of you, experienced diverse events that only a physical state of existence could offer to you.

A closing message from all the other Luminescents

Fellow journeyers; We who are of the Luminescents’ Collective feel great joy to finally be able to speak with each of you Advocates publically! It has been so many millennia since these God Books were initially written, that it has been necessary for Us to adhere to the prescribed protocol to exercise the patient aspects of OurSelves and await the projected gridline intersection for All of Us to approach you unobtrusively. There is great humor in this situation however because We always maintain close contact with each of you who are part of Our own Universes.

Celest and David “Living a Life without Regrets”

Some day Advocates, all people will arrive at the understanding that regrets are merely passing illusions. Passion for life, passion for being all that you can be and passion for understanding the privilege we have all been given by simply being alive in this present time and changing what we can, while still becoming the change ourselves, constitutes “a life well-lived.” No one in the Hereafters is wallowing in the “regret mode.”


The 8th and final book of “The God Book” series will be titled

“Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients”



Chako Relationships book cover


Received by Chako Priest

On 01-28-15, Jeshua and I gave the “Relationships” book presentation to the Wednesday Metaphysical Group that meets in the Unitarian Church in Surprise, AZ. The following is the translation from my recording. I address the group and then go into my channeling mode.

There are many new people here, so I thought I need to go back and bring everyone up to date. I lived in Minnesota for 11 years. I knew I was to move from there but did not know how it all was going to come about. In the early part of 1999, my daughter and her husband flew up from Arizona to visit me. They told me they had bought property in Sun City Grand, Arizona, and when the house was finished being built, they asked if I would move there and rent it from them. I said I would, which surprised my daughter, for she did not think I would be open to such a change in my life. However, when the Masters want you to move and provide the way, your choice is clear. Move! I arrived in Arizona on November 14, 1999.

It took me a while to settle into my new home and to get back into my routine of meditating every morning. One morning, I felt this soft caressing on my cheek. The room was electrified. (I need to say, now he is coming very close and right into my heart and I become kind of a blubbering idiot. Angel can attest to this when I was bringing in a message for her. I was crying so hard I could hardly speak and give her the message. Lynn Christina, who has spiritual sight, added there was a big golden aura around me as I spoke.) To get back to my story about the caressing finger, I was still so new about all of this that the only thing I could think of was to ask, are you Jesus? He replied, no, but he is an aspect of me. Wow, I thought, this must be Sananda making a connection with me. The vibration was so high that I had to go take a shower to calm myself down. So that’s the end of that little story for now.

One morning I woke up and felt something kind of funny at the top of my head. Something was entwined in my hair. I pulled it out, and it was a large paper clip. I got the symbolism of that. I was going to be clipping many pages of paper together. It all came true, for this is my twelfth book, and I go through paper clips like crazy.

This book is called Relationships. The front cover picture is of my grandson Matthew O’Brien and his bride Elizabeth. I thought this wedding picture would make a perfect cover for my book.

Usually I can finish a book in 3 months, but this time the process went on and on. I had a reading with Adironnda, channeled by Marilyn Harper, on January 22nd. I asked her to check out where my block was. Why wasn’t I able to bring this book forth as swiftly as I had the others? I just felt I was procrastinating too much. Adironnda said no, that was not the case. What was happening was as all this new energy came in throughout the year 2014, my body had to integrate it and recalibrate it. This happened with each little segment or chapter. When all was ready to go forward, Jeshua would nudge me, time to get back to the book. I then would bring in another chapter. This went on chapter after chapter after chapter, to the point where I thought I must have a block that was holding things up. But Adironnda said that no, that was not it at all. That was nice to hear (chuckles).

The different Masters that came forth each had a segment in the book on what it was to be in a relationship and what was required. Saint Germaine talks about giving and receiving. (I thumb through the pages and read from the Table of Contents.) You know when I wrote this so long ago, I kind of forget what the Masters have said. It is kind of embarrassing (smiles). C’est la vie.

Serapis Bey talked about kindness. Djwhal Khul is known as the Tibetan from the Alice Bailey books. He hid his name for a long time and then let it be known and now many channel him. He spoke of Transitions. Then God came in. People often wonder whether people can channel God. Of course you can; anybody can.

God had an interesting analogy: when I was a little girl, it seemed as if I was always falling down. My knees would frequently have these huge scabs on them. Then I would pick at them. You know how little kids will just pick, pick, and pick, showing the new skin underneath the scab. Well, God used that experience as an analogy for what happens when we have a problem in our relationships. He said to let the scab form and then pick off a little piece of it and see the healing underneath. I thought gee, that’s a different way of looking at it—healing a conflict in a relationship—let it form a scab, then pick off a piece and address just a segment at a time.

Mary Magdalene did a chapter on Acceptance and Djwhal Khul continued his remarks from chapter 4 on Transitions. Commander Ashtar talked about the Galactic Command and when they are on the spaceships and about relationships that have to take place. There are hundreds of people on those ships. The motherships are miles and miles in diameter. They are like a living city. Therefore, there would need to be compatibility in relationships on those huge motherships.

OK, I can’t think of anything else I need to tell you about the book. Just feel free to come up and take one. All right, let me wipe my nose (laughter) and then we will see what Jeshua wants to say. I am one of these people who likes to channel with my eyes closed; I do not want to look at any of you (laughter). Now Heather is thumbing through the book, and if I were channeling and saw her doing that, my mind would lose focus and my ego would kick in and I would not be listening purely enough to what I am being told. So if I just shut you all out and concentrate on what is being said, I can bring in the message more clearly. OK, Angel, let’s see if I can get through this without crying. This reminds me of when Marilyn Harper channels Him, the tears are just streaming down her face, so I am not the only one who reacts like this. He already told me that we would have a large crowd which is very nice to see. And Lynn, you are seeing what? Your aura is gigantic and just golden all around. I am watching to see the various changes. Hmm, and that’s His energy. Oh boy, I am going to cry. I always settle in after a minute.

My precious ones, I am Jesus the Christ. I come often to this group. In fact I am here every Wednesday. Chako is kind of a pillar to this group as she was here almost at the very beginning. Jean Alexander is another one (also Lynne Ormandy). Since Heather came—she was called here actually. Chako was having a problem with the editing of her book, so we found her an editor—pretty soon here comes Heather. Ask and ye shall receive.

As I look around you, I just wish you could see your auras. They are just magnificent. You know some people, I could say most people, think they have acted a little selfishly, or not giving, not loving and they berate themselves. But we say, that is being human. Do not put yourself down. The energies are very difficult at this time. Most people are in the 4th dimension. You know, there are 7 levels to each dimension. Therefore, you could be down here (moving my hands down) and others could be up there (moving my hands upward), but still in 4D. Others could be in the 5th dimension. So it becomes a learning process as to what you are going to run up against in order to move onto another level. What I am wanting to emphasize is that you are not alone. Everyone is doing this. Everyone has times where he or she thinks ooh, I am a bad person. (I am exaggerating a bit here.) But basically he or she is thinking, I could have done better.

I am saying that if you will come from love—if you will bring more love into your heart—all you have to do is to go back into your heart and name what it was you did, acknowledge it and let it go. You have not sinned. There is no sin. I hope you all know that by now. There is no sin!

Now I know several of you are Catholic and I do not want to get into putting your religious beliefs down, but religion has played such a part on this planet and not always correctly. We will not go into all of my Biblical experiences, but the Christians were not all that loving either. You can go to churches even today and there will be squabbling in the counting rooms. People will pilfer the money—even today! There is something about money that has a pull on people. But again, I would not call that a sin; that is just a learning experience—learning what is a higher energy and learning what is not. Love—just know that love is the answer.

Chako, in her recent reading by Adironnda (channeled by Marilyn Harper), was talking about a person who had recently passed. That person felt somewhat guilty, for he felt he had sinned and would be punished when he passed over. He was so surprised to feel nothing but love, absolutely nothing but love, which healed him, you see. It started healing that erroneous belief system. (It is called a retraining up in the Heavenlies.)

That is why this book—a short little book that was hard to bring in because of the energy—has a powerful punch. It will make people think about their own relationships. So many people are estranged from their children or from their parents. Mary Magdalene points out that this is always a challenge,

Now I have not said anything particularly enlightening, shall we say, so I would like to bring in Saint Germain. He is always absolutely delightful.

Hey, hello Group. I am Germain. You know, the guy who lived in France, was in royalty. Those were the days. If you did not behave yourself, they just chopped off your head. Now that was a learning experience—although I managed to keep my head.

It was interesting for us to watch as Chako brought in the chapters for the book and to see the struggle that she was going through. It reminded me of people who are struggling to maintain their relationships. There are many times when they are just snowballed with it all. They do not know what to do, where to go. In this now-a-days generation, you go to a bar and get drunk in order to forget all of your troubles. There are so many addictions.

During my time in France, we did not call them addicts; we just called them drunks. They drank very heavily and sweated through the heat. They were always overdressed. I think I told you this the last time I spoke with you. There was a lot of perfume used to cover up the odor (chuckles). I will step back now as God is waiting in the wings.

My beloved children, I hope you will let me in your heart and not just mouth the words. Know that my love is real. I love you unconditionally. It is always such a joy to me when people save some time to just sit and commune with me. You know, religions have put such a formality on addressing me. It always has to be just so. Whereas, why cannot someone come forth and just plop down and say, hi God, how are you doing? This has been an awful day for me. Just have a dialogue. But people are afraid to do that. They are so programmed to act just right. I am giving you permission to let go! Be yourself. There are some women in church who feel they must be dressed up and wear a hat instead of just sitting at home in their jammies.

Therefore, I greet you this day and know you are always in my heart. I will turn this back to Jeshua right now. I bless you.

This is Jeshua back again. We have one more who wishes to speak. She is the love of my life, Mary Magdalene. Or if I were Sananda right now, she would be Lady Nada, the higher energies.

Hello Group, I am Mary Magdalene. If any of you have read, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong, you would know of my relationship with Chako. We were Essenes together and as we matured, we were both in love with Jeshua. But I got him (chuckles), which was meant to be.

You see, Chako had a rather interesting life. My grandmother’s daughter Rebecca was Chako’s/Mariam’s mother. She died from leprosy. Mariam’s father was so upset that he went off to another spiritual group that was just for men at Qumran. He stayed there the rest of his life after putting Mariam into the hands of Mother Mary. So in essence, she raised her, and Mariam became not only a cousin/sister but a beloved companion of Jeshua. There is such a connection here that she still carries that sacred number of 33.

Why am I telling you this? It is because most of you in this Wednesday group were Essenes! We all knew each other. We would have some squabbles among us… (A cell phone’s silent vibration was humming which distracted me and I lost my train of thought.) Let’s see where was I?

Now people have read a bit about the Essenes and may have fantasized about this group. Yes, we were very spiritual, but life was similar to when some of you may have gone to summer camp and were assigned to various jobs that needed to be done. We took turns with that. And I am talking about cleaning out the latrines. Do you think that sanitation area was not going to be attended to? We all took turns cleaning the latrines. We took turns harvesting the fruits and vegetables, chopping them up for salads. We took turns harvesting the nuts on the trees—drying them and preparing them.

Our grandmother Anna was a very firm taskmaster. There was plenty of time for laughter and play, but when she was serious, we were serious. She taught us much. One of the main things we were taught was the value of being in our heart, the value of love.

So many people today do not know how to love. They have a shallow heart. They do not know how to get deep enough. When they are in their love, it can turn possessive and controlling. We Essenes were taught how our love needs to be pure—a direct connection to God. You do not control love; you do not possess people with it.

I think I have talked long enough, so I will step back now and see if Jeshua has more or less a closing statement here.

I am Jeshua again. What I am looking at is how many of you can channel! Come on, girls and boys; get into that heart; open that third eye; open up those mental areas, the chakra in back of the throat and let’s hear some channeling from other people. It would be very welcomed and fun. You could practice on the Group. That would really be fun and nobody would judge you because everyone else is scared to death too! (Laughter) It is not easy sitting in front of people. That’s why Chako closes her eyes (chuckling).

When she first started doing this, I would say to her, it will be alright. I will be there; we won’t leave you with egg on your face. In other words, she would not sit here ready to channel and none of us would turn up.

So I just wanted to alert you. Those of you who have these gifts, you brought them in with you. Use them; don’t let them just lie dormant. Use them; develop them. Write your books. We went through this last year. There are several people here. I am going to jab Joseph since I am sitting right next to him. Joseph, it is time to get that book written. He is so wise and has so much to say, but he has a little block there (chuckles). So we will kind of loosen that up for you, Joseph. (Thank you.)

All right, my friends, I will step back now so that other people in the Group may share. I never come alone, so I say we all the time. So I will say that again. We love you so much. And thank you for coming. If you did not come, we would not have a Wednesday Group. How boring that would be. Just know that we Masters are here every Wednesday, hoping that you will show up.

I will step back now and I bless you; oh how I bless you. Take it in; take it into your hearts; take in the love that is being given.

Lynn, did you see any changes? She answers, very subtle ones around your head and shoulders as each one came in. But mostly it was huge, beautiful, swirling golden Light all around you.

Can’t get better than that (chuckles). And each one of you is capable of doing the same.

All right, beloveds, have a wonderful day.

Namaste. (Group repeats Namaste back to him.)

Transmissions received by Chako

Chako Priest /


For information on all of Chako’s books go to and here you will find how to order the books direct from the publisher. They are also available at Amazon and other outlets as well. All of her books are now available in both E-book as well as paperback and some of them are now available in hardcover as well.


Advocates for Justice

Advocates for Justice

(Book 6 of the God Book series)

This book became available on 3-28-14

You can order your copy directly from the printer at

or on Amazon at

The Kindle version is now available at the link above.

PDF versions are also available on Rainbow Products

To read the Book Excerpts go to –

208 pages

This book will be available in paperback, PDF and e-Book versions

“Advocates for Justice” is a compelling, thought provoking journey into the true essence of who each person is. God’s 6th book contains a complete explanation of why certain contingency plans had to be activated and why some still are in the process of being placed into motion. In order for people all over the world to participate as the Collective Consciousness, the Christ Consciousness had to be parlayed in order to achieve success. He offers a complete explanation of why people have not been told about these things before. This book will cause many if not all of you, to further understand the importance of why you are here and what your capabilities are. This book will require slow reading and no doubt most people will need to reread it many times. Because the information God provides is so detailed, it is virtually impossible to assimilate all of this material at one time. You will find that your thought processing will alter, “and this new to you” level of awareness will be an astonishing realization of not only the true nature of yourself, but the book explicitly details the underlying importance of what you as an individual can do to help heal the planet while still evolving yourself. Please be prepared to feel God’s presence throughout this book. His presence is unmistakable.

God refers to the chapters in this current book as “Catalysts.”

Here are the catalysts:

The Advocacy

The Leagues of Extraterrestrial People

Influencing the Course of Events

On a Collision Course with Reality

Angels with a Cause

Alliances in the NOW

The Effects of the Trojan Horses

Wounded Warriors

White Rose

The Wonder of You

God’s final message – I speak to you from the Threshold of the Final Frontier, the frontier of Truth and Freedom for all

We, Celestial Blue Star of the Pleiades and David of Arcturus, feel very honored that God has chosen us to be the scribes for this series of books.

 Book Excerpts

Introduction by God

The more other civilizations on your own home worlds, as well as other worlds which have not sent any of their races to the Earth Star, learn about what you all need to be reminded of, the more they will achieve a continuous state of grace. They will also grow from learning about how much you all have forgotten. In turn those other races will better teach their progeny of the pitfalls occurring on Earth when people become trapped in illusions, in the trap which is also the quagmire of “time.” It is quid pro quo.

Catalyst 1The Advocacy

You are standing atop the point of change.All of the Luminescents of all worlds are working in tandem to heal the breech that the falling of the Walk-Ins and Starseeds has created. Some who experienced the fallwere because of actions that were self-created, yet most were craftily planned by dark people here who KNEW who the Walk-Ins and Starseeds were that were to BE the difference for the Earth Star planet and humanity as a whole.

Catalyst 2 The Leagues of Extraterrestrial People

In the days past, in this life experience, you have from point to point in your life felt unbelievable jubilation, the Lightness of Being and at times tears of joy for no apparent reason. At least not apparent to you, that is. Although there are some among you who immediately realize that this is when you as Soul are connecting ever further with Me as Soul, most of you do not or have not yet understood this.

Catalyst 3 Influencing the Course of Events

Regardless of what your individual placements were here on this planet … in THIS lifetime … you each still had to live and BE in the right place at the right time. This will explain to many of you Children why you have had to be relocated again and again and again.

Catalyst 4 On a Collision Course with Reality

The reason you each have been given carte blanche to “get in touch with the practical you in an unpractical world,” was initially to better prepare you for dealing with TRUE life situations.

Catalyst 5 Angels with a Cause

OK Children; in this period of learning I do need for you to have a better understanding of the dilemma the Earth Seeds find themselves in. The commonality between their situation and the strange circumstances so many Walk-Ins and Starseeds find themselves in is its own anomaly.

Catalyst 6 Alliances in the NOW

At times it requires great courage to find out more about YOU than YOU have ever consciously known before. Now My wish is for you each to arrive at a form of conciliation with yourself ABOUT yourself.

Catalyst 7 The Effects of the Trojan Horses

Spiritual strength lies within the Unity of ONE, yet because you are each an integral part of ONE, you are few, yet you are MANY. I ALWAYS and in ALL-WAYS combine My own thoughts for change and the Spiritual restoration of the human races as a whole with your own.

Catalyst 8 Wounded Warriors

In order to move to a higher level of Soul maturity and Soul knowledge, each of you must complete the cycles you are in, and do so for your own satisfaction as well as for the satisfaction of all who are involved. Life and personal evolution are all cycles which must be undertaken and experienced and for some of you they can seem to happen quickly.

Catalyst 9 White Rose

Over the next few years a new type of movement will begin here. We will actually try to implement this movement in mid-summer of 2015. This will be White Rose working with a select group of Advocates here and assisting them with simply working with Terra, while some other Advocates and White Rose will be working with non-mammal life forms.

Catalyst 10 The Wonder of You

OK, I will only tell you now that because of all that you are learning, all that you are truly either understanding or beginning to understand, you are unconsciously affecting all the great changes this planet is in such need of.

God’s final message – I speak to you from the Threshold of the Final Frontier, the frontier of Truth and Freedom for all



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