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Special Edition – 2012 The Year of “Diversion and Conquer”

Special Edition from The Masters

2012 The Year of “Diversion and Conquer”

Master Kato (received by Celest) We as a collective have decided to ask Celestial to write our words for an important dissertation with you based on all that we are currently observing and hearing from all races on this planet. I had asked our old friend Blue Star the Pleiadian to not discuss this yearly overview this time as he normally does and to instead allow us to address this year’s theme. He graciously consented which is why we are here this day to share this important information with you. Far too many Planetizens of all races are going to extremes in how they are coping with this year’s anomalous nature. Truly good people here are aghast at how “mainstream” people are simply gorging themselves on their own ideas of a good life, even though it is all but an illusion. These people have poorly constructed visceral perceptions of what is really ongoing here, as well as what they force themselves to BELIEVE is going on here. These are the ones who can not and will not accept the truth of the situations of the real world. About 98% of them will pass over from mortality fighting the truth with their last breath of life. It would be bad enough if in fact these people were only hurting themselves. However, there is a whiplash effect that is impacting on the good people who are struggling to maintain their Spiritual stance while holding on to their beliefs, sometimes hanging on by only their fingertips.

Planetizens, I urge you to pay attention to what is really happening here! Yet again too many of you are fooling yourselves into believing that nothing is happening on the Earth Star planet the way it should. This translates into meaning that you believe nothing is happening the way YOU think it should. Again and again and again you have all been told that so much more is happening here than you can possibly conceive of. Celestial has told you, David has told you, Blue Star has told you, the God of this Universe has told you, how many more times do you need to hear this before you concede that it is? There is an “inflammation” ongoing here that is directly affecting your minds, your emotions and your beliefs. This was a planned invasive method to effectively keep the mainstream people regaling themselves with trivial pursuits and sinking more deeply into their own desired ignorance of all that is occurring here. Furthermore, this invasive process has been simultaneously attacking all of you who should know better than to accept the grossly manipulated and bastardized versions of truth that are assaulting you.

The very nano moment the demon riders discovered that their nefarious plans for humanity and for Terra had been disclosed to the public by the God of this Universe, (*Celest here, Master Kato is referring to the information God disclosed in The Code,) they immediately recreated situations for this year geared to bring down even the most stouthearted among you. Goodhearted people who are also Spiritual have a visible Achilles Heel. This is where your vulnerability lies. You want so desperately to see people change for the better that at times your desire is all-consuming. This causes a shattering effect within your shields because you are trying to change something that you CAN NOT. How many times must you be told, “You can only change what you can only change.” To attempt to do otherwise places you in the unenviable and precarious situation of interfering in others’ destinies. Obviously I am not speaking of Soul agreements made among you and others in your Cluster. During this present timeline in this year of 2012, trying to change others’ beliefs is absolutely the LAST thing you should do. Karma is already quite busy enacting Karmic rewards and pursuing Karmic violators. I have stated before that you should forget about the chronological numbers of this year and focus instead on what it truly means. It is about EVENTS, not a 4 digit number! One of the events now taking place here is about the old tried and true method the riders have of “diversion and conquer.” This is but another devious example of history repeating itself. The riders have used this technique quite successfully for as long as they have been on this planet.

It has become more simplified for them now because they have this vast field of greedy and willing human counterparts to assist them. Spiritual Planetizens are USUALLY better able to tell when diversions are cast in front of them. This has proven to be quite literally a Godsend when these types of people here immediately KNOW to maintain their clarity. They are watchful when any change of focus on something suddenly alters into something else that simply is not in anyone’s best interests. However, this chronological year of 2012 which is simply the forerunner for the next 100 years of great change, has caused many people of all races to be brainwashed into believing the unbelievable. It is not always as easy for them to see through these illusions as it once was. I ask you all to imagine for a moment that you are standing outside in the middle of a monsoon. For those of you who have never witnessed the monsoonal times, think of it as the absolute heaviest rainstorm you can possibly imagine. The rain is so heavy and is so uncompromising that it is hard for you to catch your breath. Because of the steadfast conditions you are in the midst of, it is very difficult for you to see and ultimately you find yourself feeling quite miserable.

This is what is happening here all over the planet. But it is not monsoonal conditions that are affecting you. At least… not yet. What I have asked you to visualize is actually occurring in the forms of millions of dark energy streamers swarming all over Terra. It is all hell let loose! These streamers are of the greatest proportions of malefic energies ever to inundate the Earth Star planet. They are also part of diversionary tactics. Their intent is to pummel the clarity and determination of the minds and Souls of Spiritual people while further decimating and befouling the minds, attitudes and desires of mainstream people of all races. This causes these types of people, the mainstream ones, to fall more deeply into their already finely honed desires to follow the trail of the illusions set forth by the Illuminati. Planetizens take heed: all of you must stop wallowing in “what could have been” and accept the fact that humanity has been severely compromised. More so now than at any other time. Stop expecting others to suddenly wakeup and smell the stench that the riders always leave in their wake. Stop wailing and groaning and feeling as though you could do more on your part to open the eyes of the unilluminated!

Accept the incontrovertible fact that people only see WHAT they want to WHEN they want to. Also come into a more evolved state of awareness that you too are being tested. Are you putting your beliefs into action or are they merely lying around and beginning to decompose through non-use? Are you able to see the truth of the matter through the streamer storms? Are you able to accept the fact that it IS difficult to always see clearly when the forest and the trees all look alike? Can you yet understand that the millions and millions of people here of all races are too afraid to believe truth; therefore they unconsciously feel that they must accept the illusions of truth? They do so because they are too afraid NOT to. Do you understand that believing truth has its consequences just as not believing truth has? If you believe in truth and follow the path of truth it can be a very lonely life here on this particular planet. It also means that when you see and hear of so many of your fellow human beings still living decadent lifestyles and purchasing the most unimaginable toys as a means of reinforcing their illusions, you MUST learn to deal with it! Those who do not listen and learn to deal with these unhealthy situations will without doubt stumble and fall themselves. This would be the ultimate tragedy.

A stumble may start with sheer disgust at what you witness; it may become an active dislike for those people who follow illusions. A stumble may take on new dimensions of your heretofore lack of prejudice and CAUSE you to become all that you detest. Do you see? A stumble is merely a precursor to the further fall of the human races. What you are learning about this day also includes how humanity is becoming more and more divided among itself. These dark streamers of which I speak also foster erotica, bias, unhappiness, greed, lack of trust, discontent, Spiritual-mental and physical abuse, uncertainty and devious agendas. Here however is the other side of the coin: thanks to the magnanimous gesture of the Creator and the Creation processing, it has been decreed that this year and continuing on for the next 100 years, not a day shall pass without the dark illusions and the very dark human counterparts being revealed for all to see. YES, this is a worldwide event! Just because you may not hear or witness the truth being revealed for instance in Tunisia, does not mean that the people living there are unaware of it.

If you live in Chicago you are well aware of what is going on in your neighborhood; you learn who is doing what to whom and then the real tests begin. Regardless of where you live, MUCH is happening right under your noses. Planetizens, the tests are whether or not you will rise to the occasion and allow those people to fall who are already exhibiting clear-cut signs of hate, jealousy, discontent erupting into rage and everything else that is unhealthy and unjust, or will you rush in where even Angels refuse to go and try to save people from themselves. Saving people from themselves is not your responsibility. All things considered, I would have to suggest to you that you have enough to do just holding on to your sanity and your OWN Soul. Love your fellow humans enough to let them fall. You do not know when someone else may love you enough to do it for YOU.

Obviously if you happen to be witnessing a brutal act being directed at an innocent person, if you can stop it without causing undue harm to yourself, that is another story. I would like to think you are all wise enough to understand this basic tenet of “to serve and protect.” Soul Clusters are now receiving the long sought ringing of the bell which summons them to assist all the good people here that they can. I said “good.” We are all watching those who are helping others and those who could but do not. Karma! Karma occurs throughout your immortal time as Soul. You would be wise to remember that. We are not the only ones watching. The demon riders are now chortling at the gross lack of caring for others that is now reaching an unheard of apex, a crescendo of sorts. This Planetizens, is part of the Illuminati’s “conquer methodology.” Who do you think implants and intones fear-ridden messages into your minds? Who you think is encouraging all those people who follow illusions to continue to do so? Who do you think implores people who are USUALLY good people, to distance themselves from those in need and from those who could strengthen the waffling peoples’ beliefs? Living by example and teaching by example are primary methods of bolstering the confidence of those who waffle.

You are bearing witness to the “time of the great fall” whether you want to or not. It is what it is. If your mind can not be conquered than YOU can not be. As for the others in mainstream life…. they are hiding in the darkest recess of their minds but the streamers and the riders know exactly where they are and WHO they are. Now Planetizens as I take my leave this day, I ask you to simply accept what you must and still continue on fighting the good fight. We are making our presences known throughout this world. We are revealing ourselves to many, many of you. Some of you know us immediately while it will take a bit of time for others to have this recognition.

Be aware however that many more diversions will be presented to all people of all races. Know them when you see them and act accordingly. In this manner you will not fall, nor will you fail yourself or fail those who love you best. Yes, many of you will hear our voices whispering and warning you that you are starting to believe in the unsavory diversions. Whether you listen to us or not will determine if we warn you again.

We speak as ONE.. Salude… Master Kato and the collective of Masters

The Masters /

And Then God Said…Then I Said…Then He Said… Volume One

“And Then God Said…Then I Said…
Then He Said”…

Volume One (Book One of the God Book Series)

ISBN # 978-1-4392-4632-0

240 page book

Available in Paperback, PDF and all eBook Formats

Do you believe in God? Is there a God? Is God male or female? If there is a God, does He intervene in the affairs of humanity? If there is a God, why has He chosen to have His voice heard now? What is religion, is it good or bad? What is Spirituality, is it good or bad? Why do so many atrocities plague humanity?

Is there a “Soul?” If there is a “Soul,” what are “Soul Contracts?” Are they real or imaginary? Do we really have a “Spirit World?” Do we have other off-world families working on our behalf?

Is there really an “Illuminati”? If there is an Illuminati how does this dark force impinge upon Human destiny?

In this book, “God’s Book,” God answers all these questions while presenting a full dialog on other pertinent subjects. God also conducts a question and answer forum pertaining to the ascendancy of the “Human Spirit.”

This book contains information God transmitted to Celestial (Celest) Blue Star of the Pleiades, David of Arcturus and Suzanne (Suzy) Ward, a dedicated “Way Shower.”

There are also special messages from Blue Star, Matthew, Hatonn, Melena, Tomas, Serapis Bey, Horiss, Commander Theda, Mother Mary and one other very special unexpected Voice who has asked to be heard.

When the world was young, everyone knew without question of their eternal bond with the Omnipresence – also known by many as God. Over time this initial knowingness has been lost to all but a few indigenous cultures. God has awaited a timeline, an epoch that would come to pass when disorganized chaos would be assailing the Earth and the Children of Earth. We have now arrived at this critical mass. God told us His/Her truth needs to be spoken, heard and understood by His/Her Children once again, without prejudice. We have no idea why we were chosen to write God’s book, it is not something we ever expected to do.

Once we overcame the surprise of it all we obviously did not choose to argue with His/Her Divine Wisdom. Our communiqués with Him/Her self are not an unnatural or unique occurrence and yes, we are speaking here of two-way communications. His/Her messages have been lost over time and He/She understood far too well that each of us needed reassurance or remembrance of His/Her unconditional loving presence. God felt these communications with us would better serve all peoples if presented in a written format that everyone could read at their own leisure. We did not have any set program of our own, God gave us the chapter titles and told us to use His/Her exact words and God wrote His/Her own presentation-literally. God’s candor and humor throughout this book will undoubtedly catch many of you off guard.

Our experience was humbling, exhilarating and sacred, yet touched us on a personal level which is difficult to explain without a common point of reference unless you have had the experience yourself. We can only offer you the truth; we did not in any way attempt to have our own personal feelings enter into the communication. If this book touches you personally and Spiritually then you will know that God has successfully fulfilled His/Her mission to reunite you with “All That Is.”

This book is intentionally unedited.

~In Loving Service to Humanity, Celestial and David~

Below are excerpts from the book

“Oh yes, it is all about Me! (and You)” (Chapter One) The thing is, you have free will to do whatever you want to, and if you decide not to stick with your pre-birth choices, that’s fine. But when that lifetime ends and once again you’re living in Nirvana, once again looking at the big picture, and you see that you still haven’t done what you had expected to, you choose it all over again. Occasionally you pat yourself on the back, in a manner of speaking, and move your next physical experiencing up a notch or two. All of this is for balance, you see, and balance is what makes the world go round.

“What is it about Change you don’t Understand?” (Chapter Two) I address All My teachers now: You must remain firm in your beliefs, to do otherwise will but cause you to become one of the mindless masses intent on promulgating mis-information that will be deleterious to all My Children. Even when you feel you are not making a difference, remember you are still planting a seed. In time, mayhap it will require many upcoming lifetimes for these other Children to evolve, but with each level of evolvement achieved, even if it is an unconscious action, the seeds you have planted now and in the past are/will germinate. And in closing out Celest’s, question, remember during those times of strife, call upon your Guides and off-world families for encouragement and support. Send “the call” and “listen for the answers.”

“Communication with God” (Chapter Three) Messages from Hatonn, Commander Theda and Blue Star the Pleiadian

“Awareness” (Chapter Four) What occurs on the conscious levels of KNOWING can be easily filtered through the “intellect bugaboo.” Don’t get Me wrong, I love the intellect, after all I did Create it, you know. BUT it was not My Intent for the intellect to control the AWARENESS which you each bear as an aspect of your Soul Self. The AWARENESS of all that you each are, all that you each have ever been and the POTENTIAL of all that you still MAY ascend to, lies quietly in the Super Conscious realm of yourself. The Super Conscious can and does transmit the AWARENESS into and through your subconscious. However the subconscious can filter through to you only as much as your CONSCIOUS MIND can accept at any given moment.

“The Psyche and Psychosis” (Chapter Five) On the Spiritual level, all that you are in the present life experience is housed within the Spirit Room of your psyche. The Soul and the Spirit Room walk hand-in hand, in a manner of speaking. All that you have ever been is of course within the Soul, BUT the Spirit Room must deal with all that you are today.Whether you are evolving or in a “standstill” position, it is still all reflected in that room. Let’s just say, hypothetically of course, that in a previous life existence you were a Benedictine monk. Today you are a “new ager.” Please now, that is not nearly as farfetched as you may think. Using just that one previous life experience here, all that you believed as your primary life’s structure at that time radiates from the knowledge of Soul to the Spirit Room as a “used-to-be-energetic form.”

“Emissaries” (Chapter Six) DavidWhy would anyone want to be an Emissary, especially during this chaotic time period in Earth’s history?

God – Why would they not? My dearest Soul, you yourself jumped at the chance to be there now. Celestial, despite her father’s (Blue Star the Pleiadian) urging her not to go, persisted in giving Me a headache until I agreed to let her join forces once again on Earth for the times you are now currently experiencing. Now mind you, I have heard a few grumbles and some muttering going on from time to time among My Emissaries. Not all remember their previous trials and tribulations, those ordeals that presented themselves to these emissaries in previous times while walking in the heavy density of the third-dimension. No, I did not call it a “third-world planet.”

“There is a Valley” (Chapter Seven) CelestGod, for a long time now I have tried to teach people about the meaning of “Higher Self” without too much success. Although I do understand why it is a phrase that I personally consider to be very misunderstood, would you please see what you can do to broaden people’s perspectives of this important term? Please also explain how “Higher Self” is an integral part of the “valley.”

God – Well Celest I did know that you would be asking that question because I am “in awareness” of your pet peeves. I do agree with you that this “State of Being” should be discussed. Not only because of its relativity to the stages of evolvement and the levels and progressions of ascensions, but also because everyone should know how important Self is to that progressive movement. Ok, here I go my “littlie firecracker Child.” Although there was not any reason to use the terms “Higher Self” or “lower self” until the planet became inundated with dark ill-intentioned energies, it was during those earlier times that many who were My Speakers at that time, sought words and terms that would delineate low based frequencies from the Higher World frequencies.

“An Act of God” (Chapter Eight) Simply stated, there are many of My other Children who would have you believe that My Hands and the intent of My Actions is always involved in the worst of all common occurrences. This simply is not true. I, as the Overseer of this universe, did not/would not orchestrate these disasters. Some are natural cleansing occurrences, and others are the direst results of your combined actions or thoughts that are pulling together from other similar thought forms. It then Creates whatever energy you feed the most. There are many pockets of negativity held within this planet that must from time to time be released. There are also those who like to play with nature, to alter DNA or as I said, change the weather.

“To Thine Own Self Be True” (Chapter Nine) But to get on with what I want to speak about for this book, and now I’m speaking to all of you, think how often you have said “Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.” That statement, which is deeply ingrained in the memory of many millions of my children, of course refers to me: MY will be done. Well, that’s NOT the way it goes – it is YOUR will that is “done,” and that’s why I want to emphasize the importance of being true to yourselves. I wish this bit of “drama” wisdom were as well known as what you call the Lord’s Prayer, because this has it right: “To thine own self be true.”

“If you could only See what I Hear” (Chapter Ten) The challenges posed and many times imposed, by the inhabitants of this planet with their rigorous rules and stipulations, can at times, unbeknownst to any of the participants, cause a child of any age to look deeper and deeper into their own minds; their individual minds. This happens sometimes at a frantic pace, other times at a leisurely pace, but the more deeply they look, the more they find truths which are acceptable to them and illusions they instinctively recoil from. These situations are relevant to certain sets of circumstances occurring within the child’s life. As I have said, it happens at any age. If a person is 80 years old and has retained the child-innocence so prevalent as the babe’s foundation, then that person is still “A child,” in the essential Soul Status that each Soul is birthed into. Although in the Greater Sense of the word, you are all “Children.”

“2012” (Chapter Eleven) What will happen when you cross off the last day of 2011 on your calendar and you pin up the one for 2012? The thoughts in many minds about that year range from the sublime to the ridiculous, and since the latter is so quickly addressed, that’s where I’ll begin. No, your world is not going to end. Earth is an eternal soul inhabiting a planetary body, and now that it’s back from the brink of destruction – thanks to the infusion of light from your “space” neighbors – and on the way back to its original vibrant health and beauty, she’s going to keep it for a long time to come.

“Don’t Shoot the Messengers” (Chapter Twelve) Of course My Desire was and is to give you the most important information to assist you in personal evolvement, and to communicate with you in such a manner that I could share My Truth. In this way I can show you the totality of the convergence of all Higher Realities. I can only do this with those who are receptive to My Words. If I could correctly define the term “Messenger” in a way that it would be easier, perhaps more palpable for your mental absorption of the understanding of the word, I think I would say something very simple. I would say, “A Messenger is an androgynous being, whether animal, vegetable or mineral, who walks among you delivering the truth and teaching non-radical techniques that would bring you a better life.” They enable you to have the opportunity to live life in a better way. You could have the conscious understanding that without the complete comprehensive overview and the minute details relating to any of these selected subjects of Mine, then you would continue to be “in the dark,” so to speak.

“A Dark Night’s Journey Into The Sun” (A Letter From God) So it is that I have returned to speak with all those of you willing to listen to My words. I AM The Word and The Word is My Law. I have chosen to address you, Children, of My loins, Children of My Son, Children of My Sun, on this auspicious occasion. Today is the first day of the beginning of your rebirth of who you are. I informed Celestial, that she and David, were to each act as My chosen scribes for this narrative. My Celestial daughter inquired as to what language format I would deign to use. She was a bit perturbed wondering if this Godumentary would mean a barrage of “thee,” thou,” and “thine.” I was amused as she struggled to remember the olden days when we walked this earth together and used that vernacular simply because it was the language format of the times.

Spirituality 101 Yet humans continue to flock to churches, temples, and synagogues with the explicit intention of “finding God,” of finding Soul redemption. One cannot “find” that which is not lost; you may lose yourself, but God is always present. Each Soul possesses the ability to erase from their SOULSELF, any and all perceived transgressions and then to forgive themselves. However, please bear in mind that it is a violation of God Law, of the Universal Laws, to presume to release another from their understanding of their own wrongdoing. Each person evolves or does not evolve at any given time at his or her own speed; with his or own intent to do so. DESIRE is the key.



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