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Transitions – Death processes and Beyond for 11 Entities

Transitions book  cover


Death processes and Beyond of 11 Entities

The 13th book channeled by Chako Priest

Published April 20th, 2015

“Verling Chako Priest, Ph.D. has channeled an extraordinary book. Eleven Entities who reside in Heaven come forth and tell their death processes and entrance into Heaven. Their deaths are varied from suicide, a broken neck, getting entangled in bramble-like scrub in the Outback of Australia and dying from dehydration, kicked in the head by a steer, being caught in an avalanche, and more.

The death experience does not always involve a tunnel. Some of the Entities just become aware that a man is with them (Angel) guiding them to a Care Center where they are healed after sleeping a few days to a few weeks.

Another constant is each individual reviews his life on a huge screen. Many others are viewing their lives, but they are unable to hear or see the other lives on those screens. This book will trade old beliefs for new ones–the pearly gates and gold roads are an illusion. You do not need to eat or drink; that is your choice as you evolve. Souls reincarnate when they choose. One of our subjects has resided in Heaven since the 1800’s. (However, if they do not make a move for soul growth, the Over-soul will nudge them back to Earth for another round.)

TRANSITIONS, Death Processes and Beyond of 11 Entities is a book for all ages. It definitely is a page-turner!”

About the Author

Verling Chako Priest is a telepathic channel for the masters. She holds four degrees in higher education: two in psychology and two in transpersonal psychology. Transitions is her thirteenth book. Dr. Priest lives in Sun City Grand, Surprise, Arizona, and has been a channel for over forty years.

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Chako Priests presentation of Book 13


Death processes and Beyond of 11 Entities

To the Wed. Group, Surprise AZ 5-27-2015


Chako begins her presentation:

I tell the group about the cover of my book. It is a photograph of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA, on a foggy morning. I asked the artist at Trafford Publishing to make the picture look haunting. I think she did a wonderful job using a black background. The bridge symbolizes a crossing on your way to Heaven.

I explain to the group how Jeshua, et al, put what is called a Ring-Pass-Not around my energy field so that the Entities can enter no further. It is an energy band that puts a boundary around someone or something. This is used fairly often in the Heavenlies.

As you read the book, you will see that that is one of the questions I ask of the participants. How were you brought to me and how far have you come into my field? Then they told of this energy band that would not let them come any further. The energy just kind of pushed them back a bit.

As I had the different stories told to me, I wanted to see if there were certain dynamics I could identify as a constant—something that always happens. I am beginning to realize there is nothing as a constant, but there can be one that is fairly constant. The first constant is that after you die, you are taken to what is known as a Healing Center, or Care Center. One of the subjects had a favorite color of blue, so his assigned room was painted in blue.

There is a comfortable bed and you are told by your Angel to take your clothes off because they can be bloody or dirty from your death, and climb into bed. There is an energy that just puts you to sleep so that your body can heal. You could sleep 2-3 weeks or months—however long it takes to heal the body. It is very important for those people who were ravaged by cancer to be healed. If you do not heal the damage the cancer has done to your cells and body, you can go back to Earth and that cancer will come right back into your new body.

There are Entities—everyone is at a different level of awareness—but there are Entities that just bypass that Healing Center and go right back and take another body. That is when I say a constant is not quite a constant, it is because they do not bother going to be healed. And sure enough they go back to Earth and get their problem again. Therefore, I saw the Healing Center as a constant.

The next constant I identified is the Life’s Review. No one can miss that one. That is an absolute constant. Even Sananda had a life review. It is in order to feel what your actions were, how they affected other people. Apparently there are choices as to how you wish to view the Review. Do you want to just watch it on a screen; do you wish to be in it and participate; or do you wish to just close your eyes and listen?

I get such a kick out of some of these guys (subjects). This one man said, I don’t want to watch all of that stuff again; I want out of here. His Angel said to him, no, Sir, (the Angels call all the males Sir) you need to watch this. The man was being kind of a little brat and just closed his eyes, refusing to watch. What he did not know was the Review just kept playing behind his eyelids (much laughter). He could not avoid seeing his past life.

And by the way, these buildings in Heaven are just gigantic and not necessarily do they have a ceiling to them. The surrounding grounds are just beautiful with flowers, grass and trees.

The third constant I have identified is what I call the Group Process. (I am a Transpersonal Psychologist, and we do all of this processing dynamic.) When you think of Heaven, you are talking about another world or planet or realm. It is humongous, so there could be millions of people who died more or less at the same time you did. So they break up the number for the Processing Group with about 50 participants each. However, Sananda’s group only had about 12 people, as they were all Masters and on a different level of awareness.

The Entities are congregated according to their soul awareness. You could be older or younger than someone else, but the souls are about equal in their growth. What was your soul’s awareness at the time that you had died? It was fascinating to me because there could be a group of souls who did not know they had died. The facilitator comes to the room and asks each person how he has died. (This is a male group.) The people finally get it. It is a light bulb effect. Oh my gosh, are we dead? Well ye-ah!

I was interested in how the Bible describes different things—pearly gates, Saint Peter, streets of gold and so forth. Therefore, I asked the subjects, did you see all of this? They always said, no, it is an illusion. One of them tried to have this experience and worked up this illusion. But it was so over-powering for him that it was like walking into Fort Knox with all its gold. He could not stand the power of all that gold energy, so he just kind of backed away, and of course, the illusion disappeared also.

Now I had asked Sananda this question because most of us know there is no Hell. That is an illusion of your mind and belief systems. So I asked him, is there a Hell? He answered yes and no. He said if a person when he dies thinks he is going to go to Hell that is his illusion; that is his belief system, so there will be a Hell there.

There might be another person who comes forth who thinks in a similar way. So he joins that Hell with his illusions. Pretty soon there is this Hell with everyone’s illusion as to what Hell is. Then when the person, we’ll say, sees the light, he withdraws and his illusion is withdrawn also. So in that way Sananda can say yes there is a Hell because it is all illusion with everyone believing in it and no there is no Hell because it is an illusion.

I was sort of at a loss as to how to give the subjects a code name because I had to be very careful with all the Legalese that could ensue if a relative recognized the Entity and took offense. Therefore, I decided to use the nursery rhyme of Rich-Man, Poor-Man, Beggar-Man, and etcetera. So I just followed that through. It sounds kind of ridiculous, but it seemed to work. However, with the sequel I have to say Rich-Woman, Poor-Woman, and Beggar-Woman, because I had to make the codes for females. The characters do not necessarily follow their code name.

Everything you think of will manifest in Heaven; so you need be very careful of your thoughts. As for accommodations, you are given a choice. Some people want to be in a dormitory; others like a hotel concept. And still others like what I call a fraternity house. Later on, if you are going to be there for a while, you can build your own house.

This one subject was from a wealthy family and had had a large house with all its amenities in his Earth life, so he chose to build his own little house. He said it was simple to build because if he did not like what he had built, he would just say whoosh, and it would just vanish and he would start over.

Chapter #10 was Military-Man. He had been a Navy flyer in the military. One of the first things he did when he got to Heaven was to procure an airplane. I asked him if he had to file a flight plan; he said he did not have to, but he chose to because it gave him a destination. Heaven is so huge that he did not just want to get into a plane and fly without knowing where he was going.

The subjects were just so real; I got a kick out of them. This one gentleman used the swear word of hell as slang. He would ask his Angel, where the hell am I? Or what the hell is this? Finally his Angel—each one has his Guardian Angel with him—his Angel couldn’t stand it any longer and said, Sir, you need to quit saying hell or you will end up there (laughter).

That is about all I can say about the book. Are there any particular questions anyone would like to ask about the book?

Q: Did any of them talk about after the fact, what they had learned if they come back again?

A: I did ask them that. It is called retraining. Many of them were being retrained because some did not understand about reincarnation so they discussed that. They did a lot of retraining with religions because those are man-made edicts.

A question was asked if one feels fulfilled in Heaven. She did not want to be bored. I asked Military-Man and he said for him, getting an airplane right away and exploring helped him. However, the other subjects had a fear that if they went too far afield, they would get lost and not be able to find their way back to their dormitory or their group. Most of them chose a dormitory, for they wanted to be around people. You start to see the levels of awareness with that.

However, you continue to learn. I asked the subjects if they had a particular job that they were doing now. Some did and some did not. Military-Man said he could always have a job at Flight School because there were so many women who wanted to learn how to fly.

Q: How long does the soul and the body stay together and what if the body is cremated?

A: I did not ask about cremation, but I did ask if they had joined their soul group yet. That would show you just where the person was in his awareness.   Each of us has a soul group we join when we drop our bodies—that is the term used. You are pure spirit. You no longer are in the Group Process with the other dead people. (I should not say they are dead. They are alive.)

Q: Does everyone stay their same age or do they youth back to, say, their thirties?

A: They youth, but they choose different ages. Some do not want to be that young. They may choose to be around 50 or 60 years of age.

One of the subjects died when he was around 6 years of age. He said it was interesting to him because once he was out of his body, he seemed to know so much more than when he was in his body. He was connecting more and more on a soul level. He did keep growing in awareness to where he was supposed to be in his soul. He was very humorous and said, I am six going on to college. So you do keep growing; everything you do is a growth of some kind.

Many of the people are into culinary foods, so they go and learn how to prepare different recipes. Of course, there is no meat or alcohol. They have what I call a food court that is open 24/7, and they can go any time and eat and drink anything that is available. They do not eat as they get closer into dropping their body. They do not eat as pure spirit.

One subject has been in Heaven since the 1800’s. Eventually your Oversoul will nudge you to move on. You have to keep moving forward in order to grow and not just settle in to the good life. Therefore, you will have to return to Earth and have another lifetime.

Q: Do they have choices as to how they died?

A: They have contracts. What is a little different is that they have windows—I call them windows of opportunity. Say you have an operation. You live through the operation and live a while longer. Something else comes up and you die with that one. That is the second window of opportunity. So you have these different windows, but basically you and your Oversoul and all the players in the life that you are going to have had contracted—your parents, your siblings, your teachers, and your husband—had contracted to have this relationship and for you to die in a certain way.

Q: Is there a final window or just endless windows?

A: There is a final window.

Q: How are they nudging the person who settled in the 1800’s? How do they get him motivated?

A: That’s up to his Oversoul.

I remember asking the subjects if they had seen any new inventions for Earth. They were told by the facilitator they preferred that not to be discussed, because if people described it inaccurately, it could manifest on Earth and be made incorrectly. So they did not even talk about it. Let it manifest in its pure way.

You have heard many times how the Masters are pure unconditional love. Jeshua/Sananda certainly is. What happens to me is as he comes closer, it makes me well up, and I feel very tearful because he comes right into my heart. It doesn’t make any difference as to how big or deep your heart is, it is the unconditional love coming into your space.   It affects me and most likely all of you.

Now let us hear what he has to say. (The following is Sananda who brings forth Military-Man.)


Good morning to my precious group. Some of you are new and may not realize that we Masters have taken this Wednesday group under our wing, so to speak. Therefore, we are very much interested in your growth. On Wednesday when you meet, we do a little tweaking of your energy. Any little thing that needs adjusting, we do, but it is always with your permission.

I just wanted to let you know that just because two of the previous facilitators—Ziranna and Mary Helen—have passed on, this group is still very much in the arms of all of us Masters.

I would like to do something just a bit different. Chako and I were discussing this. I would like to recall one of the Entities so that you could ask him your questions about Heaven. That is Military-Man, for he seems to be the one who loved to explore the most. So let us see what he has to say.


Hello to everyone. Thank you so much for having me back. I have so much I could tell you, yet I do not wish to exceed my time limit here. I think I will just open it up to questions and let you kind of shout it out, and I will tell you what it has been like for me.

For those of you who have not read the book yet, I was 88 when I passed last year, 2014. I have always loved airplanes, so I immediately got myself a plane. I wanted to hone my flying abilities. I asked for very stormy weather. In that way I could fly through it and keep my plane up. Of course there are no crashes here, but my Guardian Angel is always with me, and we have had some very harrowing experiences. I know I can’t die up here so it is kind of fun (chuckles).   I did not have all of that much fear when I had my Earth body, but this is even more fun. Now does anyone wish to ask me something?

Q: How old are you now?

A: I would say I am around 60. I did not want to stay 88. That was kind of a decrepit time for me. I stand up straighter. I am more agile. I have kept my military hair cut which my family hated (laughter),

Q: Have you made the decision whether you will fly again in your next life when you come back?

A: Yes, I have. I am going to reincarnate, and I will be a flyer again. Each year, you see, the planes improve. There are some wonderful, wonderful planes. I had a little trepidation in that lifetime, because I did not like landing on an aircraft carrier. I must say that kind of scared me, but I persevered and was able to get my wings. Then I went into multi-engines and flew planes that had more than one engine. But I will go back and get into more modern aviation.

Q: When you come back, will you decide to come in as a walk-in, say at 23, versus as a baby?

A: I have thought of that but have not made up my mind yet. I do not know if all of you understand what she was saying, but you do not always have to return to Earth through the human baby canal. You can be a walk-in. You make a contract with a soul who wants out of its body and you take over that person’s karma.

Q: When you come back, have you made the decision whether to come as a male or female?

A: I will come back as a male. I prefer that energy.

Q: Are there consequences in coming back constantly as one gender versus trading off?

A: There are no negative consequences. However, perhaps boredom could come in for always having the same energy. When you change genders, that creates an entirely different set of studies and experiences. I am an old soul and have been a female before. Most of you have changed genders also.

Q: Have you connected with any of your past life incarnations or are interested in doing so?

A: I was asked that in the book, and I have not connected with any of them. It is kind of amazing because there is no time as you know it here. Consequently, it does not make that much difference to me anymore.

Q: Are you surrounded by family members?

A: No. I chose not to. It is a choice. (Much laughter) You are kind of giggling about that, but it was not a negative decision. It was simply that I had other things to do. They had their different ideas of what they wanted to do and not every one of them was as much of a fan of aviation as I am.

Q: So your contract with them was over?

A: Mostly, although if I wished to reincarnate, there might be family members I need to hook up with again, simply to finish a segment of the contract.

Q: Are you mostly surrounded by people of your level of awareness?

A: Yes, almost always. Chako asked different subjects in the book if they had seen any of the Ascended Masters. Most had not because their level was not at a level to be connected with say, Jesus/Jeshua/ Sananda. That was one of the things that I was shocked about when I passed—to find out that my wife had a very deep connection with Sananda and I had not realized that.

Q: Is your wife with you?

A: No, she is not; she is still living. I had two wives and they are both living.

Q: Will you tell us some of your experiences as you explore Heaven?

A: Yes. This area is so vast that I certainly did not have any idea of it. And I imagine most of you do not have an idea either. As I said, it is another planet; it’s a realm and it’s a world. How many of you have explored all of Earth, you see. It is the same concept. Outside of practicing being in stormy weather, I have been to two oceans; I have been to forests—places like that.

Q; Comment: In Heaven you can go everywhere, while on Earth you are limited by money or family obligations; do not have the time; can’t leave your job.

Q: Can you be in more than one place at the same time?

A: I have not, but certainly those who have dropped their body can bi-locate to different places

Q: You have dropped your body, right?

A: No, I have not dropped my body. I need my body to fly. You are not pure spirit flying an airplane. I like to practice. I like the stormy weather.

Q: Were you in the military as a pilot?

A: Yes. I was a pilot in the military—the Navy.

Q: Are you able to explore other planets and Universes?

A: I am not at that level of awareness simply because I would need to be in that spirit body. If and when I drop my body, I can then go to other Universes and other planets and if I have reached that level of awareness.

Q: What dimension are you residing in?

A: Heaven is in the 5th dimension. When I passed, I had some fear because I did not know what to expect. Many people think the worst of themselves—they’ve been ultra-bad, or something like that. I found that it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. In fact when I entered Heaven, the unconditional love was just so overwhelming, so encompassing that it took away any fear of not being good enough. There are no lesser Gods in Heaven. Everyone is equal.

Q: How many past lives have you had?

A: I have had 46.

Q: Are you tired (laughter)?

A: No, actually, I am not.

Q: When you made your transition, was it peaceful?

A: It was peaceful, but my 88-year-old body was not in very good shape. I had COPD and could not breathe; I had neuropathy and could not walk. I struggled a lot, and they gave me morphine so I could breathe more easily. The wonderful part about it was that when I did pass, my Angel just pulled me out. I do not think you realize that your Guardian Angel is there to help you release. Look for his hand and grab it and he will pull you out. Then I was exploring everything because it was all so different. There is no more fear because you are just feeling love.

Q: When you transition, do you automatically forgive everything that you had created in the past?

A: That comes up in the review. Then again you are retrained in the Group Process room. During that time, the facilitator does talk about forgiveness. It is a basic reality that forgiveness and love is a potent equation.

Q: Do you think of it as an interruption when you are brought to a group to tell us of your experiences?

A: I do not think of it as an interruption; I thoroughly enjoy it. It is like another adventure. Oh, what’s going to happen now? I just enjoy it. And I thank you for putting up with me.

Q: Were you aware of all of these potentials of coming and going, to visit us and so forth when you were alive?

A: No. My wife was into all of that but I wasn’t. The more she got into it, the more I fought against it. You know how it goes (laughter).

Q: Do you from time to time check in on your children to see how they are doing?

A: Yes, I do. That is another thing, you see. We are taught in the Group Processing room that it is now time to let go. Do not stay attached for any particular reason. Now if there is a contract where you are going to be the guide to maybe a son, of course you would still be in contact with him. However, basically, when one dies, that is a letting go, and it is finished.

Q: What, if any, has been your experience of when you passed that maybe someone on Earth could not let go of you? What is that experience like on the other side?

A: That is like… Have you been in a swimming pool and you are trying to climb up the ladder to get out and some kid is hanging on to your swimming trunks and keeps pulling you back into the water? That is what it feels like—that pull. They, too, need to let go because when you don’t let go, you are wanting to continue that relationship and you cannot. It is finished; let go! You can always send them love, blessings, and Light, but let them go, for they now have another life in Heaven, just like you have another life on Earth.

Q: What about when you are here on Earth and are about ready to go but you are hanging on, hanging on, hanging on? Does your Higher Self say let go!

A: That becomes a lesson in itself. Many people who are dying keep hanging on to that body until the body just dies out from under them. Then when they get to Heaven and are being retrained, they address the issue as to why they could not let go. What were you afraid of? It is a whole other dynamic of different reasons.

Q: When you are in Heaven, can you actually cut the cord or do you have to allow them to do it?

A: That can be either way because it all depends on the circumstance. If you cut a cord, say, to a child who is grieving deeply, that would not be a kindness to that child. So that is what holds you to Earth. When the child has grown up and maybe has children of his own, then he may cut the cord but not in the way you may think like chop, chop, chop. It just sort of dissipates so there is not such a pull any longer.

Q: Is there anyone pulling on you at this time?

A: No, they have let me go.

Q: Are all current lives based on lessons you need to learn from a past life?

A: Yes, they can be, but also it is based on growth. You are searching for growth—anything that can grow you. Just like for me and my airplanes. When I am in this fierce weather, that is a growth for me. It might not seem that way to other people, but on a soul level I am growing, you see.

Q: How so?

A: Because each time I succeed, that is a growth. I have not gone backwards; I have gone forward.

Q: You decreased your fear, maybe?

A: Yes, that is true. You see up in Heaven, I have very little fear for I know I cannot die. I am just honing my skills.

Q: Do you make contracts with people when you come back to visit? How do you do that?

A:   No, I do not make contracts at that time. In my case, I have just been approached by Jeshua/Sananda about this book and asked if I would consent to be one of the subjects and I agreed.

Q: I think she meant when you come back for your next life.

A: Excuse me. There is always a contract when you take another life because everybody is involved. You have got parents, teachers, siblings. Everyone is part of that contract.

Q: So let’s say you have fulfilled your part of the contract but maybe the other person has not. Do you have to return and do that again?

A: In some way you have to return and play that out, but not necessarily with the person who has already done it. Yes, you can say, I did not finish it, I now want to. But since the other person did, she can choose whether to play it out with you again or not. I then need to finish that segment with someone else.

Q: In your very first lifetime, how far back was that?

A: I went to another planet.

Q: Do you remember what you were there?

A: I was a male; that is all I remember.

Q: Thank you for your service. Do you have a burning desire to recall all of your past lives, or do you sort of just let them go?

A: You are most welcome. No, I do not have a burning desire to keep looking at my past lives. I can do this at any time that I wish. I go to the big room where you can ask for a particular past life that you had and look at it all over again. It is in the category of been there, done that, and I have no desire to just dig it all up again and look at me all over again.

So do you feel finished with me (chuckles)?

We appreciate you.

Thank you; it has been great fun. I hope I am invited back again—maybe for Chako’s sequel. Maybe they can work me into the Appendix. I thank you so much and greet you and bid you good day!

I am Sananda again. We thought that would be a little different for you and give you information, say, from the horse’s mouth, as to what is going on up there in Heaven.

You do realize by now that I am not religion in any way. I am pure unconditional love. I try to forget some of that religion, but humanity won’t let me. They are always putting me on the cross or something with my image which half the time is not true.

I bless all of you; I keep you in my heart, and I look forward to seeing you next Wednesday, for I am always here.   Namaste.

Jean Alexander does a powerful toning setting the energies in a positive way.

This completes my Presentation of Book 13.

Messages received by Chako Priest

Chako Priest /



Chako Relationships book cover


Received by Chako Priest

On 01-28-15, Jeshua and I gave the “Relationships” book presentation to the Wednesday Metaphysical Group that meets in the Unitarian Church in Surprise, AZ. The following is the translation from my recording. I address the group and then go into my channeling mode.

There are many new people here, so I thought I need to go back and bring everyone up to date. I lived in Minnesota for 11 years. I knew I was to move from there but did not know how it all was going to come about. In the early part of 1999, my daughter and her husband flew up from Arizona to visit me. They told me they had bought property in Sun City Grand, Arizona, and when the house was finished being built, they asked if I would move there and rent it from them. I said I would, which surprised my daughter, for she did not think I would be open to such a change in my life. However, when the Masters want you to move and provide the way, your choice is clear. Move! I arrived in Arizona on November 14, 1999.

It took me a while to settle into my new home and to get back into my routine of meditating every morning. One morning, I felt this soft caressing on my cheek. The room was electrified. (I need to say, now he is coming very close and right into my heart and I become kind of a blubbering idiot. Angel can attest to this when I was bringing in a message for her. I was crying so hard I could hardly speak and give her the message. Lynn Christina, who has spiritual sight, added there was a big golden aura around me as I spoke.) To get back to my story about the caressing finger, I was still so new about all of this that the only thing I could think of was to ask, are you Jesus? He replied, no, but he is an aspect of me. Wow, I thought, this must be Sananda making a connection with me. The vibration was so high that I had to go take a shower to calm myself down. So that’s the end of that little story for now.

One morning I woke up and felt something kind of funny at the top of my head. Something was entwined in my hair. I pulled it out, and it was a large paper clip. I got the symbolism of that. I was going to be clipping many pages of paper together. It all came true, for this is my twelfth book, and I go through paper clips like crazy.

This book is called Relationships. The front cover picture is of my grandson Matthew O’Brien and his bride Elizabeth. I thought this wedding picture would make a perfect cover for my book.

Usually I can finish a book in 3 months, but this time the process went on and on. I had a reading with Adironnda, channeled by Marilyn Harper, on January 22nd. I asked her to check out where my block was. Why wasn’t I able to bring this book forth as swiftly as I had the others? I just felt I was procrastinating too much. Adironnda said no, that was not the case. What was happening was as all this new energy came in throughout the year 2014, my body had to integrate it and recalibrate it. This happened with each little segment or chapter. When all was ready to go forward, Jeshua would nudge me, time to get back to the book. I then would bring in another chapter. This went on chapter after chapter after chapter, to the point where I thought I must have a block that was holding things up. But Adironnda said that no, that was not it at all. That was nice to hear (chuckles).

The different Masters that came forth each had a segment in the book on what it was to be in a relationship and what was required. Saint Germaine talks about giving and receiving. (I thumb through the pages and read from the Table of Contents.) You know when I wrote this so long ago, I kind of forget what the Masters have said. It is kind of embarrassing (smiles). C’est la vie.

Serapis Bey talked about kindness. Djwhal Khul is known as the Tibetan from the Alice Bailey books. He hid his name for a long time and then let it be known and now many channel him. He spoke of Transitions. Then God came in. People often wonder whether people can channel God. Of course you can; anybody can.

God had an interesting analogy: when I was a little girl, it seemed as if I was always falling down. My knees would frequently have these huge scabs on them. Then I would pick at them. You know how little kids will just pick, pick, and pick, showing the new skin underneath the scab. Well, God used that experience as an analogy for what happens when we have a problem in our relationships. He said to let the scab form and then pick off a little piece of it and see the healing underneath. I thought gee, that’s a different way of looking at it—healing a conflict in a relationship—let it form a scab, then pick off a piece and address just a segment at a time.

Mary Magdalene did a chapter on Acceptance and Djwhal Khul continued his remarks from chapter 4 on Transitions. Commander Ashtar talked about the Galactic Command and when they are on the spaceships and about relationships that have to take place. There are hundreds of people on those ships. The motherships are miles and miles in diameter. They are like a living city. Therefore, there would need to be compatibility in relationships on those huge motherships.

OK, I can’t think of anything else I need to tell you about the book. Just feel free to come up and take one. All right, let me wipe my nose (laughter) and then we will see what Jeshua wants to say. I am one of these people who likes to channel with my eyes closed; I do not want to look at any of you (laughter). Now Heather is thumbing through the book, and if I were channeling and saw her doing that, my mind would lose focus and my ego would kick in and I would not be listening purely enough to what I am being told. So if I just shut you all out and concentrate on what is being said, I can bring in the message more clearly. OK, Angel, let’s see if I can get through this without crying. This reminds me of when Marilyn Harper channels Him, the tears are just streaming down her face, so I am not the only one who reacts like this. He already told me that we would have a large crowd which is very nice to see. And Lynn, you are seeing what? Your aura is gigantic and just golden all around. I am watching to see the various changes. Hmm, and that’s His energy. Oh boy, I am going to cry. I always settle in after a minute.

My precious ones, I am Jesus the Christ. I come often to this group. In fact I am here every Wednesday. Chako is kind of a pillar to this group as she was here almost at the very beginning. Jean Alexander is another one (also Lynne Ormandy). Since Heather came—she was called here actually. Chako was having a problem with the editing of her book, so we found her an editor—pretty soon here comes Heather. Ask and ye shall receive.

As I look around you, I just wish you could see your auras. They are just magnificent. You know some people, I could say most people, think they have acted a little selfishly, or not giving, not loving and they berate themselves. But we say, that is being human. Do not put yourself down. The energies are very difficult at this time. Most people are in the 4th dimension. You know, there are 7 levels to each dimension. Therefore, you could be down here (moving my hands down) and others could be up there (moving my hands upward), but still in 4D. Others could be in the 5th dimension. So it becomes a learning process as to what you are going to run up against in order to move onto another level. What I am wanting to emphasize is that you are not alone. Everyone is doing this. Everyone has times where he or she thinks ooh, I am a bad person. (I am exaggerating a bit here.) But basically he or she is thinking, I could have done better.

I am saying that if you will come from love—if you will bring more love into your heart—all you have to do is to go back into your heart and name what it was you did, acknowledge it and let it go. You have not sinned. There is no sin. I hope you all know that by now. There is no sin!

Now I know several of you are Catholic and I do not want to get into putting your religious beliefs down, but religion has played such a part on this planet and not always correctly. We will not go into all of my Biblical experiences, but the Christians were not all that loving either. You can go to churches even today and there will be squabbling in the counting rooms. People will pilfer the money—even today! There is something about money that has a pull on people. But again, I would not call that a sin; that is just a learning experience—learning what is a higher energy and learning what is not. Love—just know that love is the answer.

Chako, in her recent reading by Adironnda (channeled by Marilyn Harper), was talking about a person who had recently passed. That person felt somewhat guilty, for he felt he had sinned and would be punished when he passed over. He was so surprised to feel nothing but love, absolutely nothing but love, which healed him, you see. It started healing that erroneous belief system. (It is called a retraining up in the Heavenlies.)

That is why this book—a short little book that was hard to bring in because of the energy—has a powerful punch. It will make people think about their own relationships. So many people are estranged from their children or from their parents. Mary Magdalene points out that this is always a challenge,

Now I have not said anything particularly enlightening, shall we say, so I would like to bring in Saint Germain. He is always absolutely delightful.

Hey, hello Group. I am Germain. You know, the guy who lived in France, was in royalty. Those were the days. If you did not behave yourself, they just chopped off your head. Now that was a learning experience—although I managed to keep my head.

It was interesting for us to watch as Chako brought in the chapters for the book and to see the struggle that she was going through. It reminded me of people who are struggling to maintain their relationships. There are many times when they are just snowballed with it all. They do not know what to do, where to go. In this now-a-days generation, you go to a bar and get drunk in order to forget all of your troubles. There are so many addictions.

During my time in France, we did not call them addicts; we just called them drunks. They drank very heavily and sweated through the heat. They were always overdressed. I think I told you this the last time I spoke with you. There was a lot of perfume used to cover up the odor (chuckles). I will step back now as God is waiting in the wings.

My beloved children, I hope you will let me in your heart and not just mouth the words. Know that my love is real. I love you unconditionally. It is always such a joy to me when people save some time to just sit and commune with me. You know, religions have put such a formality on addressing me. It always has to be just so. Whereas, why cannot someone come forth and just plop down and say, hi God, how are you doing? This has been an awful day for me. Just have a dialogue. But people are afraid to do that. They are so programmed to act just right. I am giving you permission to let go! Be yourself. There are some women in church who feel they must be dressed up and wear a hat instead of just sitting at home in their jammies.

Therefore, I greet you this day and know you are always in my heart. I will turn this back to Jeshua right now. I bless you.

This is Jeshua back again. We have one more who wishes to speak. She is the love of my life, Mary Magdalene. Or if I were Sananda right now, she would be Lady Nada, the higher energies.

Hello Group, I am Mary Magdalene. If any of you have read, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong, you would know of my relationship with Chako. We were Essenes together and as we matured, we were both in love with Jeshua. But I got him (chuckles), which was meant to be.

You see, Chako had a rather interesting life. My grandmother’s daughter Rebecca was Chako’s/Mariam’s mother. She died from leprosy. Mariam’s father was so upset that he went off to another spiritual group that was just for men at Qumran. He stayed there the rest of his life after putting Mariam into the hands of Mother Mary. So in essence, she raised her, and Mariam became not only a cousin/sister but a beloved companion of Jeshua. There is such a connection here that she still carries that sacred number of 33.

Why am I telling you this? It is because most of you in this Wednesday group were Essenes! We all knew each other. We would have some squabbles among us… (A cell phone’s silent vibration was humming which distracted me and I lost my train of thought.) Let’s see where was I?

Now people have read a bit about the Essenes and may have fantasized about this group. Yes, we were very spiritual, but life was similar to when some of you may have gone to summer camp and were assigned to various jobs that needed to be done. We took turns with that. And I am talking about cleaning out the latrines. Do you think that sanitation area was not going to be attended to? We all took turns cleaning the latrines. We took turns harvesting the fruits and vegetables, chopping them up for salads. We took turns harvesting the nuts on the trees—drying them and preparing them.

Our grandmother Anna was a very firm taskmaster. There was plenty of time for laughter and play, but when she was serious, we were serious. She taught us much. One of the main things we were taught was the value of being in our heart, the value of love.

So many people today do not know how to love. They have a shallow heart. They do not know how to get deep enough. When they are in their love, it can turn possessive and controlling. We Essenes were taught how our love needs to be pure—a direct connection to God. You do not control love; you do not possess people with it.

I think I have talked long enough, so I will step back now and see if Jeshua has more or less a closing statement here.

I am Jeshua again. What I am looking at is how many of you can channel! Come on, girls and boys; get into that heart; open that third eye; open up those mental areas, the chakra in back of the throat and let’s hear some channeling from other people. It would be very welcomed and fun. You could practice on the Group. That would really be fun and nobody would judge you because everyone else is scared to death too! (Laughter) It is not easy sitting in front of people. That’s why Chako closes her eyes (chuckling).

When she first started doing this, I would say to her, it will be alright. I will be there; we won’t leave you with egg on your face. In other words, she would not sit here ready to channel and none of us would turn up.

So I just wanted to alert you. Those of you who have these gifts, you brought them in with you. Use them; don’t let them just lie dormant. Use them; develop them. Write your books. We went through this last year. There are several people here. I am going to jab Joseph since I am sitting right next to him. Joseph, it is time to get that book written. He is so wise and has so much to say, but he has a little block there (chuckles). So we will kind of loosen that up for you, Joseph. (Thank you.)

All right, my friends, I will step back now so that other people in the Group may share. I never come alone, so I say we all the time. So I will say that again. We love you so much. And thank you for coming. If you did not come, we would not have a Wednesday Group. How boring that would be. Just know that we Masters are here every Wednesday, hoping that you will show up.

I will step back now and I bless you; oh how I bless you. Take it in; take it into your hearts; take in the love that is being given.

Lynn, did you see any changes? She answers, very subtle ones around your head and shoulders as each one came in. But mostly it was huge, beautiful, swirling golden Light all around you.

Can’t get better than that (chuckles). And each one of you is capable of doing the same.

All right, beloveds, have a wonderful day.

Namaste. (Group repeats Namaste back to him.)

Transmissions received by Chako

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