Blue Star the Pleiadian – God Is


**Blue Star the Pleiadian speaking of God**

“God Is”

Now, I have observed over my long, long lifetime that far too many humans concern themselves with the affairs of the intelligentsia rather than the affairs of the GodHead. I have seen more schemes hatched since 1866 for the dual purpose of controlling other humans and obliterating those who do follow the path of Spirit, than any previous times in this planets’ rather dark history. Commander Theda and I have discussed many times that the possibility exists that humans in general require severe “wake-up” calls before they abolish their own slavery and advocate true freedom not only for themselves, but for all others of the human race. We are also in agreement that only when you people are pushed to the limits of emotional and mental distress do you “suddenly” find God. This fact is self-evident in your aberrant behavior and attitudes towards your own races, your cultures, and your philosophies. Why does it always seem to require a calamity to take place before your wondrous hindsight of helping others occurs? Why is it that each race here must not only see themselves as better than other races here, but feel threatened by those who are different?

Now, it does not require anyone of genius mentality to see that the duality that exists here is in great part attributed to your religious and Spiritual beliefs and disbeliefs. The Illuminati know more of God and the Creator than do you. The Illuminati know more of the Creation than do you. Of course in their case it was a point of knowing the enemy. As God has pointed out on more than one occasion, our earth star cousins are not consciously aware that the enemy lies within. You yourselves are your own worst enemies. This is sad. The allies of your enemy-selves are : ignorance, disbelief, prejudice, vanity, narrow-mindedness, jealousy, hate, greed, drugs, alcohol, spitefulness and the adamant refusal to acknowledge a God of love and justice, of the sentience that prevails within the true God Force.

So it is that in general humans would rather fear God, would rather imagine that the God Force is wrathful, vengeful and callous. In a bizarre twist of a reality shift, humans fear what they do not understand, yet what they do not understand they disallow as part of their personal realities. As this occurs the temptation is planted deviously in your minds by the Illuminati and their legion the dark horde, to halt any belief you may still have about the goodness of God and the very existence of this Being. It is then like the contagion that it is, that disbelief fosters anger and hatred towards your very selves and others. Those among you ones who see themselves as pious will pray for redemption from a God they fear; others will pray for peace yet do nothing to cause it to happen. This is a contradiction in terms, so to speak. If you ones do not want to be afraid, then why are you so fear filled about taking a stand and standing in truth? Not the lying rhetoric fed to you by the current dictator of America and those others like him in other countries, but standing back and looking at life in general and saying “NO, this is not ok!”

You see, you do not confuse shall we say President Bush, with God……and a good thing to! So how can you confuse yourself by equating God and fear? When your life is running smoothly you thank God. When your life is filled with pitfalls you plead for a God that you do not really believe in to help you. When your life is filled with strife, war and death, you blame God. Make up your minds already. NO, this is not ok! The GodForce is not now nor has He ever been responsible for the deadly foibles and the deadly games you participate in here on this planet. He is not a “governing body,” He is Everything that is real and nothing that is static. The Creator granted permission for you ones to be permitted to indulge yourselves in all manner of creativity. The Serene Awareness of the Creator and the Creation foresaw that with this enormous gift to you ones was a tremendous responsibility you each have.

You were granted freedom, yet you knew it not. You were granted protection, yet you sensed it not. You were granted the ability to manifest and materialize all that you required here, yet you used it not. It is why linear time was Created for you ones; to function as a “governor” to assist in keeping you from speeding totally out of control. To a great degree this has succeeded, much to the chagrin of the Illuminati. And they were doing so well with you up until that “time.” A commonality that exists amongst each of your races, is the insatiable need to be the best of the best. This is highly illogical Who among you has stopped, looked and listened to find out who or WHAT feeds that need? Who is it that keeps the holocaust alive and well in your memories? Who is promoting war and who is countering with peace?

Tell me oh illustrious earth cousins, does a god of death and destruction work for peace and harmony for all life forms? Does a god of dominance send his warriors and teachers here to walk among you promoting the Spiritual aspect of life? Does a GOD OF LIFE SUGGEST THAT YOU MURDER YOUR OWN PEOPLE? Like it or not, you are ALL RELATED. Deal with it. Subterfuge, hypocrisy, the illicit use of power, these are the tools of the children of a lesser god. Again and again, throughout the centuries I have impressed this upon you ones. Again and again, a few, a very few, have listened and responded. You ones in general, stubbornly refuse to heed all our warnings of the true overlords that fight us as they seek the total control of this planet. We fight for your freedom to be. You have become so involved in your everyday life situations that you are now blind; as such the dark overlords are steadfastly battering at you by hurling religions and biblical propaganda into the morass of your confusion.

They have sought your Achilles heel and they have found it. The same Divine Force that birthed your presence is not about to allow you ones to cease as a life species. We were granted our rights of intervention in order to preserve the planet and you, yourselves. The same Divine Force that so many of you decry is permitting you largesse of movement in your individual quest for immortality. Whether you find it or not is really up to you. For many among you ones, it is a moot point. I have had many, many conversations with the Divine Force. Not at any time did I or have I felt anything but the deepest love and warmth that only the Infinite Divine can offer. Yes, indeed I do understand the precarious lifestyles so many of you live. Please to remember that is your own Creation. In essence, God is All That Is and All That Ever Will be. Believe me or not, I don’t care.

Salude….Blue Star the Pleiadian