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Blue Star the Pleiadian

Marriage and Communicable Intent

The Blue Star Transmissions

~Blue Star the Pleiadian~

Marriage and Communicable Intent

(Note: This transmission was copied from the book, “Blue Star the Pleiadian – My Teachings through Transmissions” Volume #3. Blue Star thought it was important that this information be revisited so we are re-posting this on the Godumentary website.)

(Transmission received by Celestial (Celest) Blue Star from her father Blue Star the Pleiadian)

Greetings to all Earthizens on this glorious day in the springtime season here on the Earth Star planet. Now that Spring has “sprung,” I hope many of you ones are feeling a bit more stable, emotionally and physically. I mention this because of the many shifts and twirls Terra has been performing. Although this has been ongoing for quite a while now, this year will set a type of record for the increasing of the velocity of her spins. I decided to bring this into my discussion this day because of the growing numbers of peoples all over the world who have been experiencing sudden jerks in their walking, pretty monumental shifts…physically…while standing or bending over and a sudden feeling of a loss of equilibrium. Let me set the record straight here: NO, this does not mean that you are suffering from a brain tumor, NO your sense of balance is not being jeopardized by your emotions and NO, this is not a form of psyche attack. This is not to say that attacks of that type do not exist, for in fact they do; however I am speaking of an effect that is a spontaneous, knee-jerk reaction, to planetary shifting and realignment. So if you rush off to a physician that person will give you a diagnosis all right, but it will be one that conforms to the doctor’s textbook training. AND the doctor will be wrong! The doctors cannot be accurate about things they do not know about.

Although not all Earthizens are “tilting” the fact that I have seen so much fear present in the minds of many who are, I decided to address this issue now, before flights of fancy subjugate Soul Voice. No, things are not out of control, the more sensitive individuals among you ones are simply realigning and “staying in the flow.” Also, there are vast numbers of peoples who are so interconnected with Terra, that as she moves faster, they feel it more. Other peoples who live in certain geographic areas are experiencing this phenomena simply because of where they live.. Although it only lasts for seconds it can cause unsuspecting people momentary alarm. Now, this situation having been addressed I shall begin my current transmission.

In the early days of humankind’s existence here, marriage was not an issue. The males simply bopped the females on the head and they were a couple, not always permanently, but at least for a while. Usually long enough for the breeding of new children to become part of the clan. It was instinctively understood that females were needed for the survival of the tribes, the clans. So it was that the men hunted, fished and engaged in tribal wars and the females tended to having as many children as possible and tending the hearth. Over the early centuries females were always considered to be the lower caste citizens. Their roles had been out of place from the very beginning times. Before the women of today begin to chortle, “see, the scumbag men have always used us this way,” I ask that you first have a better understanding of those situations. The males were stronger physically; the female bodies were incapable of the types of hunting and fighting in wars that the male physiques could handle. MOST of the earliest civilizations were composed of communities of males and females who were small in stature. It was no wonder during those times that the males were accorded a type of “rite of survival,” meaning they were the ones the females’ lives and the lives of the communal children were dependent on. You see, back then each member of the community had a place within the society that was instinctively understood as “necessary.”

I have frowned many times as I looked back at the succeeding generations which followed the more primitive times and observed that the female of those times did not do something more to alter their stations in life. I do understand the fact that mothers and custodians of young females brought the women up to respect and observe the “obedience factor.” As civilizations became more progressive women from many cultures were seen as chattel; women were married off to men at ages of 12 and promised in ceremony to a betrothed at birth. Now, the males of those times did not have it too easy either. Somewhere along the line, as prehistoric times gave way to early civilizations, males were still ensconced in the “hunter, baby maker, warrior figure,” life-way. Indeed it was a carryover from their ancestors, they did not know of a better, more evolved way to live. So they simply continued the process. Fathers and male guardians were very, very harsh with the young males. Beginning in early childhood males were routinely beaten into submission; not that they were committing any grievous offenses; rather they were forced into a type of prisoner relationship with their male elders. It was deemed necessary because that was the way it had always been.

So it should not be any surprise to you ones of today that the early history of those times was self-propagating. The times of then and those of now could be considered to be very different in some ways, yet the same in other ways. Communal living was considered by many races to be an ideal manner in which to bear children in order to continue the survival of the species and yet remain apart from any true forms of commitment. You see, love based on virtue, compassion and a special dedication to one another was rarely found then. Marriages themselves were simply marriage contracts to legally bind two people in order to preserve a lineage, a “name,” and whatever goods and lands were owned by the male and whatever dowry the female could offer. Think of it as a temporary lease. The men and the bolder women did continue to have their sexual affairs both surreptitiously as well as openly. This was done then for sex, just as it most unfortunately still exists today. The bawdier the times, the more sex became the all important means of gratification and CONTROL. It was only when men and women began to live in their hearts that love was understood as the ultimate experience of two people sharing their bodies, hearts and for many, their Souls with one another. This was NOT a popular belief I can tell you! Males were concerned with their “Lone Ranger” images and females with their desire to impress the males with their prettiness and/or their sexuality.

Rarely back then was true commitment, true love experienced, let alone understood. Now, bringing those bygone times to be compared with the times of today, WHAT HAS CHANGED? Catholicism and other orthodox religions not only endorse marriages, they insist upon them. Marriage is not something to be forced upon another; a real marriage requires a true commitment, a pure intent to be all that the two people can be, WHILE learning from one another and teaching one another of the true core values of life. It is amazing how so many peoples on this planet do not know anything about anything, but are the first ones to offer advice on marriage! You see, this type of Sacred Union is not only rare, but misunderstood. Many people marry for every conceivable and inconceivable reason you can think of, but there are few TRUE marriages! Many in earlier times were refused permission to marry, but lived as a married couple without the sanctity of a ceremony that binds. Many people today perform their own Sacred Ceremony without the boisterous, drunken crowds accompanying the ceremony. However, a disproportionate number of peoples simply live together until one tires of the other. Now, if you ones remember that all matter is energy, then what type of energy do you think really exists when two people are merely, “shacking up?” When a person tells you,” We do not believe in marriage, it is unnecessary,” what they are really saying is they lack the moral stamina and the supreme dedication it requires to have a successful marriage. Peoples who live together as they did in the old hippy way, simply want an easy way out. Many will mutter about “Needing my independence,” then there is the choicest of remarks, “No one owns me or will tell me what to do.”

Now I ask you ones, what does that mean anyway? Immature minds and chained hearts will never accept what they perceive as the limitation of marriage because they are too afraid of failure. “Control issues,” now that one is surely the greatest threat to peoples. How silly! Peoples let their governments and their religions and the pharmaceuticals and the morticians control them from the day they are born until the day they die, BUT that is acceptable to them. The study of human nature can be a prodigious undertaking, and a conundrum at times, yet it is quite indicative of the diversity of the human mind and the “aftereffects” of previous incarnations. It also shows a prevailing attitude that has become a learned experience in this lifetime predicated upon a fleeting fantasy of knowing more than another does. The need for independence, tell me Earth Cousins, is this merely another way of saying, “I want what I want when I want it and I want it now. I am going to have my way because other people are idiots.” What is independence? Is it not the God given ability to live with a freed mind, a loving heart and a soaring Spirit? Is it not the ability to walk on the Earth Star feeling unconstrained by the events of the world and NOT buying into other peoples’ dramas? To live and love as a free person, is that not enough for peoples? Freedom is vastly misunderstood. One can be a free person as long as the mind has the ability and the CAPABILITY to roam where no man has gone in a very long time.

Although the physical vehicle has limitations in traveling to distant places, different planets, the healthy mind does not. “No one owns me or tells me what to do,” hmmm, is it not understood that no peoples “are owned” by another? Those days are long past. Get over it! As far as, “no one tells me what to do,” is concerned: there is nary a day that passes that either a boss, a teacher in a school, a co-worker or a nosy busybody is not telling you what to do. If you live alone on a mountaintop, the sudden heavy rain or blizzard will, “tell you what to do.” The truth of the matter here is, far too many peoples not only do not want to commit to a lifetime of being with the same person, they want to be free Spirits…alone. They are not truly happy being around other people for too long. The wanderlust besets them and they must leave, for they feel trapped. Free Spiriting is also not correctly understood on this planet. The true Free Spirits are those men and women and children and animals who live in the moment, not for the moment. They dream a little dream of a freer way of life, THEN proceed when they can, to have it. They see a snowflake and delight in the intricate beauty of the flake; they witness brutal murders being committed for the sake of monies and they feel great compassion for BOTH the victim and the attacker, for they realize that the attacker is a victim as well. Many, MANY peoples cannot truly appreciate life until they have had near-death experiences, OR they witness others’ dying. They and other people who KNOW how to experience true freedom, plant seeds with their minds by helping other peoples when they can. They encourage others to enjoy all that is possible to enjoy. They show them how to deal with matters that are complicated or corrupt. They explain how and why everyone must accept all the things they cannot change. Acceptance in this sense is an understanding that events which are created by people can sometimes only be understood, not necessarily agreed with. These “Truth talkers” speak of events now taking place that are part of the NEW DAWN emerging here, which can sometimes seem baffling, yet the understanding that this massive undertaking was necessary is what is needed for others to learn.

Now, the ELITISTS of this world have long entered into planned marriages; aka “marriages of convenience.” When it is convenient for wealthy families to merge their wealth with others who either have as much as they do or more, then they “sell” their children into un-blissful unions, loosely referred to as “marriages.” Of course those couples continue to carry on the established tradition of having many lovers, many erotic experiences, some openly, but most demand that the couples be discreet in their affairs. This is particularly true in Kingships and politics. There is more to the saying, “politics makes strange bedfellows,” than you realized. Let us not forget about the practice most unfortunately, of rearing their children in the same manner. The progeny of all wealth-to-wealth marriages follow in the soiled footsteps of their parents. They are raised to be the controllers of the world, to dictate to others what is right and what is against their established policy. They disdain for the most part, being around everyday people; especially around “the working class.” I cannot call their unions’ true marriages; they are a sham, a contract sold to the highest bidder. Although the days of these ones being in control of others’ destines are rapidly drawing to a KARMIC conclusion, many of them will be unable to accept the fact that they have rolled the dice in the life game of “truth or consequences,“ and they have lost. Now, if a person’s station in life requires that he or she be on ground level rather than on the top rung of the ladder, then when and IF that person falls, they do not have far to go and not that much to lose, or part with. But standing on the top rung of the ladder because you have bullied, conned and tricked your way up to that station means….quite literally…that you will fall far and HARD. Tis the way it is!

I mentioned earlier the term “reincarnational aftereffects;” before any one of you starts to have misplaced illusions about the person you have chosen as a life partner, I think I best clarify the situation. Unfortunately there are those who would simply see my previous term and immediately think, “AHA! You must have murdered me in a previous life THAT is why I feel so miserable with you!” Let us keep this situation of reincarnational themes on a realistic level please. All people while discarnate CAN choose a mate, whether for long term or short term for the next incarnation, WITH the other Soul’s agreement. Without a mutual consent this cannot take place. In situations where only one Soul wants to do this and the other does not, the next time they are both incarnate they may simply pass one another by on the sidewalk. This does get a bit complicated, so I am doing my best here to explain in human terms how these arrangements may occur. Now, oftentimes “gender swapping” occurs for personal satisfaction, for the experience of living or reliving a life experience as one of the opposite sex, or for the CONSENSUAL process of two Souls coming together and trying to live a co-joined existence either in Sacred Matrimony or a facsimile thereof. It is “the INTENT” of these two Souls AND their ability to adapt to change AND their ability to live in the dross which has been so long prevalent on the Earth Star, that CAN be a determining factor in their connubial relationship.

There are also those Souls who are part of a decree; one that was issued by the God of this Universe and agreed to by the Creator as well. These are Souls who will have a responsibility which can be equally shouldered by both and shared as ONE magnificent “coming together” for planetary evolvement and living a life experience AS a couple who can not only withstand all odds, but these ones must be “movers and shakers” as well. They think as one, they laugh as one; they are fierce in their dedication to service and to others, yet CONSTANTLY push themselves to achieve even higher levels of their own personal evolvement. They are Masterful teachers and warriors; most of these couples have been together many, many times in the past. BUT, as they continue their ascent to immortality, oftentimes they will “try on” other partners in life for the diversity of an experience, as well as possessing the need to challenge themselves, striving to be all they can while living in mortal form and learning from the experience of being with another. Ultimately however, their secret yearning to be with the other aspect of themselves calls to them, and they will reunite over and over and over again. You ones have no idea how many of these heart aligned with heart and Soul aligned with Soul couples are here on the Earth Star today! The twin flames who live among you ones are simply….undeniably magnificent!

Many relationships of today, as well as many of the past, are engaged in what is known as “unfinished business.” Simply stated here, this means that affairs of the heart that were not happily concluded to the satisfaction of EACH of the two people involved, will repeatedly replay themselves throughout many lifetimes, until one or the other, or both, has had enough of the situation, or they do in fact conclude their relationship on a satisfied note. “Satisfied” means many different things to many different people. It is all a matter of perspective. Some Souls alter their gender status in order to reincarnate here and attempt to reconcile or have a final resolution of an ancient relationship. One that may have run amuck, again and again. In these instances, one who may have been a male during a previous life can return with the same significant other, only this time the sexes have exchanged roles. One of the most prevailing reasons that two Souls will agree to this is to try to mollify a past situation by literally “being in the other person’s shoes.” I cannot give to you ones accurate information on how often this succeeds, once again I tell you all is predicated on motive, determination, and a pure heart. Lines of communication are all important in these relationships, yet that always appears to be the most difficult to sustain.

Now, many relationships also need “the practical other;” one who can be at the helm of the relationship while the other person can man the rudder. In this manner each person can be responsible for not only themselves, but serve as a fulcrum for the other and vice-versa. A different type of “quid pro quo.” Please understand, not everyone here on this planet is ready for a twin flame relationship…YET. You see, when two Souls co-join, realign and reconnect on ALL levels, no one has to ask them, “what is your passion in life.” Their passion IS LIFE. Because they are who and what they are, they bring into their relationship an intensity that is not seen in other relationships, other marriages. UNLESS they are both well-balanced Spiritually and emotionally in alignment, there exists a possibility that the intensity can be so strong that it causes a barrier between them. Mixing fire with oil causes an even bigger fire; one that not many people can tolerate. Yet in the twin flame relationships, those ones whose love is like the fire, cannot fail. For the other ones, it is simply too much, too draining a relationship and too uncomfortable. THIS is why balance is an all consuming MUST in marriages. Affairs of the heart are not a game! Many people simply “fall in lust here on the planet,” while many others simply want to count coup. Peoples marry for some very strange reasons, I must say! Trust me, I have heard it all!

Those people who marry the wrong person for the wrong reason have no justifiable reason to complain. They got what they asked for. Remaining in a quasi-relationship or marriage when you know you should not, never makes the situation better. After a while for many couples the situation CAN simply be…comfortable. You know, like an old shoe that should have been cast away long ago. The excuses for not beginning a better, new life are simply…..without limit! I do not get this! Peoples are afraid of living in a limited manner, afraid of having limitations imposed against them, BUT when the situation is one of leaving a partner and really having a life, SUDDENLY, the excuses not to do so are unlimited! Of ALL the times to think in unlimited fashion, THAT should not be one of them. Now, long, long ago, homosexual liaisons were accepted as a natural reality; not one that really needed any explanation. No one here has the right to make a judgment call on another’s lifestyle simply because it is “unacceptable“ in the eyes of others. There are myriad reasons for same gender relationships and marriages. The peoples who decry these unions the most are the ones whose lives are in the greatest disarray. The people who ridicule and demean these others’ choices of lifestyle are the ones whose total beliefs in the pseudo religious connotations to such are STRONG. They hate, threaten and abuse homosexuals. Think of their dastardly accusations as, “The revenge of the puppets.”

All right now, I see some “mental frothing at the mouth,” from men and women who simply do not believe in marriage. Let me set the record straight, ALTHOUGH I do believe that I have been. MARRIAGE IS A SACRED COMMUNION BETWEEN TWO SOULS, NOT A “PARTY” TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY! Am I being clear enough? Yes, I have heard and seen ALL the poor excuses invented by peoples for reasons NOT to be married. Now, putting the piece of paper the “marriage license,” aside for now, because I know how fearful one teeny, little innocuous piece of paper is to so many peoples, LEARN the true value of total commitment from one Soul to the other Soul! TRUST, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, EXCHANGING CORE VALUES AND TEACHING ONE ANOTHER are all aspects of the culmination of INTENT. These attributes belie all other understandings predicated upon all lower based emotions, all lust-filled desires and the dreadful “competition” which exists between men and women. The old excuses will not be workable now in the NESARA age. Although originally the marriage contracts were malleable agreements binding money to money, the governments of the world also saw it as a means of increasing their own coffers as well. Then the puppeteers of this world began their divide and conquer technique, invading into the true “Heartland of humanity,” by attempting to separate couples through the casting of invidious remarks and downright invasive thoughts about marriage and the feeding of concerns about the possibility of potential divorce.

So it came to pass that marriage itself began to be pooh-poohed by many peoples who considered themselves to be, “In the know.” In truth, “they KNEW naught.” It was clearly seen that the more wedges that could be inserted into otherwise stable marriages; the more disharmony would thrive among the couples, their families and other loving couples even considering marriage. And YOU thought it was so simple, right? It was always so easy to manipulate the masses; their states of consciousness revolved around all that was projected at them that would ultimately cause concern and breed distrust. Peoples of this world, you were shoddily used and your Heart Song was stifled! Many destined love vows were shattered before they even had time to begin to solidify. More bias and prejudice of every type was taking a strong hold on the minds and hearts of the peoples. Marriage itself became a bad joke, just as the manipulators of this mess had planned. Can you ones not understand that ANY issue that is considered to be of great value to the rising of the evolutionary status of peoples is ALWAYS targeted? On the other side of the coin, is anybody out there who has been, or is in, a bad marriage willing to face the facts that perhaps you not only married the wrong person, you did so for the wrong reason? THIS is where personal responsibility MUST come into play! When you see that something is broken, first decide if it is fixable. If it is not, then exercise all your options in order to have a fulfilling life.

Now, I shall give you an example of how tangibility can intertwine with intangibility. Let us say we have two couples: Couple #1 and couple #2. The #1 couple is deeply in love and have a balanced relationship. The #2 couple is deeply in love BUT one of the individuals is much stronger, much more emotionally stable than is the other partner. The #1 couple radiates happiness, joy and a bliss which even they cannot accurately describe to other people. They are of one mind, one heart, one shared Spirit and one shared Soul Voice in this sense. They do not seek their happiness outside of themselves; rather, they revel in the joy they have AS A COUPLE who are separate entities, yet ONE ENTITY at the same time. They know the art of communication; they speak WITH one another, not AT one another. Their unification exists on all levels, YET it seems perfectly natural to them. They emit so much radiance that other peoples who are balanced and stable in all ways, feel it is a pleasure to be around them. They laugh with the unfettered laughter of a child full-born; they are compassionate with those who have less love in their lives, and they allow nothing and no-thing to consciously impact upon their relationship if it is not in their best interests as a couple. This couple carries an innocence about them, as do all other couples who are like them. When they encounter other people whether singly or those who are couples, the other peoples who are not happy feel distinctly uneasy around them. They feel isolated in a sense and empty. Couple #1 brings to the surface other peoples’ jealousies and disgust which ultimately targets the happy couple, and Couple #1 can do this without having to do anything! Now, when this happy couple is around other peoples whose focus in life and on love is the same as their own, the people around them feel much happier and more carefree than they did before. This is a good thing!

Couple #2 is in an unbalanced relationship. Neither of these partners will be able to overcome the secret ill-feelings each holds for the other. Each has regrets about how the other one behaves, about how much the other knows or does not know about what each one feels is important in life. Neither of these individuals can fully give of themselves; the differences between them are too great. Neither really wants to let go of the other person and find someone who would be a better life partner. She does not want to because, “I have invested so much time with him.” He does not want to because he feels in time HE CAN CHANGE HER. Oftentimes the reverse is true of other couples such as this one. Now, when couple #2 is around other peoples who are involved or becoming involved in life partner relationships, those peoples who are mentally and emotionally in sync, feel constrained and uncomfortable around this couple. They can become to feel displeased with themselves and depressed for no LOGICAL reason. Eventually they discover that as soon as they remove themselves from the presence of couple #2 and the malaise affecting that same couple, they feel better again, albeit a bit confused. However, just as “like attracts like,” all couple #2 has to do is be around other couples whose relationship borders on the same turbulence as their own and guess what? “The shift hits the fan,” big time. You see, the tangible unions between two people in many ways can survive just fine as long as the love energy is there and is focused correctly. However, when it is a mismatch NOTHING can make it better. Unhappiness corrals more unhappiness. This is a lower based energetic matter which spreads its contagion like a cloud of locusts over every living thing. THIS is what dark matter not only feeds upon, but encourages. It gives a whole new meaning to, “stirring the cauldron.”

Sex is not love, too many peoples “fall in sex,” but do not have any idea how to, “fall in love.” Many others are emotional cripples and simply cannot love. You see, sex is just sex. Love, aaaahhhhhhhh, now THAT is an art! Love as its most purely refined self when shared by two individuals EQUALLY, cannot be bought, sold or bartered. This is what a true marriage embodies. Yes, marriage at times requires work and patience with one another. Tis why so many are disdainful of marriage. Selfish people are NOT the marrying kind. Couples who have children can be sorely tested while raising their brood to still have enough time to spend with the other spouse. Oftentimes practical, everyday matters can supersede the matters of the heart, temporarily. When the heart is strong because of the capacity to have and MAINTAIN true love, then it CANNOT be destroyed. Now, children of loveless marriages walk into their adult life as true BYPRODUCTS of the marriage they had chosen to be born into. This is also true of the children who have chosen to be born into love-filled marriages. Please to understand however, not every man or woman desires to have children. Although their reasons are private, I can tell you without revealing any secrets that are no one else’s business; their lives are in a state of perfection just as they are. Throughout the history of this planet, especially when marriages among everyday people became a beautiful but private ceremony, all of the couples radiating the truest, purest and most evolved love have been sorely challenged to maintain their status quo from the invasive actions of “outsiders.” By this I mean friends, relatives and co-workers, not to mention those beasties who try so hard to thwart love on this planet and to sever the passing on of love to all those the true lovers encounter.

Marriage is not about passing on your lineage; it is not about maintaining the continuity of a surname. Love is a transmittable energy; one that can destroy the dark and enforce the Light. Love can cause a person or persons to become veritable towers of strength; love that is set into the circle of completion; that which is the marriage vow can birth new worlds in your reality as well as in many other realities, for the intrepid spouses to explore as ONE Soul- ONE heart- ONE-LONG AWAITED LOVE. It is unnecessary and actually detrimental to indulge in marriage fantasies and actually engage in having expensive, formal weddings. Marry the way the indigenous natives of North America do; this is true ceremony, just as all other indigenous peoples around the world quietly still marry today. It is simple and moral, the binding ceremony itself is incredibly beautiful to behold. Many peoples are also choosing to be married by non-denominational ministers. Now, the peoples who prefer solitary lives have both personal and karmic reasons for desiring this experience. This is all in accord with the Soul Contract they themselves wrote. Their lives are no less important than are yours. What I do still find amazing is the awesome numbers of spouses who constantly cheat on one another. What is even more amazing is the multitude of reasons they each have created for themselves to make it be OK. The term “infidelity” is the antithesis of true marriage. It is the inferior and debauched aspect of a cheater that comes to the forefront of this situation. It is not about another’s religion, not about a comatose spouse and not about,” Well my spouse does it, so why can’t I.” There are NO excuses. When cheaters depart this lifetime and must confront themselves in a different dimension, they will understand better about how they gave their power away.

Now, granted I have touched many nerves here this day, however it is most frustrating to watch a species of life, humanity, being deluded about love and the sanctity of marriage. It is equally frustrating to witness the brainwashing that has occurred here repeatedly about that state and the great losses that peoples suffer simply because of their lack of understanding. The media is the culprit for embellishing formal weddings and all the perceived needs for expensive accessories. Then there are the families who simply MUST HAVE their sons and daughters marrying traditionally and EXPENSIVELY. Trace it back please and see if you can determine WHAT the culprit was and WHY this mess was begun. Just follow your nose; the smell is atrocious and DARK. If you truly have love to give, then give it to another who deserves it, who has earned it. A true marriage teaches by its own example, no one can teach another how to love. You will either know how to or you will not. If you believe, rightly or wrongly, that you have married or are about to marry the wrong person, then stop and think about all the factors involved. Where did you meet? If you were introduced, what kind of person performed the introduction? Are your goals in life the same? Will your life be better or worse with this other person? Have you first learned to be your own best friend before trying to be the best friend to the other? Do you care what others think of your choices? Can you tell others about this person without feeling you need to be defensive? Can you trust the other person with your life? Can you both agree to disagree rather than enter into heated verbal combat?

It is a major mistake to wait for a partner or potential partner to change their ways, to move forward in personal evolution and to accept personal responsibility for actions taken, or the lack of action that MAY alter in a non-beneficial way, a marriage or potential marriage. Although it is true that beneficial changes CAN happen, those alterations are few and far-between. Too many people are interested in the “mating game,” and do not bother with the “love at the end of the rainbow” event. Then of course there is the impatience, the frustration, the thoughts of humiliation that MAY be heaped upon you by your “friends” and co-workers, especially by your families, if you are not seriously involved with another person. Perhaps you are hanging out with the wrong crowd. That includes your families. People, who need to change something important about themselves, should ONLY do so FOR themselves, not for another person. If they do not handle the situation in this manner then they are trying to change themselves to please another, and THAT is the wrong reason. This is why when peoples do this for the wrong reason it becomes merely a “temporary fix.”

Now, another misunderstood aspect of marriage, true marriage, occurs when one partner passes over leaving the other partner to continue on in life until his or her appointed time to pass from mortality has arrived. Those fortunate individuals who have “found one another” and lived a joyous life in marriage together, be it 7 months, or 40 years, have fulfilled an event their Souls had been grieving for. Grief is misunderstood as well here on the planet. A couple who had united or in many instances, reunited a relationship which had burned fervently in their Souls, sometimes for hundreds of years, have NO EQUAL opposite they will couple with after the demise of their true mate. You see, the ultimate consummation of a worthy marriage is the perfection which exists on a Soul to Soul Level. This means that regardless of race, gender, religious beliefs, Spiritual values or political affiliations, the co-joined Souls resonate one with the other. Neither has to “prove themselves” to the other; neither feels any desire to explain to other peoples why their own marriages work so well, while the other peoples’ do not. How do you explain the joy and Lightness which accompanies every moment of true love bliss? How do you explain the way they can finish one another’s thoughts and receive the same IDENTICAL inspirations from their Souls? You cannot.

To these people it does not matter that others may have more prosperity in their lives than they themselves do. It does not matter that their friends quietly whisper about how they never go anywhere without the other. It does not matter that others would find their happiness to be an irritant, or a “wish it was me” sensation. What matters to these joy-filled couples is ”themselves.” So it is that although obviously much is stipulated by their Soul Contracts when the matter is their lives and deaths, many have arranged to either pass over at the same moment or within but a short interim of time between the demise of one and the death of the other. It is NOT that one cannot live without the other; it IS that their love is eternal and they have chosen to rejoin one another in a different dimension. One that is a better place in a better time. Their sense of loss is so great because they KNOW they have lost the other part of themselves. Do you see? All right now, there are couples who are part of this “True love genre,” who with good reason have made a choice to have one of them remain behind here when the other one passes over. There are so many valid reasons; the most prominent ones however are because the one remaining here still has important works to finish. In these cases I feel great compassion for the ones who remain while their other parts of themselves depart. The Soul who has departed always watch over their beloved ones. Because they are discarnate Beings now however, they USUALLY do not appear frequently to the ones they left behind. Although there are exceptions to that rule.

The ones who are still incarnate do not normally choose to remarry although they may enter into companionship arrangements with a partner. Sometimes this occurs because the incoming partner is one who still has some unfinished business with the remaining spouse. Some individuals who have tried remarriage end up regretting that they had. They realize too late that there is, “only one.” Those widows and widowers who remain aloof from future intimate relationships do so because they have the “realization” that others do not and adamantly refuse to accept what they consider “second best.” In time, as both spouses reunite in the Higher Dimensions, they can then decide when they want to be together again on the Earth Star planet, or perhaps another planet. There is much for them to consider. You see, pure love is, “timeless,” it is without match, it is not of logic, it is in this sense, not of the Earth. If the most cynical among you ones has trouble understanding all that I am transmitting here this day, then I SUGGEST you question your motives! It does not matter if a couple is happily married, Protestant to the bone, and believes all the media tells them, IF their love is pure and true they TOO will ascend with the momentum of NESARA. You ones must not forget that NESARA exemplifies unconditional love; She embraces the pure hearts and the unfettered Spirits. NESARA cannot permit those peoples who are black in heart and Soul to move forward with her. Those peoples are not in healthy marriages and those who have chosen solitary lives who are also unhealthy are contagious as well. They still come in contact with peoples somewhere at sometime. They cannot be permitted to taint good Souls with their infectious dis-ease.

Now, it is because the true marriages personify the greatest aspect of NESARA that I have been relentlessly pursuing this “marriage subject matter.” The more I can reveal to you ones about the dark conditions that have permeated what should be Sacred Ceremony, the more PERHAPS you will open your eyes. Either you will or you will not. In either case I am fulfilling my mission this day. I am not saying that it is easy for you ones to fly in the face of tradition; I am not saying that having some backbone and STANDing in your truth while confronting your parents and siblings, peers and friends is easy. If it were “easy” you would already have done so! It is always the “hard” that peoples here avoid……then live “in regret” for a very long time. Marriage does not “make” the man, or the woman for that matter. First know what you want in life and what you are willing TO SETTLE FOR. Happiness is never WORK! It is a spontaneous action-to-action energetic beam of Light. Stop being afraid of the “M” word and get a life. Stop looking for the other person and let the other person find you. Now, as I take my leave this glorious day, I ask you one and all to define what you want, Create all open doorways for the great love awaiting you and ride the NESARA Wave.

I am signing off now….

Salude….Blue Star the Pleiadian

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Blue Star the Pleiadian – God Is


**Blue Star the Pleiadian speaking of God**

“God Is”

Now, I have observed over my long, long lifetime that far too many humans concern themselves with the affairs of the intelligentsia rather than the affairs of the GodHead. I have seen more schemes hatched since 1866 for the dual purpose of controlling other humans and obliterating those who do follow the path of Spirit, than any previous times in this planets’ rather dark history. Commander Theda and I have discussed many times that the possibility exists that humans in general require severe “wake-up” calls before they abolish their own slavery and advocate true freedom not only for themselves, but for all others of the human race. We are also in agreement that only when you people are pushed to the limits of emotional and mental distress do you “suddenly” find God. This fact is self-evident in your aberrant behavior and attitudes towards your own races, your cultures, and your philosophies. Why does it always seem to require a calamity to take place before your wondrous hindsight of helping others occurs? Why is it that each race here must not only see themselves as better than other races here, but feel threatened by those who are different?

Now, it does not require anyone of genius mentality to see that the duality that exists here is in great part attributed to your religious and Spiritual beliefs and disbeliefs. The Illuminati know more of God and the Creator than do you. The Illuminati know more of the Creation than do you. Of course in their case it was a point of knowing the enemy. As God has pointed out on more than one occasion, our earth star cousins are not consciously aware that the enemy lies within. You yourselves are your own worst enemies. This is sad. The allies of your enemy-selves are : ignorance, disbelief, prejudice, vanity, narrow-mindedness, jealousy, hate, greed, drugs, alcohol, spitefulness and the adamant refusal to acknowledge a God of love and justice, of the sentience that prevails within the true God Force.

So it is that in general humans would rather fear God, would rather imagine that the God Force is wrathful, vengeful and callous. In a bizarre twist of a reality shift, humans fear what they do not understand, yet what they do not understand they disallow as part of their personal realities. As this occurs the temptation is planted deviously in your minds by the Illuminati and their legion the dark horde, to halt any belief you may still have about the goodness of God and the very existence of this Being. It is then like the contagion that it is, that disbelief fosters anger and hatred towards your very selves and others. Those among you ones who see themselves as pious will pray for redemption from a God they fear; others will pray for peace yet do nothing to cause it to happen. This is a contradiction in terms, so to speak. If you ones do not want to be afraid, then why are you so fear filled about taking a stand and standing in truth? Not the lying rhetoric fed to you by the current dictator of America and those others like him in other countries, but standing back and looking at life in general and saying “NO, this is not ok!”

You see, you do not confuse shall we say President Bush, with God……and a good thing to! So how can you confuse yourself by equating God and fear? When your life is running smoothly you thank God. When your life is filled with pitfalls you plead for a God that you do not really believe in to help you. When your life is filled with strife, war and death, you blame God. Make up your minds already. NO, this is not ok! The GodForce is not now nor has He ever been responsible for the deadly foibles and the deadly games you participate in here on this planet. He is not a “governing body,” He is Everything that is real and nothing that is static. The Creator granted permission for you ones to be permitted to indulge yourselves in all manner of creativity. The Serene Awareness of the Creator and the Creation foresaw that with this enormous gift to you ones was a tremendous responsibility you each have.

You were granted freedom, yet you knew it not. You were granted protection, yet you sensed it not. You were granted the ability to manifest and materialize all that you required here, yet you used it not. It is why linear time was Created for you ones; to function as a “governor” to assist in keeping you from speeding totally out of control. To a great degree this has succeeded, much to the chagrin of the Illuminati. And they were doing so well with you up until that “time.” A commonality that exists amongst each of your races, is the insatiable need to be the best of the best. This is highly illogical Who among you has stopped, looked and listened to find out who or WHAT feeds that need? Who is it that keeps the holocaust alive and well in your memories? Who is promoting war and who is countering with peace?

Tell me oh illustrious earth cousins, does a god of death and destruction work for peace and harmony for all life forms? Does a god of dominance send his warriors and teachers here to walk among you promoting the Spiritual aspect of life? Does a GOD OF LIFE SUGGEST THAT YOU MURDER YOUR OWN PEOPLE? Like it or not, you are ALL RELATED. Deal with it. Subterfuge, hypocrisy, the illicit use of power, these are the tools of the children of a lesser god. Again and again, throughout the centuries I have impressed this upon you ones. Again and again, a few, a very few, have listened and responded. You ones in general, stubbornly refuse to heed all our warnings of the true overlords that fight us as they seek the total control of this planet. We fight for your freedom to be. You have become so involved in your everyday life situations that you are now blind; as such the dark overlords are steadfastly battering at you by hurling religions and biblical propaganda into the morass of your confusion.

They have sought your Achilles heel and they have found it. The same Divine Force that birthed your presence is not about to allow you ones to cease as a life species. We were granted our rights of intervention in order to preserve the planet and you, yourselves. The same Divine Force that so many of you decry is permitting you largesse of movement in your individual quest for immortality. Whether you find it or not is really up to you. For many among you ones, it is a moot point. I have had many, many conversations with the Divine Force. Not at any time did I or have I felt anything but the deepest love and warmth that only the Infinite Divine can offer. Yes, indeed I do understand the precarious lifestyles so many of you live. Please to remember that is your own Creation. In essence, God is All That Is and All That Ever Will be. Believe me or not, I don’t care.

Salude….Blue Star the Pleiadian

Blue Star Speaks a message received by Chako Priest

Chapter from Chako Priest’s book

The Ultimate Experience

Teachings of the Masters of Light

Posted 12-24-09


Dearest one, I AM Yeshua back again. As you flip from page to page, I hope all of you Readers will think of us coming into this Channel’s energy field and delivering a teaching or message for all of you. It is heartwarming for us, and we appreciate it so much. We thank you for reading the book and passing on the information.

We enjoy the e-mails that this Channel receives. She recently received one from the UK from an elderly gentleman. He felt starved for the truth that we had spoken about in Book FOUR, about the Realities of the Crucifixion. He was so thankful, for he had searched long and wide for true information (about Jesus).

Therefore, when we see that our information is fanning out wider and wider, it is very gratifying for us. We send that gentleman our love. When he reads this book, he will know whom we are talking about. His wife is slower to respond. She prefers the Bible over the truth in our books. She will come around one of these days.

You see, Readers, no one can make the other person step up onto another rung of the ladder in his or her evolution—that rung to a higher consciousness. No one can make you do that. What we are speaking about is soul’s work. That is soul’s growth and each soul grows at a different pace, through different information, and through a different process. While it can be difficult for partners when it looks as if one has out-stepped the other, patience must enter in and of course always be accompanied by love. We are not all quick to learn—a quick study. Some of the souls are quicker than others, but in other aspects some may have stepped forth before their partner has—each at his or her own pace, Beloveds. Always remember that. You cannot change your partners; you cannot change your neighbors. You can change only yourself.

Now today, we have a surprise for all of you, for we are going to step aside and let a great Being from another star system speak with you. He calls himself Blue Star, The Pleiadian. He comes through different people, but mainly through his daughter, Celestial Blue Star, who has a physical body on Earth. It is she who suggested to this Channel, “Why don’t you channel my father, Blue Star?” It had never occurred to this Channel that she ought to or could channel this great Being. Therefore, we will let you be the judge, as I announce with the greatest affection, “Here is Blue Star from the Pleiades.

(Chako: Blue Star, with all respect, I need to check you out, please. “I now demand in the name of Jesus The Christ to know if you are a Being of the Jesus The Christ Consciousness, if you are a Being of the true God of the God Light Consciousness of the Creator, answer me, YES, or NO.”)

YES, our dear Chako and it is good to speak with you! We have conversed many times in what you call the ethers. However, I thought it was time to speak to you on what we will call a professional basis. Therefore, I come to you, and I come through these pages of this book so that the Readers may read what I have to say to them.

My daughter, Celestial, and her husband, David of Arcturus, have websites on the Internet. They post my teachings. There is much to choose from if you go to that site ( Please do so, for it is my belief that truth needs to be spoken. Truth needs to reign on this Earth. Too many times there have been what I call the False Prophets expounding on their own ideas and their own interpretations of truth. On our site, Celestial, David and I have spoken on this subject matter. It bears repeating in this book.

As you have noticed, this Channel (first) read this little blurb to me to check me out, to hear me say that YES, I am a Being of Light from the Creator. People, you need to make this your daily practice when you are channeling Beings. Even if God came to you and said, “I AM God,” you are to check Him out; read the little blurb that Sananda himself had written and given to Celestial. It is on our website (under “Introduction to the Saga of the False Prophets.” At the end of that article you can click to view “Checking Sources and Aligning Energy.” Sananda’s information is there.)

There is an observation I would like to present to you this morning. It is one where people are slow in making a decision as to what side of the fence they are going to jump onto. People are just sitting on the fence. They keep weighing the different energies, wondering which way they ought to jump. Those dark energies have manipulative tentacles, and they know your Achilles Heel. They know how to approach you, how to ensnare you. They are clever. They are masterful. They are of the dark. They are Illuminati. If you wish to be on that side of the fence, then it is time to make your decision. Stop vacillating. I, of course, would prefer that all would come to the Light. However, there are still those who are emotionally immature. They like playing with fire. They like playing with the Ouija board. They like testing the waters, the dark waters.

People, your world is raising her vibration, and those who cannot rise with her will be sent to another planet. If you think that will be all wine and roses, think again. How many of you know of people who are in gangs of the darker energy? They put their toe in and then are drawn into it deeper and deeper. The gang members say one must do this or that so that others will know that you really want to be one of them.

The sons and daughters of God who are not emotionally secure are apt to go ahead and cave in from peer pressure. Do you not know that one must stand strong and firm in truth—stand steadfast in the Light of God? How many of you reading this book clearly understand that principle? How many of you totally agree? If you have waffled for even a second, let that be a hint to you that you still have not made a total commitment to go to the Light and stand steadfast in the Light and be fully into the Christ Consciousness.

This decision comes to every person in this world. This decision is Universal. Come to the Light, for if you make that choice to go toward darkness, it will consume you inch by inch. You will be consumed. You will lose your identity. You will be merged into those dark emotions and into that dark way of being.

All children of God are born into the Christ Consciousness. All children carry that. When they come into their body and are actually in the Earth’s energies, they start losing touch with that Light. It depends so much upon whom their parents are—who is bringing them into the world.

There has been an increase of walk-ins as the Earth raises her vibrations. That is because the souls do not have the time to come in as babies. Souls think of that as wasting 20 years or more before they can start their work. Even old souls are stepping into other bodies. This has been a practice for eons of time. The purpose of the walk-ins is to bring in a higher consciousness into the body on a soul agreement with the soul who is leaving the body. That soul was a caretaker for that body.

As he or she left after having prepared the body for 20 plus years, the next soul could come in with stronger energy, a deeper potency and be able to start spiritual work immediately. You see the bodies that the walk-ins are coming into now are fairly strong bodies. They are younger bodies. Many times the body has not died from a disease but maybe has died from a drowning so that the body remains intact when it has been revitalized by the newer soul—(the new occupant, not a new versus an old soul). The bodies are strong; they are vibrant and can hold a great deal of energy. These walk-ins are of the highest level of consciousness. Many of them are Masters. Many of them can recall the fact that they have walked into a body. Many of them take on the karmic debt of that body, but they are able to accomplish that quickly and with less drama than the previous owner would have had to go through.

The walk-ins have a higher intelligence, but when they are in the body, there is much programming to be released. There is much re-wiring of the brain to be done in order to allow the soul to bring in the higher level of learning and discernment and just being.

How many of you sitting on the fence are contemplating suicide? It has been noted that there has been a higher rate of suicides among the young Army soldiers returning from the wars. Many of those suicides are done through drugs or through guns, which harms the body immensely so that a walk-in is not able to use that body. Would that not have been a wonderful exchange to give your body to a higher Being? When you vacated, you had left a strong body. The new Being that comes in can adjust the emotions, for you see it was not part of the emotional trauma. Therefore, it can override that fairly easily.

Readers, never commit suicide. Stay in the Light. This government has not done well by the veterans that are returning. The medical help is inadequate. Many of these young men and women need counseling but are not receiving that much. They wish to further their education and yet the government is giving them barely enough (money) to make it through a year’s schooling and certainly not enough for your Ivy-League schools. There is not much justice these days that we see in the world.

People, there is not that much time to vacillate. You must make your decisions. Most people who read these books have made that decision to stay in the Light. However, you see, they have extended family members who may not be going towards the Light as much as they need to. People are not working on developing the spiritual side of life because they equate it with religion.

As you know, the religions of this world do not hold that much truth. The religions of this world can actually hold you back. Odd as it may sound, it is in the more spiritually minded studies where one learns different ways (modalities) of thinking. This Channel is a graduate of Transpersonal Psychology. It is a psychology that allows one to go beyond ego and to accept alternative realities. I find it amusing that one would receive more information that would help you in your spiritual life by studying a course in Transpersonal Psychology than one would studying the Bible sitting in a church!

One could say, what has gone wrong here? But then that person would need to recognize that the religions went off balance eons ago. Even when Moses brought down the laws, the Hebrews were not ready to hear them. Every religion that has sprung from one of the more prominent teachers that walked your planet has failed—the religions have failed you because the dark energies got into them. Brothers were killing brothers, raping sisters, looting from the churches, from the synagogues, from the temples with greed. All was in the name of “my god is the true God. Your god is the false one. My prophet is the one of truth. Your prophet is the one of darkness. Therefore, let’s crucify him.”

When you look back on thousands of years of history, there is not one religion left today from the original Cell of God—the Seed of God, the true religion. It was bent (distorted from truth) from the very beginning. The Zealots and even the prophets turned from the truth, making their ego the new teachings. No religion is truth!

Now are there kernels of wisdom here and there? Of course, but they are so mixed in with the chaff that they are hardly recognizable. Even that great Lord of Lords, Yeshua/Sananda, teaching people to love thy neighbor… the message has become distorted. Well if our neighbor is a drug addict, how can we love him? And yet, he/she is a child of God. Sananda knew at that time that all humanity was a child of God.

Sitting on the fence, People, reading erroneous Bibles, staying glued to your stereotypical ways of thinking and your belief systems and refusing to change—these are the ingredients for failure—for failing to come to the Light. However, they can and will be your passage to a new planet if that is your desire—a planet that is full of your peers, who think like you do, who look like you do in most ways, and who smell like you do with decay and no Light. That planet is waiting for you. You have a choice, you fence sitters. Make that choice soon; make it soon.

I AM Blue Star of the Pleiades, and it has been my greatest pleasure to speak to you and to have my words conveyed by this Channel of truth.


(Thank you, Blue Star; it was very strong and potent. How would you like me to name this chapter?) I think make it very simple: Blue Star Speaksought to suffice. (Thank you.) You are welcome, dear child of Light. You are most welcome. Salude. (Hmmm, thank you for coming, I am honored.)

Well dear one that was our friend from a neighboring star system. His energy was quite magnificent; was it not? (Yes, it seemed to get stronger and stronger the more he talked.) That is because he was able to come closer.

All right dear one, that’s it for today. (Thank you Yeshua.) You are welcome. Greetings.


(This was an excerpt from Book #7)
The Ultimate Experience- Teachings of the Masters of Light

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