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  • Marriage and Communicable Intent

    The Blue Star Transmissions ~Blue Star the Pleiadian~ Marriage and Communicable Intent (Note: This transmission was copied from the book, “Blue Star the Pleiadian – My Teachings through Transmissions” Volume #3. Blue Star thought it was important that this information be revisited so we are re-posting this on the Godumentary website.) (Transmission received by Celestial […]

  • Blue Star the Pleiadian – God Is

    **Blue Star the Pleiadian speaking of God** “God Is” Now, I have observed over my long, long lifetime that far too many humans concern themselves with the affairs of the intelligentsia rather than the affairs of the GodHead. I have seen more schemes hatched since 1866 for the dual purpose of controlling other humans and […]

  • Blue Star Speaks a message received by Chako Priest

    Chapter from Chako Priest’s book The Ultimate Experience Teachings of the Masters of Light Posted 12-24-09 CHAPTER 7- “BLUE STAR SPEAKS” Dearest one, I AM Yeshua back again. As you flip from page to page, I hope all of you Readers will think of us coming into this Channel’s energy field and delivering a teaching […]