Give God a Break Day


“Give God a Break Day”

Are you wondering why we suggest that people give God a break? When things go wrong in life who do people blame?

The worst quote we hear repeatedly is, “God is on our side” this is according to all who wage war and other types of mayhem and violence. Are they really the “chosen ones?” There is no one chosen race, there is no one chosen person and there never was.

Some religions state that God only lives in their churches. If He is only in their churches during times of worship, then where is He the rest of the time? On holiday?

If people pray to God on their deathbed, does this mean they are praying to God the moment they are born? If this is so, why do you suppose they largely ignore God during the middle parts of their live, between birth and death, unless they need something or have something to gripe about?

If it is true that God made us in His image, then why do you suppose people hate one another, are they hating themselves, or are they hating God? Why bother to hate anyone anyway?

Why is it that people kill one another in God’s name? Do you truly think He sent us all down here to do that? Who said that God sanctioned this barbaric behavior? Why is there no respect for God when He is known by other names in other cultures? Then there is the myth of God with the Flaming Sword. Does no one bother to see that it is merely the Sword of Truth that cuts both ways? Why would anyone believe that He is a wrathful God?

Do you really believe God would want the streets of this world paved with gold? If everything was made that simple, what would anyone learn? We are sure you can all think of reasons for lessons that need to be experienced.

Do you believe you are greater than God or that God is greater than you? Do you believe you need an intermediary to speak with God? How many people understand that you each are as great as God is, just as He is as great as you are as individuals?

Do you really believe that God would have created each of us in His image solely to send us here to Earth for only one go-around? Personally, we would be highly disappointed if that was that and then off to either heaven or hell we go. However we know better, but not everybody does.

If you had to contend with the entire mess this planet is in every nanosecond, wouldn’t you want a break? Now imagine if you will, the responsibility of watching over this entire universe and all of its lifeforms.

Is it not time for everyone to take personal responsibility for either actions done well or actions that could have been done well? We feel this is to be done simply because you can. It is our responsibility, not God’s, to live our lives in the best way possible without reprehensible talk or behavior directed at God.

Face it, when we shine like the Beacons of Light we each are, we make God look good too.

The newspaper, “U.S. Today’s” poll in November of 2008 had this to say.
People that believe in God – was 90% and is now 80%
People that believe in Heaven – was 82 % now 73%
People that believe in the Devil – was 68% and is now 59%
People that believe in Hell – was 69% and is now 62%

Britney Spears was considered #1 in popularity in 2008. Tell us, what’s wrong with this picture?

Have you ever wondered what God’s stats on all of us are? This is an example of quid pro quo. Yes, the door swings both ways.

Are you a catalyst for truth or are you in stasis mode? Only pure honesty on a person’s part can answer this question. However, this is a life defining moment and be advised “someone” is listening.

Pick one day a week when you can actually not be praying to God for something you may want or complaining about something that you do not have. Remember, when you are giving God a break, you are giving yourself one as well.

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Salude, Celest and David


Here is an example of the lunacy overwhelming people
by beings pretending to be God.

Man says God ordered him to ram vehicle

He crashed into another vehicle while traveling more than 100 mph
updated 7:06 p.m. MT, Mon., Dec. 1, 2008

SAN ANTONIO – A man who rammed his truck into a woman’s vehicle on a highway early Friday told authorities he crashed into her while going more than 100 mph because God told him “she needed to be taken off the road.”

The truck rear-ended the car on U.S. Highway 281, both vehicles spun across a median then came to a stop along a barrier in the opposite lanes. Both drivers suffered only minor injuries.

“He just said God said she wasn’t driving right, and she needed to be taken off the road,” Bexar County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Kyle Coleman said in the online edition of the San Antonio Express-News. “God must have been with them, ’cause any other time, the severity of this crash, it would have been a fatal.”

The pickup driver did not tell police how the woman was driving. Police could not find alcohol or drugs in either driver.

A psychiatric evaluation has been ordered for a man.


~ Readers Comments ~

How about giving God a break at least once a day, every day? We can start by daily lessening our instant reactions to “bad” news. We can begin and end each day by being thankful. We can love ourselves which naturally leads to loving others. Etc. The cross is the four directions but we go beyond the 4 to 7 and then the whole, the circle (sphere) of life. Thank you for all that you share with us. Blue Star’s words and “And Then God Said…..” are especially appreciated, as are your patience and persistence.

Wanisi, In love, light & joy, Etaoqua


Yes, lets have a give God a Break Day. I feel that is a wonderful idea. We need to take responsibility as well as be accountable for all that we do, and think.

I read that the pregnant woman who was trampled was ok, and her baby is fine too….not without first having a major scare. (I pray that the info I read was accurate and not some neocon disinformation like the store being closed for a medical emergency crap.

Thank you for the ANGER about the absolute, total, stupidity of what went on at that Wal Mart. It was just beyond absurd! We have worked so hard to come beyond all of that, anchoring light, creating change, and THIS INSANITY where a person is killed over THINGS!!!! Not to mention the fact that these cheap, imported items, are made mainly by people in oppressed conditions, with multiple human rights violations, one step up from slave labor, in a Communist Country where they have very few, if any rights other than the right to keep slaving away.

Thank you again for your website and I really look forward to your updates.

Blessing and Light

Thank you Alicia, what a great idea,, taking personal responsibility…………..
you nailed that one…
Kudos to you…
Celest and David


Greetings –
I am sick of all the namy pamby winers who blame God for everything – Even my own father in law is so lame blaming God for the slavery of Jews – (Don’t get me started how I ripped him another one for blaming God instead of taking responsibility for his and everyone elses actions) – Also if I hear one more person in the Bible Belt feel they are above contempt because every sentence starts with, “I’m a Christian”, I am going to lose it – Lord I know I am hear as a light worker and as the ultimate of love vibrations to help aid Gaia but I am choking on humanity right now – I absolutely would love to know how Jesus had such love and compassion for sheer idiocy and selfishness –

God, I am so trying to finish my mission on Gaia – Please help me so I can return to Venus! Really trying to implement your advice in your book – I pray for you as well to hang tuff – I love you and don’t blame you for anything -I am a warrior and hear to kick some serious dark booty back into the Christed Light Realm or off somewhere else – Until Then, Have a Happy Holiday –

Cheers, Diana-Elaine


First of all, I want to say thanks for given me the opportunity to hear the masterful words of wisdom from the Eternal Oneness. You have no idea (or maybe you have) how long I have traveled along the path, searching for words of wisdom and truth. From secret societies to peace movements, grasping at minute pieces of truth along the way. I now feel satisfied and enlightened.

On the question of an off day for God, I do not think so, not at this time. When it is all over, and we are all ascended and settled into our new dimension as it were, we can all celebrate and have all the rest we want. Thank pun intended..



Tell people to give “evil” a break today.
Don’t indulge it.

~ God ~


Hi David and Celeste,
Give God a Break Day, Wow what an awesome thought! } As one who is empathic to fairly thee well, giving God a break would be awesome. I don’t think many us think about how God is connected to all of us; feels what we feel, smells what we smell, sees what we see and so on. God is always part of us, no matter how much we recognize it. God’s there. What would it be like if we all chose, even just for day, to be like God. Love each being unconditionally with a love that is unlimited in its depth, walk the path of peace within each of our souls, act in ways that allow each to to learn freely their life lessons, see the golden glow increasingly glowing around our planet and so on.

What would it be like to feel loving and balanced in all that we say and do? Do kind things because we can. Give a smile or a hug to one who needs “help”. Volunteer and help where we are drawn. Plant a tree or feed the birds. Walk a dog for neighbor that isn’t able or provide a meal when one is needed. Sew a quilt for a stranger in need or box and send necessities (with a kind letter of appreciation) for our troops away from home. Find ways to do Godly things, even for a day! ) Perhaps, if enough of us can do this, and more, then every day can become GIVE GOD A BREAK DAY !

Have a happy, loving and Tree…mendous day! )


Dear Awakened Hearts.

I began some time ago to thank God every night for a wonderful day, for keeping me safe, for my health, for giving me enough of everything, for my family and friends and for keeping B. Obama and his family safe.

Love and Light, Ulli
Hey people,


Do I give god a break? Nah, why should I? You don’t give your friends a break. You don’t give your spouse a break! Imagine telling your spouse that for 1 week every year he can pretend he is not married to you! Not a good idea!

God and I are joined at the hip, like Siamese twins, for better or worse. It took me very long to realize this. Ignoring this fact seems to be step in the wrong direction. So : no break for god!

Luckily god is a superb multi-tasker. I am sure he can take a diving vacation on the coral reefs of Australia or take a long hike through the Amazon rainforest, or have a great time in another part of the universe and still look after me. And all us for that matter.

It is my heartfelt wish that someday he will be walking the earth again, quietly enjoying the beautiful nature. I imagine the newspapers putting it on the frontpage: there have been several sightings of god walking on a trail in the mountains. That would be something to be happy about!




I enjoyed reading Give God A Break Today. Here are some things I thought of, after asking God what would give him a break. Breath, relax, let go of negativity, accept light, and Love.

Peace and Love in the Light,



When I was in my early 20’s I decided to remove myself from daily schedules now and then and have what I called “a do nothing day”. On those days I just followed what the moment brought to me. Usually a “do nothing day” turned out to be a spectacular adventure. At the end of the day I was usually relaxed, refreshed and inspired. Perhaps, God indeed would enjoy having “do nothing days” too. I bet amazing things would come from it.

Another thing I was told by one of my Elders, is that sometimes it is a good idea to send prayers out to your direct ancestors. They are waiting to help you with love and devotion. They only need you to ask. Many traditional people believe this. The African nation is one, from my understanding, that encourages young men going to war to call on their ancestors for help and protection.

I think God must get tired of nations dragging him in while they claim violence. When my children were young they would get into an argument over something. Eventually they would call me in on it and expect me to choose a side. Well, obviously I had not witnessed what had hap pend and loved them equally. It was imposable for me to choose one over another. They were both my beloved children. I think that must be how God feels some days. Yes, giving God a break now and then is a good idea.



about God~~~~
I don’t really talk to God anymore~~~~
I just sit quietly and listen~~

Love you, Celest & David,


Dearest Celest & David,
I often wonder if thanking The Creator for helping God and sending some extra love his way is a silly thing to do? Do you think it might help & give God a little break? I hope so.. As you think so you create, right?
With all my love, prayers & gratitude,

Carol Anne
New York


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