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  • The Four Horsemen of the Golden NOW comments page 2

      ” The Four Horsemen of the Golden NOW “ Comments page #2 Note: The first comments we received from this article are on the main page directly following the article. ******* I just wished to share with you what I saw this morning. I woke up early and the moon was shining through the […]

  • Inquiring Minds want to Know

    Many Thoughts Many Voices “Inquiring Minds want to Know” Our Answers to someone’s questions. In order to respect his anonymity we will reference our response to a first name of David only. He is of Jewish background and never considered that Jesus or God spoke directly with anyone here on Earth much less having a […]

  • A Sweet Lesson On Patience

    Note, Redza in Malaysia ( shared this with us the other day. We feel it is timely and well worth consideration. David and Celest    A Sweet Lesson On Patience A NYC Taxi driver wrote: I arrived at the address and honked the horn. After waiting a few minutes I honked again. Since this was […]

  • M.I.T.’s Masters in Training

    Grandfather/Creater You can’t Hide I see you ever where M.I.T.’s “Masters In Training”   As you may know in the Native traditions, if you wanted to do something, you would go to the chief of the tribe and ask to be allowed to do it. Well this story is about such a journey. A wee […]

  • The Four Horsemen of the Golden Now

    “The Four Horsemen of the Golden Now” Reader comments will be listed after this posting Updated 6-30-2018 Today, as we continue on our accelerated pace rushing into 2009, we have decided that it is timely to discuss an important issue with you; one that seems to be “unknown” to the general populace and especially to […]