Letting Go in Order to Receive

“Letting Go in Order to Receive”


There has been much controversy over the years concerning the simple concept of “Letting Go.” We are going to attempt to clear the air a bit, so that the understanding and practical use of simple techniques will allow you to move forward in life. In our quest for knowledge and wisdom, part of the experience is being aware of when to go forward and when to surrender. Surrender is not “I Give Up.” It is arriving at exponential times in life when issues arise of importance concerning a person(s), a place, or a situation, that is no longer beneficial, or in your best interests to tolerate. In other words, a timeline arrives that dictates sometimes subtlety, that a necessary alteration is required in your life. You know innately that it is time to quit doing the same thing over and over again, just as most “pattern makers” do.

“Surrender” also means understanding the necessity of stopping, but first you need to understand the “why now.” This is something that every individual needs and has to look at from their own individual perspectives. The “why” part. This is because every situation is different, no two are exactly the same. You have heard us talk to you before of the need for personal discernment, personal responsibility in all facets of life. However until you understand why a situation is no longer relevant to your present lifestyle, personal relationships, business, Spiritual or religious beliefs, how can you change what you don’t understand?

Look at others; family members, business acquaintances, neighbors, friends, anyone that you know fairly well and see where certain changes in their personal behavioral patterns would bring them contentment in their personal and business lives. This could be achieved without reliving the never ending dramas that contaminate their lives. You see, each time the repetitive patterns become worse, as a result it affects all aspects of their life. You as the onlooker, not as a voyeur, could easily discern how quickly all these other lives could thrive by simply surrendering the present way of living and forging ahead to a “real” future. What a concept.

Many people are very capable of seeing the changes needed in others. It is looking in “the looking glass,” at ourselves that is a challenge, God forbid; you may see something you do not like. It is the process of knowing the needed changes in others and superimposing that understanding of the need for changes in your own life that is the greatest challenge each individual must confront. This is where “surrender” comes into play, giving up is defeat; surrender is activating “A-Feat.” A- Feat is a noteworthy or extraordinary act of boldness and an act of heroism. It takes balls, excuse the slang, to go boldly where few people have been before. This is how heroes and heroines are made. First they know their truth by cutting away the unacceptable, the unethical, the unwanted, from their lives, thus getting rid of the garbage. Then they have to walk their truth on their “FEET.” For many this is not an easy “FEAT,” yet if it is done, there are no regrets. Except perhaps for the many who wish they would have done so sooner.

What is “giving up?” Giving up is relinquishing; it is the abdication of personal freedom. Negating your life is giving control to others, giving others permission to manipulate your life. The most downtrodden people in life are the ones who give up. They loose all self respect, self esteem and personal identity. We do not see this as an acceptable behavior pattern, for each person deserves better.

What is “receiving?” What does it have to do with any of this? Under the Law of Reciprocity, the Law of Giving and Receiving, there is always a balance to be understood and maintained. First you must give and receive to yourself. This must be accomplished before you can understand how and why and WHEN, to give and receive to and from others. “Receive” is to be presented with something; something that you reward yourself with; something that is yours and no one can take from you. When you present yourself with this gift, it gives to you purpose and pride in yourself, for all the right reasons. We are speaking of the intangible here. What better gift can anyone give themselves than the gift of total freedom? Freedom is letting go, right?

Most people want to right old wrongs, what is wrong with starting afresh with self? This is why so many people don’t like themselves. They are afraid of change. Afraid of making the wrong decision. The fact remains it is only the individual that can confront the fears and instigate the changes necessary to move forward into ………… drum roll please ………..…………their future. Life is all about change. How do you know you won’t like a change if you don’t try? Worst case scenario, you can always go back to the same ole mundane life ,,,,,,, lucky you.

If you choose to accept this mission in behalf of yourself, remember, no mission is impossible. It is ok to fail; it is not ok never to try.

FAILING does NOT mean Giving Up!
If you don’t succeed the first 300 times, try, try again.

Celest and David