Our Interview with Commander Theda Part 2

Part two covers the following topics:
What is a shooting star, why most people cannot see the space ships, Aerial battles with the Illuminati, why David and Celest are here,
The bible and mass exodus from the planet Earth, Star Trek, Orbs, and what we can do to help Earth and all her relations.


Our interview with Commander Theda

Part #2 of 5

Uncensored interview with Theda, a Commander of the
Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keepers Forces.

Theda is commander of the star fleet ships liaison for
the Pleiadian and Arcturian Flagships

Interview with Theda – Part 2"

1–Q-What is a "shooting star?"

A-That term is a very loose description of a star or a fragment ejecting from a planet that rapidly begins a descent through the skies from it’s "home base." The rapid acceleration process of that fragment or burned out star, causes it to contrast with the gravitational flows as well as with some non-gravitational spaces. As this occurs an incredible amount of friction, one that is many cases is almost a combustible process occurs. As this does, the "element" descending burns faster and faster until it literally burns itself out and dissipates into nothingness. Thus is not to be confused with a certain type of flare signal that we send to earth to alert our forces on this planet to either an incoming threat or to issue an a "E.T. call home" beacon. –

2–Q-Can a shooting star be mistaken for an actual beam ship "shooting" across the sky?

A-Not to the truly astute ones on earth, no. When a ship is streaking above the earth but in plain sight of those who are looking to the skies, it moves very rapidly in certain patterns of flight. Our ships fly in either straight lines, lines that suddenly and abruptly curve straight up or straight down, "barrel turns," or change from miniscule dots fleeing across the hemisphere, to gigantic ship forms that cannot be mistaken for any other object. Oftentimes, when there is a lesser amount of duress affecting our schedules, we "play" with those humans that we know, those with whom we have arranged by prior appointment to meet with and provide some lighthearted mischievous "air shows." This helps to lessen the normally serious natures of all of our usual days here.

3–Q-In part 1of the interview, you mentioned that at any given moment, although the numbers can vary, 10,000,000 ships fill our skies. Why is it that we cannot see them?

A-Well, it is not because we practice "hocus pocus" I assure you! From the perspective of the average human, when he or they look up at the sky, they can see only from their vantage point. In other words, they can see sky above them but it is only that portion of the sky that can be seen. Take that into account then add the fact that we know the sky to be limitless in this particular universe. All universes have their own skies although not all are the same. In this dimension if you were in a ship or satellite traversing the entire globe you would see all the sky but never all of it at the same moment. Now add to this the fact that we cloak our ships, you can see the sky somewhere THROUGH the transparency of our ships, but not the ships themselves unless we want you to.

4–Q-How often do the aerial battles occur with the Illuminati?

A-These battles never seem to cease, unfortunately. I cannot give you an exact number, they happen continuously. Nightfall though does seem to be the times of greatest peril from those forces.

5–Q-Why can’t people see them from Earth?

A-There are many answers to this. Under normal circumstances the battles take place high above the stratosphere; in dimensions that humans are not aware of. Oftentimes they also take place under the shadows of other planets, in no way could a human witness this event. If any of the ships were too close to the gravitational pull of the earth star planet, the ships themselves would fall victims to the gravitational pull resulting in a great loss of life for all the ships and crews, not to mention the humans on the planet. Then too there is the all pervading "fear factor" of the human mind. Humans are for the most part such a primitive race that there is no telling of how severe the reactions to their mind functions would be. I give you an earth example: think about what happens when civil unrest assaults the people. When there are riots or other instances of mayhem, would do humans do? They loot, rape and murder. Just another day in paradise! It boggles our collective minds to consider what would take place if they had the physical and mental awareness to observe these battle conditions.

6–Q-Why is it you, the entire fleets of benevolent Star Keepers, cannot stop all incoming and outgoing Illuminati vessels?

A-Tell me Celestial; how long can you hold your finger in the dyke and effective keep the raging waters from breaking through? Of course it is possible for the Illuminati and their brethren to break through barriers that have been erected and land on this planet. It is but one reason that we also have many, MANY ships based here on Earth. Our underground bases located in specific deserts, mountains and waterways, can clearly see by the invading ship’s coordinates, where precisely those ships will land, even if they must detour they are tracked by us. The usual procedure for the invaders is to tunnel beneath the surface of the earth where they either have a base or will be building one. Our earth based ships monitor their movements at all times; they do not seek to provoke any engagement with these other ones until such time as it is clearly defined as to the purpose, the mission of the incoming. It is said on earth, "always keep your friends close by and your enemies closer." WE DO!

In the normal scheme of things, a type of "patch" can be attached to the spot where the dark horde has landed. This is to ensure that the slightest deviation from everyday protocols can be followed. Unless our orders are to seek and destroy those landed vessels, we keep them under strict scrutiny until they are leaving here to return to their point of origin. Then we have permission to destroy them, thus preventing them from returning yet again. Many times we as well as our contactees, have planted false data where we know they will be landing and deliberately allow them to return home without interference. Also, remember we all adhere to the Universal Laws of non-interference, non-interfacing. There are pre-destined times and places when and where the Illuminati and their contactees must play out their roles.

7–Q-So many people have been wondering why David and I are here on the earth star planet. Can you give them any insight to this query?

A-Celestial I am well aware of the difficulties you have both encountered in your quest here. This is a difficult place to be and you two and many, many others like you are here in the most difficult of times. You yourself, as you well know, insisted on being here, over the most strident objections of your father Blue Star. In part, you knew of course that once again you would be reunited with David, yet you chose to assist humanity as the greatest show on earth unfolds, one that requires all the true torch bearers, all the true teachers to BE all that they CAN be. You discovered the weak links here. The teachers whose beliefs in themselves have not been able to endure the slings and arrows of the unGodly, have given thanks to each nano moment you have spent with them; reassuring them and re-teaching them how to best fight the beast from within. You teach them how to play the beast’s game; you tell them to play the game better than the beast and to use the beast’s game against itself, thereby defeating it at and in it’s own lair. Pretty cool!

David had chosen a very rough trail for the beginning of his walk-in life here. He succumbed to much that he would not have if he had been physically, mentally and Spiritually in touch with you before 2002. David underwent a great lack of faith in David. Although this was perceived by him prior to his entering into human dross, he knew the rules, he would not be permitted to remember his upcoming earth walk challenges. His personal mission was to overcome all the gross experiences rampant on this planet. His Spiritual mission was to meet you and then begin again to evolve…with the speed of a rocket! He had to relearn to give credence to himself as mentor and guide to others. He has always been a teacher yet this was his most difficult self-appointed mission. He has learned that he will not fail himself. He has relearned "passionate detachment," he now understands why he is so often attacked by those children of a lesser god.

You are a team; you are a match! No one and no-thing shall keep you two from aligning with those great teachers who seek the congeniality and the advanced teachings that you both can provide.

8–Q-The bible speaks of a mass exodus from this planet at the time of Armageddon. What can you tell the readers about this?

A-Armageddon, Apocalypse are but mere terms describing "a cleansing." Humans who resonate to the fear factor make much of this verbiage. Humans, whose keen perceptions are such that they innately are aware that there is nothing to fear from this cleansing, tend to not give credence to the others’ beliefs. Of course then there are the extremely religious types who see Armageddon as just cause for the unjust. Unfortunately, it seems to always be the religious zealots backed by the politicians and their malicious lobbying that determines who are the "unjust." Having stated this I shall answer the question more fully. The cleansing has begun. Plain and simple! The planetary changes that are now taking place in spite of the political maneuvering and the voices of the people that are rising and stating "we have had enough, we are mad as hell and refuse to take it anymore," are but a part of the cleansing.

Why is it that so many people still do not have the understanding that the bible, all bibles and religious dogma, were written by humans? Jesus The Christ did not write them, The Divine Force did not write them. They were written by people to control and confuse people. Unfortunately it worked, that is one reason why we must be here. Never did the Sacred Ones ever state that there would be a mass exodus initiated by The Divine Force. However, there is in fact a mass exodus in motion here.

Thousands and thousands of humans are leaving this planet. Many through purely natural disasters, many by the reckless and hateful acts of violence perpetrated against them by politics and the malcontents. . Many on the Internet who call themselves "light workers" postulate that ships will descend to save the "good." That is ridiculous. We interface here with many other Star Keepers to protect the planet; to alleviate the toxins assaulting this world by chemtrails and other atrocities. We are the caretakers of our walk-ins and other evolved Souls on this planet. We can cause revisions in many of the malefactors’ plans to control this planet. We are not here to swoop down and participate in any exodus. Each Soul here in this world must follow their own chosen paths of destiny. When need be we prevent the contagion that the planet emits from tainting other planets in this Universe. Mass exodus indeed!

By the way, we do not use the term "light workers," to describe those who truly follow the path without needing to prove anything to anyone. We have called them "torch bearers." There is a difference. We now refer to them as "Light Weavers." There too is a difference.

9–Q-What purpose do you think "Star Trek" has had, if any, in awakening the people to the fact of the existence of life forms other than humans?

A-Star Trek, The Star Wars Movies and other fine epics were sent to the earthlings who "wrote" them as a prearranged means of restarting the cellular memory banks of many fine teachers and those who will become excellent teachers. This was also to "jump start" the submerged intuitive Self into REMEMBERING their walk-in missions and to offer remedial teachings to those who have had temporary Spiritual amnesia. Our records clearly indicate that this purpose is being and will continue to be accomplished.

10–Q-Do ORBS assist your ships in any fashion?

A-Yes the orbital revolving system was initiated as a means of not only assisting the human race, but they accompany many of our ships and can act as "lookouts" when needed. The amounts of intense and incandescent energies they possess are an incalculable help to us. You do know that they communicate telepathically. They can also monitor specific areas for us and can warn us well in advance of incoming and cloaked enemies.

11–Q-How can we assist in the battles against the Illuminati? Why would we?

A-The Illuminati are standing between the continued existence of humanity as well as the evolution of humans as a whole. They are the one great threat to life as you know it. They cannot assume their chosen roles as leaders of this universe and the domination of 6 other universes without the earth star planet firmly under their control. They are now at a depleted state insofar as their genetics are concerned. They need to continue to breed with selected humans while simultaneously targeting those other humans who shall function as food or drones. The gas chambers built by Hitler cannot compare to how terrible a death would be experienced by the hapless humans. Those of the Illuminati who have become mentally unbalanced, in part due to inbreeding, have been known to devour their victims while the prey was still alive. It is a slow, agonizing death, to say the least.

Ironically many descendants of the Illuminati residing on Earth, have over the last hundred years forsaken the old ways and are ashamed of their heritage. I do not speak of those who are the wealthy icons of society. It is because of this turnaround, that the depleted numbers of their forces are so eagerly attempting to solicit those wiser ones and return them to the fold. If those who truly desire to be of help to us in this horrendous battle would educate others, even if it is only one human at a time, simply ask us to lead you to those who are seeking the truth. AWARENESS is essential now, more so than ever before. Humans cannot fight against that which they are unaware of. We can arrange matters so that those you seek, you shall find and those who need you most shall find you. Truth can be a double-edged sword on this planet. Remember that. Do not expect your quest for truth to result in the world governments admitting to whom and what they pay allegiance. Yet do not feel that you are alone in this effort either. We are aware of everything you do, say and feel. There are so many of you who have the financial freedom to assist those who do not have it and yet need it in order to continue their good works. Share the wealth without expectations. That too is a little understood aspect of "freedom."

Continue to be alert for attacks upon you by the Illuminati. They too know who you are and the importance of your missions. Above all…..Maintain your faith in Creator God and The Creation; maintain your faith in your Self; KNOW that wherever you are, whatever you do, we shall be on your shoulder very much.

Salude….Commander Theda signing off

This concludes part 2.

Parts 3 & 4 shall answer these questions and subjects and more:

Arcturian planet and travel times, New Years, Poles, The Pyramids, The Bird Tribes and Angels, Dragons, Music as an encoding, Parallel Universes, Diseases, Illuminati and Natural Resources, 2012, Human Sightings, Jesus The Christ, The Anti-Christ, Solar Flares, The Moon, The Crystal City, Council of Elders, Ship Shapes, The Hollow Earth Theory.

Celestial and David