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Commander Theda

Our Interview with Commander Theda Part 1

Part one of the interview is an introduction of Commander Theda and her qualifications, Her ships location and various missions, why she is here above the planet at this time. Politicians, crew member compliments and the numbers of Space Ships above Earth, and the "Droga."


Our interview with Commander Theda

Part #1 of 5

Uncensored interview with Theda, a Commander of the
Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keepers Forces.

Theda is commander of the star fleet ships liaison for
the Pleiadian and Arcturian Flagships

This is part 1 of a 4 part session. Parts 2, 3 and 4 contain information of the present and the future of this planet. Also, issues regarding the daily routines of the Peace Keepers present here now and their galactic battles upcoming with the Illuminati.

We physically made "first contact" with Theda early in 2004, her communiqués were not unexpected. She is a unique individual who had been hovering overhead awaiting a specific linear timeline before connecting with us, as she stated, again. We have spent the time since then retaining our connection and listening to her sage advice. Theda generously consented to allowing us to interview her, knowing we would be posting it on this site. The following is the summation of part 1, the questions and answers are unedited.


Q-"Please state your title and qualifications as a Peace Keeper."

A-"I am Theda, a Commander of the Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keepers Forces, chief Officer of the Interplanetary Diversionary Project, expert on holographic projectile infusions and former explorer of ancient worlds. As a young child I was trained in the arts of stellar communication and the proper raising of hydroponic foods. I was a liaison for the exchange program of Pleiadian and Arcturian students, I studied under Ewashon, a highly placed commander of the Arcturian planet, who taught me the interfacing and laser technology necessary to pilot our ships. As a young adult I excelled in the studies of holographic projectory and the advanced courses on diversionary tactics. I was approached by a High Fleet Commander who proposed my name to the Euburian Council as a possible Administer of the Peace Keepers Forces, which had just been initiated. My name was accepted by Council and I began 14 years, in my time measurement, of intensive training."

"I will not reveal all of the training techniques solely because earth people cannot all be trusted., however, part included the exploration of ancient worlds where advanced cultures now thrive. I was accompanied at that time of training by 34 other individuals whose destines aligned with my own. We all learned many languages that we needed to learn in order to interact with more primitive life forms. To date, I now can speak, when necessary, in 134 languages. Many are earth star "lingo." I was issued my own ship 612 years ago, again in my time measurements. I was given my own fleet 124 years ago."

Q-"How many missions have you flown? How many other missions have you been involved in?"

A-"I have flown independently of other ships, 4,659 times. I have been involved in other missions where I interacted with other ships’ fleets, 12,639 times."

Q-"Have you ever been involved in any air accidents? Have you crash-landed at any time?"

A-"Yes, I have been involved in air accidents, probably a dozen times, it is part of the risk we take when we accept the honor of "Commander." Once when I was working with a scientist in a ship that I shall not name, the ship encountered a swiftly moving meteor. Although the pilot took every maneuver possible to avoid contact, a fragment of the meteor broke off and clipped the stern of the ship. All our ships are equipped with special alloy devises that immediately open and encase all movement that it detects as "living." They function much as your automobile airbags, only our devises are much better. Each one contains a sensor which has been calibrated to track any living organism that matches the data that is encoded within it’s "brain," as one of our life species. It is in this manner that all of our newest ships in ALL of our fleets can effectively prevent loss of life and/or unmanageable physical injury."

When we were hit by the meteor we were on our way back to the 13th. Moon of earth’s, to collect more soil samples. We did crash land there but you would call it "a soft landing." I have been in many ships, including my own, where near misses with space debris, thanks to your world governments, was and still are a constant occurrence. I have been one of the more fortunate ones, in that I have not been seriously injured. Also, we had always been under the surreptitious scrutiny of the dark brotherhoods and their ships of evil thoughts. I do not care to recount the numbers of times when we were suddenly attacked by this primordial form of life. It has only been this force and it’s banished cliques that have sought our destruction."

Q-"Theda, how old are you?"

A-"I am very much older than I look. I do not see this query as relevant."

Q-"Ok! Are you in the earth’s rotation system or above it?"

A-"My ship and the fleets I command now, are above the central grid which surrounds the planet earth star. However, I and my fellow commanders from other fleets, also place ourselves within the rotation system of the earth star when required to do so. The term "required" means when an obstacle, or event, or occurrence of massive proportions is about to take place on this planet, that will catapult other worlds into deep distress, then we must reset our directional finders to follow closely the events in order to be of assistance. This happens quite frequently and will accelerate over the next 2 years."

Q-"How large is your crew?" "What do they do?"

A-"The numbers of the crews change constantly. Whereas commanders must remain on ship at all times until the conclusion of the mission or missions, crews must be allowed to have "off time." There is always a contingent of engineers, scientists, health workers, interrogators etc. You see, in order to be a participant on any of our ships, all individuals must train extensively. We ALL commence trainings at very young ages. It is the way of our worlds. Only those who meet the World Law Criteria are accepted. It is for the good of all."

Q-"Have there ever been instances where a crew member has violated the codes while on board? Can they decide to travel to a place that is not on the agenda?"

A-"Absolutely not! That is forbidden and the consequences, the penalties are severe for any who would do that!" " WE have used the example of Commander Sanni Ceto since the "Roswell Incident," as to the foolhardy and dangerous problems that can and will occur, the lamentable loss of life and the barracuda type earthlings who would just be thrilled to have more Star Keepers as victims for their torture. An important part of all crew member training focuses on the significance of all ship members functioning as one unit; as a completed team. Each member knows how important he or she is to our mission. None lack the receiving of respect and honor from the commanders or from the Council."

Q-"In regards to you placement above the central grid, please tell our readers the reasons for your presence there and what you expect to accomplish."

A-"Many, many years before I joined the ranks of commandership, far back when I was a child in training, what you would call "blueprints" were shown to me and all the others. These clearly defined the acceleration of attacks by the dark horde, the Illuminati and other splinter factions from half a dozen other planets. These attacks were targeted at planet earth star. You two are well aware of all the reasons why earth is the central focus for destruction. To preserve our own freedom and all the freedoms experienced by so many other worlds, required the guardians, the humanitarians of all peace keeping races, to unite in "just cause." Celestial’s own father, Blue Star The Pleiadian, was one of the early orchestraters of this movement. This actually accomplished two purposes which we the Arcturians and Pleiadians, had for many a millennia been seeking. Not only could we willingly answer the call to arms, but it caused a massive reverberation throughout all the worlds which had been exposing those splinter factions in their own galaxies."

"By abolishing and expelling those who were the troublemakers, the totality of peace could once again reign in our worlds. It was foreseen that the ones exiled would unite with one another. And so they did. Thus were born the grays who abduct earthlings under the auspices of the Illuminati’s orders and the enlargement of the Illuminati camp, as well and the dark horde’s now increasing numbers. The diabolical races immediately proceeded to attempt to breach the central grid. Many of our ships were already in placement at the grid directly before the horde arrived. The type of ferocity of our battles is unknown on this planet. We share a "mind link" with all of our compatriots. So it is that while we wage war against the horde with our lasers, we also wage war with our joint minds. It is simple to place holographic images in front of the others we are fighting, causing great confusion and hectic scrambling. It is during their states of confusion that we strike most intensely. There exists no middle road in these fire fights, it is truly ":do or die." The grid must be protected at all costs! This we all know. We now have permanently stationed some of the finest of the galactic fleets at the grid. Our mission here is to vanquish the marauders, granting time for our descendents on earth, as well as our walk-ins and Shadow Dancers, to protect and serve the human race."

Q-Switching the subject here for a moment, do you have politicians on your planets? What is your opinion of the earth star’s politicians?"

A-"We do not have politicians per se here, there is a dichotomy present though, we do have our hierarchies and our High Councils. They have a responsibility for overseeing the welfare of the populace. They are chosen for their positions by merit. They would be answerable to the populace for misdeeds or misgoverning. We have never in our histories encountered those problems. Those who excel in military thought head the military, and so forth. All convene regularly to discuss new ventures, ideas and the enhancement of plans for the future. All thoughts are then passed on to the populace. It is in this manner considered by us to be equitable. As for the earth star’s politicians, please note I am speaking only for myself now, to be honest, except for perhaps a handful of men and women worldwide, I consider earth politicians to have flatulence of the brain."

Q-"On your air ship, are all members Pleiadian and Arcturian?"

A-"On my own ship, yes, all members are of Pleiadian and Arcturian heritage. However, I must explain the genealogy just a bit. I myself am both Pleiadian and Arcturian; many of our ancestors married with Lyrians. They were the forerunners of the Pleiadian race. On the Pleiades, there are thousands upon thousands of male and female beings who are "mixed" in this manner. Many of us refer to ourselves, for instance, as Pleiadian if that is the dominant genealogical race. Many, many others on ships may be all Pleiadian, or all Arcturian, Andromedian, Sirian and so forth. Remember, we are a consortium of Peace Keepers. We do not indulge in any "selective choosing" of crew races on ships or elsewhere. As I stated before, we LIVE equality."

Q-"At this time, do you know how many air ships are presently here to assist earth through her transformational period?"

A-"I can not give you a number, each day it changes, partly due to our ships that have been shot down by the enemy, partly due to the necessity of sending ships back to their bases and replacing them with rested crew members on new ships. I can tell you though that at the very least, there are 10 million. More than that I cannot say. We also have those who are "The Watchers." Watcher’s ships are slightly modified versions of the ones we all use. Their agenda is quite different from ours, they have no need of armament or weaponry. They are record keepers as well. Watchers relay messages and teleport members of their crews who are the couriers, to home bases so that all information regarding the current situations on the earth star, above and below the grid and our own circumstances are recorded. Watchers’ information dictates how many more, or less, ships will be sent by dispatch to our location. They also telepath all this data to their own home planets so that the teachers there can continually upgrade their children’s education. This is very important. The records which they guard contain all history of each and every planet and it’s habitats, This is how our children learn what NOT to do."

Q-"Please tell our readers about the Droga."

A-"The Droga are an ancient race of highly evolved beings as you both know. They are very short in stature, perhaps 3 to 3 1/2 feet tall. Their coloring is quite nondescript. Droga are quite chubby but not overweight. Some are a brownish color, while others are a charcoal gray. They have very high foreheads, small dark eyes that are deep-set and regardless of their age, have very lined foreheads. Our records indicate that they were here as a life species before our people kept any records, so that was very, very long ago. They are a very quiet race; no one has ever heard them laugh or seen them smile, they are extremely serious. They have been said to be the Creators of telepathy. Most of them live for about 25,000 years"

"They first visited the planet earth star hundreds of years ago, where they left behind a type of satellite stone which was and still is capable of broadcasting a beacon denoting the status of the earth’s stability. They call this "The Droga Stone." The Droga still visit earthlings and walk-ins, providing succor for their descendents. This planet is highly populated with Droga genealogy. We all call them "The Wise Ones." This is because the decisions they make in council meetings are always extraordinary, always possess incredible insight. We have never known them to be wrong. When an earthling or a walk-in has conscious memory of being visited by the Droga, they should know that this is a very high honor. The Droga wage war by Creating peace. That is all I am permitted to say about the Droga."

Continued in part 2.


Flying the not so Friendly Skies

~Commander Theda~

"Flying the not so Friendly Skies"

Theda, a Commander of the
Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keepers Forces.

Greeting to all my Earthly cousins; it has been a long time since I spoke with all of you. As usual we who fly the sometimes friendly skies above you are extremely busy especially in today’s ill-tempered social and political environment, so I shall be brief this day. Despite what the politicians and other of their kind have been told by their "insider sources" the counterproductive ways of this world are coming to an end. There is no other way it could be. The people of this world have been sold a bill of goods that can thankfully no longer be sustained. Everything corrupt, immoral and self-serving is being plucked from the hands of the darkest people who are the ones that still seek to maintain an unsustainable, archaic, defunct way of life here. Be of good cheer, whether you know it or not, all of this bears greatly on why you are all here.

Far too many people still lie in the beds of the shadow forces. It is difficult finding a balance between what is right and what is the lesser of the not so right policies that have been put into place to govern your world’s populaces. We can see that many facets of your practical world are on the brink of great changes, while others still are lost in the illusion once referred to as time. Perhaps in the days ahead when we are finally able to enter into your airspace uncloaked and with the willing participation of the peoples of this world then we too may find the means to help you to augment and define your true selves. Until that day arrives we will have to settle with communicating with those who are receptive to our telepathic messages. As always we will continue to reinforce our ground forces with usable Intelligence that will assist them in better understanding where they could best focus their attentions. I give all of them a big round of applause, their Lights do not dim, they do not falter, they remain steadfast in their determination to be… to do what is most needed in these times of great change.

Ok let us get down to the nitty-gritty here and see if we can enlighten you to events that you are not able to see but that are really unfolding. Our scout ships as well as our ground troops are indeed quite busy monitoring this world’s health. I guess you could say we are forever checking her temperature. There is so much going on below the surface of this world that very few people here are aware of. To start with: there are intense buildups of electromagnetic pressures. As the pressure builds there must be a place for it to be released. This is where your so-called natural disasters come into play. No, it is far from being over, in many cases it has just begun. So we implore the people of this world to prepare themselves the best way they can. As your increased procession into natural gas exploration continues, the numerous vacant pockets below the surface are being forced to alter and shift. In effect, many are collapsing inward on themselves. This is when you will feel the Earth move beneath your feet, no pun intended. As long as you allow these invasive procedures to happen you will be contributing to the sometimes not so pleasant realignment of this world’s continental shelves. This, our dear brothers and sisters, will cause many of your worst fears to come to pass.

In every aspect of life there must be balance. It starts with the smallest, most minute of particles and builds in momentum as the minute joins forces with the monumental, which you have come to know as "physical matter." You do the math, how long can anyone believe that by removing something from an object without replacing it with a same or complementary substance, can it maintain its original form? I see some eyes opening up, this is a good thing. You may feel that you alone can not make a difference in the greater scheme of life. I beg to differ with you. There is so much that one single Soul can do alter the trajectory of destiny. All that is needed is the desire and the intent to make it happen.

You are in a time of instant manifestation, utilize this for the best. You are never alone in your endeavors; there is always a bevy of beings who are here to back you up, though you may not see them. If we were all to appear in our natural forms and announce our presence there would be chaos in the streets, the likes you have yet to witness. Some may refer to it as the coming age of the worst times your bibles speak of. So we do what we do from behind a cloak or veil, with the intent of shielding you and hopefully stopping you from manifesting your greatest fears. No one can predict the outcome of events down to finest detail; we do however try to get it close. As much as we see, as often as we hear your prayers and pleas for us to enter into your atmosphere and make everything all right we can not do so at this time. There is still too much instability in the hearts and minds of all, including those who tout themselves as being Light workers.

Light workers are a wonderful group of people, although many greatly misunderstand what being a Light worker means. There are those who perform their tasks with ease and pleasure and due diligence. They never falter; they understand that there is still so much left undone. Then there are those who openly proclaim their allegiance to the network of Light workers and then run in fear every time some prophesized event fails to happen, or a cataclysm shakes their personal worlds. Earthizens misinterpret too much from what they see in the news. Have you not yet learned that most of your Medias are still under the dark agendas’ control, even though most of their leaders have scurried off to other worlds? As God’s beloved NESARA Child and the Golden Child of the Golden Now continue their Merkaba dance around and through this world, the last vestiges of secreted holdouts on this world will be forced to relinquish their desperate grasp. This will happen eventually, in many cases much sooner than any of you yet realize. What few seem to realize is that when the final release occurs there will be a void left behind with nothing to fill it. This is where you come in. Start now by first manifesting and then infusing the areas of this world you think need help the most. Infuse them with the Light of All Lights. The Christ Consciousness will be here to assist you. As natural events unfold keep your wits about you, if not you may be drawn in by the vacuum that ensues. Expect the unexpected, events are going to accelerate, be prepared by being aware.

The question that is on David’s mind, although he already knows the answer is, are there as many ships present in our fleets here as there were before so many of Legion’s followers decided to exercise their exits from this world? Our forces have not decreased in numbers, if anything they have increased as the tempo of this world has accelerated. We are more needed now then ever to maintain a vigilant eye over those who while incarnate, are not as strong here in the physical world as they are when they are off planet. We maintain a constant monitoring of all our ground forces and all our walk-in brothers and sisters. And now with so many of our human relations awakening they too are in need of additional assistance from all of us. David you know of what I speak. By day you are scribing God’s messages for the new book you are working on and by night you and your beloved, my Sister… Celestial, are ever on the move in the realms apart from the physical one you experience by day. Tell me, do you see an increase in the numbers of ships overhead? David replies… it is a situation that is hard to describe to people considering most people do not know what to look for. There is an ever-present contingent of ships pretty much daily in the skies overhead. It does not matter where we go, they are always there. And I am not vain enough to think they are all there just for us, so I must conclude they must be everywhere all over this world. Hardly has a day gone by when we are relaxing at night with a movie that I do not see an airship that was filmed in the skies overhead. It does not matter if the movie is a new one or one that was shot twenty or thirty years ago. They are there; you just need to know where to look.

Theda… thank you David, I rest my case.

Now let us move on to some small details that many of you are still overlooking. We monitor your air and water qualities, in fact we monitor everything. You bodies need to maintain balance as the cells continue to absorb more Light particles. The physical vehicle, although very adept at healing itself, can not do it all by itself. You must be ever mindful of what you eat and where the water comes from that you are drinking. There are many microbes that have recently been introduced that are harmful and in some cases, deadly. Take care of yourself; do not trust ALL your medical personnel in any fields of expertise, to have your best interests at heart. They are as distracted by the turmoil in this world’s political, social and economic environments as all of you are. So I suggest you to question their diagnosis, force them to maintain focus and do not allow them to shuttle you about as if you were chattel and not a person. Much of what you are experiencing is natural. Aches and pains are a way of letting you know that your bodies are changing. They are also a good barometer to let you know when something has altered in the continuum. Give your bodies what they need, they will tell you what it is. They know better than do you. Everyone’s bodies of oxygen levels are deficient at this time. Find ways to supplement them, use liquid oxygen and electrolytes as needed. Celest and David do.

I recognize that many wait with bated breath of anticipation much like a damsel in distress, for my comrades and shipmates to whisk in and free the people of this world from the torment and turmoil they are undergoing. I ask you to remember that we are under the auspices of Universal Law and we can not, as much as we and you may wish that we could. We know that many of you have issued the invitation for us to enter into your realm. However, the numbers of you are still too few for us to show ourselves more than we already are, would most likely do little except instill fear in the hearts of the unenlightened. We ask you to be aware of all the good Souls that have entered into this world for the distinct purpose of educating those who are willing to hear of a different reality that is close at hand. Many of our foot soldiers, or ground forces if you prefer, work silently in the background putting an end to some of the now disenfranchised ones who try to covertly obstruct our efforts. Send your prayers of love and thankfulness to our forces for all that they are doing on your behalf. It is not easy for them to be amongst those they love and know all so well who the people are who trapped in the maze of mirrors of their mind. Time after time we all have tried to break the cycle of repetitiveness that so deviously lays waste to populations that desire the right change for the right reason. There are still people who are in need of help in order to change the patterns of their otherwise uneventful lives. The guard is always changing; the Spirit Guides and teachers are rotating in and out of the lives of the people who are reaching heightened levels of consciousness.

We can, I can, assure you that everything that is permissible is being done to spare you all at this tine from the worst that is to come. This will be of little consolation for those who see only in black and white. For them, the times that are now upon them will wreak havoc in their minds. This is where the stouthearted people who are faithful to the one true God of this Universe will shine on through the difficulties of these long awaited days. Be true to yourself, see how far you have come and do not become complacent and begin feeling as if there is nothing else for you to do. You are needed more now than you were at another time in Earth’s long, albeit not so illustrious past. The front lines will be replenished as the unprepared are unable to go on and they will continue to fall. Treat them with respect, honor their dedication to service and always remember, we are watching, we are counting people and making mental notes on who we may contact for assistance as the need arises. There is always room for more on the front lines. If you feel you are ready to accept some responsibilities above and beyond those that you are currently undertaking we encourage you to reach out to us for guidance. We would prefer to be working productively with each of you in ventures that are seldom sought after on this world. If not, the people of this world will suffer needlessly if those in the know fail to do their parts. This is unacceptable and very much the reason the reception rooms of Nirvana are presently being inundated with vast numbers of incoming Souls. We saw this coming and we are prepared. We suggest you continue to fortify your Spiritual Self, you will need every ounce of Spiritual strength you can muster in the days ahead if you are to exceed your expectations of yourself.

I truly do wish you could see from our vantage point the despair that exists everywhere. There are so many aspects of human life that must alter; there is so much you can not see from your somewhat limited vantage point. The planet herself is healing from within yet there is still so much left to do. Over the next few months, even well into next year and beyond, the topical terrain of this world will continue to alter, to shake and roll. Be prepared. Do not count on others to help you to see this through. Be helpful to others; however I caution you, do not share with others your preparedness status, and only share this information with those that you trust. The gang mentality, anarchy and acts of desperation are about to accelerate to an unprecedented level. Tread softly and keep your cloaks in place when need be. This is no time to be flaunting yourself and it is not now and never is a good time to become a martyr to your own cause. From this Frequent Flyer to all of you, until next time I bid you farewell.

Commander Theda /

Received by David

Session #8 The Antichrist


~Commander Theda~

Session #8
"The Antichrist"

Theda, a Commander of the
Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keepers Forces.

There exists on this planet just as much misunderstanding and lies concerning the one known as "The Anti-Christ," as does the hypocrisy and myths concerning Sananda HimSelf. Long ago, when the timelines of the Creator and the Creation merged to formulate and thus design the emergence of the soon-to-be Earth Star planet, They wisely decreed that the ones that would be called "Human" which in its purest sense means "half-God, half man" would also of necessity bear witness to the descent of the Illuminati brethren to this schoolhouse planet. In so doing, the human races would be forced to learn or relearn anew, all that they had chosen "to forget" of God, of their previous existences on other planets and of the true deleterious forces that had once before impeded their Soul growth.

Since all races here were at one time living/birthed on other planets, the design of allowing God to project HimSelf through each human being, also meant that in order for this new life force species to survive and flourish, they would be forced to study the ancient ways of listening to Ancient Voices. To have calibrated simple ways and means for humans to bypass the educational process would have rightly defeated the intention of God and the Prime Directive of The Creator and the Creation. How could God’s request to experience all manner of life and life experiences through all the inhabitants of this planned planet, coalesce and thus form a concentric matrix of the ultimate Spiritual Forces of The Law of One, without the necessary battles with the Illuminati being fought and ultimately won?

When The Creator and the Creation gave life force to God, He was instantly imbued with all manner of the ultimate in Creativity. He steadfastly and most determinedly, sought out our sister planets in this universe and enjoyed the heightened sensations of being as ONE with all of these other Creations. It was then that He enjoined the Creator to allow Him to not only send His Own Sons and Daughters from the sister planets to the "new" planet during the early stages of the planet’s life, but to assist in His selection of His other children who were to act as His emissaries. It was not that God was forbidden to extract and transplant others to this or another planet, it was that all the Highest of the Creation Forms do function in tandem with "new" methods of realigning and restructing life forms. In this way They synchronistically not merely enhance Their Own Life Force, They expand THEMSELVES into even Greater monolithic designs.

You have been told before by myself, Blue Star and many others, that all life is predicated upon the formations and expansion of all geometric shapes. This matter then is no different! So it came to pass that the God of our own universe and your universe as well, proceeded to give service to this planet while simultaneously embellishing HimSelf with all manners and characteristics of the diverse human races. Each race was to exemplify the purest characteristics of God while evolving as individuals Souls born of the Creator and of God. Each race enhanced by the physical presence albeit a tempoarary one, of God’s other children, possessed some of the physical characteristics of their own home planets. Vague differences at the time were primarily of skin tones and textures, hair coloration etc. The mental status of each incoming Soul belonged to that Soul alone, yet many humans shared a commonality of thought patterns. Still do too.

It was well known that those "fallen angels" who had not yet altered their life paths to realign with the Creation yet again, would dispense all manner of hellishness here as they have on other spheres. The magnetic force that accompanies each aspect of the Divine, which attracts other such particles, also exists in the baser life forces in a far less than Divine fashion. Although the pitch, the frequency, is not the modulated tone of the Divine, the vibrations themselves interact with only those of same vibration. So it is as you say here, "like goes to like." No, the fallen angels’ syndrome, did not occur only on this planet, I shall be very clear about this. The great and most often, desperate need of the dark horde to engage in "Spiritbalism," our term for a different type of "cannibalism," is relentless in its fury and at times, their voracious appetites defy description.

The survival code by which they exist, demands that they continually feed off the Spiritual Ones wherever and however they can. This does not necessarily mean that they wait for one to evolve Spiritually before they attack. It means that the sooner they "devour and conquer," the less formidable are those who would have been there to oppose them. Their takeovers are easy. FEAR is part of their god. "Defame, debase, ridicule and despise those who are the true believers of God and All of the Creation Aspects," is a programmed response which they follow. Their only great fear is LIGHT in its most incandescent form. They cannot exist in the Light of All Lights, therefore they must destroy in order to live.

Tell me earth cousins, if the way here, the paths, the insights, the knowledge and the path of each personal destination, had been clearly marked with nothing hidden from you, what would you have learned here? What would be your motivation to succeed in this lifetime? What great Soul ambition would you have? Here in this harsh and at times unforgiving land, you are pushed and pushed hard to not merely survive at times, but to face your own personal demons and hopefully, to banish them adfinitum. You learn to develop a fervor to be all that you can be, but to do so for the right reasons. Yet many of you wonder why the Divine would permit evil, not only the evilness of the Illuminati but the evil that many humans do as well.

You have been told this before but I reiterate, evil serves a purpose. It challenges you and causes you to LEARN to understand all that you have thought was "unexplainable," it challenges you to do all that you can, whenever and WHEREVER you can, to eradicate the dark night of the Soul and live as an ILLUMINATED human in your own right. Yes you are participants in the ancient battle for either the freedom of each Soul not only here but everywhere, or the final dominion of all Souls to be kept in a bondage of pure hell. This is why I am painstakingly walking you through "the mysteries" of a universe that needs to be understood by all.

The dark hordes and the entire Illuminati clan constantly pay homage to the most devious and evil beings amongst them. They count coup on this earth star planet wherever they are able to. They befoul the ascension process wherever they can. They see the principality of the domain of the Creator and the Creation and of the God in our universe, as the greatest challenge for themselves. To overthrow this domain they have realized, can be brought about by the final demise of this planet and the taking and devouring of the human races. Long ago, during the times that the plans were finalized for civilizations to be "born" on this planet, The Illuminati and their sycophants devised a plan to attempt to confuse a human race, a race that was intended to exemplify God.

They reasoned that because humankind would know sooner or later of God’s existence and the coming of the long prophesied Jesus The Christ, they needed a symbol of who and what they themselves were. BUT, it was to be a covert, hidden symbol. One that could be discussed among themselves but must not be taught to the human race, unless it was the humans they would undoubtedly absorb. So, a term that was meant to strike fear and discord into the hearts and Spirits of humankind was created. It is The Anti-Christ.

Actually we see the term as most accurate, even in its despicableness. Throughout the earlier millennia this term was spoken about in hushed whispers, many feared that to say the name aloud would beckon the one they called, "the evil one." Superstitions are themselves created images, created thought forms of the Illuminati, so to further the superstitious natures of humanity, many stories were told of the "the evil eye," curses and "wicked witches," to name but a few of the implanted thought forms. The Illuminati did succeed with this part of their dark drama. Even yet today, pragmatic and even intellectual peoples still believe in those things. Ask any witch doctor! It is good for business.

As the times passed "The Great Lie" promulgated by the dark hordes controlling the ancient priests and priestess who kowtowed to their ruling governments, created a fabrication that has been faithfully passed on to every culture that has ever been here. The falsification of a crucifixion of Jesus The Christ.This lie was determined by the Illuminati to be one that would forever cause massive fear and awe in the human minds and hearts. To consistently force their priests and priestesses to foist this lie upon humankind was perceived as a long term continuance of humans’ magnificent obsession with all fears, all delusions. It became an open channel of discontent and disillusion with all civilizations here; those who believed in this dreadful untruth, doubted whether a loving God the Father would come to their own aid, if He had permitted His Son Jesus to experience such an agonizing death.

The stories and myths doubled with each telling of the lie. It required no "time" for humanity to believe the absurd and dangerous rhetoric because priests, ministers, bishops, popes, confirmed this as "gospel." All of my ancestors and my own generations as well, have borne witness to the culminated effort of the organized religions and the fanatics as well, who have done all they can do to further usurp the Spiritual freedom of the human races. Wars are fought in "God’s Name," simply because no one here would engage in battle if the truth were ultimately declared, that wars are fought in the "name of the Anti-Christ." Jesu’ did what all-multidimensional Beings do. He implanted an Essence of HimSelf through the embodied impression of His Life Experiences, being forever as part of the earth star planet.

Sananda is One yet He is Many. Each who bears His Mark is a sum part of the Greater Whole. Sananda does not need a figurehead here or elsewhere, to portray His Truths and Existence. The Anti-Christ on the other hand does. This being is not one yet he is many. On the advice from my Council I am to now reveal to you the true existence of The Beast. Each thought form created by the original Illuminati clans, was of course matter, energetic levels of molecules of a quantized series of states containing gross "material" of condensed dark, lower vibrational matter. All matter reacts to light rays, the more gross the density of the matter, the less the infusion of light can impact on the matter. The more intense the "jelling" effect of the vibration, the less the light of any illuminatory quality has any penetration ability.

It means that as each thought form is birthed by the dark ones, it immediately seeks its own heat source, in this case, the jelling mass of the same quantum cause and effect vibration and frequency. Think of an ink blob on a piece of paper. The more you add minute drops of ink to the already created blob, the larger, more expansive it becomes. All thought forms reside in depositories. The dark has the dark and the Light has the Light. The depositories must be continually replenished in order for them to expand, to grow in stature and in degree. The Illuminati use their reserve as a horde, one to be unleashed whenever they deem necessary or in many cases, just for the hell of it. It was with the early creation of this matter that the Anti-Christ was born.

A perversion of truth that was seen to be an embellishment of fear issues which could be of use to continue to control the human Spirit, was to convince humanity that a great battle between 2 Beings would occur when the Anti-Christ freely roamed the earth star planet. Humans did not perceive that the antichrist is in actuality a mass of dark energy unleashed by the Illuminati, but kept alive by the human race itself. The Anti-Christ and the Illuminati are dependent on one another. There is no one being that is the true Anti-Christ. It is a composite of like energies and same fear induced issues that are intended to plague humankind. It is NOT a single man or woman. Yet a figurehead is used from time to time to coincide with actual Illuminati created events. To date there have been3 figureheads on the earth star planet. The battle between the Anti-Christ and Sananda and the rest of The Forces of the Illuminated Ones, is the fight of dark versus light. Of good versus evil.

Fears and deceitful rhetoric continuously inflamed by organized religions, would have you believe that you must believe in a wrathful God and follow the dictates of the churches in order to be saved from the Anti-Christ. This is the planetary deep do-do of all time! No truth lies in those LIES. The entire configuration of what I have been speaking to you of that defines the "non-physical" existence of the Anti-Christ, does have a vulnerability that the Illuminate do not want you to know about. So…I shall tell you. This jelloish blob has a heart, that which is the matrix of the Anti-Christ. It exists in the exact center of the matter and pulsates much the way a human heart does. The matrix cannot survive without the outer part that encases this heart. Yet it is that outer encasement that is a conglomerate of evil thoughts and deeds.

As each thought and deed are carried out first by the Illuminati cohorts, secondly by humans, the matrix becomes stronger as it feeds off the encasement, much the way an intravenous procedure is carried out. The heart can be weakened as the encasement, much like tentacles that attach themselves to worrisome humans, are severed when an individual or a Soul Cluster of humans have altered the mind-thought and course of mental, emotional and Spiritual life. When enough pressure has been exerted upon the tentacles through severance of fears and fear based realities, the heart of the Anti-Christ shall cease to beat. At one time, many eons ago, the matrix of the beast was supremely strong and considered by many to be unstoppable. This has changed as humanity itself has been slowly but steadfastly persevering in their personal and Spiritual quest for truth.

In an ironic twist, the current American administration and its unholy allies, have contributed considerably to the now diminishing power of the Illuminati, therefore of the Anti-Christ. As governmental and religious leaders have been exposed for what they truly are, palpitations of the matrix are increasing. Humankind is now facing a gigantic mirror. It reflects to them their utter foolishness in not having stopped this administration and the religious sects, long before they became a powerhouse and stronghold of the Illuminati. People do not like what they now see. In a sense, humanity has had to "bottom out" and fall lower than they ever have before, it may not be a pretty sight but humankind did create it. Now humanity as a whole is scrabbling madly uphill to find a toehold that they can rest momentarily on, while assimilating all that they are learning of the truths of their governments and religions and their blood relationship with the Illuminati.

As this linear year winds down rapidly to a close, many of your voices now united in the cry for true freedom shall be heard. You are now doing what you should have done before. By successfully abolishing the political and religions figures of distortions and outright lies, you are striking at the heart of the Anti-Christ. As the Illuminati continue to attack more ferociously than ever before in their mad scramble for a final submissive surrender of the human race, they have been warned by the "matrix," that failure on their parts will result in the final great conclusion of the life forces of the Anti-Christ. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to continue facing and fighting the beast through acknowledgment of the true realities occurring here and your refusal to be the pawns of the dark agencies. Each truth you accept shall make you strong. Each one you teach of the truths shall make you all stronger. In the end, it will be fine. If you do not choose to accept the mission then all I can say to you is…mea culpa, mea culpa, the die is cast.

Salude….Commander Theda signing off

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Session #7 Jesus The Christ


~Commander Theda~

Session #8

“Jesus The Christ”

Theda, a Commander of the
Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keepers Forces.

There has always been much dis-information on the Earth star planet about this Special Being. In many ways we find it inconceivable that for millennia our own earth cousins have failed to understand the actualization of Jesus as A Son of God. Yet in other ways, we do understand that humans have fallen prey to a type of “conditioned response or reflex,” brought about by the controlling factions on this planet. Those who are determined to bastardize the truth at all costs. The irony that is so self-evident to us, is that millions of humans once long, long ago not merely interacted with Him when He walked-in the form of a human being, but were privy to so many of His Sacred Messages.

The process of reincarnation does also mean that an individual Soul shall only be permitted to “remember or recall” a remnant at best, of their previous reincarnational lives. Yet what is so little understood here, is that there are catalysts throughout an individual’s life, that CAN assist in not merely vague remembrances of those you have walked with before, but also function as “direction signals,” to “reboot” your cellular memory banks. Those on this planet that do however have the awareness, sometimes also dim remembrances of those “before” times, empathetically and sentiently share a type of consciousness that even the Spirit of Reincarnation does not eradicate.

You see, so many of those who are among you in the present “now” times, made a declaration so very long ago to Sananda. He who was still known then as Jesus The Christ, that they would indeed return and do their utmost to REMEMBER His Teachings, as the long awaited Second Coming commenced. And so it is. Those who so steadfastly committed themselves to this personal and planetary Sacred Endeavor have been living and dying throughout the centuries in their quest to share Greater Truths. It has long been held that history here must always be “update and modified” in order for lies and myths to be abolished.

It was in this way that those reincarnated Souls possessed full knowledge of the truth of the Second Coming, which many of us call “The Enlightened Age of Spirituality.” Throughout the centuries it was bethought to be a physical presence rather than the Supreme Consciousness that it really is. Only by the repetitive process of their own rebirths here, could they countermand the inane and absurd lies foisted upon the human race regarding Jesus and the rebirth of His nonphysical Self. “History” here is written in plenitude each day. Yet it is NOT by the earth star historians. Were it not for the true disciples of Jesus The Christ, His Name would have lived in infamy here, rather than in truth. As Blue Star the Pleiadian has stated many times before, “Jesu walked in human form, yet He was a walk-in.” He never had any mission here that included the founding of any religions or any secular activities embracing any idolatrous worship of Him or God His Father.

Jesu when walking this planet chose to not only be a representative of the Spiritual Hierarchy, but to BE the definitive example of the inherent goodness and truth that all of humankind should exemplify. He well knew before His Emergence here, of the trials and tribulations that existed here in those times, just as they do now. The Being later known as Jesus was on a personal mission as well as a planetary and interplanetary one. He was not “perfect” yet He too had been “birthed into perfection.” Third-dimensional realities are gross matter in many ways, this causes them to become a heavy and tiresome burden for all who have ever lived or visited the planet. Jesus was no exception; He was not exempt from the discord and distortions that color the earth races. Jesus had to learn to control His impatience, His temper, and His dissatisfaction with the slovenly indulgences the multitudes indulged in. He also had to experience “passionate detachment” and allow the many to fall in order for Him to help the few.

Although Jesus has at many times worn many guises when here, it was when He had the countenance of Jesus Christ that this Christed Being faced His own greatest challenges. It is one thing to observe from afar the madness of these human races, it is another to be in the middle of them. The testing that He chose to undergo prior to His Descent here was at times close to unbearable…even for Him. That is why when I say to you some things are never a question of faith but rather of endurance, I speak of the necessity of remaining strong within yourselves. Faith may move mountains but it is ultimately the individual Soul; who Creates the mountain. It was as Jesus moved through physical life that He once again relearned the importance of walking and living as a human being, without any safety net.

Yes of course he engaged in Sacred Communion with the Spirit of all the truly Holy Ones. He many times needed that time to re-energize and refurbish His own Spirit of Self. He had to walk as a human. That meant that unequivocally He had to attempt to not engage in the foibles of the human race. He accomplished maintaining compassion by keeping in the forefront of his Spirit, the reason for His journey here. He was to be the preceptor for Himself. He was to continually engage and whenever possible, HUMANLY subdue the Illuminati brethren by combating lies with His Truths. All that He did in those years was preparatory to setting the stage for the NOW PRESENT TIME.

Often His life had a surreal quality to it, often too He thought of the tremendous sacrifices that so many men and women would endure in order to maintain the Spirit of Oneness. It was to be the harbinger of the Age of Spirituality that is now in emergence here. On a personal level, to attain the new Mantle that was awaiting Him in “His Future,” He had to participate in the worst of times on the earth star planet, while doing all that He could to change only what was permissible to change. Yes we all do know that He succeeded both planetary, interplanetary and personally. The Mantle of Sananda was bestowed upon Him on His return HOME.

He was here to further the cause and effect of Spirituality, to proclaim to one and all, that dominion over humankind by any force was neither of God nor of The Universal Laws Created by the Creator and the Creation. The religious fervors of those long ago times, were induced by manmade and Illuminati governed plots to overthrow this planet and to establish a certain frequency and vibration, that would cause humans to obey the dark hordes. The religions themselves were the totality of the forerunners of the early sorcerers and dark magicians. There was not one of the “religious movements” that was not based on fear and physical pain and hellfire damnation. Humankind learned early on to show supreme acquiescence; to cater to the religious leaders or pay a high price in dismemberment, confiscation of their belongings and eventually, slow death.

Jesus The Christ’s Presence was held in great fear by the rulers of all lands; the unilluminated ones sought to break the Spirit of His Teachings. This they have not been able to do. They bent them many times, but those who followed Him in those early times were always back here again, to pick up the thread that had become tattered and YET AGAIN, march forward strong in truth and Spirit. Never, did Jesu’ say or do anything that would give cause for humankind to think or believe that He did not have all their best interests IN heart. It is the awareness and the “knowing” of things to be, acceptance that so much needs and needed to occur in the pasts, that can be a difficult cross to bear. The “past” Creates the “present” and the “present” Creates the “future.”

If your own understanding is present here, then you can see that all that befell the human races since the Creation of humankind has been an engagement of good versus evil; of truth versus lies, of religion versus Spirituality. Humankind is meant to evolve and succeed not only as a life form species, but as individual Souls integrating with individual and Soul Cluster destinies. This is why you are here. You are also to celebrate The Second Coming, while understanding what it really is and is not. Sananda true to His Word, is still busily assisting the human race from afar, yet quite near at the same time. Perhaps, just perhaps, what I have said here today of what I know to be the facts of these matters, will help you to help yourselves so that in turn, you can help others as well.

Salude…Commander Theda signing off

Commander Theda –


Session #6 God and I


~Commander Theda~

Session #6

“God and I”

Theda, a Commander of the
Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keepers Forces.

We are well aware of the human propensity for questioning the reason for their existences, as well as their wondering if there is in fact a force outside of themselves that has in any manner contributed to the creation of themselves. Our Earth Star cousins are not so much naïve, as they are ignorant of the reality of the Prime Creator and the reality of God. On our home planets, we are from the very moment of conception consciously aware of the Divine Force. Those of us who inhabit worlds that use the conception process for propagation are fortunate to carry those vivid memories with total recall as we enter the world as babes and later enter the adult world.

Those Star Keepers whose home planets are those where propagation is achieved through other means, still have the same total recall as do we. When my cousin Celestial asked me to explain to you my personal relationship with God, I had to stop and ponder the situation. It is difficult at best to explain something that is so natural, so normal. How do you explain inhaling and exhaling? Do you count your breaths to ensure that you are breathing enough? Do you have a regimen to follow that maintains the steady breathing process even while you sleep? Of course not.

I have however reached far back into my memory banks and viewed the images there that depicted the Divine Gestalt from the first moment of my first breath. The first awareness of myself was the incredible white light, similar to a gigantic starburst or supernova, which was in front of my closed eyes. The warmth that emanated from this glorious illumination was felt by me throughout every fiber of my body. I was aware of a certain cadence of tonal effects that permeated this light. The depth of peace surrounded me, yet I was shown images of a life yet to be for me. Of course when The Divine Force “speaks” it is a mind thought link; here on your planet it is called “telepathy.” I was told that when I emerged into the world I would be known as “the gifted one.”

Many of us have different specialties, unique abilities that we must hone well in order to of service to others. My attributes are so varied, so “ancient” that it was decided that the use of that phrase would further my self-determination, my motivation to be all that I could be for the good of all. We learn at home, to live up to our names, never down to them. The Divine Force is present at the emergence of each new life form. This happens on the earth star planet as well, it is just that the babe cannot maintain conscious recall because of the conditioning that occurs here. I entered into the world encased in love and in light. Yet on some instinctual, survival level, I was aware that the peace that our race of Star Keepers had struggled for centuries to possess and then maintain, was a peace that we as the new generations, would have to protect. We would be called upon to fight when necessary and die if needed.

Throughout all of my growing up years, I have called upon the GodHead when I have sought answers to situations that did not make any logical sense to me. More often than not, He would already be speaking to me about events to transpire before I had the opportunity to ask. When our human cousins turn to their best friend for assistance or advice, we turn to God. We do not throw ourselves down on our knees and pray to Him, nor do we subject our bodies to torturous yoga positions to “meditate” and seek answers. You see, we KNOW that God and The Creator are very much in existence and that their love and guidance envelops us at all times. How can we doubt what we already know? We cannot. It is not necessary for Him to perform “miracles” to convince us of an established fact. We need no proof. We KNOW.

I shall make an attempt to explain to you something that really should not need to be explained. However, I am taking into consideration the human primitive mind thought. The Divine Force of the Creator, The Creation and God exist as separate entities yet they are as One. Every mote of dust carries the imprint of the Creator God, of the Creation and of God. Using our science of schematic geometry, this Force forms a Sacred Pyramid. This pyramid is an entity which supersedes all other life forms with the notable exception of The Creation. The Creation is a process of manifesting that which the Creator God chooses. The triangle is non-tangible, yet They can be seen, felt and tangible when He/They choose to be. The triangle is androgynous; the triangle is everywhere at once. So, the triangle is in all universes, raising vibrations and altering frequencies, promoting the life force of all incoming life and defeating the dark legions through us, knowledge and love.

God is the totality of wisdom and honor. God is the all-seeing compilation of the Sacred alignment of the Creative Forces. God exists through us and for us; we exist for God. We are God as well, as are you. If you wonder how we “see” God, maybe you should reconsider how YOU see Him. We see His Brilliance everywhere we go; He lives within our community type family lifestyles; He speaks when spoken to and speaks when we need Him to. At times we clearly hear Him speaking in the wind, His “voice” is a harmonic melody that immediately invokes images and grand prisms of color. His is a language of Infinity. His touch is a gentle but comforting one that causes an acceleration of the electromagnetic currents that function within our bodies. Your jaundiced and deliberately mislead belief systems promulgate His “judgement day.” This is a deliberate and malicious lie! You may believe that truth is relative to the believer; I do not. What is true is that there are infinite realities that exist within realities.

However, what you see is not always what you get. The existence of “free expression” on this planet you are temporarily visiting allows you to experience the reality you create for yourself. It is part of your remedial training, your remedial education….until you get it right. Since you refuse to see God here, there is but one option left. It will not be until you leave this unhallowed place to return to Nirvana, some for but a short stay, that you will see that beyond this place down here, beyond the space, time continuum, there is but one reality. The BIG one. That will be a real ball buster experience for many of you. There you shall see God. You will also see yourself.

Salude….. Commander Theda signing off

Commander Theda –



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