Our Interview with Commander Theda Part 3

Part three covers the following topics:
Tells the readers about the planet "Arcturus." The truth about New Years Eve and the Rainbow Warriors. Earths north and south poles. Pyramids. Who are the Bird Tribes and the truth about Angels. Diseases in the human body, who is responsible for them and why they occur.


Our interview with Commander Theda

Part #3 of 5

Uncensored interview with Theda, a Commander of the
Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keepers Forces.

Q-" What can you tell the readers about the planet "Arcturus?"

A-" When the Divine Force of Creation set about to form spheres of habitation for other expressions of HimSelf, He centrally located some of them as part of the Divinity of Integration. "Centrally," means they were fashioned to align to a specific coordinate point, so that each sphere would receive reflective energies from others that would be on the same vibrational energy wave. This was presumed by the Council of Elders to meet the most prolific guidelines for not merely birthing life forms on planets, but to also allow each one to exchange advanced forms of technological information without any hostile intrusions. I was not the same being that I am now at that time, I was what today is known as an "orb." Within the Akashic Records though is the compilation of the early Creative Forces.

These records are quite thorough in their "dictated form." Each planet was to allow the most serene atmospheric conditions; each of the first 6 was to function as "outerplanetary" way stations for space travelers and evolved teachers. It was clearly understood that the atmospheric conditions would reflect the emotions and mind thoughts of its inhabitants. Arcturus was one of the spheres designated as a teaching planet. This also included the further research of the space harmonics. Some of the greatest teachers and some Avatars whose place of origin is Arcturus now have converged on the earth star planet. Arcturian’s possess great integrity and stupendous energy for correcting mistruths and misbeliefs that are so prevalent in this world.

Arcturian men and women are humanoid in appearance…for the most part. Some bear a distinct resemblance to Pleiadian’s. This is in part due to their inner-marriages over the centuries. Both races share a commonality of belief systems; their credo is "justice for all, never sacrifice the many for the few." The Arcturian sky is resplendent in its many hues of blue and gold, the moons and suns shed a radiance not seen on the Earth Star planet. Many of the aquatic life forms still inhabiting the earth star planet were deposited here by the Arcturian peacekeepers. In our realms, Arcturus has become legendary for its ability to attract extremely evolved Souls from other spheres. Arcturian’s are one of the races here that suffer the most grievously, when bearing witness to the continuous slaughters of the innocents and the madness of the earth people who have succumbed to the Illuminati.

The Arcturian’s do not have any remorse about their decisions to migrate to the earth star planet. Their presence and their abilities to peacefully adjudicate "wars in the making" is awesome! A few had once fallen prey to the dark forces because of their naive belief that all of that horde could be persuaded to extricate themselves from that devious energy. They paid dearly for their vain efforts. However, it did serve as a reminder to other Arcturians, "when on earth do not always do what the earthlings do." All those from Arcturus, who are on this planet, are carefully monitored just as those from other planets are. When it is possible and permitted, we can assist them in the understanding of the human mind. Arcturians do not just arrive here with total recall. They do know they are here to teach by example. All data is transmitted to the "Watchers" of the Arcturian conclave. They in turn add all the new information about events transpiring and the names of the humans who are the greatest malefactors on this planet. Of course this is added to the Akashic Library as well. If you vow to stop evil you must first understand it and all the nuances it induces, that humans for the most part do not hear. Arcturians have learned their lessons well. "

Q- "Explain to the readers the true importance of New Years please."

A-" New Years is a changeable event; as the counting of days and years altered with new types of calendars, so did the date change. It was originally started hundreds of linear years ago as an intent to overshadow the celebration now known as Christmas. It was not long before "new years," was seen to be an advantageous financial coup. The same dark lords who have so successfully ruled your earth star world for so long, also perceived it to be a most fortuitous time to creep into the hearts and minds of humans. They were well aware of the gullibility of the masses of this race. It needs to be understood here that the inability of humans to be "happy," to be "content," with themselves was well known. The human propensity to congregate with others also afraid to be alone, was seen as a viable vehicle for bringing these "lost Souls" together in a false merriment time. It was so simple to convince humans that new years was a time of fertility, a time of bringing in brand new people, places and things.

The dark horde counted on the people’s utter desperation and discontent in their lives. The horde was happily rewarded by the sheer numbers of mankind both then and now, who acquiesced with NO STRUGGLE at all! Drinking and illegal drugs, indiscriminate sex and senseless violence became "New Years" for the human race and they don’t even realize it. How pathetic. The dark brothers depend heavily upon the insolence and arrogance of humans, the force learned centuries and centuries ago that mankind is easily controlled; they (brotherhood) know how to appease the human "appetite" just as they appease their own. Humans are so intent on "partying hearty" that they are unaware, or don’t care to know, that they are being used as human sacrifices. While all this Spiritual malaise and emotional turbulence is occurring, there is another side to new years that few on this planet know about. Those who do are the active participants in The Crossing of the Rainbow Bridge.

We who are the observers of this event, dearly love being permitted to bear witness. As you two well know, it is on new years eve linear time, when the portal closes to disallow the "familiars" of the dark brotherhood to remain here in the third-dimension. This is when the great battle ensues between the dark and the illuminated. As the linear timepiece winds down to midnight, those of the illuminati clan who cannot cross the bridge to access the portal are destroyed. It is August 15th. of each year that this portal enters your dimension and begins its inexorable opening. It is on All Hallows Eve that this portal blasts wide open. This when Universal Law permits ALL to enter this world. The good the bad and the pure evil. Thus the battle for the Souls of humanity accelerates during that time period at an incredible pace. The numbers of suicides, homicides, domestic abuse, rape and torture drastically increase. Humans who are prone to disbelieve in forces greater than themselves are easy prey. At the same time that the degenerate forces descend into matter, so do the first enclave of The Rainbow Warriors.

Each of these two opposing forces has an assignment, those who are of The Rainbow Warrior Clan, materialize to be of assistance in serving and protecting our earth star cousins and all benevolent walk-ins. Those who are part of the dark horde are here to provide mayhem and disruption in human affairs and take possession of all those who are mentally unstable or Spiritually unsound. This may not seem fair or "right" to many of you. That is only because you are not looking at the bigger picture. You are here to learn anew and to unlearn that which is unwise and not in your best interests. Those of you whose commitment is to self and not to service to others, should not complain when the dark forces beckon to you. They do not tackle those who are Sound in Mind and Spirit. They simply seek the alignment that so many humans have provided for them. These invasive forces continually test the human Spirit, searching to see if those "weak links" among you can be taken over and consumed. This force is on a strict timeline, they must accomplish all which they can of destructive and murderous nature before the clock strikes midnight on new years. Each cycle of this yearly progression sees the rapid movement for the portal on new years; multitudes of the dark legion must escape through the opening or perish. Once the portal closes they cannot sustain their life force in this dimension. Universal Law dictates that specific entities in human embodiment are to guard this portal and destroy all those dark forces before they can escape.

Another occurrence that takes place simultaneously, as the foes of the human race are madly scrambling for sanctuary beyond the portal, is the 2nd. Wave of Walk-Ins rapidly descending through the portal and across the bridge in a type of "energy to same energy chain." Those selected to guard the portal must now not only be engaged in the fiercest combat, one too gruesome for earthlings to imagine, they must AT THE SAME TIME protect and defend the emergence of The Rainbow Warriors, as these warriors descend into matter. These battles are known of in advance. None can enter here without the warning. Those un-illuminated entities struggling to escape that are killed in this combat do not regenerate, they cannot return. The Warriors who successfully make the rainbow crossing are immediately dispatched to their pre-chosen global destinations. Those who are the defenders of this realm who survive the combat, return again and again on that same date as part of their destined life experience. You will not read about them in your yellow tabloids, nor will you hear of the extraordinary feats they accomplish in battle. This planet does not as yet have access to the laser combat beams that are used in this confrontation. Nor will you listen to them as they grieve for their fallen comrades, those who have willingly given their lives for others. They grieve in silence. It is our way.

Except for the august through New Years Eve time period, the human race is free to go about their daily lives in any manner they choose. That period of great conflict is necessary in order for the human race to evolve at an individual pace. It is not the evolution of the masses that is an issue here, it must be one Soul at a time. Don’t mistake this by assuming that the dark forces have all left, they have been here as long as this planet has been. The good news is they are now slowly loosing their tenacious grip on humanity. It is merely at that previously designated time period, that timeline which is the time that challenges peoples Souls that poses the greatest threat. This is the time of the dark period of the Soul, dark meaning that peoples beliefs systems are tested, their staunchness of Spirit is tested, their ability to stand in their truths is tested, more so than at any other time of the year."

Q- "What information can you offer about the "poles?"

A-"The poles are essential to the balance of this planet. Each pole performs a necessary duty in maintaining the equilibrium of the planet, even when the earth star is tilting, as she is now. Much pressure is released through the north and south poles. This is merely a natural occurrence that emanates from the middle earth, the balance needed keeps the planet from imploding. There are enormous openings that lead into the poles and down through them into the middle earth. As the pressure is released it "vacuums" upward or downward, depending on the pole, in an arc of free form energy. There are specific times of the year when the most gaseous energies are dispersed. As that occurs the planet realigns herself with the aid of the positive and negative charges that the poles magnify for that specific purpose. Also all Star Keeper ships have certain bases inside the poles, well hidden from human curiosity hunters and planes. At times someone will see a ship descend into the interior of a pole, but they can only see so far. Our bases are well concealed. No the planet is not going to flip, she is shifting as she does every one to two thousand years."

Q- "What do you know about the pyramids here on earth?"

A-"The pyramids were symmetrically Created for communication purposes and for gathering the energies of the sun, the moon and other "outer planetary energies. The original pyramids were Created through mind-thought. No human labor was involved, contrary to the popular mistruths that abound on this planet. Long, long before my birth into existence, my forebears who were closely following the Divine Plan, erected these monoliths in conjunction with precise mathematical, scientific and astrological data pertinent to interstellar diagrams written by the greatest minds of the universes. It was in this manner that Star Keeper forces were able to maintain communication with other planets of the galactic federation. Information was continually transmitted both to and fro, accurately describing all weather patterns, environmental conditions and healthy areas on the earth star that would in time be fit for human habitation. The energy was harvested from the sun, the moon and others and subtly directed in concentric waves over this world. In this manner a "timing" was enacted, now known to you as summer, winter, fall and spring. All pyramids have hidden rooms within rooms and beneath other hidden rooms. These were places where crystals and stilight were kept for replenishing purposes. Data was also housed there for Star keepers who return still. Pyramids are incredible warehouses of energy. They should NOT be tampered with!"

Q-"Who are The Bird Tribes and Angels?"

A-"The term "bird tribes" was originally given to all Star Keepers by the ancient humans. When we and before us our ancestors, descended to the earth star we unfortunately scared primitive man. Because we were airborne beings, they mistook us for some type of deity that descended from the skies. We learned to camouflage ourselves with bird feathers and headdresses to allay their fears. They had great respect for birds, birds were not only food to them but birds were also seen by them to be either fortuitous omens or warnings. Because early man was divided into many tribes, they called us tribe as well. They then began to call us "The Bird Tribes." Many indigenous tribes on this world also believed we were some types of gods or at times, an avenging deity. In their pictograms and spoken histories they speak well of us, but as "bird tribes." Angels have always been in existence. The angelic realm is in a different dimension than is ours. They exist on many levels of development, as do we. The Creator Force considers them to be "extensions of HimSelf," they are pure luminescence, as is He. When a Soul is birthed he/she is offered the option of remaining on Nirvana and performing duties of interacting and interfacing with other expressions of God, or incarnating for a "living" experience.

No, angels do not have wings or halos. They are each a magnetic force unto themselves. They easily adapt a human visage that conforms to an identity that a human has either had long, long ago, or is reminiscent of an energy that the individual person is happy with. Each Soul is issued a guardian angel, this is one whose task is to do whatever he/she can to allay subconscious fears and promote the evolution of that Soul through "inspirations" and timely guidance. Of course that is dependent on the individual’s ability to LISTEN! There are 12 levels in the angelic realm that I know of. In time, as the angel ascends to a higher level, the luminance that is the internal makeup of the being, achieves an even greater light. As the light wave increases, an anomaly occurs. With each further step that arrives at completion on the final level, the brilliance of the light becomes not only blinding, the actual form of the being becomes smaller as the light becomes brighter. With the actual conclusion of this progression, that form is then a pinprick yet the light is incredible. That one then remains as part of God, never to leave Nirvana again. Sometimes special dispensations are granted that allow an angel(s) to enter the third-dimension for a stipulated time. These are special circumstances that may be either relevant to an event about to take place worldwide, or a situation that a light bearer is involved in that could have planetary repercussions. That is all I am permitted to speak about on this subject."

Q-"What can you tell us is the true cause of diseases on this planet?"

A-"Diseases are sadly misunderstood on this planet. It was never intended for the human race to suffer these maladies!! If only the people could understand the political shenanigans that are behind disease. All disease originates from 2 sources. #1-the mind. #2-the governments. The mind responds to the analytical properties of the body. In a very real sense, the mind is a hypochondriac. When the body performs its routine self-analysis, carefully scrutinizing each cell, each organ, it then sends that information to the mind. It is what the mind relays back to the body that causes the problem. The mind is nothing more than a complex computer. Its interpretation of the events ongoing within the body is subject to the intellectual whims of the individual. The conditioning of the human race as a whole has contributed 95% to the creations of diseases. The emotional state of the human is catalytic to the mind’s response to the body. In other words, the human body has great integrity, no one should doubt the integrity of their body. Yet when the emotional state is one of distress, regardless of the issues, the mind fastens upon the distress as "an anomaly," one that means the body is in disrepair. It then signals the body that the human has an illness, something foreign to its nature. The body recalculates the physical state and finds nothing wrong.

However, the mind is in control not the body, because the human has created a problem that the mind must deal with. So the mind then broadcasts to the physical body that there is an intruder within the body, not understanding that it is only dis-ease. Simply stated it means the body is temporarily without the natural flow, the EASE of complete unification of mind, emotion and body. These are essentially self-created illusions and delusions. I speak not of accidents and injuries here, those are relative to an individual’s life contract and karma. The illuminati have worked overtime in foisting false beliefs and false prophets who are only too willing to take advantage of the feeble human minds that believe in the inevitability of disease. People are afraid to eat what they should, they are afraid to drink what they should. People do NOT listen to their bodies cravings and desires for this nurturing. People are always seeking better health professionals to instruct them about their own PERSONAL bodies, each body is different so how, unless the health professional is inhabiting your body as well as their own, can they tell YOU what is best for YOUR body? Humans can be highly illogical and very dangerous to themselves.

Then of course while people are listening to horror stories that have no basis in fact.****special note: Theda is talking about the general populace who don’t read about any of this kind of information and most likely would not believe it anyway.***** The world governments in collusion with the parent companies of ALL pharmaceutical companies, are milking billions of dollars every year for illnesses that are laboratory created. Part of the accelerated plan in force for "new" drugs, ones that will inevitably lower your body’s natural ability to maintain good heath, is the preponderance of chemtrails in this world, the releasing of toxins through environmentally controlled "substances," the use of fluoride, the radioactive currents emitted by nuclear reactors which are airborne. Sun screens and certain dyes in clothes that are not amicable to the human condition and should not ever be worn, actually contain slow acting toxins. Aids and the offshoots of aids related viruses are all laboratory created. Cancer was created in a lab as well. If you could bear in mind that first you need to control your mind, the body will gladly follow suit. Of course if you are determined to have disease…..well…enjoy it!

If you must treat a physical condition then stop taking the antibiotics and the regimen of blood thinners and other such illuminati created substances and look for a natural alternative. They are available in great quantities on this planet. How many of you are aware that one of the most sought after and most used anti-coagulants prescribed by doctors on this planet for heart problems, is nothing but rat poison? Surely you do not really expect them to label it "rat poison for the heart," and then convince you to take it. The main problem here is that humans readily accept at face value the false propaganda that is so rampant here. Yet conversely, they deride with great sarcasm, the minority of humans who have sought and found a better way to contribute to the body beautiful.

And that is all I have to say about Disease!"

Salude…Commander Theda, signing off

This concludes part 3.

Parts 4 and 5 shall answer these questions and subjects and more:

Dragons and other mystical beings, Music as an encoding, Parallel Universes, Illuminati and Natural Resources, 2012, Human Sightings, Jesus The Christ, The Anti-Christ, Solar Flares, The Moon, The Crystal City, Council of Elders, Ship Shapes, The Hollow Earth Theory.
Please note, because of the complexity of these interviews, they may run into more than four parts.

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