Our Interview with Commander Theda Part 4

Part four covers the following topics:
Dragons and other mystical beings, Music as an encoding, Parallel Universes, The Illuminati and Natural Resources, The year 2012, Human Sightings – UFO or UH


Our interview with Commander Theda

Part #4 of 5

Uncensored interview with Theda, a Commander of the
Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keepers Forces.

Q-People believe that Dragons are a myth. We know better but we would like you to speak on this subject to our readers please.

A-Dragons were part of the "first societal team" here on Earth. Actually they are gentle creatures for the most part. All Dragons played an important role in the evolution of this planet. Their tremendous girth was necessary here because of the early world’s wild foliage and deep crevasses. You must remember this was prior to the first ice age. The first ice age was of course instrumental in realigning the topography of this world, just as the following ice ages were. In those early times, the Dragons could easily step into extremely deep gorges yet ease themselves out of them because of their (Dragons) stature. Most times the overabundance of foliage effectively hid the animal from the view of their prey. So unless the wind turned the prey would be caught and devoured well before it knew of the proximity of the Dragon. Even though the majority of Dragons were fruit and nut eaters, some of their offspring became carnivorous. Many types of Dragons came into existence because of gene strains that slowly changed over the early centuries.

Dragons were fierce fighters and used their whip like tails as a deadly weapon. Their extremely long claws were able to tear apart some of the more hostile predators that did abound here during those times. Today’s lizard kingdom is a result of the teleforming process that originated with the Dragon. Without the original Dragon family, there could be no lizard today. The lizards of today, the "miniature Dragons" are responsible for controlling much overbreeding of certain bug species that could easily generate viruses to the human. This is all a part of the original Divine Plan for Predator/Prey control. Dragons however were not "man eaters" the way so many books and movies depict. Much like the Bear, Dragon would beat a hasty retreat when it encountered the man scent. It is quite understandable why the early human race lived in such dread of the Dragon; these animals could easily wipe out an entire village simply by walking on it and sweeping it into oblivion by one long movement of its tail.

Much like today’s unfortunate caricature of the "bogeyman," the Dragon image was used to instill fear into people. I speak now of the beginnings of the Illuminati’s methodology of using the Dragon symbol to control the illiterate peoples. They believed in what they still call "Dragon Power," this is a belief based upon the alleged fierceness of the animal and the holographic projection of Dragons devouring people. All descendents of the early Illuminati truly came to believe that they were the original progeny of the Dragon. So it was that Dragon came to be enshrined among the dark brethren. Do not think it foolish that they believed they had a Dragon heritage. After all, millions of you "learned peoples" still believe you are descended from the ape even though you are not. The brainstorm of using the Dragon as the secret symbol for the dark societies came into being in the early part of the 12. century. Their unique idea was to form a facsimile of a Dragon that they hoped would fool people, something that would seem superficially to be innocuous; cause them not to be curious enough to ask too many unwanted questions about the symbol. Well before the 12. Century, Dragon images were ensconced in stone and metal and adorned all the great houses of the ruling junta.

Even those who were skeptical about the Dragon actually protecting those who used his image, were too afraid not to use it…just in case. The Illuminati did their job well, the continuous use of symbols to enslave the populace has still today worked wonders for them. When the facsimile of the Dragon was born all the most hideous features and grimaces imaginable were attributes of this new image. Some of these new creations were Dragons in flight, Dragons breathing fire and so on. This image later became known as "the Gargoyle." Gargoyle rings, pins, necklaces, gargoyle images in hides and simple leathers were foisted upon the unsuspecting public. Little did they know the Black Hand behind this macabre joke. They still do not! Gargoyles are a means of one Illuminati member identifying another. Meanwhile, after the Great Dragon had accomplished its purpose here on the planet, that which was to produce the lizard progeny, it was teleported to a different dimension where Dragon still lives in its original gentle splendor.

Q-What about music as an encoding mechanism?

A-Music is in itself a specific language. All frequencies and vibrations are composed of energized molecules of atatomical matter. Each individualized energy stream of this matter contains a particular tonal sound, a "note," one that corresponds with unilateral and universal energy. It is the energy of the Illuminated side of the Universe. Each MOTE of this energy contains POTENTIAL. This is not "potential," this is the rarified meaning of "POTENTIAL." It is a scalar quantity equal at a given point in an electrical field; it conforms to the work done in moving a unit charge to an infinite distance from the conceptual fields of origin. As the individual unit charge experiences the movement it emits a "sound," one that is indigenous to that particular unit alone. NO TWO ARE THE SAME. Each electromagnet energy field of each unit is called a "note;" this term means "a decibel that is very short, one that is harmonic in nature." The energy fields that contain minute deposits of similar frequency and vibration are magnetically attracted to other units possessing the harmonic similarities. As this occurs, each mote then distributes a singular sound or pitch that vibrates to itself, then bounces from itself to co-join with others.

As this event occurs, "music is Created." The Music of the Spheres is quite simply all these frequencies blending on a specific vibratory level. The Sphere music is a compendium of Soul energies; those who have gone before you and those who are living now. It is also music that radiates from other planets in a gentle "rush" of cytonic energy. Each Soul possesses its own musical note; one that distinctly resembles a "fingerprint." As the individual personality progresses to each more evolved level, the personal note becomes quite clear to that being. The original indelible imprint can and does multiply itself into several different note segments. This can only occur over a long period of time. The older the Soul the more easily the multiplication can take place. This means that spatial time is the progenitor for this period of fecundity to occur. Only when the evolvement of the individual has arrived at critical mass can other notes spawn from the original personal note. These notes as a collective force, will remain a part of the individual Soul as long as the Soul is.

When an entity arrives on this planet he or she bears their personal note which has been encoded into their cellular memory. There is NO conscious recall of the event or the note. The note will be a guiding force on a subconscious and superconscious level of knowing. Should that individual successfully transcend the challenges, the obstacles and traps of the dark brotherhood, the note that was dormant then begins to actively and consciously course through the cellular memory phase into recall phase or conscious phase. Those individuals that we guard here on the earth can and do maintain contact and communication with us through the use of their notes. We have an entire system on our ship(s) that lists all the notes that each individual possesses. It also shows all of the activated ones and those that are not. As the changes occur and the one note multiplies, the system uses its blinking mode to alert us of this event. In time, all evolved Souls carry a harmonic cord. The harmonic cord is one that must be earned, its filaments are both luminance and music. It is incredibly strong and cannot be broken. Again though, this is true only of the most evolved. These beings easily communicate with their Soul Clusters through Music. And we with them.

Q-What can you tell us of "parallel Universes"?

A-A parallel universe is sometimes referred to as a "Sister Universe." These are spheres where so much of what is taking place on the originating sphere is mirrored to the sister sphere. Some universes require more moon, suns, stars and so forth as part of their own planetary evolution. Some of these similar planes have the same set directions for evolutionary purposes, many have the same natures and /or the same tendencies to mature at similar linearly speaking, timelines. Many have the capacity to exist in the same dimension yet cannot be seen or viewed by another sister sphere. Their courses, directionally speaking, are set but in slightly different variations so there is never any collision. It is difficult to explain this situation for it is more complex than people realize. All people are multidimensional in nature, yet few are aware of this. This means simply stated, that a person can be on this earth star planet while simultaneously sharing a lifetime on a different sister planet that is a parallel planet in a sister universe.

There are many Universes for instance, which are carbon copies of this universe in a sense. They have grids yet each grid is mathematically correct for that universe alone. Their solar systems may at first seem much like your own, but the number of planets needed for balance and the equal space needed for the birth of new planets may differ. All the parallel universes will contain a specter of each life form that has ever been there. So if you or Steve have visited the planet Nebru, an aspect of yourselves is ingrained there in the stratosphere. Some universes that share a parallel connection with the earth star planet are home to many more advanced civilizations than yours. These sister universes also use the earth star planet as the schoolhouse base. This is where Souls from the other universes elect to go to for remedial education..so to speak. There are also sister universes where "future" Earth inhabitants may go to when their "timeline" for earth habitation has expired. Simply stated here, all that a person experiences or Creates here on the earth has a ramification or "cause and effect" on other sister universes. If you could see the bigger picture, you would understand that what you do here, you are doing in many other sister universes as well.

Q-What is the tie-in between the Illuminati and Natural Resources?

A-Everything on this planet is perceived as riches in one form or another by the Illuminati. There are many technologically wealthy planets that use many of their own natural resources for the continuity of their generators that keep their worlds safe and fertile. There are those not really advanced in that manner and those must still rely on the day to day experiments and mining etc., until such time that they too have been able to successfully advance into the more easily accessible natural resource proliferation. The earth however has so much that attracts the Illuminati who are constantly busy depleting the earth minerals to supply the space armies with all they need for their continuous hostile barrage upon other planets and even the attempts on Nirvana. Everyone knows of the enormous power that all crystals contain. Not all however are aware of the great deposits that are still available on earth.

When the average human sees a beautiful diamond their minds flash "money, expensive, gotta have it!." Not once do they acknowledge or even know that it is a crystal. Yet it is the intrinsic value of the crystals that actually assist in forming new worlds. Not only that but all crystals assist in the balancing of the grids. Without the grids, the worlds could not maintain balance, stability. Many of the space armies’ armadas are still inchoate, they must be fully equipped with all power generators in order to sustain and thus maintain the velocity they need for attack force. Those satellite bases of the Illuminati still engaged in peculiar cloning procedures must rely on "off world" resources for the continuation of this process. It is the mining of the crystals that is the most important here of all the natural resources that are viewed as most desirable. It certainly is not your air they are after!!

Q-"We know you are probably tired of hearing this one but what about the year 2012?

A-Well, I was tired of hearing about it back in 1900, but that’s another story. Since the beginning of the beginning of this planet, it was well known that a specific timeline would need arrive before the earth would become a progressive, lucid planet. Because "time" is fluid, meaning it all occurs at once, we were at first only able to gauge a decade by the use of systematically correct glimpses into the "future" years of this earth. Much the way the entrapped men of the Philadelphia Experiment did. We at those times ascertained that between 2010 and 2012, the much expected and needed transitions would occur. As Soul after Soul departed this planet eagerly awaiting their next foray to earth, their destinies were revealed to them. We felt very honored that The Great Gestalt had deemed it important for all of us to receive the knowledge of these Souls’ future journeys here and why. After that we simply used our calculations regarding space time continuums and charted the year after year progressions of ancient ones entering this dimension and those that would surely follow.

All things, events, people, planetary changes, both interplanetary and outerplanetary are relative in the symmetry of evolving change. All these issues must overlap/be part of the fulcrum. Remember now, all that we know, so do the Illuminati. This is why the closer we are to arriving to the 2012 timeframe, the more desperate is their cause. So much had to take place before the synchronicity of events Created could occur. So much needed change has rested upon frail human shoulders. Change is not a consistency among the human race. Yet when faced with the alternatives of more devastating and outrageous wars arranged by the politicians of this world, "change" became the only viable alternative. Peace Keepers who originally only appeared by the dozens now are appearing by the thousands. Each has an important part, a role, to play in the "Mission 2012" movie. None is more important than the other. Without these individuals as a whole 2012 would be nothing more than another "bad hair day year."

There is a reason that I am not permitted to speak of concerning the why that particular year for this great event. I can only tell you it is part of a wondrous Epiphany. That year marks well the soon-to-be final resolution to the problem of the Illuminati. Do not expect that you shall awaken the first day of that year and see the earth as a parallel Nirvana, You can be sure however that you will awaken. That should be good enough.

Q-Please explain to the readers how you have "human sightings." How do humans look to you while you are on ship and how you keep track of everyone.

A-"Human Sightings" is our term for spotting and following humans, you say "UFO Sightings" we say UHS. Unidentified Human Sighting. I will try to simplify this procedure as much as possible. Although our ships and our home planets have gigantic viewing screens which allows us to watch the movie of the human exploration of life, generally speaking, we do not "see" humans in the physical guise they have chosen. Every life form has its own individual, personalized electromagnetic field and shield. This is an elementary fact. The human race those that are the least evolved, tend to have their magnetic fields as well as their shields permeated with electro-static energy. This restricts them greatly in formatting changes in their lives. Their "auras" correctly reflect the non-changingling conditions of the mind, heart, emotions and Spirit. They are generally speaking, of a gray hue. Their vibrations are sluggish and nonproductive. This does not mean they are bad people, they simply are "stuck."

Those people who are truly "the bad ones," are very black in hue and the density of their emotions. They have no love in their hearts. They thrive on hate and discord. Dark orbs and energy streamers are a part of their internal makeup; their collective consciousness is a discombobulating mass of blackness and pure evil. Those who have for so very long been "the middle roaders," emit a passive, neutralized hue. It has no strength of energy, it is a thinnish fiber that seems to vacillate, no grounding to it at all. There are rare moments when the coloration alters slightly to a bit more of an intense shade. However, it is short-lived. We have found over the many years, that when this occurs it is because that particular personality has briefly, very briefly, had a thought that is not relative to their native neutral position. Almost immediately, the fear factor sets in and the person retreats to their former self. Where it is "safe."

Then there are those who make our hearts smile! Many humans, who are the most recent descendents of the original star-seeded ones, visibly display their moxy; their colorations are bright and show great strength in the rainbow prisms they emit. The sense of determination and great courage is a predominating factor in their cellular make-up. They radiate and sparkle regardless of the unenviable situations they find themselves thrust into. They are eager to learn and are very dissatisfied with the diffidence and lethargy that assails so many others on this planet. They may not always know what they "know," but that does not stop them from being all they can be.

Then of course there are our walk-ins and several Avatars. We retain constant communication with the Avatars as we chart their progress in this hostile land. The walk-ins are a different story. All walk-ins carry our monitoring systems within their bodies. These are commonly referred to as implants. Most implants are changed from time to time due to the sensitive nature of the mechanisms. Although they last for a very long time, as the physical vehicle alters or is altered, certain types of implants would aid the body more so than others. The term "implant" has caused much fear among some of the earth star peoples. Understandably so. The world governments following the dictums of the Illuminati have been implanting people for many, many years without their consent. Their reasons are not for protection of the individuals, it is to follow their every movement in the hopes in discovering others who are leaders and activated participants of the Quiet Revolution. I am not speaking here of any of the heinous testing of the human race through the use of implants.

All walk-ins prior to their descent into the third-dimension, are made aware of the considerable risks they shall face on this planet. We have very many somber meetings with them before they "beam down." These meetings are crucial to them as well as to us. Attendees include high ranking commanders of the Galactic Federation, as well as the pre-chosen Spirit Guides and those of the Angelic Realm. We leave nothing to chance here. If you could but understand the enormous complexities of safe-guarding these warriors who are teachers as well, none among you would oooh and aahhh about the necessity of the implants. Each walk-in knows that at one time or another during their earth star walk, they will face certain death at the hands of the un-illuminated. Each is apprised of the locations that need most to be protected on earth. Each views with us on the screens that I have previously spoken of, the current situations of all other walk-ins on earth AT THAT PARTICULAR TIME. Each of us quietly assimilates all the information of the conditions pervading against the earth bound walk-ins and what our viable alternatives are in delivering them from the perilous positions to a safer harbor without interfering in their destinies.

It here in our High Council meetings that present and future walk-ins must come to grips with the illusions of reality that continually takes place on terra. If they could not do this, what help could they be to humanity? What help could they be to their Star brothers and sisters relying on them for assistance? It is also here that the walk-ins agree to the monitoring system so necessary to ensure their success and their physical lives. Humans for the most part have very little understanding of how the monitoring system works for us. Our implants range from the size of a miniscule bead to a size about 1 1/2 inches. They are embedded below the skin and in close proximity to the internal nervous system, for the most part. As the walk-in moves through linear years it is necessary to at times add other variations of the original implant to different parts of the body. The original implanting procedure takes place just moments before the descent.

The implants are each calibrated to the individual being. Giant computerized systems continually follow all the physical vehicle’s movements, heart rate, blood pressure and so forth. One of the numerous functions of the implants is to clearly show us where in physicality that being is. In this way we can correctly see the proximity of any danger to that person. Walk-ins who are the most evolved warriors and teachers are not aware consciously when they arrive on terra that they are marked for death. That would serve no good purpose. They have enough to deal with just readjusting to an earth-bound physical body and all the complexities of the lives of the bodies’ former inhabitants. There are a handful that arrive here with total recall. I shall not explain why. It is a private matter. All though are most carefully guarded until such time as the implants alone are all that are required for us to observe and protect.

The walk-ins bear a specific symbol that is inherent to their home planets. The symbol is always visible to us, even as they jettison the former inhabitants’ illusions and personal fears. Walk-ins are bathed in vivid colors, each color denotes that individual’s current progress and brotherhood symmetry. If you would take a picture of a person with a Polaroid and look at the development of it, before it is a fully developed picture, all the outlines, the silhouettes would be visible. So it is for us. It is at the timelines that are designated for their own personal advancement that the most dastardly attacks upon them occur. Also when they are reconnoitering with others of their Soul Clusters. So you see, we have our own manner of "imaging" others; of viewing and observing those on this planet…for the Greater Good.

****** Special Notice ******

Commander Theda has stated that she wishes to address some issues that we have not asked about but that she feels are very, very important.

I wish to comment on the growing concerns amongst many of you about the "channeling wars" that are ongoing at this time, just as they have in the distant past. Those of you who are aware of the dimensional merging and the overlapping of dimensions, know that many lower based entities (vibrationally speaking,) are now more able to access your minds and confuse very well-intentioned individuals. It is these individuals that need to practice "self-discernment" along with "passionate detachment" in their receiving or sending of information through their telepathic highways. The lower based entities are attempting to disrupt and influence many otherwise "clear channels." These entities that I am speaking about have objectives that are not in your best interest. Their intentions are not in your highest good; they are not capable of allowing themselves to see the larger clearer picture.

We who are your brothers and sisters from among the stars, urge you to "check your sources," for the validity of all information being sent to you. If at any point it feels invasive, or not from an extremely Evolved Source, we urge you to terminate all communication immediately! There are many amongst us whose task is to ensure the safety of the many of you who are fellow Earth Star Walkers. This we shall continue to do within the confines of Universal Law. We do so also honoring any Soul agreements made prior to the descent onto the Earth Star planet. We will not interfere in your personal destinies. Each of you need to be personally accountable for your actions, your interactions and any mitigating circumstances that can cause you to be used by this dark force. We will not do this for you. Nor will we impose our desires in your personal choices of a life well-lived, or not well-lived, whichever may be the case.

Learn to trust in your intuition, have trust in yourselves. If your "source" information does not resonate well with you and with great clarity, you have the ability to alter the perilous situation by not entering the lions den. We are not your babysitters, we are to merely assist in the prevention of grievous mistakes that can impact on your fates and the rest of humanity.

We shall observe and bear witness.

Salude, Commander Theda signing off

This concludes part 4.

Parts 5 and ? shall answer these questions and subjects and more:

Jesus The Christ, The Anti-Christ, Solar Flares, The Moon, The Crystal City,

Council of Elders, Ship Shapes, The Hollow Earth Theory.

Please note, because of the complexity of these interviews, they are running into more than four parts.

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