Session #6 God and I


~Commander Theda~

Session #6

“God and I”

Theda, a Commander of the
Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keepers Forces.

We are well aware of the human propensity for questioning the reason for their existences, as well as their wondering if there is in fact a force outside of themselves that has in any manner contributed to the creation of themselves. Our Earth Star cousins are not so much naïve, as they are ignorant of the reality of the Prime Creator and the reality of God. On our home planets, we are from the very moment of conception consciously aware of the Divine Force. Those of us who inhabit worlds that use the conception process for propagation are fortunate to carry those vivid memories with total recall as we enter the world as babes and later enter the adult world.

Those Star Keepers whose home planets are those where propagation is achieved through other means, still have the same total recall as do we. When my cousin Celestial asked me to explain to you my personal relationship with God, I had to stop and ponder the situation. It is difficult at best to explain something that is so natural, so normal. How do you explain inhaling and exhaling? Do you count your breaths to ensure that you are breathing enough? Do you have a regimen to follow that maintains the steady breathing process even while you sleep? Of course not.

I have however reached far back into my memory banks and viewed the images there that depicted the Divine Gestalt from the first moment of my first breath. The first awareness of myself was the incredible white light, similar to a gigantic starburst or supernova, which was in front of my closed eyes. The warmth that emanated from this glorious illumination was felt by me throughout every fiber of my body. I was aware of a certain cadence of tonal effects that permeated this light. The depth of peace surrounded me, yet I was shown images of a life yet to be for me. Of course when The Divine Force “speaks” it is a mind thought link; here on your planet it is called “telepathy.” I was told that when I emerged into the world I would be known as “the gifted one.”

Many of us have different specialties, unique abilities that we must hone well in order to of service to others. My attributes are so varied, so “ancient” that it was decided that the use of that phrase would further my self-determination, my motivation to be all that I could be for the good of all. We learn at home, to live up to our names, never down to them. The Divine Force is present at the emergence of each new life form. This happens on the earth star planet as well, it is just that the babe cannot maintain conscious recall because of the conditioning that occurs here. I entered into the world encased in love and in light. Yet on some instinctual, survival level, I was aware that the peace that our race of Star Keepers had struggled for centuries to possess and then maintain, was a peace that we as the new generations, would have to protect. We would be called upon to fight when necessary and die if needed.

Throughout all of my growing up years, I have called upon the GodHead when I have sought answers to situations that did not make any logical sense to me. More often than not, He would already be speaking to me about events to transpire before I had the opportunity to ask. When our human cousins turn to their best friend for assistance or advice, we turn to God. We do not throw ourselves down on our knees and pray to Him, nor do we subject our bodies to torturous yoga positions to “meditate” and seek answers. You see, we KNOW that God and The Creator are very much in existence and that their love and guidance envelops us at all times. How can we doubt what we already know? We cannot. It is not necessary for Him to perform “miracles” to convince us of an established fact. We need no proof. We KNOW.

I shall make an attempt to explain to you something that really should not need to be explained. However, I am taking into consideration the human primitive mind thought. The Divine Force of the Creator, The Creation and God exist as separate entities yet they are as One. Every mote of dust carries the imprint of the Creator God, of the Creation and of God. Using our science of schematic geometry, this Force forms a Sacred Pyramid. This pyramid is an entity which supersedes all other life forms with the notable exception of The Creation. The Creation is a process of manifesting that which the Creator God chooses. The triangle is non-tangible, yet They can be seen, felt and tangible when He/They choose to be. The triangle is androgynous; the triangle is everywhere at once. So, the triangle is in all universes, raising vibrations and altering frequencies, promoting the life force of all incoming life and defeating the dark legions through us, knowledge and love.

God is the totality of wisdom and honor. God is the all-seeing compilation of the Sacred alignment of the Creative Forces. God exists through us and for us; we exist for God. We are God as well, as are you. If you wonder how we “see” God, maybe you should reconsider how YOU see Him. We see His Brilliance everywhere we go; He lives within our community type family lifestyles; He speaks when spoken to and speaks when we need Him to. At times we clearly hear Him speaking in the wind, His “voice” is a harmonic melody that immediately invokes images and grand prisms of color. His is a language of Infinity. His touch is a gentle but comforting one that causes an acceleration of the electromagnetic currents that function within our bodies. Your jaundiced and deliberately mislead belief systems promulgate His “judgement day.” This is a deliberate and malicious lie! You may believe that truth is relative to the believer; I do not. What is true is that there are infinite realities that exist within realities.

However, what you see is not always what you get. The existence of “free expression” on this planet you are temporarily visiting allows you to experience the reality you create for yourself. It is part of your remedial training, your remedial education….until you get it right. Since you refuse to see God here, there is but one option left. It will not be until you leave this unhallowed place to return to Nirvana, some for but a short stay, that you will see that beyond this place down here, beyond the space, time continuum, there is but one reality. The BIG one. That will be a real ball buster experience for many of you. There you shall see God. You will also see yourself.

Salude….. Commander Theda signing off

Commander Theda –