Session #7 Jesus The Christ


~Commander Theda~

Session #8

“Jesus The Christ”

Theda, a Commander of the
Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keepers Forces.

There has always been much dis-information on the Earth star planet about this Special Being. In many ways we find it inconceivable that for millennia our own earth cousins have failed to understand the actualization of Jesus as A Son of God. Yet in other ways, we do understand that humans have fallen prey to a type of “conditioned response or reflex,” brought about by the controlling factions on this planet. Those who are determined to bastardize the truth at all costs. The irony that is so self-evident to us, is that millions of humans once long, long ago not merely interacted with Him when He walked-in the form of a human being, but were privy to so many of His Sacred Messages.

The process of reincarnation does also mean that an individual Soul shall only be permitted to “remember or recall” a remnant at best, of their previous reincarnational lives. Yet what is so little understood here, is that there are catalysts throughout an individual’s life, that CAN assist in not merely vague remembrances of those you have walked with before, but also function as “direction signals,” to “reboot” your cellular memory banks. Those on this planet that do however have the awareness, sometimes also dim remembrances of those “before” times, empathetically and sentiently share a type of consciousness that even the Spirit of Reincarnation does not eradicate.

You see, so many of those who are among you in the present “now” times, made a declaration so very long ago to Sananda. He who was still known then as Jesus The Christ, that they would indeed return and do their utmost to REMEMBER His Teachings, as the long awaited Second Coming commenced. And so it is. Those who so steadfastly committed themselves to this personal and planetary Sacred Endeavor have been living and dying throughout the centuries in their quest to share Greater Truths. It has long been held that history here must always be “update and modified” in order for lies and myths to be abolished.

It was in this way that those reincarnated Souls possessed full knowledge of the truth of the Second Coming, which many of us call “The Enlightened Age of Spirituality.” Throughout the centuries it was bethought to be a physical presence rather than the Supreme Consciousness that it really is. Only by the repetitive process of their own rebirths here, could they countermand the inane and absurd lies foisted upon the human race regarding Jesus and the rebirth of His nonphysical Self. “History” here is written in plenitude each day. Yet it is NOT by the earth star historians. Were it not for the true disciples of Jesus The Christ, His Name would have lived in infamy here, rather than in truth. As Blue Star the Pleiadian has stated many times before, “Jesu walked in human form, yet He was a walk-in.” He never had any mission here that included the founding of any religions or any secular activities embracing any idolatrous worship of Him or God His Father.

Jesu when walking this planet chose to not only be a representative of the Spiritual Hierarchy, but to BE the definitive example of the inherent goodness and truth that all of humankind should exemplify. He well knew before His Emergence here, of the trials and tribulations that existed here in those times, just as they do now. The Being later known as Jesus was on a personal mission as well as a planetary and interplanetary one. He was not “perfect” yet He too had been “birthed into perfection.” Third-dimensional realities are gross matter in many ways, this causes them to become a heavy and tiresome burden for all who have ever lived or visited the planet. Jesus was no exception; He was not exempt from the discord and distortions that color the earth races. Jesus had to learn to control His impatience, His temper, and His dissatisfaction with the slovenly indulgences the multitudes indulged in. He also had to experience “passionate detachment” and allow the many to fall in order for Him to help the few.

Although Jesus has at many times worn many guises when here, it was when He had the countenance of Jesus Christ that this Christed Being faced His own greatest challenges. It is one thing to observe from afar the madness of these human races, it is another to be in the middle of them. The testing that He chose to undergo prior to His Descent here was at times close to unbearable…even for Him. That is why when I say to you some things are never a question of faith but rather of endurance, I speak of the necessity of remaining strong within yourselves. Faith may move mountains but it is ultimately the individual Soul; who Creates the mountain. It was as Jesus moved through physical life that He once again relearned the importance of walking and living as a human being, without any safety net.

Yes of course he engaged in Sacred Communion with the Spirit of all the truly Holy Ones. He many times needed that time to re-energize and refurbish His own Spirit of Self. He had to walk as a human. That meant that unequivocally He had to attempt to not engage in the foibles of the human race. He accomplished maintaining compassion by keeping in the forefront of his Spirit, the reason for His journey here. He was to be the preceptor for Himself. He was to continually engage and whenever possible, HUMANLY subdue the Illuminati brethren by combating lies with His Truths. All that He did in those years was preparatory to setting the stage for the NOW PRESENT TIME.

Often His life had a surreal quality to it, often too He thought of the tremendous sacrifices that so many men and women would endure in order to maintain the Spirit of Oneness. It was to be the harbinger of the Age of Spirituality that is now in emergence here. On a personal level, to attain the new Mantle that was awaiting Him in “His Future,” He had to participate in the worst of times on the earth star planet, while doing all that He could to change only what was permissible to change. Yes we all do know that He succeeded both planetary, interplanetary and personally. The Mantle of Sananda was bestowed upon Him on His return HOME.

He was here to further the cause and effect of Spirituality, to proclaim to one and all, that dominion over humankind by any force was neither of God nor of The Universal Laws Created by the Creator and the Creation. The religious fervors of those long ago times, were induced by manmade and Illuminati governed plots to overthrow this planet and to establish a certain frequency and vibration, that would cause humans to obey the dark hordes. The religions themselves were the totality of the forerunners of the early sorcerers and dark magicians. There was not one of the “religious movements” that was not based on fear and physical pain and hellfire damnation. Humankind learned early on to show supreme acquiescence; to cater to the religious leaders or pay a high price in dismemberment, confiscation of their belongings and eventually, slow death.

Jesus The Christ’s Presence was held in great fear by the rulers of all lands; the unilluminated ones sought to break the Spirit of His Teachings. This they have not been able to do. They bent them many times, but those who followed Him in those early times were always back here again, to pick up the thread that had become tattered and YET AGAIN, march forward strong in truth and Spirit. Never, did Jesu’ say or do anything that would give cause for humankind to think or believe that He did not have all their best interests IN heart. It is the awareness and the “knowing” of things to be, acceptance that so much needs and needed to occur in the pasts, that can be a difficult cross to bear. The “past” Creates the “present” and the “present” Creates the “future.”

If your own understanding is present here, then you can see that all that befell the human races since the Creation of humankind has been an engagement of good versus evil; of truth versus lies, of religion versus Spirituality. Humankind is meant to evolve and succeed not only as a life form species, but as individual Souls integrating with individual and Soul Cluster destinies. This is why you are here. You are also to celebrate The Second Coming, while understanding what it really is and is not. Sananda true to His Word, is still busily assisting the human race from afar, yet quite near at the same time. Perhaps, just perhaps, what I have said here today of what I know to be the facts of these matters, will help you to help yourselves so that in turn, you can help others as well.

Salude…Commander Theda signing off

Commander Theda –