Session #8 The Antichrist


~Commander Theda~

Session #8
"The Antichrist"

Theda, a Commander of the
Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keepers Forces.

There exists on this planet just as much misunderstanding and lies concerning the one known as "The Anti-Christ," as does the hypocrisy and myths concerning Sananda HimSelf. Long ago, when the timelines of the Creator and the Creation merged to formulate and thus design the emergence of the soon-to-be Earth Star planet, They wisely decreed that the ones that would be called "Human" which in its purest sense means "half-God, half man" would also of necessity bear witness to the descent of the Illuminati brethren to this schoolhouse planet. In so doing, the human races would be forced to learn or relearn anew, all that they had chosen "to forget" of God, of their previous existences on other planets and of the true deleterious forces that had once before impeded their Soul growth.

Since all races here were at one time living/birthed on other planets, the design of allowing God to project HimSelf through each human being, also meant that in order for this new life force species to survive and flourish, they would be forced to study the ancient ways of listening to Ancient Voices. To have calibrated simple ways and means for humans to bypass the educational process would have rightly defeated the intention of God and the Prime Directive of The Creator and the Creation. How could God’s request to experience all manner of life and life experiences through all the inhabitants of this planned planet, coalesce and thus form a concentric matrix of the ultimate Spiritual Forces of The Law of One, without the necessary battles with the Illuminati being fought and ultimately won?

When The Creator and the Creation gave life force to God, He was instantly imbued with all manner of the ultimate in Creativity. He steadfastly and most determinedly, sought out our sister planets in this universe and enjoyed the heightened sensations of being as ONE with all of these other Creations. It was then that He enjoined the Creator to allow Him to not only send His Own Sons and Daughters from the sister planets to the "new" planet during the early stages of the planet’s life, but to assist in His selection of His other children who were to act as His emissaries. It was not that God was forbidden to extract and transplant others to this or another planet, it was that all the Highest of the Creation Forms do function in tandem with "new" methods of realigning and restructing life forms. In this way They synchronistically not merely enhance Their Own Life Force, They expand THEMSELVES into even Greater monolithic designs.

You have been told before by myself, Blue Star and many others, that all life is predicated upon the formations and expansion of all geometric shapes. This matter then is no different! So it came to pass that the God of our own universe and your universe as well, proceeded to give service to this planet while simultaneously embellishing HimSelf with all manners and characteristics of the diverse human races. Each race was to exemplify the purest characteristics of God while evolving as individuals Souls born of the Creator and of God. Each race enhanced by the physical presence albeit a tempoarary one, of God’s other children, possessed some of the physical characteristics of their own home planets. Vague differences at the time were primarily of skin tones and textures, hair coloration etc. The mental status of each incoming Soul belonged to that Soul alone, yet many humans shared a commonality of thought patterns. Still do too.

It was well known that those "fallen angels" who had not yet altered their life paths to realign with the Creation yet again, would dispense all manner of hellishness here as they have on other spheres. The magnetic force that accompanies each aspect of the Divine, which attracts other such particles, also exists in the baser life forces in a far less than Divine fashion. Although the pitch, the frequency, is not the modulated tone of the Divine, the vibrations themselves interact with only those of same vibration. So it is as you say here, "like goes to like." No, the fallen angels’ syndrome, did not occur only on this planet, I shall be very clear about this. The great and most often, desperate need of the dark horde to engage in "Spiritbalism," our term for a different type of "cannibalism," is relentless in its fury and at times, their voracious appetites defy description.

The survival code by which they exist, demands that they continually feed off the Spiritual Ones wherever and however they can. This does not necessarily mean that they wait for one to evolve Spiritually before they attack. It means that the sooner they "devour and conquer," the less formidable are those who would have been there to oppose them. Their takeovers are easy. FEAR is part of their god. "Defame, debase, ridicule and despise those who are the true believers of God and All of the Creation Aspects," is a programmed response which they follow. Their only great fear is LIGHT in its most incandescent form. They cannot exist in the Light of All Lights, therefore they must destroy in order to live.

Tell me earth cousins, if the way here, the paths, the insights, the knowledge and the path of each personal destination, had been clearly marked with nothing hidden from you, what would you have learned here? What would be your motivation to succeed in this lifetime? What great Soul ambition would you have? Here in this harsh and at times unforgiving land, you are pushed and pushed hard to not merely survive at times, but to face your own personal demons and hopefully, to banish them adfinitum. You learn to develop a fervor to be all that you can be, but to do so for the right reasons. Yet many of you wonder why the Divine would permit evil, not only the evilness of the Illuminati but the evil that many humans do as well.

You have been told this before but I reiterate, evil serves a purpose. It challenges you and causes you to LEARN to understand all that you have thought was "unexplainable," it challenges you to do all that you can, whenever and WHEREVER you can, to eradicate the dark night of the Soul and live as an ILLUMINATED human in your own right. Yes you are participants in the ancient battle for either the freedom of each Soul not only here but everywhere, or the final dominion of all Souls to be kept in a bondage of pure hell. This is why I am painstakingly walking you through "the mysteries" of a universe that needs to be understood by all.

The dark hordes and the entire Illuminati clan constantly pay homage to the most devious and evil beings amongst them. They count coup on this earth star planet wherever they are able to. They befoul the ascension process wherever they can. They see the principality of the domain of the Creator and the Creation and of the God in our universe, as the greatest challenge for themselves. To overthrow this domain they have realized, can be brought about by the final demise of this planet and the taking and devouring of the human races. Long ago, during the times that the plans were finalized for civilizations to be "born" on this planet, The Illuminati and their sycophants devised a plan to attempt to confuse a human race, a race that was intended to exemplify God.

They reasoned that because humankind would know sooner or later of God’s existence and the coming of the long prophesied Jesus The Christ, they needed a symbol of who and what they themselves were. BUT, it was to be a covert, hidden symbol. One that could be discussed among themselves but must not be taught to the human race, unless it was the humans they would undoubtedly absorb. So, a term that was meant to strike fear and discord into the hearts and Spirits of humankind was created. It is The Anti-Christ.

Actually we see the term as most accurate, even in its despicableness. Throughout the earlier millennia this term was spoken about in hushed whispers, many feared that to say the name aloud would beckon the one they called, "the evil one." Superstitions are themselves created images, created thought forms of the Illuminati, so to further the superstitious natures of humanity, many stories were told of the "the evil eye," curses and "wicked witches," to name but a few of the implanted thought forms. The Illuminati did succeed with this part of their dark drama. Even yet today, pragmatic and even intellectual peoples still believe in those things. Ask any witch doctor! It is good for business.

As the times passed "The Great Lie" promulgated by the dark hordes controlling the ancient priests and priestess who kowtowed to their ruling governments, created a fabrication that has been faithfully passed on to every culture that has ever been here. The falsification of a crucifixion of Jesus The Christ.This lie was determined by the Illuminati to be one that would forever cause massive fear and awe in the human minds and hearts. To consistently force their priests and priestesses to foist this lie upon humankind was perceived as a long term continuance of humans’ magnificent obsession with all fears, all delusions. It became an open channel of discontent and disillusion with all civilizations here; those who believed in this dreadful untruth, doubted whether a loving God the Father would come to their own aid, if He had permitted His Son Jesus to experience such an agonizing death.

The stories and myths doubled with each telling of the lie. It required no "time" for humanity to believe the absurd and dangerous rhetoric because priests, ministers, bishops, popes, confirmed this as "gospel." All of my ancestors and my own generations as well, have borne witness to the culminated effort of the organized religions and the fanatics as well, who have done all they can do to further usurp the Spiritual freedom of the human races. Wars are fought in "God’s Name," simply because no one here would engage in battle if the truth were ultimately declared, that wars are fought in the "name of the Anti-Christ." Jesu’ did what all-multidimensional Beings do. He implanted an Essence of HimSelf through the embodied impression of His Life Experiences, being forever as part of the earth star planet.

Sananda is One yet He is Many. Each who bears His Mark is a sum part of the Greater Whole. Sananda does not need a figurehead here or elsewhere, to portray His Truths and Existence. The Anti-Christ on the other hand does. This being is not one yet he is many. On the advice from my Council I am to now reveal to you the true existence of The Beast. Each thought form created by the original Illuminati clans, was of course matter, energetic levels of molecules of a quantized series of states containing gross "material" of condensed dark, lower vibrational matter. All matter reacts to light rays, the more gross the density of the matter, the less the infusion of light can impact on the matter. The more intense the "jelling" effect of the vibration, the less the light of any illuminatory quality has any penetration ability.

It means that as each thought form is birthed by the dark ones, it immediately seeks its own heat source, in this case, the jelling mass of the same quantum cause and effect vibration and frequency. Think of an ink blob on a piece of paper. The more you add minute drops of ink to the already created blob, the larger, more expansive it becomes. All thought forms reside in depositories. The dark has the dark and the Light has the Light. The depositories must be continually replenished in order for them to expand, to grow in stature and in degree. The Illuminati use their reserve as a horde, one to be unleashed whenever they deem necessary or in many cases, just for the hell of it. It was with the early creation of this matter that the Anti-Christ was born.

A perversion of truth that was seen to be an embellishment of fear issues which could be of use to continue to control the human Spirit, was to convince humanity that a great battle between 2 Beings would occur when the Anti-Christ freely roamed the earth star planet. Humans did not perceive that the antichrist is in actuality a mass of dark energy unleashed by the Illuminati, but kept alive by the human race itself. The Anti-Christ and the Illuminati are dependent on one another. There is no one being that is the true Anti-Christ. It is a composite of like energies and same fear induced issues that are intended to plague humankind. It is NOT a single man or woman. Yet a figurehead is used from time to time to coincide with actual Illuminati created events. To date there have been3 figureheads on the earth star planet. The battle between the Anti-Christ and Sananda and the rest of The Forces of the Illuminated Ones, is the fight of dark versus light. Of good versus evil.

Fears and deceitful rhetoric continuously inflamed by organized religions, would have you believe that you must believe in a wrathful God and follow the dictates of the churches in order to be saved from the Anti-Christ. This is the planetary deep do-do of all time! No truth lies in those LIES. The entire configuration of what I have been speaking to you of that defines the "non-physical" existence of the Anti-Christ, does have a vulnerability that the Illuminate do not want you to know about. So…I shall tell you. This jelloish blob has a heart, that which is the matrix of the Anti-Christ. It exists in the exact center of the matter and pulsates much the way a human heart does. The matrix cannot survive without the outer part that encases this heart. Yet it is that outer encasement that is a conglomerate of evil thoughts and deeds.

As each thought and deed are carried out first by the Illuminati cohorts, secondly by humans, the matrix becomes stronger as it feeds off the encasement, much the way an intravenous procedure is carried out. The heart can be weakened as the encasement, much like tentacles that attach themselves to worrisome humans, are severed when an individual or a Soul Cluster of humans have altered the mind-thought and course of mental, emotional and Spiritual life. When enough pressure has been exerted upon the tentacles through severance of fears and fear based realities, the heart of the Anti-Christ shall cease to beat. At one time, many eons ago, the matrix of the beast was supremely strong and considered by many to be unstoppable. This has changed as humanity itself has been slowly but steadfastly persevering in their personal and Spiritual quest for truth.

In an ironic twist, the current American administration and its unholy allies, have contributed considerably to the now diminishing power of the Illuminati, therefore of the Anti-Christ. As governmental and religious leaders have been exposed for what they truly are, palpitations of the matrix are increasing. Humankind is now facing a gigantic mirror. It reflects to them their utter foolishness in not having stopped this administration and the religious sects, long before they became a powerhouse and stronghold of the Illuminati. People do not like what they now see. In a sense, humanity has had to "bottom out" and fall lower than they ever have before, it may not be a pretty sight but humankind did create it. Now humanity as a whole is scrabbling madly uphill to find a toehold that they can rest momentarily on, while assimilating all that they are learning of the truths of their governments and religions and their blood relationship with the Illuminati.

As this linear year winds down rapidly to a close, many of your voices now united in the cry for true freedom shall be heard. You are now doing what you should have done before. By successfully abolishing the political and religions figures of distortions and outright lies, you are striking at the heart of the Anti-Christ. As the Illuminati continue to attack more ferociously than ever before in their mad scramble for a final submissive surrender of the human race, they have been warned by the "matrix," that failure on their parts will result in the final great conclusion of the life forces of the Anti-Christ. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to continue facing and fighting the beast through acknowledgment of the true realities occurring here and your refusal to be the pawns of the dark agencies. Each truth you accept shall make you strong. Each one you teach of the truths shall make you all stronger. In the end, it will be fine. If you do not choose to accept the mission then all I can say to you is…mea culpa, mea culpa, the die is cast.

Salude….Commander Theda signing off

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