Flying the not so Friendly Skies

~Commander Theda~

"Flying the not so Friendly Skies"

Theda, a Commander of the
Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keepers Forces.

Greeting to all my Earthly cousins; it has been a long time since I spoke with all of you. As usual we who fly the sometimes friendly skies above you are extremely busy especially in today’s ill-tempered social and political environment, so I shall be brief this day. Despite what the politicians and other of their kind have been told by their "insider sources" the counterproductive ways of this world are coming to an end. There is no other way it could be. The people of this world have been sold a bill of goods that can thankfully no longer be sustained. Everything corrupt, immoral and self-serving is being plucked from the hands of the darkest people who are the ones that still seek to maintain an unsustainable, archaic, defunct way of life here. Be of good cheer, whether you know it or not, all of this bears greatly on why you are all here.

Far too many people still lie in the beds of the shadow forces. It is difficult finding a balance between what is right and what is the lesser of the not so right policies that have been put into place to govern your world’s populaces. We can see that many facets of your practical world are on the brink of great changes, while others still are lost in the illusion once referred to as time. Perhaps in the days ahead when we are finally able to enter into your airspace uncloaked and with the willing participation of the peoples of this world then we too may find the means to help you to augment and define your true selves. Until that day arrives we will have to settle with communicating with those who are receptive to our telepathic messages. As always we will continue to reinforce our ground forces with usable Intelligence that will assist them in better understanding where they could best focus their attentions. I give all of them a big round of applause, their Lights do not dim, they do not falter, they remain steadfast in their determination to be… to do what is most needed in these times of great change.

Ok let us get down to the nitty-gritty here and see if we can enlighten you to events that you are not able to see but that are really unfolding. Our scout ships as well as our ground troops are indeed quite busy monitoring this world’s health. I guess you could say we are forever checking her temperature. There is so much going on below the surface of this world that very few people here are aware of. To start with: there are intense buildups of electromagnetic pressures. As the pressure builds there must be a place for it to be released. This is where your so-called natural disasters come into play. No, it is far from being over, in many cases it has just begun. So we implore the people of this world to prepare themselves the best way they can. As your increased procession into natural gas exploration continues, the numerous vacant pockets below the surface are being forced to alter and shift. In effect, many are collapsing inward on themselves. This is when you will feel the Earth move beneath your feet, no pun intended. As long as you allow these invasive procedures to happen you will be contributing to the sometimes not so pleasant realignment of this world’s continental shelves. This, our dear brothers and sisters, will cause many of your worst fears to come to pass.

In every aspect of life there must be balance. It starts with the smallest, most minute of particles and builds in momentum as the minute joins forces with the monumental, which you have come to know as "physical matter." You do the math, how long can anyone believe that by removing something from an object without replacing it with a same or complementary substance, can it maintain its original form? I see some eyes opening up, this is a good thing. You may feel that you alone can not make a difference in the greater scheme of life. I beg to differ with you. There is so much that one single Soul can do alter the trajectory of destiny. All that is needed is the desire and the intent to make it happen.

You are in a time of instant manifestation, utilize this for the best. You are never alone in your endeavors; there is always a bevy of beings who are here to back you up, though you may not see them. If we were all to appear in our natural forms and announce our presence there would be chaos in the streets, the likes you have yet to witness. Some may refer to it as the coming age of the worst times your bibles speak of. So we do what we do from behind a cloak or veil, with the intent of shielding you and hopefully stopping you from manifesting your greatest fears. No one can predict the outcome of events down to finest detail; we do however try to get it close. As much as we see, as often as we hear your prayers and pleas for us to enter into your atmosphere and make everything all right we can not do so at this time. There is still too much instability in the hearts and minds of all, including those who tout themselves as being Light workers.

Light workers are a wonderful group of people, although many greatly misunderstand what being a Light worker means. There are those who perform their tasks with ease and pleasure and due diligence. They never falter; they understand that there is still so much left undone. Then there are those who openly proclaim their allegiance to the network of Light workers and then run in fear every time some prophesized event fails to happen, or a cataclysm shakes their personal worlds. Earthizens misinterpret too much from what they see in the news. Have you not yet learned that most of your Medias are still under the dark agendas’ control, even though most of their leaders have scurried off to other worlds? As God’s beloved NESARA Child and the Golden Child of the Golden Now continue their Merkaba dance around and through this world, the last vestiges of secreted holdouts on this world will be forced to relinquish their desperate grasp. This will happen eventually, in many cases much sooner than any of you yet realize. What few seem to realize is that when the final release occurs there will be a void left behind with nothing to fill it. This is where you come in. Start now by first manifesting and then infusing the areas of this world you think need help the most. Infuse them with the Light of All Lights. The Christ Consciousness will be here to assist you. As natural events unfold keep your wits about you, if not you may be drawn in by the vacuum that ensues. Expect the unexpected, events are going to accelerate, be prepared by being aware.

The question that is on David’s mind, although he already knows the answer is, are there as many ships present in our fleets here as there were before so many of Legion’s followers decided to exercise their exits from this world? Our forces have not decreased in numbers, if anything they have increased as the tempo of this world has accelerated. We are more needed now then ever to maintain a vigilant eye over those who while incarnate, are not as strong here in the physical world as they are when they are off planet. We maintain a constant monitoring of all our ground forces and all our walk-in brothers and sisters. And now with so many of our human relations awakening they too are in need of additional assistance from all of us. David you know of what I speak. By day you are scribing God’s messages for the new book you are working on and by night you and your beloved, my Sister… Celestial, are ever on the move in the realms apart from the physical one you experience by day. Tell me, do you see an increase in the numbers of ships overhead? David replies… it is a situation that is hard to describe to people considering most people do not know what to look for. There is an ever-present contingent of ships pretty much daily in the skies overhead. It does not matter where we go, they are always there. And I am not vain enough to think they are all there just for us, so I must conclude they must be everywhere all over this world. Hardly has a day gone by when we are relaxing at night with a movie that I do not see an airship that was filmed in the skies overhead. It does not matter if the movie is a new one or one that was shot twenty or thirty years ago. They are there; you just need to know where to look.

Theda… thank you David, I rest my case.

Now let us move on to some small details that many of you are still overlooking. We monitor your air and water qualities, in fact we monitor everything. You bodies need to maintain balance as the cells continue to absorb more Light particles. The physical vehicle, although very adept at healing itself, can not do it all by itself. You must be ever mindful of what you eat and where the water comes from that you are drinking. There are many microbes that have recently been introduced that are harmful and in some cases, deadly. Take care of yourself; do not trust ALL your medical personnel in any fields of expertise, to have your best interests at heart. They are as distracted by the turmoil in this world’s political, social and economic environments as all of you are. So I suggest you to question their diagnosis, force them to maintain focus and do not allow them to shuttle you about as if you were chattel and not a person. Much of what you are experiencing is natural. Aches and pains are a way of letting you know that your bodies are changing. They are also a good barometer to let you know when something has altered in the continuum. Give your bodies what they need, they will tell you what it is. They know better than do you. Everyone’s bodies of oxygen levels are deficient at this time. Find ways to supplement them, use liquid oxygen and electrolytes as needed. Celest and David do.

I recognize that many wait with bated breath of anticipation much like a damsel in distress, for my comrades and shipmates to whisk in and free the people of this world from the torment and turmoil they are undergoing. I ask you to remember that we are under the auspices of Universal Law and we can not, as much as we and you may wish that we could. We know that many of you have issued the invitation for us to enter into your realm. However, the numbers of you are still too few for us to show ourselves more than we already are, would most likely do little except instill fear in the hearts of the unenlightened. We ask you to be aware of all the good Souls that have entered into this world for the distinct purpose of educating those who are willing to hear of a different reality that is close at hand. Many of our foot soldiers, or ground forces if you prefer, work silently in the background putting an end to some of the now disenfranchised ones who try to covertly obstruct our efforts. Send your prayers of love and thankfulness to our forces for all that they are doing on your behalf. It is not easy for them to be amongst those they love and know all so well who the people are who trapped in the maze of mirrors of their mind. Time after time we all have tried to break the cycle of repetitiveness that so deviously lays waste to populations that desire the right change for the right reason. There are still people who are in need of help in order to change the patterns of their otherwise uneventful lives. The guard is always changing; the Spirit Guides and teachers are rotating in and out of the lives of the people who are reaching heightened levels of consciousness.

We can, I can, assure you that everything that is permissible is being done to spare you all at this tine from the worst that is to come. This will be of little consolation for those who see only in black and white. For them, the times that are now upon them will wreak havoc in their minds. This is where the stouthearted people who are faithful to the one true God of this Universe will shine on through the difficulties of these long awaited days. Be true to yourself, see how far you have come and do not become complacent and begin feeling as if there is nothing else for you to do. You are needed more now than you were at another time in Earth’s long, albeit not so illustrious past. The front lines will be replenished as the unprepared are unable to go on and they will continue to fall. Treat them with respect, honor their dedication to service and always remember, we are watching, we are counting people and making mental notes on who we may contact for assistance as the need arises. There is always room for more on the front lines. If you feel you are ready to accept some responsibilities above and beyond those that you are currently undertaking we encourage you to reach out to us for guidance. We would prefer to be working productively with each of you in ventures that are seldom sought after on this world. If not, the people of this world will suffer needlessly if those in the know fail to do their parts. This is unacceptable and very much the reason the reception rooms of Nirvana are presently being inundated with vast numbers of incoming Souls. We saw this coming and we are prepared. We suggest you continue to fortify your Spiritual Self, you will need every ounce of Spiritual strength you can muster in the days ahead if you are to exceed your expectations of yourself.

I truly do wish you could see from our vantage point the despair that exists everywhere. There are so many aspects of human life that must alter; there is so much you can not see from your somewhat limited vantage point. The planet herself is healing from within yet there is still so much left to do. Over the next few months, even well into next year and beyond, the topical terrain of this world will continue to alter, to shake and roll. Be prepared. Do not count on others to help you to see this through. Be helpful to others; however I caution you, do not share with others your preparedness status, and only share this information with those that you trust. The gang mentality, anarchy and acts of desperation are about to accelerate to an unprecedented level. Tread softly and keep your cloaks in place when need be. This is no time to be flaunting yourself and it is not now and never is a good time to become a martyr to your own cause. From this Frequent Flyer to all of you, until next time I bid you farewell.

Commander Theda /

Received by David