Our Interview with Commander Theda Part 1

Part one of the interview is an introduction of Commander Theda and her qualifications, Her ships location and various missions, why she is here above the planet at this time. Politicians, crew member compliments and the numbers of Space Ships above Earth, and the "Droga."


Our interview with Commander Theda

Part #1 of 5

Uncensored interview with Theda, a Commander of the
Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keepers Forces.

Theda is commander of the star fleet ships liaison for
the Pleiadian and Arcturian Flagships

This is part 1 of a 4 part session. Parts 2, 3 and 4 contain information of the present and the future of this planet. Also, issues regarding the daily routines of the Peace Keepers present here now and their galactic battles upcoming with the Illuminati.

We physically made "first contact" with Theda early in 2004, her communiqués were not unexpected. She is a unique individual who had been hovering overhead awaiting a specific linear timeline before connecting with us, as she stated, again. We have spent the time since then retaining our connection and listening to her sage advice. Theda generously consented to allowing us to interview her, knowing we would be posting it on this site. The following is the summation of part 1, the questions and answers are unedited.


Q-"Please state your title and qualifications as a Peace Keeper."

A-"I am Theda, a Commander of the Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keepers Forces, chief Officer of the Interplanetary Diversionary Project, expert on holographic projectile infusions and former explorer of ancient worlds. As a young child I was trained in the arts of stellar communication and the proper raising of hydroponic foods. I was a liaison for the exchange program of Pleiadian and Arcturian students, I studied under Ewashon, a highly placed commander of the Arcturian planet, who taught me the interfacing and laser technology necessary to pilot our ships. As a young adult I excelled in the studies of holographic projectory and the advanced courses on diversionary tactics. I was approached by a High Fleet Commander who proposed my name to the Euburian Council as a possible Administer of the Peace Keepers Forces, which had just been initiated. My name was accepted by Council and I began 14 years, in my time measurement, of intensive training."

"I will not reveal all of the training techniques solely because earth people cannot all be trusted., however, part included the exploration of ancient worlds where advanced cultures now thrive. I was accompanied at that time of training by 34 other individuals whose destines aligned with my own. We all learned many languages that we needed to learn in order to interact with more primitive life forms. To date, I now can speak, when necessary, in 134 languages. Many are earth star "lingo." I was issued my own ship 612 years ago, again in my time measurements. I was given my own fleet 124 years ago."

Q-"How many missions have you flown? How many other missions have you been involved in?"

A-"I have flown independently of other ships, 4,659 times. I have been involved in other missions where I interacted with other ships’ fleets, 12,639 times."

Q-"Have you ever been involved in any air accidents? Have you crash-landed at any time?"

A-"Yes, I have been involved in air accidents, probably a dozen times, it is part of the risk we take when we accept the honor of "Commander." Once when I was working with a scientist in a ship that I shall not name, the ship encountered a swiftly moving meteor. Although the pilot took every maneuver possible to avoid contact, a fragment of the meteor broke off and clipped the stern of the ship. All our ships are equipped with special alloy devises that immediately open and encase all movement that it detects as "living." They function much as your automobile airbags, only our devises are much better. Each one contains a sensor which has been calibrated to track any living organism that matches the data that is encoded within it’s "brain," as one of our life species. It is in this manner that all of our newest ships in ALL of our fleets can effectively prevent loss of life and/or unmanageable physical injury."

When we were hit by the meteor we were on our way back to the 13th. Moon of earth’s, to collect more soil samples. We did crash land there but you would call it "a soft landing." I have been in many ships, including my own, where near misses with space debris, thanks to your world governments, was and still are a constant occurrence. I have been one of the more fortunate ones, in that I have not been seriously injured. Also, we had always been under the surreptitious scrutiny of the dark brotherhoods and their ships of evil thoughts. I do not care to recount the numbers of times when we were suddenly attacked by this primordial form of life. It has only been this force and it’s banished cliques that have sought our destruction."

Q-"Theda, how old are you?"

A-"I am very much older than I look. I do not see this query as relevant."

Q-"Ok! Are you in the earth’s rotation system or above it?"

A-"My ship and the fleets I command now, are above the central grid which surrounds the planet earth star. However, I and my fellow commanders from other fleets, also place ourselves within the rotation system of the earth star when required to do so. The term "required" means when an obstacle, or event, or occurrence of massive proportions is about to take place on this planet, that will catapult other worlds into deep distress, then we must reset our directional finders to follow closely the events in order to be of assistance. This happens quite frequently and will accelerate over the next 2 years."

Q-"How large is your crew?" "What do they do?"

A-"The numbers of the crews change constantly. Whereas commanders must remain on ship at all times until the conclusion of the mission or missions, crews must be allowed to have "off time." There is always a contingent of engineers, scientists, health workers, interrogators etc. You see, in order to be a participant on any of our ships, all individuals must train extensively. We ALL commence trainings at very young ages. It is the way of our worlds. Only those who meet the World Law Criteria are accepted. It is for the good of all."

Q-"Have there ever been instances where a crew member has violated the codes while on board? Can they decide to travel to a place that is not on the agenda?"

A-"Absolutely not! That is forbidden and the consequences, the penalties are severe for any who would do that!" " WE have used the example of Commander Sanni Ceto since the "Roswell Incident," as to the foolhardy and dangerous problems that can and will occur, the lamentable loss of life and the barracuda type earthlings who would just be thrilled to have more Star Keepers as victims for their torture. An important part of all crew member training focuses on the significance of all ship members functioning as one unit; as a completed team. Each member knows how important he or she is to our mission. None lack the receiving of respect and honor from the commanders or from the Council."

Q-"In regards to you placement above the central grid, please tell our readers the reasons for your presence there and what you expect to accomplish."

A-"Many, many years before I joined the ranks of commandership, far back when I was a child in training, what you would call "blueprints" were shown to me and all the others. These clearly defined the acceleration of attacks by the dark horde, the Illuminati and other splinter factions from half a dozen other planets. These attacks were targeted at planet earth star. You two are well aware of all the reasons why earth is the central focus for destruction. To preserve our own freedom and all the freedoms experienced by so many other worlds, required the guardians, the humanitarians of all peace keeping races, to unite in "just cause." Celestial’s own father, Blue Star The Pleiadian, was one of the early orchestraters of this movement. This actually accomplished two purposes which we the Arcturians and Pleiadians, had for many a millennia been seeking. Not only could we willingly answer the call to arms, but it caused a massive reverberation throughout all the worlds which had been exposing those splinter factions in their own galaxies."

"By abolishing and expelling those who were the troublemakers, the totality of peace could once again reign in our worlds. It was foreseen that the ones exiled would unite with one another. And so they did. Thus were born the grays who abduct earthlings under the auspices of the Illuminati’s orders and the enlargement of the Illuminati camp, as well and the dark horde’s now increasing numbers. The diabolical races immediately proceeded to attempt to breach the central grid. Many of our ships were already in placement at the grid directly before the horde arrived. The type of ferocity of our battles is unknown on this planet. We share a "mind link" with all of our compatriots. So it is that while we wage war against the horde with our lasers, we also wage war with our joint minds. It is simple to place holographic images in front of the others we are fighting, causing great confusion and hectic scrambling. It is during their states of confusion that we strike most intensely. There exists no middle road in these fire fights, it is truly ":do or die." The grid must be protected at all costs! This we all know. We now have permanently stationed some of the finest of the galactic fleets at the grid. Our mission here is to vanquish the marauders, granting time for our descendents on earth, as well as our walk-ins and Shadow Dancers, to protect and serve the human race."

Q-Switching the subject here for a moment, do you have politicians on your planets? What is your opinion of the earth star’s politicians?"

A-"We do not have politicians per se here, there is a dichotomy present though, we do have our hierarchies and our High Councils. They have a responsibility for overseeing the welfare of the populace. They are chosen for their positions by merit. They would be answerable to the populace for misdeeds or misgoverning. We have never in our histories encountered those problems. Those who excel in military thought head the military, and so forth. All convene regularly to discuss new ventures, ideas and the enhancement of plans for the future. All thoughts are then passed on to the populace. It is in this manner considered by us to be equitable. As for the earth star’s politicians, please note I am speaking only for myself now, to be honest, except for perhaps a handful of men and women worldwide, I consider earth politicians to have flatulence of the brain."

Q-"On your air ship, are all members Pleiadian and Arcturian?"

A-"On my own ship, yes, all members are of Pleiadian and Arcturian heritage. However, I must explain the genealogy just a bit. I myself am both Pleiadian and Arcturian; many of our ancestors married with Lyrians. They were the forerunners of the Pleiadian race. On the Pleiades, there are thousands upon thousands of male and female beings who are "mixed" in this manner. Many of us refer to ourselves, for instance, as Pleiadian if that is the dominant genealogical race. Many, many others on ships may be all Pleiadian, or all Arcturian, Andromedian, Sirian and so forth. Remember, we are a consortium of Peace Keepers. We do not indulge in any "selective choosing" of crew races on ships or elsewhere. As I stated before, we LIVE equality."

Q-"At this time, do you know how many air ships are presently here to assist earth through her transformational period?"

A-"I can not give you a number, each day it changes, partly due to our ships that have been shot down by the enemy, partly due to the necessity of sending ships back to their bases and replacing them with rested crew members on new ships. I can tell you though that at the very least, there are 10 million. More than that I cannot say. We also have those who are "The Watchers." Watcher’s ships are slightly modified versions of the ones we all use. Their agenda is quite different from ours, they have no need of armament or weaponry. They are record keepers as well. Watchers relay messages and teleport members of their crews who are the couriers, to home bases so that all information regarding the current situations on the earth star, above and below the grid and our own circumstances are recorded. Watchers’ information dictates how many more, or less, ships will be sent by dispatch to our location. They also telepath all this data to their own home planets so that the teachers there can continually upgrade their children’s education. This is very important. The records which they guard contain all history of each and every planet and it’s habitats, This is how our children learn what NOT to do."

Q-"Please tell our readers about the Droga."

A-"The Droga are an ancient race of highly evolved beings as you both know. They are very short in stature, perhaps 3 to 3 1/2 feet tall. Their coloring is quite nondescript. Droga are quite chubby but not overweight. Some are a brownish color, while others are a charcoal gray. They have very high foreheads, small dark eyes that are deep-set and regardless of their age, have very lined foreheads. Our records indicate that they were here as a life species before our people kept any records, so that was very, very long ago. They are a very quiet race; no one has ever heard them laugh or seen them smile, they are extremely serious. They have been said to be the Creators of telepathy. Most of them live for about 25,000 years"

"They first visited the planet earth star hundreds of years ago, where they left behind a type of satellite stone which was and still is capable of broadcasting a beacon denoting the status of the earth’s stability. They call this "The Droga Stone." The Droga still visit earthlings and walk-ins, providing succor for their descendents. This planet is highly populated with Droga genealogy. We all call them "The Wise Ones." This is because the decisions they make in council meetings are always extraordinary, always possess incredible insight. We have never known them to be wrong. When an earthling or a walk-in has conscious memory of being visited by the Droga, they should know that this is a very high honor. The Droga wage war by Creating peace. That is all I am permitted to say about the Droga."

Continued in part 2.