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“Masters In Training”


As you may know in the Native traditions, if you wanted to do something, you would go to the chief of the tribe and ask to be allowed to do it.

Well this story is about such a journey.

A wee child of about 6 years of age came home from school just before summer break all excited, having heard from the other children all about Disney World and all the fun you can have there.

So the wee child went to Grandfather Chief to ask if he might be allowed to go to Disney World on summer break.

Now the wee child was very excited and could hardly stand still as he said to Grandfather Chief, I will come back and tell you every thing I see and do if you will let me go, Please Grandfather Chief – Please.

So Grandfather Chief/Creator said, As you know Rainbow Light I am so busy hear with the tribe that I can’t go to Disney World for my self, so Rainbow Light you may go, but you must make sure to come back and tell me every thing you see and do down at Disney World. OK!

So little Rainbow Light said to Grandfather Chief/Creator – Thank you – Thank you -Thank you – Grandfather/Creator, I will.

So soon after school was out that summer the wee child, Little Rainbow Light was on the way to Disney World with a (Supervisor/Angel) right behind him, and to be there for 2 hole days of uninterrupted fun.

On the following week Little Rainbow Light came to Grandfather Chief/Creator all excited about the adventures at Disney World.

Little Rainbow Light began to tell Grandfather all about the adventures at Disney World and how a very nice person helped him find a rest room.

And Grandfather Chief/Creator said oh yes that was an MIT – A Master In Training – Who helped you while you were there.

And that could be the last time for that person to go to Disney World.

Well, Little Rainbow Light DID YOU HAVE FUN down on Disney World?

Oh yes Grandfather I rode some rides and ate a lot of food and candy and got Sick and everything, Can I go again next year,

Please – Please – Please.

Well as you have started this journey of education and how to have fun and enjoy life down on Disney World, you may continue the journey you have started to become a MIT yourself.

The next year on summer break, again along with the (Supervisor/Angel) Little Rainbow Light went again to Disney World to have more fun and to see and do as much as a lifetime will allow.

On the flowing week when little Rainbow Light came before Grandfather Chief/Creator.

To tell of all the things that had been seen and done, down on Disney World.

Grandfather Chief/Creator ask,

Well, little Rainbow Light, — DID YOU HAVE FUN ? down on Disney World?

Oh yes Grandfather I met a very nice person who help me find the things I needed, and I rode some rides and ate a lot of candy and food and got Sick again and everything, Oh yes I relay had fun Grandfather Creator.

Can I go again next year, Please – Please.

And so Grandfather Creator said, of course you may little Rainbow Light.

For you will one day become one of those very nice persons, who will be there, not only to have fun but also to help the newcomers with there journey, and to find the rest room, and to help them in many other ways.

And so again and again little Rainbow Light went down to Disney World to have fun and learn all about this Disney World of Earth.

On this occasion when he came before Grandfather Creator he said that he had seen some unhappy people that were not having fun or even enjoying them self’s at all.

Yes, said Grandfather Creator, they have forgotten the reason they went down to Disney World/Earth in the first place, And that was to learn how to enjoy any journey they may take and to have fun in doing it.

For you see here in this dimension we know only love and can’t feel sick or stub our toe or any thing like that.

So you see when you come back to this dimension you bring back your memories of what it was like to enjoy the ride and be sick all at the same time.

You can then share the memories of all you have seen and done down on Disney World with the rest of your brothers and sisters who did not get to go there, not even once.

And so it was that after many times of going down to this World Earth. Little Rainbow Light found himself standing before Grandfather Creator telling of all the things that had happened and all the fun that was available to any one who would come down to this 3D World Earth.

Well, said Grandfather Creator so this will be your last time down to Earth, as you are now a MIT yourself.

However I am building a new Disney World – It is in the new dimension, and I will call it Disney World # 2 the 5th dimension.

And so Little Rainbow Light will you help with the transition into the new 5th dimension of Disney World Two.

Oh Yes Grandfather I will, For I am most pleased and honored to be allowed to be part of it all, and to do my part.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Grandfather, Thank you – Thank you – Thank you.

Well, little Rainbow Light you have now become a Rainbow Warrior and you may go back down to Disney World # 1 for the last time to help in the transition of the Old 3D World into the new 5th dimension of spirit.

And in the spirit of a Master you have become, you will help the wee ones and newcomers into the new way, in Disney World # 2.

I am very proud of you now, Rainbow Warrior.

As you know I LOVE you and all of my Little Particles of Light, very – very – Much.

We here in this dimension honor and support you for all the work that you do to help your brothers and sisters to transition to the next dimension.

I know “BELOVED Lightworkers” that this task is not easy for any of the Masters and MIT’s , so I say to you,

Be at peace with your Creator for in this is the under standing of all things.


Be at peace with your task, Enjoy this time in the 3D Disney World of Earth for it will not come again soon.

So My Rainbow Warrior of Light this will be your last time down in the 3D World of Earth for you will have earned the wings of a Master by helping your brothers and sisters to transition to the next dimension.

To all of my Rainbow Warriors of Light and all of my Light Particles and all of my Creations.


“Grandfather / GOD / Creator

Message received by Cliff H./ Medicine Bear

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