Inquiring Minds want to Know

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“Inquiring Minds want to Know”

Our Answers to someone’s questions. In order to respect his anonymity we will reference our response to a first name of David only. He is of Jewish background and never considered that Jesus or God spoke directly with anyone here on Earth much less having a two way conversation. Lately he has found himself connecting with many good people who speak directly with Jesus. He was asking us for clarity. This is one of our responses.

Greetings David, my David and I are sitting trying to decide where to begin, Jesus just said, “Well Celest and David it’s always best to begin at the beginning, just remember there really is no end!” No pressure right David Y…..! OK, David, first we will start with your questions then Jesus and God have messages for you. It is not uncommon for Jesus or God to intentionally appear to, for instance, 3 people at the same time in the same room. They do this when they have already preselected certain people to be the heralds of the Golden NOW who have the ability to touch the hearts, Souls and minds of the people who are part of the Collective Consciousness. This time YOU are the herald of whom we speak. You see David Y….., the people you have encountered who either all saw the same figure of Jesus or repeated the same exact words to you were the ones who were to be the catalysts to “get your attention” in a noninvasive manner.

Jesus just said, ”God and I knew that this would be a BIT OF A SHOCKING EXPERIENCE for you Our David, but We did our best to buffer it as much as non-humanly possible.” God just added, ”We gave you a trail of bread crumbs to follow which We knew would inevitably lead you to Our Celestial and David. Are We good or what!

Jesus and God each have wonderful senses of humor, yet when They are serious, they are VERY serious.

We have been speaking with Jesus, God, Mary Magdalene, The Collective of Masters and all the other Luminescents (The Gods and Goddesses of all other Universes) for many years AND on a daily basis. Day, evening and night. Not once did any of us discuss much about the Jewish connection He (Jesus) had, it was more of a quiet understanding that He did grow up as a Jewish man. Jesus and God both have spoken of never setting another person above yourself. About always understanding the YOU are God in physical manifestation. To Them this would have been never putting another on a pedestal. This is repeated throughout the current 7 books of the “God Book Series.” We will begin writing Book 8, the final book of the series in October; it is titled “Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients.” Jesus of course plays a very prominent role in all these books.

Repeatedly in the books Jesus has revealed many ancient and previously unknown facts about HimSelf, God and hidden truths whose gridline intersection has arrived for the truths to be told.

Here are some examples that Jesus speaks about.

He has stated emphatically, “I was never crucified; I did not die on the cross.  My beloved wife Mary Magdalene and I traveled to many lands and had many children. I never founded Christianity, I did NOT Create it. Although many call Me a martyr, I see the irony here, how could I be a martyr if I did not die?”

Jesus asked us to tell you that “Christianity and all the offshoots of religions kept people living in fear and successfully segregated them from other people. People were too afraid not to break free from religions. My wife and My disciples were here to begin planting the seeds of the truth about My alleged “Second Coming.” There is NO second coming, for in truth I never left. I came here to teach those whom I could about the great necessity for people to live as Spiritual people, not as religious people. I came to begin the BEGINNING of the sowing process for the Golden Time of God which IS the installation here of The Jesus THE Christ Consciousness. Mary and I with the unlimited aid of God and ALL the Universes began the true first journey of sowing the seeds of The Golden NOW and calling forth the birthing of the Advocates for Justice. From time to time I “drop in” here to the Earth Star planet to share some moments with My beloved Advocates and bear witness to the upcoming great shift which is taking place. The Jesus THE Christ Consciousness is now sweeping over this planet and many, many people are at long last awakening. It is what I do!”

This is now for you from both Jesus and God, David,“ Celest and David both know that We individually and at times both of Us together, visit them in the physical so to speak, as brilliant enormous extraordinary white spheres of Light emitting the most intense unconditional love for them both. At times it has brought them to tears, tears of joy that is. We each encourage them to never give up, and continue as they been doing to stand in their truth and to BE their truth!

Also throughout the books, Jesus, Mary Magdalene and God inform the readers that there was never to have been a patriarchal or matriarchal hierarchy here on the Earth Star planet. It will soon become that which it was supposed to originally be, it will be the “Co-Crearchy” and will exist throughout the physical mortality of the planet herself. Also that all Divine Beings are androgynous. God and Jesus are both asking us to tell you David that there is so much they want you to know in order for you to fulfill your destiny. When you want to know more please let us know. If you have questions please ask your questions, obviously we have all given you much to assimilate.

Also, you may have noticed that we make references to “The Golden NOW” rather than the Golden Age so many people erroneously refer to it as…. The reason for this is quite simple, an “age” implies that there are limitations being imposed and that it will eventually expire, it is temporary. The Golden NOW which is now integrating with The Jesus THE Christ Consciousness is eternal, there is no end. Clarifying this to others is one important reason why each of us is here now, and yes this does include YOU!!

Also for clarity purposes, we do not channel anyone, we share a Soul integration with each of them and receive their messages in this manner. In time it is no different than inhaling and exhaling, it is natural.

You can have experiences with people who are passed over into the Hereafters as well as with any Divine Being, the pity is that people don’t realize this, nobody ever told them.

There is much, much more we could share with you, as we said, let us know.

Salude, Celest and David

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