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Advocates for Justice

Advocates for Justice

(Book 6 of the God Book series)

This book became available on 3-28-14

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208 pages

This book will be available in paperback, PDF and e-Book versions

“Advocates for Justice” is a compelling, thought provoking journey into the true essence of who each person is. God’s 6th book contains a complete explanation of why certain contingency plans had to be activated and why some still are in the process of being placed into motion. In order for people all over the world to participate as the Collective Consciousness, the Christ Consciousness had to be parlayed in order to achieve success. He offers a complete explanation of why people have not been told about these things before. This book will cause many if not all of you, to further understand the importance of why you are here and what your capabilities are. This book will require slow reading and no doubt most people will need to reread it many times. Because the information God provides is so detailed, it is virtually impossible to assimilate all of this material at one time. You will find that your thought processing will alter, “and this new to you” level of awareness will be an astonishing realization of not only the true nature of yourself, but the book explicitly details the underlying importance of what you as an individual can do to help heal the planet while still evolving yourself. Please be prepared to feel God’s presence throughout this book. His presence is unmistakable.

God refers to the chapters in this current book as “Catalysts.”

Here are the catalysts:

The Advocacy

The Leagues of Extraterrestrial People

Influencing the Course of Events

On a Collision Course with Reality

Angels with a Cause

Alliances in the NOW

The Effects of the Trojan Horses

Wounded Warriors

White Rose

The Wonder of You

God’s final message – I speak to you from the Threshold of the Final Frontier, the frontier of Truth and Freedom for all

We, Celestial Blue Star of the Pleiades and David of Arcturus, feel very honored that God has chosen us to be the scribes for this series of books.

 Book Excerpts

Introduction by God

The more other civilizations on your own home worlds, as well as other worlds which have not sent any of their races to the Earth Star, learn about what you all need to be reminded of, the more they will achieve a continuous state of grace. They will also grow from learning about how much you all have forgotten. In turn those other races will better teach their progeny of the pitfalls occurring on Earth when people become trapped in illusions, in the trap which is also the quagmire of “time.” It is quid pro quo.

Catalyst 1The Advocacy

You are standing atop the point of change. All of the Luminescents of all worlds are working in tandem to heal the breech that the falling of the Walk-Ins and Starseeds has created. Some who experienced the fall were because of actions that were self-created, yet most were craftily planned by dark people here who KNEW who the Walk-Ins and Starseeds were that were to BE the difference for the Earth Star planet and humanity as a whole.

Catalyst 2 The Leagues of Extraterrestrial People

In the days past, in this life experience, you have from point to point in your life felt unbelievable jubilation, the Lightness of Being and at times tears of joy for no apparent reason. At least not apparent to you, that is. Although there are some among you who immediately realize that this is when you as Soul are connecting ever further with Me as Soul, most of you do not or have not yet understood this.

Catalyst 3 Influencing the Course of Events

Regardless of what your individual placements were here on this planet … in THIS lifetime … you each still had to live and BE in the right place at the right time. This will explain to many of you Children why you have had to be relocated again and again and again.

Catalyst 4 On a Collision Course with Reality

The reason you each have been given carte blanche to “get in touch with the practical you in an unpractical world,” was initially to better prepare you for dealing with TRUE life situations.

Catalyst 5 Angels with a Cause

OK Children; in this period of learning I do need for you to have a better understanding of the dilemma the Earth Seeds find themselves in. The commonality between their situation and the strange circumstances so many Walk-Ins and Starseeds find themselves in is its own anomaly.

Catalyst 6 Alliances in the NOW

At times it requires great courage to find out more about YOU than YOU have ever consciously known before. Now My wish is for you each to arrive at a form of conciliation with yourself ABOUT yourself.

Catalyst 7 The Effects of the Trojan Horses

Spiritual strength lies within the Unity of ONE, yet because you are each an integral part of ONE, you are few, yet you are MANY. I ALWAYS and in ALL-WAYS combine My own thoughts for change and the Spiritual restoration of the human races as a whole with your own.

Catalyst 8 Wounded Warriors

In order to move to a higher level of Soul maturity and Soul knowledge, each of you must complete the cycles you are in, and do so for your own satisfaction as well as for the satisfaction of all who are involved. Life and personal evolution are all cycles which must be undertaken and experienced and for some of you they can seem to happen quickly.

Catalyst 9 White Rose

Over the next few years a new type of movement will begin here. We will actually try to implement this movement in mid-summer of 2015. This will be White Rose working with a select group of Advocates here and assisting them with simply working with Terra, while some other Advocates and White Rose will be working with non-mammal life forms.

Catalyst 10 The Wonder of You

OK, I will only tell you now that because of all that you are learning, all that you are truly either understanding or beginning to understand, you are unconsciously affecting all the great changes this planet is in such need of.

God’s final message – I speak to you from the Threshold of the Final Frontier, the frontier of Truth and Freedom for all


True Life Stories – My Story

Life is not about the destination

It IS about understanding the journey TO the destination

Welcome to “True LIFE Stories”

Everyone has a story; we would love to have you share with us an aspect of your journey, of your awakening, of your “ah ha” moments when you knew that life has meaning and that there was a reason you are here. Your sharing of your ventures, your thoughts, your realizations, your funny moments, your tripping and picking yourself back up and continuing on, will encourage others to examine their lives and to move forward with confidence, knowing that no one is perfect. We all make mistakes… but we keep on going. By sharing you will be encouraging others who may be doubting their true successes and realizing there is more to life than going through the motions. We would love to hear from YOU! If you wish your name to be anonymous please let us know and we will honor your request. Just let us know how you wish to sign off, with your initials, your first name or ??

We honor your courage to step forward and make a difference by BE-ing the difference. Salude, Celestial and David

Email us at earthstar @

True Life Stories

Epiphany #3

My Story

Hi, I was reading about the person from Thailand who said he was getting tired a lot and the respondent who said to write more statements of self to help them understand what we are going through better. Well, here is where I am stuck:

-I joined the doctoral program in 2010 and graduated in June 2013 with all but the dissertation, held up because the way I was “helped” to do it all but did not prepare us. It did, however, demonstrate a disconnect, a lack of empathy, a putting of students in charge to give each other feedback which resulted in the blind leading the blind, and then when I still did not progress I was told to hire a dissertation editor.

Since I am Native American I have hated each step, feeling I walk deeper and deeper into the grips of illuminati thinking. This further blocks my progress as I am so resistant to continue with a dissertation committee composed of three unfeeling, stuck, unhelpful individuals. I have asked repeatedly of my department to get me different members, but was ignored. Now a year later it is still not completed and I am still expected to write a document that eludes me and leaves me feeling confused and like a traitor. This education “system” is unbalanced, cold, disconnected. I understand the need for education but it is almost emotionally impossible to condone a continuation of the way in which they are going about expecting progress with no assistance. I am depressed about it and stuck and feel I cannot even support the system enough to pretend to want to endorse continuing this farse, yet that very degree is necessary to gain the title necessary to fight the system at its own level. In other words, I feel I cannot muster a way to fake it well enough to get enthusiastic about their farse. Thinking about it drains me further. It is a built-in failure loop designed to prevent completion. The more of a sensitive you are, the more it prevents completion. I feel entrapped by a system that feels nothing. I am like a fly in a web paralyzed.

-We are told to put ourselves out there, to tell people and make a difference. We are told to ignore fear, as if nothing bad will happen if we teach the world and those around us about spiritual energy and the kinds of things I know. But belief systems are tricky and we are also told not to interfere in the freewill of others, so that is a catch 22. And when I respond about stuff related to channeling or UFOs on Facebook, work colleagues see it. And when I protest a racist mascot in front of my boss’s boss, suddenly I am being pink slipped and told I may not have my job next year. So you see, there are traps associated in speaking up. I was unemployed for 6 years and we are expected to risk food and shelter. My work colleagues see what I post. Don’t think I am not scared that they have the ability to terminate my employment. I am humble, I don’t have a fancy life. I have wanted to plan a vacation for years now and suddenly I think I have a long term job but I am thrust right back in to job seeking and worries again. Yes, this is scary and real for me to put myself out there. Yes, their disapproval can cost me my safety and my livelihood. I am not a church person like my boss would have wanted me to be, so I am replaceable. And not that I care to follow that belief system for I know better, but when people who are still stuck hold power over your job and references, then it is so fool hearty to open your mouth. Even when I say I am Native American and that is my religion, I speak up for the first time and that scares me to do it, to stand out. But I did find family by speaking out and it has in all been extremely painful emotionally. I would not call myself a martyr or a fool. I just want to be able to survive and have money to buy things and travel and have animals and a garden. They can take it all away.

-So then I wonder about time, since some have the ability to move back and forth in time. If this can be done, then those who go forward or have future lives can already see this outcome, can’t they? So what illusion have we volunteered for that was not already solved and why are we pawns in a fight for illusion? Why come in to fight in this time line when in the future it already happened? If all time is simultaneous, why does it matter that I sacrifice my safety by standing out and influencing ignorant ingor-ant people who do not want to believe? Yes, indigos volunteered, but why? I feel duped.

-My abilities are growing but I do not see a mass appreciation or use for them. First of all, I do not have the money or power to open a school like I dream of to teach this in ways I would have liked to for the last 20 years that I could have done it. Nobody cared. The doors did not open, despite my yearnings. I have glimpses of this or that and I do see spirit giving me glimpses but in all, my abilities are being wasted. Now I am a school administrator and being told more illuminati lies for how to run a school. These schools do not know what sacred means, or what spirit is, or what spiritual means. They are disconnected from Mother Earth and Creator and this is not taught to children. Instead, schools take away creativity, arts, music, originality. They push math and English at the expense of critical thinking and creativity and make drones. So if all that education was gathered just so I could get to 54 years old then wow, here I am, noticing what others already see. And still I do not have the money or power to open such a school to challenge the schools of corruption. And each time I try to show some autonomy my boss silences me, gives me her script to read, and makes me walk in her shoes so that I have no impact. So maybe I can see how bad public schools already are, how they silence our 7th generation in this same way. How I add my prayer to destroy all such schools. I would do so and open spiritual schools if I could. Unfortunately a wish has not been enough.

-Then, my lungs are sore from pneumonia induced by chemtrails laced with debris, chemicals, spores, nano-particles. My lungs are partially closed, and I fight back by taking potassium iodade-iodine, to chelate heavy metals and reverse potential cancer. Still, my weight gain and sluggishness and breathing problems suggest I am slowing down and I am less capable of making the impression on others that I want to make, my health and vitality and energy level have slipped. I cannot attract a partner with an overweight body so I have been alone for years now and that is not good either. I look at the selection of men out there and don’t see any IQ levels that jump out at me. And with the ones I speak to, ether they are too backward for me or too dirty and un-refined, or I don’t have the look or the property-female focus they are looking for. The lack of a partner also takes away from my energy because I am happier with somebody I can share with and team up with. So for whatever reason, I am broken but still expected to do my job alone. This is not whining. My mother died at my very age, and I am the enlightened legacy who came to make a difference yet what chance do I have in this filthy, backward world? I am a way-shower and yes, it is yes it is very lonely. I have taught my two daughters- a crystal and an indigo. What sort of success will they have if I can’t even make an impact on ignorance?

-Now, I do talk to some out there and share my thoughts. However miniscule, I have tried to teach people our star cousins are out there. I have sent this energy to Kurdistan, Algeria, and even Kuwait. But those cultures are still dangerous to women, where women are still physically traumatized by sexual surgery to remove their connection to feeling and kundalini energy, and they are still being sexually exploited. We are told to feel safe, but I know those women feel so much pain they set themselves on fire, so how can I teach them on their soil when they have no recognition of women’s sacred energy and rights to selfhood and body? So I sent some energy over there to help with that, but the brutality makes me cry and makes me sad and I have had nightmares over this. Yes, I am afraid because they hate my body and would target it like they did to Lara Logan. She is braver than I am.

-I know I am here to teach empowerment and to create organized chaos, but I do not feel my impact has been very great. Artpeeps did not go as I envisioned and I did not attract artists, but vagrants instead. I am told to go to a needy community and get my hands dirty and I did But in return I get disrespect for all the goals, concepts, and ideas related to Mother Earth, property Caretakership. I get their idea of using people, exploiting, and being desperate. Instead of community I got contempt, instead of sharing I got jealousy and they broke the pots, cups, dishes. One person cut my water hose and then apologized for being a crack head. Truly I feel used and abused for trying to help them. If I can’t make a difference then I want to retreat to a farm with goats and dogs and be left alone. Yet I cannot do this either because my employment is at risk and I am a threat to the public school system. They would write me off as a nut.

-If Creator has a better idea for me, then I am open to it. I do not want to do pointless work in an environment where all my good intentions are just a threat to the status quo and I must be silenced and cut back. I did my part, as you can see. I tried and tried. In so many ways I was just spit on for trying so hard. And now, for being educated and different, I am just alone. I am not the preferred sex object these Earth men have been trained they need. The kinds like me are so hard to find, I do not find them. I do not want to die alone like my mother did. But I also do not want an alcoholic man who just sits in my living room eating my food and using me for free stuff. Where is an enlightened partner to help me make this new school? Where is the opportunity to do this? I do not want to say I died disconnected because the little I did never really utilized my abilities. How sad this life, how wasted from what it could have been. Yet I still feel blamed by you all for not being more. Shame on you for setting us up like this. It’s a game I can’t win. If you want to help me connect better to the people I need to really make changes, then do step up and help. Being blocked in on all sides while they dump chemtrails on me, then expecting me to build bricks from this air? I am a visionary and a manifestor, but even I know when I am seriously outnumbered and out-gunned!

I need HELP. Dear Creator, my Arcturian family, my Pleiadian family, my Bashar Grey Hybrid family, do you hear me? This is my plea to you all, who sound arrogant from where I stand.

Thank you.

J. S.

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True Life Stories – Hello My Spiritual Family

Life is not about the destination

It IS about understanding the journey TO the destination

Welcome to “True LIFE Stories”

Everyone has a story; we would love to have you share with us an aspect of your journey, of your awakening, of your “ah ha” moments when you knew that life has meaning and that there was a reason you are here. Your sharing of your ventures, your thoughts, your realizations, your funny moments, your tripping and picking yourself back up and continuing on, will encourage others to examine their lives and to move forward with confidence, knowing that no one is perfect. We all make mistakes… but we keep on going. By sharing you will be encouraging others who may be doubting their true successes and realizing there is more to life than going through the motions. We would love to hear from YOU! If you wish your name to be anonymous please let us know and we will honor your request. Just let us know how you wish to sign off, with your initials, your first name or ??

We honor your courage to step forward and make a difference by BE-ing the difference. Salude, Celestial and David

Email us at earthstar @

True Life Stories

Epiphany #2

Hello My Spiritual Family

My name is Nutu Tamas. I was born in Romania in the heart of communism. I left that system when I was 21 years old. Come to Canada and after few years move to USA for 3 years and then move back to Canada because I did not have green card to stay there. I love USA more than any country in this world.

Ok, here I go: Since I was a small boy I did like to question everything and everybody including God. Of course that God did not show up how I was expecting to see Him/Her. So I contemplate a great deal and I come to conclusion that something is wrong with all the systems in the world regarding our essence. Nobody can satisfy my desire of knowing my self. So in one day I was ready to give up and in time of contemplating somebody or something did override (interrupt) my thoughts. I was little afraid and I did ask the source of this interruption where did it come from? It start to communicate to me like a telepathic message coming from the Source of All That IS via my Higher Self or via my Soul that is how I understand this communications to be.

The first thing that did speak to me was that the world including me is (insane). I ask for explanation and I was asked this question: “do you see your self one with everything and everybody in this world?” I say that I can not see that that I am separated from everything. Then the Source say that in this case I am like the rest, insane. Ok I ask for a definition of the opposite of insanity according to the Sources and it say that in the moment I see my self and accept that I am one with everything I will become sane (the opposite of insanity). It take some time for me to become use to this new mentality and I try to practice this for the last 20 years or so in every day of my life.

And from this point I receive a lot of help in my life (from this Source) and I was guided to read information of the Spiritual nature. If I read something I ask for help specially with the Bible and I was very happy that the Source help me a great deal in the world of Spirituality on this plane of existence. I was guided to read parts of the Bible that it concern my past life’s in the last few thousands years on this planet. From my understanding in my Soul group I belong to Enoch of the old and from that I was a part of Abraham and after that I was incarnated in the body of Elijah and after that in the body of John the Baptist. From that point my life did change a great deal because I was so happy to share with others regarding this good news but I was so naïve and never read the people I was dealing with and the suffering of making fun of me did start. I never care of what others say after few years and keep walking my path the best I know how, straight with very few little mistakes that later I pay for dearly, but no regret today. I was guided to read a lot of good material including the books from God via Celest and David many of the channeling materials and any new book of spiritual nature that I can get my hands on it. I read them all like a sponge of thirst for knowledge of esoteric and Spiritual nature. I do help a great deal of people in my Spiritual journey and try to do what we call good all the time but sometimes I get in little trouble especially with the controllers of this dimension and sometimes even with my brothers of the Light because to me everything is in slow motion and so much information and disinformation like we are some kids lost in this creation and our brothers of the Higher Dimensions of the Light are playing a game with us. I love very much somebody like your father Celest, Blue Star because when he speaks it is a lot of essence we can benefit from his wisdom. I love when our Father speak to us in the mature level and few of others of the High levels of Heaven like Joshua, Buddha, AA Michael, Saul, St Germaine and a host of others from Nirvana and other High dimensions.

I know from the Father of the Light regarding the work I come here to be of service like “The Comforter” but I do not have a clue how and when this will start and I am ok with that. I do have a great faith in Divinity regarding our faith in this world. Sometimes like I say before it seems that is coming too slow but we only know what it comes from Above and it is coming very slow information regarding our affairs in this planet, like The EVENT that so many speak about and of course The Ascension.

Ok so here I am speaking to you opening my heart to you for the first time in this Spiritual community. I spend a great deal of time in the Mountains of Canada in the summer and I was so disappointed that I miss that chance to participate with the rest of you in the project PUSH but in Spirit I am 100% sure I was there with you.

Thank you for giving me and others the opportunity to speak to you from my heart of hearts. God bless you and I am so proud to be in this planet with all of you of in this Spiritual journey. Thank you so very much for your part in the path of Ascension and for all of your help and participation. We are ONE.

With Love and respect Nutu Tamas (the Comforter) Ceao, All Is Well


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True Life Stories – Questions, Questions

Life is not about the destination

It IS about understanding the journey TO the destination

Welcome to “True LIFE Stories”

Everyone has a story; we would love to have you share with us an aspect of your journey, of your awakening, of your “ah ha” moments when you knew that life has meaning and that there was a reason you are here. Your sharing of your ventures, your thoughts, your realizations, your funny moments, your tripping and picking yourself back up and continuing on, will encourage others to examine their lives and to move forward with confidence, knowing that no one is perfect. We all make mistakes… but we keep on going. By sharing you will be encouraging others who may be doubting their true successes and realizing there is more to life than going through the motions. We would love to hear from YOU! If you wish your name to be anonymous please let us know and we will honor your request. Just let us know how you wish to sign off, with your initials, your first name or ??

We honor your courage to step forward and make a difference by BE-ing the difference. Salude, Celestial and David  

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True LIFE Stories

Epiphany #1

Questions, questions

I have walked this life with questions nagging at me all the time. It never made sense why a girl in a good well-to-do cluster of families felt out of place, never part of the whole (we lived 7 houses/families together in the same area; each owner is my paternal grandfather and grandmother’s children). Among the families, that girl did not understand the conflicts the adults had over money and material things, the quarrels, the stabbing words, the jealousy over what another had and they thought he/she should not, the power/authority which would enhance their ego, the ups and downs of the relationship among them, etc. And all those things were often boiling over the brim and spilled over us, children. Luckily and perhaps consequently, many of the third generation like me have felt they have had enough of all the negative plays we all have witnessed since our childhood.

Despite all of the above, life was good. Life even enriched me with love, food, home, families, relatives, schools, and other material things. I was an easy-going girl, smiled a lot, laughed a lot, played all the time, sang songs a lot, too. That’s why I never understand why I wrote down on a paper, “I know I’m not my Papa’s child, not my Mama’s child.” Something upset me before that but it should not have caused me to declare that way. I was 5 or 6 years old, studying grade 1 or 2 (I started kindergarten class at 3, and forty years ago there was no nursery nor pre-kindergarten classes in Bangkok). Then, two or may be three years later I decided to commit a suicide.

No one home that evening. It’s dark and I had this stomachache I almost crawled across the rooms to get to the medicine. It’s in the kitchen. After taking the medicine, I walked up to this drawer with all the knives. I picked one and tried the stabbing gesture on my stomach. I really wanted to go. It’s not the stomachache, it’s something else. This living was depressive, that’s the impression. A thought ran through my head, telling me to think about Mother, she would cry if I did that. I even saw my Mom cried in my head. It’s just wrong to make your parents cry; we were taught not to do that. So I returned the knife. Years later, my Mom told a story as a joke but it related somewhat to this. She said at birth I wouldn’t come out to this world so the doctor had to use an instrument to drag me out by the head. She had to put Hirudoid (a balm) on my scalp till it stopped being green and purple. I told myself at the time that, well, I hadn’t even wanted to be born, or seemed to have changed my mind about being born into this world.

My life pattern changes every 10 years. The first 10 was joy, joy, with bouts of too serious thinking like the examples above. The second 10 began with junior high and high schools, the most turbulent years in my impression. It’s all storms. I began reading things about philosophies, religious teachings, ancient civilizations, pyramids, Tibet, UFOs, art, medicines, science. There was a magazine called “Fourth Dimension” which I bought and read about all the layman science inside, including this short story about the parallel universe that made a big impression on me. Books started to be my companion.

If things got too hard, I even walked into the school church at noon and prayed for some answers. The junior high school was Catholic, and we, students of various religions, were “raised” together “mixed”, which means we all joined Catholic ceremonies from time to time in the church. In the moral class, those few who were muslims sat with us Buddhists while the Catholics went to study in another room. So any sacred places were sacred for us, no matter which religion they belonged. For they were built by humans for humans, thus they belong to us humans. Later when I studied abroad, I never worried about searching for a temple. I went straight to a church and donated and prayed there. Strangely, the few churches I had gone to, were noted for the Virgin Mary’s miraculous appearances, the fact of which I learned later.

But the answers I asked for didn’t come. I always found myself in the middle of everything and everyone, never belonged. After my big families, now with teachers and friends, things were quite similar. The difference was teachers liked me, friends liked me. Some even called me “sacred mother” like we called Mother Mary here in Thailand, but they all were wary of me. I was too different, with my grades, my success in the school, my family’s financial position, but especially my thought, my thinking. They said I was strange, which they meant different. It wouldn’t have been hard if I was not trying to integrate into each society I found myself in. I called it stormy time because I silently screamed inside, then sadness; screams, sadness. I tried hard to make sense of all those, to understand a bigger picture. So when some friends prayed that they could be like me I was extremely saddened. How could they want a life that made no sense…

I ended up having no friends. I had everyone as friends, yet I had none. I thought I had two but after I resigned from my post in the class in the last year of my junior high, they stopped going around with me. When I asked them straightaway why, they said, “You have to understand. We are like birds flying across the ocean, we have to look for a driftwood to support ourselves. When the old piece rots, we must look for a new one.” I wondered what was going on. Maybe that’s the answer I had asked for, prayed for, but that sounded like an adult world, not the world of a 13 year-old. I could not integrate or adapt all the experiences to make some sense out of my life at the time at all, so I went on asking, questioning. I even asked what in me was wrong. Just knowing the point, I might be able to fix it. But first I must find out where to fix.

I even asked my teachers. One in the junior high ended up saying, “You know, I have taught students for 20 years, I’ve never met anyone like you. I am even afraid of you.” She was in her 50s, and when she didn’t elaborate on that, I dared not ask further because we were taught to honor seniority that way. Or maybe I was too ready to be upset to ask her what she meant. In a sense, I thought I understood. That “afraid of me” could be sensed among my friends and other teachers, too. Looking back, suicide hardly popped up as a choice during the difficult times. It is as though the knife incident happened to have me make a decision about suicide once and for all so that I will never turn to it again. That path is closed. So at the time I had to push on.

One thing I understood was emotions were a big chunk of why my life was such a depression. But I could not get over the emotions. And I couldn’t hurl anything back to others, it’s not my nature. I couldn’t throw or break things around, couldn’t even express my sadness. I tried sitting brooding once, hoping that would help. Just “drowning” myself at the corner for a while and maybe I would jump up for “air”, something light. The result: I was ordered to smile. I asked back, “Even if the smile is a mask?” And yes was the reply. So I decided that the only thing I could break without hurting anyone was cookies. Food. I chewed with my teeth as though food was a sand bag for my punches. Instead of feeling lighter, I was heavier. Now I had another type of weight to lose.

I kept feeling hurt, etc when hearing people’s words, now including those about my weight. I found the translated books of Hermann Hesse which helped me let out some depressed feelings during the university years. Songs too, they screamed for me. Daydreaming was another way-out but my DD did not transform me into a princess in the beautiful fantasy worlds. It was full of fighting, wars, and bloodshed, tears and broken feelings, disappointments and tortures, screaming, running, etc. I enjoyed them though for they let me live somewhere else with “adventures” as I regarded them at the time. I would die and started it again if I still wanted to repeat a particular experience pattern. Or else, I would start a new turn of events. Years later I would look back and regard them anew as part of my remembrance of some past lifetimes, some emotional remnants.

After the university, I was in my third 10-year period, my 20s. I felt like… old, in the sense of emotional experiences. I even felt frustrated being treated as a young, naive to the whole wide world because of my age. This period also took me to spend longer time in foreign lands. Funny, I found myself there when each place was having a regression, so I ended up in a hostile time, on a hurt land, among an aggressive people. Therefore, I felt no attachment to any countries. I understand much later (actually now as I’m writing this) that it happened that way so that I would become disillusioned and let go of the old tie I had with the countries and their people I once upon a time so loved. It’s time. This lifetime is the time to realize that all people are the same, no matter what nationality or culture or land. To think of them and us as separate or different is to divide and to suffer as a result of such a divisive thinking pattern. For at the core we are the same: the living beings of feelings and emotions and many other things, especially all kinds of potentials, positive as well as negative. This time I must erase all the dividing lines I had drawn.

After traveling for years, I became stuck in my own house for 2 years. Not even a trip to the supermarket nearby during those 2 years. I felt imprisoned. But inside I heard a thought, “Keep going. It is what it is.” So I told myself if it was meant to be that way I would go along. I would travel again to everywhere I wanted to, well, after I died would do, but for the time being whatever would be would have to be. But it’s so depressing. Mom had changed from a mother who loved her daughter and sons to a mom who cherished only her sons as if they were princes. I felt like a servant, doing the house chores for them all from 5 am, and working for my Dad using my English during the day. One morning I cleaned the floor crying. Then I suddenly laughed as I realized if I could choose again I would still have chosen to be the eldest so I could take care of others, not the youngest so I would be pampered. Since that moment, I did everything happily for I realized I had chosen that, my position and all.

A decade later I would understand that my lifetimes as warriors had taken me to travel and do my “job” for each country I had been born into. During those eras in which women had been forbidden to work to earn their keep, though in some lifetimes our status was good, they must feel worried and wary. My long absence meant a lot of things. I could have lighten the loads upon their heart but no, I enjoyed my male privilege too much and grabbed it without care about the weak I had left behind. After each death, that’s one of the things I regretted and the 2 years of staying home, doing all the household works are to instill in me all the various feelings and values the women must have felt so that I will never overlook in such an ugly manner again.

My loving Mom also returned. To prove my reasoning, I told her how I had felt about her actions during those 2 years, she didn’t know nor realized she had done that. I let it go for she’d helped me pay the way I wanted to have the things done. I felt “woken up” when I turned 27. Something just stirred. I had no clear understanding but I took it as it was. Then, I’d been to Nepal, first venture outside after those 2 years, and got some wonderful reassurances through a dream and occurrences there that I had all the protection and support from the Divine. It’s a good start… I could tell myself that but of what, I didn’t know. I had to find a job and I kept changing one after another, each was contracted, so it was temporary. But deep down I felt reassured that everything would be alright. I would find “my” job.

All these times I’d never practiced meditation. I read books about it and other miraculous experiences people had had: near-death experiences, astral travels to heavens and even hell. Knowing other languages now I read books in those languages about the same topics, and noted that heavens and hell or the worlds after death differed from one culture to another. But without these cultural and social “dyes”, there must be the true state of those worlds, of angels, and other things. The universal version. But how could I get to know the true version? I wondered, I questioned, but never did I practice meditation. I was even skeptic about it. There were so many things said and written. So I was happy reading on, curious but…

Meanwhile, my Dad’s state of health, physical and psychological, declined more and more. The financial crisis in 1997 left him with 15 millions debt which kept growing with interest. Actually it hit him since 1995, the year I had to give up my master-degree study. For a guy who had enjoyed his prospering status and business, he couldn’t cope with such “failure”. When more material struggles led to worse situations, he turned to the intangible for the solution. At first it was ceremonies, prayers, asking for ways to resolve old karma that might have been the cause. But after 6-7 years, he turned to mediums. Afraid that he might be deceived, I accompanied him to various mediums during those few years. The last straw for me was in 2005 when I was 35. Most mediums or fortune readers we’d met read what occurred in the past correctly but hardly the future. I had enough with “borrowing other people’s knowing” which ended up adding more confusion and uncertainty. I decided right then I must find a teacher, a meditation course. I didn’t expect to “see” like a clairvoyant. To be really able to help my Dad, I myself should have known through my own “knowing” to whom I should or should not listen. So I went to Mr.Goenka’s 10-day course when I was 36. What happened there prevented me from turning my back to the practice ever since.

Little did I know…

My right leg felt like it’s being crushed. I had a vision of a car accident and my leg crushed from the knee down. Only blood and pieces of utterly shattered bones. And each time I sat, the pain returned. We had this particular hour, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon if I remember correctly, in which we must not move a limb, and the pain chose those special hours to visit me. In the other hours, only little of it popped in. Just when I thought this time I was prepared, I could deal with it, that special hour arrived and I found out otherwise.

We must sit silently, it’s meditation. So throughout that excruciating pain, I could only suffer silently, couldn’t change the sitting position. Sweat appeared and I understood for the first time what one calls here “the death sweat”, that kind of mist-like sweat before one dies in pain. It was painful. I was dying. Each second was so long like an hour, each hour like a year. Then, when the hour in which I sweated was over, a lady walked up to me. Though we were not allowed to speak to one another, she spoke anyway, “You sit so peacefully.” That’s the lesson for me not to take what happened too seriously.

But I was afraid to go back into the hall and sit and face the pain. I tried every tactic I could imagine. At first I was even glad, sincerely, that I felt the pain. If this was meant to come at the end of this lifetime, I would have been shocked and couldn’t leave this world peacefully. It’s good to confront the situation now, if the future pain would not be alleviated somewhat by me enduring it at the time, at least I was prepared. But the pain became ridiculous to the point that I feared it. I also knew that fear was not the right response, I should not have fear as my reaction. Then, the final solution came. I read books of two monks at the time. One of them once said, “Die if you must”, which means not to fight it, flow with it. Flow and if the river leads you to death, so be it. “But no one dies in meditation, remember that too,” he added. I chose to let go of the last part in case it might ruin my courage, and I went to sit. That day the pain disappeared. Although it came back a few times, it never was that high again.

Because of such pain, I dared not give up the meditation. Ha ha. I saw this tennis court in my head and I thought if I stopped “exercising” my body would stop being used to the sitting and… THAT pain could come back. A deadly no-no. So I committed myself to follow Mr.Goenka’s advice: to sit 1 hour in the morning, 1 hour in the evening during the first year. But at 5 am every weekday I was on the bus to work, so to compensate I sat “consciously” on the bus. As it took shorter than 1 hour, I had to extend practicing while my eyes opened as well. That meant throughout the day, collecting any drop or trickle of practicing I could grasp, hoping it could equate that 1 hour. After a few days back to the office, however, an incident scared me.

I was a perfectionist so when it concerned work I would go forward, and I let everyone involved know this. Though I did not attack people first, I would counterattack especially verbally. No rude words but I knew well that my words did cut as we do say here “like a pair of scissor”. One day a co-worker did some mistakes. Well, I encountered that on my first day back to the office as well, and I could catch it right then right there that it was my test. So I just faced what was boiling up, bubbling up, on that first day, which surprised me because I truly meant to point the mistakes out to her smilingly. I examined my “reaction” closely for the first time.

During the course, we learned that all problems arise because we react. Like bouncing or throwing the ball back, if the sender is still there, well, we’ll both get hurt. If not, and if we are one of those whose anger dissipates fast, then the ball thrown will go through the air. But we cannot be sure that no one else will not be hit and hurt instead by “that” ball. Or there can be a wall and we get hurt again and again by our own hands. Re-hurt ourselves by re-acting, fuming over the same issue.

I truly wanted to only point things out, just to let her know so she would not repeat it. I, for one, would not repeat it if I knew what the problem was (which I would realize later that such thinking pattern was self-centered and was to force another to do as I saw fit. Moreover, it’s narcissistic since I regarded my way as better and wanted another to follow the way as a result. Calling it “perfectionism” could mislead me from examining my true motivation behind each deed or thinking). But no, the emotion was so used to react that way and it showed up immediately. I couldn’t even move my facial muscle without contorting it, so smiling was impossible. I went to her anyway and said it out as smoothly as I could. If I couldn’t smile then, at least I must not mislead her to think that I was angry. There! She was surprised that I let it go when she said nothing could be done about that, she couldn’t correct what’s printed. That’s often her reply anyway. I expected it, too, I just focused on changing my reaction which was the goal at the time.

But now, a few days later, similar encounter and while my head was still blank about what to say, my mouth opened just a little. That’s the only movement it made and a whole sentence flied out. We can pronounce a word only when we move our lips in a certain way. So to pronounce many words for a whole sentence, we have to move our lips continuously. But I had not moved my lips. And it flew out very swiftly. One second. The whole sentence, not a short one, took one second. I could only listen to it and felt startled for myself, and hurt for her. That cut.

That was the first time in my life I was woken up to my own style of speaking. How many times did I say something that way consciously? How many times unconsciously? I recognized it at once for what it was: an accumulated habit when had enough mass, could have its own momentum/life. How many things had “I” done? How often had things occurred on their own? “Out of habit” was no longer just a phrase. Like that moment when I meant to smile but couldn’t, was it me living this life or something else gearing me around like a puppet? I couldn’t let emotions and habits lead me around any longer. This is not life. This is manipulation which I had allowed it to occur because I was not conscious enough.

So I rewound the whole episode and figured out what triggered the process. I broke it to pieces to understand its route and how it ran its life. And I had to do so many times throughout the first 2 years of my meditation. One thing I could decide then and there, was that I must practice/revise my behavior anew. To do that, I must speak more slowly. I must be able to hear every word I uttered so that I could follow my own words consciously. My speaking style changed as a result, I mean wording style as well. Slipping of the tongue was no longer acceptable either, so if in the middle of a conversation I got angry, I would stop talking and asked for a time-out. I didn’t care if I was regarded as dumb or stupid or a loser, I had to deal with myself, not the others. They are the least of the problem.

I began to talk less. All the colleagues, including my boss, knew I had gone to a meditation course. Their first reaction was respect. I had not expected that. So when I turned inward they were quite surprised that I continued practicing after the retreat, and so they observed, which means they allowed me any distance I needed. I had started to integrate the practice into my living, wanting to weave them all into one fabric.

The change I felt at home was immediate. Discussions that used to heat up the whole house just stopped. The talking through the office grapevine started to lessen “around me”. It’s not my drama anymore. And all these happened just because I became more silent. Before, I had tried to be louder, to put my opinion out there, just by voicing alone I had put myself in the competing, struggling pattern. But I had misunderstood. There’s no competition, not even with myself. And the real struggle was not out there, it’s inside.

With all the focus on my own deed, words, thoughts, attitudes, my own job, and my own family, I had no inner resource left to deal with any other things. What I had to confront was so much so many. Thirty-six years of accumulation of anger, want-not want, like-dislike, living through illusions, and living unconsciously was like… a lot. When we sit in Vipassana Meditation, we do not move. Our inner self is to be aware of all sensations happening all over the body. If somewhere itches or feels stung, we just acknowledge and let it be. If it goes, we let it go. Sometimes later I will just acknowledge and bye-bye, “You can go on doing what you want to do, I will do something else, too.” I will say to the sensations, or feelings, or emotions, even thinking, and go my way. I have things to do as well. But during the first 2 years I couldn’t say so yet.

During those first 2 years, I had to deal with big emotions by acknowledging them and let them be. Like anger. Not throwing the anger out, deciding to endure all the fire alone instead of burning others around me just because I could not stand the burning effect which is the product of anger, opened a hell to me. I saw the fire burning ceaselessly around me everyday. But whatever I had to face and endure I had to do it. I fell down many times because anger has its own force. That’s the meaning of falling. So all I had to do was standing up. For 2 years that went on. I was tired but also renewed by each hour of meditation which cleansed the heavy residue of each day away.

If the first 2 years were hell, little did I know that the third year would be “Grilling” which is harder. When we meditate, the gross emotions will surface first, like those big chunks of dirt that can be noticed more easily. They are like… fire, burning and gone. Maybe big time but soon it will be over. It’s like I have entered unknowingly into a building. The depth I get into determines the distance I will encounter when I decide to leave. Each fire, each chunk of emotions, was like each room I had to pass through. They were many, which means they are difficult by their numbers. But the little ones, like a refined form of anger: annoyance, dissatisfaction, etc, are like embers. They are little, difficult to notice and their effect is long. I trembled a lot while during the first 2 years I never did. I understood the Buddha’s talk about Endurance then, it’s for moments like that. It’s not suppressing emotions, but instead, going through it all with understanding that it’s my own creation. I had put off the time to face it, now that I decided to leave it I had to come out the same way I got in, so I couldn’t prolong the self-confrontation anymore. Long after that I would understand that it’s not my anger that I faced but my reaction to Anger. That reaction is my own creation.

Anger, Greed, Illusion exist in their own right. They are like friends who come with a torch to show me my dark or sharp corners. In the East, we say an orb is the perfect form, of which a circle is the two-dimensional expression. Each one of us has a work to round ourselves off. And we have countless lifetimes to create and collect such a dark/sharp corner inside and around our self. Anger, Greed, and Illusion are never us, however. The language we use can mislead us a lot. They’re never me, never mine. While being grilled, I tried to pass the time by discriminating myself from the emotions. That’s how I dealt with it. First few times were unsuccessful but little by little I began to distance myself more from each emotion until I sat side by side with it. I just let it be there but I told it right away, “I won’t follow you.” I had my own ground to stand, and so it was.

That led me to an idea. One day I retraced my life back to whatever was the first memory I had. Then I traced it down to the present. Surprisingly, I couldn’t fathom where all the anger came from, where all the sorrow, the fights, the conflicts, the authoritative voice that would hear only yes or else… , etc came from. This Wimolrat could smile and laugh easily. Her life was simple, no strive, no pressure. But each time she faced something, some situations, it seemed a big well was open and all kinds of things flew out as though having been long pressurized. I was startled to discover that various lifetimes had interwoven with this one. Each knot that had been left tied, unsolved, jumped out at me. I understood what I read immediately of simultaneous lifetimes. But linear speaking, I was the one more capable of resolving those knots than them.

In this way, my remembrance of old lifetimes was unlike what I read. While others saw their old lifetimes like watching a movie, I had glimpses of what’s mine through these emotions, they belonged to some strangers yet familiar. So I had glimpses of their own reasoning in their era and society behind each emotion and decision as well. Understanding is the key. I knew then why angels don’t condemn. Well, I read Edgar Cayce and some other books about near-death experiences. The immense love and non-condemnation are the most extraordinary things I found therein. When we “understand”, we “know” then why others decide, act, react, or do what they do. We will also know if we should say something or nothing and let them go. It’s their choice. But before we reach this conclusion we have to understand first. I understood for the first time, too, what I had read that by understanding oneself, one can and will understand the whole universe. We can understand these sage sayings only through our experiences, not through our head. The brain can only get that much. But I had all the books to thank for the seeds, little did I know the latter could sprout in that manner. And thus, one by one I had walked through all the emotions, not caring now which belonged to whom. The more I walked through, the more distance lay ahead. I had so much to do, no time to spare.

The fourth year was unexpected. It’s about love. I was 39 and single, had not met anyone and I had a lot more important things to do. Besides, being single has become common in our modern life. It’s our choice now. However, I remember a lot of experiences about love through those emotions from the old lifetimes. I had felt my heart broken again and again everyday, sometimes many times a day while listening to the songs and daydreaming so nothing was news. That year I met a few people who had been my life partners. I remembered an extremely happy, perfect marriage life with one in particular. I understood then why I had this yearning for someone. However, the yearning belonged to the entity in that lifetime, not me. She still felt attached to it, to a wholesome life like that.

But everything is to be experienced so that we can turn it into life-knowledge and wisdom, not to be addicted to. One day, I suddenly felt this thick and heavy atmosphere encasing me. I walked and breathed in that heavy and thick bubble from 8 am to 9 pm. After the extreme pain during meditation, this was the sensation I had to endure the longest. So when I went to bed, I had to pray, “I haven’t shirked my own responsibility but I must have some sleep. I will gladly endure it again comes morning. Just let me have a rest now.” It had gone, and never returned.

It is said that in duality, life is like a moving pendulum. When we are happy, a momentum is gained for the opposite direction, the sorrow. So after enduring the true effect of extreme happiness, it would only make sense that I would confront the opposite. That same year, I remembered one who had been my father. He was being hospitalized, so I naturally flew through the process of him dying in my head to see if there was any residue of crying left to let out. Unexpectedly, the memory flooded in.

I had been his youngest son. He ruled over this town, if not a kingdom. I lived as a spoiled child, that is I was always a child, an aging child. I hardly worked for the people, hardly cared. I abused my own social status, my warrior class because I thought I could and the era gave me the opportunity. Not realizing it was a lure to test my strength of conviction to live as a true human, I seized it. Suddenly, I was told my dearest father had died. He was my world. Deep down I knew that I could do all I had done because I was his son. His people loved him. I loved him. Yet I had never done anything to brighten his heart, gladden his mind. I had not done anything!

The memory flooded in while I had breakfast. Tears streamed down, I couldn’t swallow. That’s the first time in my life that I was so sad I couldn’t even swallow. The throat literally closed in. I had to watch all the emotions with detachment because I sensed and saw that the sadness was so extreme it bordered on turning mad. Such guilt, such self-blaming, self-punishment.

Now that I had savored the two extremes, I understood clearly why the Buddha talked about Equanimity, the neutral, walking the middle path. Now I realized that my whole life I never belonged to any sides, any groups, any clans the way people usually do because it was to remind me of my prebirth intention: to walk the middle path. And the path is a path, not a string, so treading on it is never meant to be suffocating. I can breathe and dance and move around a lot, there’s enough space to do everything, even visiting the waysides. Just don’t get attached, addicted, nor get into dislike or hatred. It’s all illusions, three-dimensional illusions/simulations. Just recognize it for what it is.

Nowadays, I live in joy. The joy is silent, subtle. Not the joy-joy. It’s soft like a small feather of a little bird. Hardly felt, but it’s there. That’s how “middle” I am meant to be. Dad is also free of the debt so we all feel lighter. But I have much more to face, to walk through, a long distance to go. I’m still a human with many things to resolve. The past works you have read about are but the building process of my own foundation. The difference is now I have gained some sense of my various journeys.

Wimolrat J.

Celest and DavidPU, you have expressed yourself in such a beautiful way, with such clarity of thought, those thoughts flowing effortlessly, concentrically into the next thought. This will aid many other people in understanding their path, their journeys, their emotions and assist them in releasing the baggage, the drama in their lives. It will also assist them in reclaiming their own power by not being unconsciously pulled into others’ life lessons. 

From Our Soul to Your Soul, We Love Honor Respect and Treasure You.

Salude, Celest and David



Chako’s “NOW” presentation

“NOW” Presentation by Chako


Wednesday Metaphysical Group, Unitarian Universalist Church, Surprise, AZ.

All is My Own Dream, a CD by the ARICA Foundation, played while the audience took their seats.

CHAKO:  Today, I will be sharing my book, Masters’ Tales of NOW, but I will also be channeling the Masters who came in to give me the book.  Last April 2013, I had this dream.  In my dream, I heard my FAX machine turn on and then I heard paper being cut.  I went to the machine and picked up a blue sheet of paper.  In the upper left hand corner was the Star of David.  I exclaimed, Oh my gosh, Jesus sent me a FAX!  (Much laughter).  It was true.  It shows how humorous the Masters can be. 

Later on I said, Hey, Jeshua (I know I called him Jesus, but he prefers to be called Jeshua.), what was that FAX all about?  He replied, That was to alert you that we would be writing our next book soon.  I exclaimed, Oh, OK.  This is my 11th book, so it was not like I was surprised.  A few weeks went by, and then he told me that he had exciting news for me.  We would be starting our next book in two weeks.  I checked my calendar and that date would be Saturday, May 25, 2013.  Therefore, on the 25th of May, they started our 11th book—the NOW book. (All of my books are available at as well as through Trafford Publishing.)

I started worrying right away about what the cover would be like.  I am a Virgo, and I did not worry all that much about what was going to be said, but what was I going to do about the cover!  The year before, I had been visiting my family in Paradise Island, Nassau, where they have a condominium on the 17th floor of the Reefs Hotel.  There had been a thunderstorm, and this lovely rainbow had formed and touched down right into the ocean.  My grandson Jason, who was 9 at the time, took a picture of the rainbow scene with his iPhone.  My daughter Sara then sent me a copy of the photograph.

After I had been channeling the book and knew it was about the NOW energy, I exclaimed to Susan, my daughter who lives in Cave Creek, How can I capture the feeling of NOW energy in a design for the cover?  See what you can come up with.  She thought of the rainbow photograph, took it, cropped out a hotel, and put in the graphics; Trafford’s artists then shaded the printing and voila, here is the result.  (I show the cover to the group.)  I think it depicts very nicely the concept of NOW energy—God’s Energy—caught in a rainbow.

This book is almost strictly for the right brain, so kind of leave your left brain in the OFF mode.  Jeshua and I more or less have a pattern when writing our books.  Jeshua brings the speakers forth and they give short teachings.  Jeshua has written on Marriage and Divorce.  But as the Masters spoke for this book, they were giving me little vignettes, little short stories, and not lectures. It reminded me of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales, except these were true tales from the Masters.  Each tale demonstrated to the reader if that was NOW energy or if it was not. They carried that through 22 chapters.  Therefore, that is what the book is—the tales from the various Masters. 

The tales were all wonderful, but I cannot tell you all of them or you would not have anything to read—(laughter) Saint Germain is always a delight. He spent many past lives in the French courts.  In his story, he told how everything was gluttonous.  France can be very warm in the summer, and he said that the clothes were too heavy—the velvets too hot.  There was no dry cleaning so the clothes would have these grease spots all over them.  They then had gluttony in jewelry—huge jeweled pins were used to cover up the food spots, which the men pinned on themselves as well (laughter).

Saint Germain told about a little prince who had been dressed in the traditional velvets and wool stockings.  Well, as the young boy started getting too warm and then too hot, he would rip off his jacket and the buttons would scatter all over the floor, along with his stockings and shoes.  People tried to control his antics but to no avail.  Finally, he was labeled as being what we would term mentally challenged and therefore, the prince was allowed more freedom.  He did not care about the label, for he was cooler running around in his undergarments. 

Saint Germain presents the theory that, as we may have watched on TV, people who are trapped in their houses because of their hoarding could have been from those lifetimes in court, living those gluttonous times.  We are not talking about just a simple dinner.  Ten courses were served.  If roast pheasants were on the menu, they would come fully cooked but with all the feathers stuck back in the meat to look like live birds!

When you died and you were not able to release that gluttonous energy, you just brought that in with you in the next lifetime.  Or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, in your last life if you had very little or were in extreme poverty, in this lifetime you glom on to everything until you are hoarding to the point where you have narrowed your personal space to just a few feet—your aura is tightly squeezed around you and there is little room for the soul to maneuver its energy.  Therefore, Saint Germain’s tale depicts lack of NOW energy.

Let’s see what else, as Chako thumbs through her book.  Here is a message from God.  And yes, one can channel aspects of God the Father, in case you do not realize that.  Mother Mary and Archangel Michael give their stories.  Djwhal Khul who is the Tibetan in the Alice Bailey books… As people were turning on, meaning becoming more aware, more psychic, many budding psychics gravitated to the Alice Bailey books and Master Djwhal Khul’s teachings on Initiations.  Those were the books way back in the 1970s that you cut your psychic teeth on, along with the Jane Roberts books with Seth and the Edgar Cayce material. 

Lady Nada tells a tale.  She is the higher aspect of Mary Magdalene.  Master Serapis Bey tells a story of a Nomadic youth who, every time he looked into a pool of water at an oasis, saw the image of this beautiful woman.  It drove him nuts because he could not touch her.  Serapis Bey continues that story.

Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, tells how she chose a life of extreme poverty in order to hone the compassion she carried.  We have all seen pictures of monkeys in India that will steal any food that is not locked away.  Well, in her village, children were trained as marauders and were sent to more prosperous villages to steal food and bring it back to their community.  Kuan Yin would put pebbles into the babies’ mouths.  She found pebbles that were large enough so they could not be swallowed, but small enough so a baby or child could suck on it and generate some liquid in its mouth.

Kuan Yin would go out of the village and watch the birds and rabbits to see what they ate.  She then would harvest those leaves and seeds and bring them back to the village.  She would pound the leaves and seeds into a pulp that she fed herself and the villagers. 

Archangel Michael told a story about a young boy who was being controlled by too many rules that his father made for the household.  The boy could escape temporarily by hiking to a forest glen and sitting by a babbling brook.  One day he noticed a man across the brook who was just diddling in the water with a stick.  The boy struck up a friendship with him and brought the man back for dinner.  It turns out the man was an angel sent to ease the lad’s restrictions.  That story was an example of NOW energy.   

All of the tales depict the NOW energy or the lack of it.  We have all heard that when one is faced with many choices and told to make a choice and the person declines to choose, that that is a choice in itself—to not choose.  The Masters tell us that the NOW energy is comparable in that it is action with no action.  Archangel Michael tells us that often on the battlefields, the NOW energy is prevalent because as you lay dying, that becomes the action with no action.  That is an interesting concept.

For those of you who do not know me, I have been coming to this group for about 11 years, and Jeshua has been coming for about 11 years to present our books.  My background is that I am a Transpersonal Psychologist; I am a psychotherapist; I am a psychic reader and a spiritual advisor.  I do all of that stuff (smile).

The Masters have been walking among you here in the group.  That is why at the beginning of this presentation, I felt Jeshua so strongly because he always goes right into the sacred heart and I get somewhat tearful.  With your permission, the Masters are helping you with your energies.  You may not be aware of this, but Jeshua’s thing, as I put it, is helping you get back into your body. 

Souls on a whole do not like being in a body, especially, if the body is in heavy emotions.  The souls feel suffocated by the emotions.  So they do not get into their body that much.  Therefore, that is what Jesus does; he gets you into your body.  There are also bodies who do not like their soul in the body.  That has to do with receiving.  If a person has not learned to receive, the body will not receive its soul either. 

I am just about ready to hear what he wants to say, but I wish to say one more thing.  Probably about 30 years ago when I obtained my doctorate, I also had to give my doctoral address.  Yikes, what am I going to say?  You would think by this degree we would have it all together, but we don’t.  Almost all graduates have trepidation over giving their speech.  I knew I was no exception, so I asked my spiritual Teachers to help me get into my body as much as I possibly could.

My address was entitled:  Self-awareness as a Facilitator for Grief Resolution.  I remember the clarity.  I had the introduction, the body of the speech, and the conclusion.  All of my sentence structure was correct; the pronouns correlated to their verbs.  I did not look at any of my notes; the speech just flowed.  Afterwards when I had the chance, I asked my Teachers what percentage were we able to get me into my body.  They told me 85%.  I do not know if you are that familiar with this, but we were told that humanity was only in its body between 10-15% thirty years ago.  If we fast forward, how much is humanity in now?  No one is in his or her body 85% without a lot of help from above.  I do not think I have been in my body that much since graduation!

Lynn Christina Carlton has spiritual sight.  Will you please tell us what you have observed so far?  Well, the room is just filled with gold and around everyone’s head, there are gold halos.  Behind you, there is an actual Being that I can see who is really, really gold with white sparkles emanating from the Being.  I asked who it was and my guides told me it was Jeshua.  When we were saying our names, all the golden Light was going from heart to heart to heart in a beautiful stream throughout the room.  It just lit up the room, and it still is lighting up the room with the energy that you have been bringing through. 

Yes, he and many of the other Masters have worked with this group for years.  If you feel less stress and kind of relieved from 3D physicality, that is what has been going on when you leave the group afterwards.  They got you more into your body so you are better able to deal with life’s journey.  So thank you, Lynn. 

I am just about ready to bring in Jeshua.  When I channel, I like to keep my eyes closed; I don’t want to see any of you (laughter).  I might want to say, Oh hi, you made it all the way from … I raise my vibration and he lowers his and the twain shall meet.  When I first started doing this, I had some trepidation as to whether he was going to show up.  He assured me, Don’t worry, we won’t leave you with egg on your face!  I always remember that.  OK, I don’t have any egg on my face, so I guess they are going to appear (smile)

I have one more comment.  I once said to Saint Germain, Lord, do you have to always say “precious, beloved, dearest one”?  Can’t we just stop all the superlatives?  Then to show his wonderful humor, he must have said one of those endearments every other word—beloved, beloved, beloved, precious, precious, it went on and on.  Later on, he explained that those words carry a love energy that puts us into our hearts more.  I am prefacing this because I know Jeshua is going to start out with precious ones!  I am a telepathic channel so I am not out of my body entirely but pretty close to it.  Therefore, when they are in their humor, I am laughing right along with them; I can feel their humor.  I remember once when Mother Mary was leaving after her segment, she uttered, Oh, my gosh, and as she laughed, so did I. They jostle each other for position as they stand in line waiting for their turn and are very playful.  And my body picks up on that and laughs right along with them. 

JESUS THE CHRIST/ JESHUA:  He is already laughing and says to me, I am afraid to open my mouth!  We are both laughing as he begins: Good morning, my precious ones (the audience laughs).  He continues: Do I dare say that again, my beloveds, my precious ones?  My love for you is overflowing.  Chako talked about her heart filling up and our hearts too are full of love for you. 

However, on a serious note, at least it is serious for me, I wanted to address what we see as a problem.  It has to do with religions.  Now, I know this can be kind of a touchy subject, for there are still some people in this group who think of me as their savior.  Well, dear ones, I have never saved anyone! Please hear that.  I do not save people.  I am not a savior.  That was misinterpretation.  That was the scribes changing what I had said so that the priests could have more control.  The only one, dear hearts, who can save you is yourself! 

Think about it.  If you had someone who saved you each time you did something that you thought was wrong, that you thought was a sin, how would you learn your lesson?  Isn’t that why you chose a body?  You chose a body so you could be in physical reality and experience what is going on in this third dimensional world.  I know with the Ascension of last December, the vibration was raised and there are parts of you that went through the 4th and are in the 5th dimension. But there is also a part of your body that is still using 3rd dimension mentality.  It is that 3D segment of religion that I refer to.

It is painful to me when I go into your churches and do not feel my energy there; I do not feel me there (almost tearful).  I only feel the personalities of the ministers, the preachers, or the priests, all trying to direct the parishioners through the use of these lies.  And I will say lies.  They are lies that they are feeding you. Please do not think of me as a savior; do not even use that word.  If you are still kind of hanging on to that word-concept, say to yourself, but I, I—Mary Lou, Betty, Howard—I am my own savior. 

It is so important as we go forward into these upper dimensions that you start challenging what is fed to you—and I will use that term fed—what  is fed to you by the churches.  It is not Truth, my dear ones.  They take something I had said and they repeat it over and over and over.  Nothing changes.  Isn’t that what life is all about—change?  You will never change completely, my beloveds, unless you are willing to look at your religions, to look at the particular church that you go to and see it for what it is.  That does not mean you are to vacate the churches.  It just means to have a little more discernment here.  Enjoy the camaraderie.  However, many of the churches have people stealing in the counting room, and there is so much politics in a church. But my message is not only to be discerning, but also to tune it out whenever you hear them say, your savior is here.  Chances are I have left by then (laughter). You know I slip in and out of all of these churches on Sunday.  Many times I am spending time with Chako as she sits on her couch channeling her book on a Sunday.  I am not even in that church.  That’s a little bit of humor, but you know we have many parts of ourselves, and we flip in and out all over the place, bi-locating.  But, bring humor into this.  They are who they are; it is time to change; let it all go. 

Back in my biblical days, the Bible had some good ideas, but then the scribes started not quite telling the Truth for this day and age. When you think of it, my goodness, it is over 2000 years ago and they are still trying to make the same interpretation. Forget it!

I want to comment… I am leaving that subject (chuckles); I have said enough.  But I want to comment about some of the people in this room.  Yes, Chako writes books, but others have books also inside of them.  There are books, books, books.  Jean has a book she needs to get out.  Lynn has a book she needs to get out.  And yes, Ziranna definitely has one or two books that she needs to get out.  This is what causes a blockage in you because your soul came in, or we got it in, but it is your soul that has these goals.  I want to write a book.  But then, the soul finds this blockage and it cannot get the body’s personality to move through it.  There is always fear on the other side of a blockage.  So when someone asked in this group what the blockage is, we would say, our dear one, look for your fear.  What are you afraid of? When you get that answer, you have the answer for your blockage. 

Now, I will tell you that writing a book is not the scary part; this channeling and presentation of the book is the scary part (chuckles).  You can ask Chako about that one.  She has stewed about this ever since she made the appointment to be here (laughter). But she works through it.  When you know you have that blockage and you know that you have that fear, you can also know that that is old programming.  You work through it and let it go and do the best that you can.  There is not one of us Masters who will judge you.  We only will say, Yayyyy, she did it!  We are always so happy when you are doing your purpose, for we know it has taken a great deal of energy out of you.  Chako was very ill a few weeks ago and she would moan, Oh gosh, I am so glad I do not have my Presentation coming up because I just don’t have the energy for it.  It does take energy, but you can do this.  If you set your intention, you will do this.  You do not have to do this by yourself.  We Masters love to help, but we need to be asked.  Now, as Chako has jokingly said, there are others who are lined up and would like to speak.  So I will step aside and then I will come back, for I will do a little different kind of meditation to close this morning’s presentation.

SAINT GERMAIN:  Good morning, precious, precious, precious ones! (Laughter) I hope you felt that love go right into your heart.  I AM Saint Germain.  For those of you who are not aware of this, I was Father Joseph during those biblical times.  And I am going to ask Lynn, what did you see at the changing of the guard here?  Lynn:  one color left and another moved into Chako.  I saw a lot of gold orbs around, but they changed into lavender.  That would be mine.  And then that disappeared and I knew that you had entered Chako.  Thank you.

I just wanted to say if you could just see what we see—all you budding authors.  You know I am very prolific.  If you have me come in, you will have 2-3 chapters with hardly any effort at all!  (Chuckles)  Of course, every other word will be beloved, but you will get over that (laughter).  And Joseph, we did not mention that you too have a book—uh huh—beloved!  (Laughter)

I am just looking at the energy in the room—the orbs.  You have noticed that Lynn keeps mentioning the gold.  That is energy, dear ones—golden energy.  Look at Chako’s necklace of gold, Light and love. 

I am sort of being jostled out of my spot here.  The Masters are telling me, well, if you don’t have anything else to say, we do (laughter); on your way Germain (more laughter).  I bless you, dear ones, and thank you for letting me be a part of your day. 

MASTER JONAS:  I am the Master Jonas.  You have never had me in before.  I gave a segment for the book.  We are from a planet of giants.  Giants roamed this Earth many centuries ago.  Our children are around 15 feet high and the adults about 30-35 feet tall.  So I kind of have to miniaturize myself in order to get into this building. We move around by thought, you see.  We are the color of lavender.  You had that movie that came out.  Everybody was blue.  What was that called, Joseph?  Avatar.  Avatar, yes, that was a wonderful title meaning everyone had the ability to act as God, to be God.  On our planet, many of us are Avatars. You have some scholars in this room.  I can see this in the energy that comes up and out of your brain.  Our planet has many scholars also.

I will step aside now, but I thank you for the opportunity to speak with you.  I AM the Master Jonas.  (Lynn saw green and blue orbs about him and when they merged, they were lavender.) 

MOTHER MARY:  Precious ones, I AM Mother Mary; oh dear, you might have known (chuckles). I just had to say that word again. At least you will leave here knowing that every time you hear that word or you say it, you are getting someone into his or her heart.  There has been so much written about me throughout history; some of it true and some of it not true.  It might surprise you to know I am aware of everything that is written, has been written, is being said about me.  It is just one of the things you know how to do.  So that is why I can say some of it is true and some of it is not.

I wish I could say, beloveds, that these next few months will be easy for you.  I cannot, but I can say that you all will make it, if that is helpful for you.  There will be times when you will be unduly stressed.  If you think the Obamacare is giving you problems, just wait (chuckles).  You see, everyone in Congress has to face his or her demons also.  Until THEY can be in their hearts, until THEY can be in their body—even 50%, let alone 85%—not much will be done.  There are people who do not realize this because they have not reached those spiritual heights yet.  Therefore, they fight like children in a sandbox in 3rd dimension, their souls struggling.  (Remember what we told you about many bodies still being in 3D.) And yes, many souls will be making their transitions, but as I have said no one in this room will.  You are fighters.  You came in to do your work, your goals, and your lessons.

Interestingly enough, while you are here working on this lesson, there is another aspect of you in another world, on another planet, doing a different set of lessons.  No one is ever in just one classroom, shall we say.  You are all out doing other things.  That is why you have heard so many times when different Masters will come in and say, Oh, we’ve known you from another planet, but we have not met you in this world. That is the reason.  And you know my dearest son and brother Jeshua and I journey all over other worlds and Universes.

Sometimes people put too much of what they think I am onto me.  Those are their projections and they are not true.  It is like a film that is put on you and keeps you busy always cleansing yourselves.  Many times we will journey into the NOW energy where Source is.  Align me with Source, oh Lord, where we can bask in that energy of love and be cleansed.  We contemplate all the different lives we have had; we contemplate where we can learn more, where we can improve.  We are never finished.  Life is eternal.  We are never finished, but it is exciting!

Therefore, when we just plain get tuckered out, we go to Source and we bask in the NOW energy.  We leave a little thread of our self outside of the huge—I don’t want to say mass—but it’s a huge ball of NOW energy.  So we have to leave a little bit of our self that we have programmed outside of the NOW.  Otherwise, we would forget and just stay in there and never get anything accomplished.  But the little thread goes ding, ding, ding, after about 500,000 years and we exclaim, Oh, oh, I have to go back to work!  We then follow that and find that part of our self again. 

NOW energy—it is important to know when you are in the NOW energy.  It is important to give yourself that time where you are just there on your couch or in your bed, or some place that is silent, that is full of love and nurturing for you—out in Nature.  No action.  Give yourself that time because it is a cleansing time; it is a strengthening time for you.

All right, my dearest ones, I will step aside now.  I believe there is one more who wishes to speak.  (Mother Mary leaves.) 

FATHER-MOTHER GOD:  My blessed children, I AM your Mother-Father God.  I know this might freak some of you out.  Do you mean you actually heard God talk to you?  Yep, that’s Me. I live in your hearts.  There is a God-cell in your cells, and I know everything about you.  There is nothing you can hide.  You can tell Me everything and then I kind of guide it to the Angels; or guide it to the Masters; or guide it to Jeshua.  All prayers are answered.  They may not be answered the way you would like, but they are answered.

We hold you in Our arms.  And NO, I am not just masculine; I AM also the Mother.  I am looking at all of you.  I give you My blessings.  I keep you safe.  Call upon Me.  Say hello to Me in the morning when you wake up.  Say goodnight to Me when you lay down.  Thank Me for the blessings you have been given that day and then you will get more of them.  As you thank someone, that allows the Law of Attraction to kick in so that more (blessings) can flow to you. There is no lack in your Father’s House!  There is no lack!  For those of you who are always worried about money, there is no lack.  That is a block.  Step aside from that block and know that to be true.

I bless you, My children.  I will now step aside so that Jeshua can continue.  Thank you. 

JESHUA Continues…  I Am Jeshua again.  We are going to do something a little different with the closing meditation.  As you listen to the CD, Awaken My Divine Consciousness, it is to awaken your Divine Consciousness.  Go into your meditative mode and ask to be connected to your Divine Consciousness.  That is the consciousness of your I AM, who knows all.  We are going to listen to that.  If you need help, ask the Angels who are right there with you to connect you, to awaken your Divine Consciousness, to raise you to another vibratory rate.  Breathe.  (The CD plays for about 8 minutes.)

All right, my beloveds, go forth in peace, love, and Light; connect with every person you meet so that they will leave you feeling lighter with love and Light.

I bless you my children.  Namaste.  (Jeshua withdraws.) 

Lynn, tell us what you saw, please.  As he was panning the audience with your hands, there were gold streams of Light going to each person’s heart and over the NOW books. Thank you. 

Chako:  the two CDs are from the ARICA Foundation and can be ordered on the Internet.

If you would like an audio CD of this Presentation, please contact Joseph Endriss at:   

Chako:  I hope you enjoyed this Presentation as much as I did bringing it forth.  The Masters were in rare form; their humor had me laughing before they even started speaking.  Their playfulness really comes across in the CD.


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