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Many Thoughts Many Voices

Checking Sources and Aligning Energy- and- Bridging the Gap

"Checking Sources and Aligning Energy"


SPECIAL NOTICE: Those of you who are familiar with Suzy ward and her son Matthew, are well aware that these two Souls, one in human embodiment and one in Spirit Form, are among the greatest teachers of this century. Suzy, who is Matthew’s mother, along with Matthew and ourselves, have been targeted by the Illuminati and their human and inhuman counterparts, because of the works we all are involved in, which is exposing False Prophets and bringing truth to the world, rather than sitting back idly and condoning through silence the heinous lies and very dangerous rhetoric that dark forces are perpetuating on humans through alleged "channelers."

Many people are becoming confused and discombobulated while trying to understand why different "Sources" of channeled information are saying different things regarding just about everything under the sun, especially NESARA. You need to understand please, this is exactly what the children of a lesser god intended. Their motto is "Devour and Conquer." If you value your life and your Soul and those who you love, you will remember this message from us.

We wrote the following powerful Universal Voice message for determining your sources of information which was given to us by Sananda. In this message, however God HimSelf was the "Speaker" guiding us. He specifically brought Sananda into this Godumentary in order for Sananda’s Voice and Intentions to be heard and understood by you. The following writings are for distribution by everyone, everywhere. We discussed this with Suzy after she and Matthew had read it. The first part below is Matthew’s comments on this Divine Message.

"Checking Sources and Aligning Energy"

Introduction to this message by Matthew

"It is with grand delight that I greet you after reading "Checking Your Sources," Sananda’s guidelines for determining the source of telepathic messages, as given to Celest and David, whom I honor highly for their immeasurable light service to Earth."

"Sananda’s explicit guidance is so very greatly needed at this time when telepathic connections are opening and the excitement of novice receivers can lead them unawares into reaching lower entities. By carefully following these guidelines, you can be assured of your sources’ identities, and you can proceed with elation when they are high light beings."

"Readers familiar with the Matthew Books and my messages circulated on the Internet know that often I have warned about the intrusion of dark ones whose intent is to give you false and fear-filled information to steer you away from the light. In addition to asking for protection of the Christed light prior to starting to record a transmission or receiving information away from a computer, it will be most helpful to keep in mind the conditions to avoid:

Do not receive when you are ill or fatigued physically, emotionally or mentally or when you are feeling stressed, fearful or angry about any circumstances-your energy level is low in such conditions, making it easy for low level entities to enter your energy stream. Become self-confident but be humble about your new communication ability. Do not become egotistical or focus on fame and fortune-the energy attachments of those thoughts and feelings are certain to connect you with dark sources."

"The capacity for telepathic communion is your birthright, a province of your soul, so welcome it and use it wisely! Please share with other soul searchers the light-filled information you receive. If they are experiencing the beginnings of their own connections, advise them about Sananda’s guidelines and my cautions."

"With the blessings of the universe, this is Matthew wishing you God speed!"

Dictated by God and Sananda
Written by Celest and David

This part deals with Aligning Energy

Ok Suzy, we have awaited the time when we would be permitted to address people who have not only a need to know about the importance of these issues, but especially when the times of massive energetic attacks by dark forces in the guise of the Light forces, would launch a tremendous onslaught against the innocent. The time is Now! We are writing this for those who are the initiates as well as for those who are already following the inner Knowing, yet can benefit by some other Spiritual knowledge they may not have. We firmly believe that there is never enough Universal Wisdom to know about and to put into practical everyday practice.

Most people have a major problem determining if their intellect is speaking to them or if it is Soul Voice. It is a "human condition," one that is quite simple to rectify. Until a person becomes adept at discerning these important differences, they can easily misjudge the voices. Once that barrier is broken, it then can become a natural, non-stressful means of true communication.

One way that we know of that everyone can use is the "Soul Intellect Test." We want you to bear in mind that this method cannot be controlled by your body or your mind. Here is the technique for finding the correct answer. Stand in an upright position, unless your circumstances are such that you need to be sitting instead, be barefoot, have your feet placed a bit of a distance from one another and close your eyes. Be RELAXED. While in this position raise both your arms so that each arm is extended straight in front of you, at chest height with the palms open and facing downwards. The arms need to be at a comfortable balanced level.

Think of an issue, or an answer that someone has given you, or perhaps an answer you yourself have arrived at, anything that you are seeking validation about; seeking to know the truthfulness of. Now if it is an issue, turn the issue into a question with an answer you think may be correct. Example: the issue is, "moving to a different state." You as the potential "mover" want to know if in fact this is the right move for you. Turn it into a question. Be specific but don’t over-dramatize it. Remembering to keep your eyes closed, proceed to ask the question either verbally or non-verbally. Wait a few seconds after you have finished asking the question. Then keeping your body in the position we spoke of, just open your eyes and look at your hands and arms. One of 3 things will have happened. Either your right hand, right arm will be higher than the left or the left arm, left hand will be higher than the right or the arms will appear to be stuck in the same position.

Right arm=right hemisphere of the brain. Soul Voice.

Left arm=left hemisphere of the brain. Intellect.

"Both hands/arms are in the original position means,"= insecurity about receiving the correct answers, a person who has problems relaxing and allowing the truth process to reveal itself. No, it does not matter if a person is right handed, left handed or ambidextrous. The "voices" cannot be manipulated. This is very important. Until people can come to terms with telling the difference between intellect and Soul, their personal evolution can be severely hindered. In time, simple visualization can work so that you can perform this even in a crowded public place. Those who have problems with this technique will need to relax and keep repeating this until it works. Those who have the problems are generally those who have been listening to their intellect too long.

Special Notice:

You cannot use this Soul Voice technique successfully if your mind remains within the intellectual mode of "thought processing." If you have a background of studying/working in medicine, science, reiki, psychology, mathematics, logistics and so forth, or if you are cynical about what you do not understand "logically," you may encounter problems as your intellect struggles to allow Soul Voice to "temporarily in most of these instances," replace the "learned response/condition." You will need to clear your mind of any thoughts other than the issues you wish to clarify from the "non-tangible realm."

"Intellectual" people are the ones who most experience difficulties with this type of "clearing." It is more difficult for them to learn to "blank" their minds than it is for other people. It is unfortunate, but it is what it is. Occasionally people who have studied "esoteric" teachings can encounter a "mind block" simply because this method of Soul Voice is so simple to activate. People have a tendency to feel that lessons must be complicated in order to be understood and "tangible.

1-First practice this attunement until you become comfortable with this process if it is unfamiliar to you. It may only require 1 or 2 attempts on your part, providing you have cleared your mind and are not trying to sabotage the process.

2-For those who have not used this technique before, in particular those initiates who are just beginning to explore the Higher Dimensional realities, you should know that it is by your becoming aware that the right arm is Soul Voice and the left is the intellect, that you are opening the channel of communication with Soul and that intellect may feel a tad confused by the surge of energy that Soul Voice always emits. The right arm corresponds with Soul and the left with intellect REGARDLESS of whether you are right handed or left handed.

3-You should always check to see if you have a "clear channel," this simply means find out if there are any self-imposed blocks there by closing the eyes, entering into the stance we wrote about and asking Soul Voice to rise to acknowledge that it is indeed activated. This is where the right arm will respond. Do not expect it to always leap several feet just to prove its existence and its activation. Yet it will move! Before you can successfully obtain the answers to any issues, you must first understand the distinction between right and left arm. Remember do not look for "logic," that is the realm of the intellect.

4-After you have completed the transition of understanding left from right; think of a question, ask SOUL to give the yes or no answer. Keep it SIMPLE and ask that the right arm, Soul, will move as either a "yes," or not move as a "no," in response to your query. So if it is "yes" your arm will have fluctuated, if "no" it will not move. You can also ask your intellect for its answer using this same method, only address the intellect instead of the Soul. Sometimes intellect and Soul will have the same answer, other times, the answers will be distinctly different. You then decide which you choose to believe.

The people we have taught this to over the years have had no problems using this method. Of course many of them had to exorcise their prior conditioned ways of thinking in order to accept the simplicity and accuracy of this method. On rare occasions people in the medical and scientific fields have managed to overcome their mind blocks and not only incorporate this method into their understandings, they have gone on to teach it to others.

One man stands out among the ranks there, a psychologist on the east coast who only required one session of asking/receiving the answers from Soul, was successful immediately. When we asked him how he of all people managed to do this almost instantly, he replied," I told myself I was in the front at a drive-in movie and staring at the big white blank screen, waiting for a movie to start that I had never seen or heard of before. That’s all I did." Now THAT is simple!!!

"Checking your Sources"

Here are the methods for checking Sources and receiving a true determination of the essence of the Source. Please note, these are Sananda’s words. If you have been receiving messages from one that alleges to be an evolved Soul or if you believe that someone is receiving these messages then each must determine whether or not the information they are receiving is from the "Most Highly Evolved Sources." Even the best-intentioned people can run amok and distribute mis-information if they do not know any better. In a very real sense, "The Source" is everything. All hinges upon the validity of truth; otherwise the information received is simply a replicated form of illusions. These are "strategically planned and executed illusions" that are dangerous and deadly, not only to those who believe them but also to the receiver of the information as well. Although we find it strange that so many accept at face value outpourings of demonic rhetoric, we do understand "the why."

You need to understand that under the auspices of Universal Law the dark forces cannot cross a barrier that the Creator has made. What this means is that when it comes to untruths and lies spoken by the dark forces to their unwitting contacts on Earth, that there is a simple and truthful method of validating the origin of the entities that are imparting or giving the information. Many entities deliberately disguise themselves as being of The Light and unless you investigate it carefully you can be deceived. Because the time of the False Prophets is here, it is now their desperate attempt to destroy the slowly built, unified field of consciousness that is spreading across this planet. Under this Universal Law you can not only determine the origin, you can also destroy the False Prophet, meaning the entity that is controlling the person, not the person themself.

When you are receiving information check the source of the information by demanding:

"I now demand in the name of Jesus the Christ to know if you are a being of the Jesus The Christ consciousness, if you are a being of the true God of the God Light Consciousness of The Creator, answer me yes or no."

At this point three things can happen, they will answer Yes, they will answer No or there will be silence. This law dictates that these beings can lie about anything, but they cannot lie about this. When you receive silence or a No, immediately go into the words below.

"I here and now command in the name of Jesus The Christ that if there is any entity that is not of the most evolved form of the Jesus The Christ consciousness, that is not of the most evolved form of God I Am, then you are to here and now disappear and cease to exist. This I command in the name of Jesus The Christ. "

The words of Sananda are very clear. You do need to be aware of the importance of accuracy in the words themselves. They must be repeated as He has spoken them, they cannot be altered. It is very important for people to know how this force tries to interfere with the verbalization and even the remembrance of these words. So write them down and read them just as they are now written or you WILL make mistakes. We know, we have taught this and watched it happen almost immediately. This is not a mantra, it is not an invocation, these are The Words of Sananda and therefore they are the words of God as well.

There are Universal Laws designed by The Creator and The Creation that uphold truth, that can and do destroy deceit when deemed appropriate.

Celest and David


"Bridging the Gap"

This technique merely requires concentration and focus; it functions as a wondrous way to alleviate and dissipate any and all interferences and interruptions in any "channeling" and interfacing with Higher Dimension entities and energy forms. It also means that those who are in contact with any of the Star Keeper Forces, (known on earth as extraterrestrials) can receive and transmit all pertinent information with great clarity and understanding. This eliminates a problem so many are encountering both here and in the Higher Dimensions, which is attempting to communicate through the density and the combustive energy of the third-dimension.

It also eliminates the problem of not hearing all the words that are being sent to you.

Simply take 3 small breaths and release them through your nose; close your eyes and be sure you are completely barefoot before you begin Creating this Bridge.

Using simple visualization, picture a pillar, one that is like the ancient roman pillars, in this manner it is huge and round, not any other shape. The pillar is transparent; its size is at least twice the size that you are. Place yourself within the middle of the pillar and be sure that it extends way past your feet, into the earth. The top should be many miles above your head, reaching into the "heavens." When you can see and feel this, call a golden-white light into the pillar, remember as you do so, the light permeates you as well.

When the light is in place, call upon" the gold dust of God" to interact and intermingle with the light in the pillar. You will be able to see or sense the dust filtering up and down your chamber; now simply ask the pillar (chamber) to begin the spiral and circular dance of connection. You should be able to see and/or feel the topmost energy reaching and expanding upward and outward as it searches for the coordinates to establish the golden bridge. Now if you are already in contact with specific beings, simply call their names.

You will find that as you do so, they will immediately be able to communicate with you on a much deeper and easy to hear level.

If you are just beginning to connect with these beings, if this is still new to you, I encourage you as well as those who have more experience, to always, ALWAYS check your sources. Be sure you really are connecting with who you think you are. When you have finished with the communication, simply state to yourself and those speaking with you, "I am signing off now." At that point the pillar will disappear until you require it again.

The more you use this method the faster the pillar will integrate with you. For some people the total integration may take place after the first use. Those of you who are used to "hearing" the "INCOMING" clues can immediately put up the pillar. Do not forget, this is important for the beings attempting to reach you as well.

Salude Celest

Note from David

After activating my "pillar" I have found that communicating is much easier. Those whom I speak with tell me it has made a wondrous difference. They also informed me that their effort to reach me as well is much easier with the direct connection that has been Created allowing them to use less effort.

The Second Coming

"2005 The Year of Great Change
and the Second Coming"


2005 has been heralded by many, including ourselves, as "The Year of Great Change." Those who choose to let go of the past and live in the "now," will begin experiencing all the great changes this year will bring. I suppose we need to define the term "Great Change." Essentially this means living up to your destiny, rather than down to others’ opinions of your destiny. Define what it is you want to change in your life for your own reasons, then performing the actions that create the changes. Stop feeling as though you’re a eunuch, that you are helpless to create all that is good and worthy in your personal life.

Planetary change resonates to the each individual’s changes; its only when individuals gather in groups of like minded Souls, that the term "masses" come into materialization. Everybody wants to change everything en masse, people forget that it has to be one Soul at a time and that each Soul Force than creates the magnetizing energy that draws other same Soul Energies to you. Do not forget, it is the ripples that create the waves.

It has been discussed in the "Matthew" writings and the "Matthew and "Blue Star Voices" and in a myriad of other places throughout our web pages, in great detail why 2005 is essential. To those numerology buffs, you can look at the year 2005, which equals 7. Since so many people equate the number seven with the Divine God Force, I guess you could think of this as a hint of what this year will bring.

We would like you to also consider that this is the year of "The Cross." Many people that you know recognize only the religious connotations of this symbol. However, it is an icon within an icon. The cross symbolizes the four directions of the compass and the compass encapsulates this world. There are four seasons of the year, the four main races, and the four horsemen of the apocalypse. It also symbolizes the four elements, earth, fire, water, air. What happens when a person stands up straight, extending both arms outwards, one to the left, one to the right, are you not forming a cross?

Earth changes will be predicated upon the behavior of the earths’ people, more this year than any other time. Personal responsibility is again called for, this time in great measure. Now is the time to not stand by your truth, nor to walk with your truth, but rather, be your truth. This is not an easy feat to accomplish for most people. It means that many of you will be alienated for your beliefs, for your refusals to comply with what is considered the "Norm." To you we say, been there , done that and still doing it. You can also consider this the time of the much whispered about, "Second Coming." Looking at this issue from a different perspective, we contend there has never been a cessation to the First. The seeds that were planted in the First Coming are Coming into fruition now, "It is Harvest Time!"

You see, the Second Coming simply means the continuity of the Christed One. In this sense each of us who proudly IS the Christed Light, are the Second Coming. You are Christ in physical manifestation. This is a good thing. Do you not yet understand that,

"you are the ones you have been waiting for?"

Give that some thought. Allow yourselves to thank yourselves for all that you do. Be proud of yourself and most importantly love yourself. Everything starts with you. There is no beginning and there is no end. These are the basics of all we teach. To understand God, is to understand yourself. Love yourself for who you are, what you are, without condition.

We want to thank all those who have taken so much time to write such beautiful comments to us. It is impossible for us to answer you each individually, there are too many of you! We wish you to know though, that you make our hearts smile.

We leave you to consider these implications

"Even if you are on the right track,
You will get run over if you just sit there"
Will Rogers

Until next time,
Celest and David

Letting Go in Order to Receive

"Letting Go in Order to Receive"


There has been much controversy over the years concerning the simple concept of "Letting Go." We are going to attempt to clear the air a bit, so that the understanding and practical use of simple techniques will allow you to move forward in life. In our quest for knowledge and wisdom, part of the experience is being aware of when to go forward and when to surrender. Surrender is not "I Give Up." It is arriving at exponential times in life when issues arise of importance concerning a person(s), a place, or a situation, that is no longer beneficial, or in your best interests to tolerate. In other words, a timeline arrives that dictates sometimes subtlety, that a necessary alteration is required in your life. You know innately that it is time to quit doing the same thing over and over again, just as most "pattern makers" do. "Surrender" also means understanding the necessity of stopping, but first you need to understand the "why now." This is something that every individual needs and has to look at from their own individual perspectives. The "why" part. This is because every situation is different, no two are exactly the same. You have heard us talk to you before of the need for personal discernment, personal responsibility in all facets of life. However until you understand why a situation is no longer relevant to your present lifestyle, personal relationships, business, Spiritual or religious beliefs, how can you change what you don’t understand?

Look at others; family members, business acquaintances, neighbors, friends, anyone that you know fairly well and see where certain changes in their personal behavioral patterns would bring them contentment in their personal and business lives. This could be achieved without reliving the never ending dramas that contaminate their lives. You see, each time the repetitive patterns become worse, as a result it affects all aspects of their life. You as the onlooker, not as a voyeur, could easily discern how quickly all these other lives could thrive by simply surrendering the present way of living and forging ahead to a "real" future. What a concept.

Many people are very capable of seeing the changes needed in others. It is looking in "the looking glass," at ourselves that is a challenge, God forbid; you may see something you do not like. It is the process of knowing the needed changes in others and superimposing that understanding of the need for changes in your own life that is the greatest challenge each individual must confront. This is where "surrender" comes into play, giving up is defeat; surrender is activating "A-Feat." A- Feat is a noteworthy or extraordinary act of boldness and an act of heroism. It takes balls, excuse the slang, to go boldly where few people have been before. This is how heroes and heroines are made. First they know their truth by cutting away the unacceptable, the unethical, the unwanted, from their lives, thus getting rid of the garbage. Then they have to walk their truth on their "FEET." For many this is not an easy "FEAT," yet if it is done, there are no regrets. Except perhaps for the many who wish they would have done so sooner.

What is "giving up?" Giving up is relinquishing; it is the abdication of personal freedom. Negating your life is giving control to others, giving others permission to manipulate your life. The most downtrodden people in life are the ones who give up. They loose all self respect, self esteem and personal identity. We do not see this as an acceptable behavior pattern, for each person deserves better.

What is "receiving?" What does it have to do with any of this? Under the Law of Reciprocity, the Law of Giving and Receiving, there is always a balance to be understood and maintained. First you must give and receive to yourself. This must be accomplished before you can understand how and why and WHEN, to give and receive to and from others. "Receive" is to be presented with something; something that you reward yourself with; something that is yours and no one can take from you. When you present yourself with this gift, it gives to you purpose and pride in yourself, for all the right reasons. We are speaking of the intangible here. What better gift can anyone give themselves than the gift of total freedom? Freedom is letting go, right?

Most people want to right old wrongs, what is wrong with starting afresh with self? This is why so many people don’t like themselves. They are afraid of change. Afraid of making the wrong decision. The fact remains it is only the individual that can confront the fears and instigate the changes necessary to move forward into …………drum roll please ………..…………their future. Life is all about change. How do you know you won’t like a change if you don’t try? Worst case scenario, you can always go back to the same ole mundane life ,,,,,,, lucky you.

If you choose to accept this mission in behalf of yourself, remember, no mission is impossible. It is ok to fail; it is not ok never to try.

FAILING does NOT mean Giving Up!
If you don’t succeed the first 300 times, try, try again.

Celest and David

New Beginnings-The Dawning of a New Day

"New Beginnings"


~The Dawning of a New Day~


~ Note ~
God goes into detail about occurrences like this in His new Book
"Beyond the Veil"
"Epiphanies from God"
~God’s Truths and Revelations for Today and Tomorrow~
which is available at


The yacht ‘Maiken’ was traveling in the south Pacific when the crew came across a weird sight. It was sand in the water, and the sand was floating ON TOP of the waves! Â Look at these photos and try to imagine the feeling, the thrill of experiencing this phenomenon close-up.




This is not a beach …
it is volcanic stones floating on the water.




The trail left by the yacht through the sand.



And then this was spotted …
ash and steam rising from the ocean!


And, while they were watching…


A plume of black ash …







A brand new island formed!

Can you imagine the thrill of being the first & only people
to see a new island being created … where there was nothing before?

This email forward arrives with a series of photographs that depict a yacht’s encounter with a large area of floating volcanic stones and the apparent birth of a new volcanic island in the South Pacific Ocean. Although the images are certainly unusual, they are genuine. Both the phenomena of the floating stones and the newly formed volcanic island have now been well documented by a variety of reliable sources including NASA.

The images in the email were taken from a post on the blog operated by Fredrik Fransson and the crew of the yacht ‘Maiken’. In August 2006, the Maiken was sailing in the South Pacific near Tonga when it came across a large area of floating volcanic stones (pumice). When lava with a high gas and water content erupts from a volcano and then cools it can produce pumice, a very light rock material filled with gas bubbles. Pumice is the only kind of rock that can float on water. A large mass of pumice floating on the ocean surface is known as a "pumice raft".

The Maiken attempted to sail into this massive pumice raft but was soon forced to turn back:

And then we sailed into a vast, many miles wide, belt of densely packed pumice. We were going by motor due to lack of wind and within seconds Maiken slowed down from seven to one knot. We were so fascinated and busy taking pictures that we plowed a couple of hundred meter into this surreal floating stone field before we realized that we had to turn back. Just as we came out of the stone field and entered reasonably normal water we noticed that there came no cooling water from the engine.

Several other vessels in the region at the time also observed large pumice rafts.

The day after their encounter with the pumice raft, the Maiken crew discovered the volcano itself:

A couple of hours ago we identified the active volcano as the one close to Home reef, and we are on our way there now to take a closer look. We are two miles from it and we can see the volcano clearly. One mile in diameter and with four peaks and a central crater smoking with steam and once in a while an outburst high in the sky with lava and ashes. I think were the first ones out here so perhaps we could claim the island and name them(?)

The following satellite image published by NASA’s Earth Observatory clearly shows a large pumice raft as well as the new island:


August 10th, 2006 – photo from NASA

~ Note ~
God goes into detail about occurrences like this in His new Book

"Beyond the Veil"
"Epiphanies from God"

which is available at

If you wish to be added to our "Private" book notification list,
send us an email to

We will let you know when other books
from Celest and David become available.

Give God a Break Day


“Give God a Break Day”

Are you wondering why we suggest that people give God a break? When things go wrong in life who do people blame?

The worst quote we hear repeatedly is, “God is on our side” this is according to all who wage war and other types of mayhem and violence. Are they really the “chosen ones?” There is no one chosen race, there is no one chosen person and there never was.

Some religions state that God only lives in their churches. If He is only in their churches during times of worship, then where is He the rest of the time? On holiday?

If people pray to God on their deathbed, does this mean they are praying to God the moment they are born? If this is so, why do you suppose they largely ignore God during the middle parts of their live, between birth and death, unless they need something or have something to gripe about?

If it is true that God made us in His image, then why do you suppose people hate one another, are they hating themselves, or are they hating God? Why bother to hate anyone anyway?

Why is it that people kill one another in God’s name? Do you truly think He sent us all down here to do that? Who said that God sanctioned this barbaric behavior? Why is there no respect for God when He is known by other names in other cultures? Then there is the myth of God with the Flaming Sword. Does no one bother to see that it is merely the Sword of Truth that cuts both ways? Why would anyone believe that He is a wrathful God?

Do you really believe God would want the streets of this world paved with gold? If everything was made that simple, what would anyone learn? We are sure you can all think of reasons for lessons that need to be experienced.

Do you believe you are greater than God or that God is greater than you? Do you believe you need an intermediary to speak with God? How many people understand that you each are as great as God is, just as He is as great as you are as individuals?

Do you really believe that God would have created each of us in His image solely to send us here to Earth for only one go-around? Personally, we would be highly disappointed if that was that and then off to either heaven or hell we go. However we know better, but not everybody does.

If you had to contend with the entire mess this planet is in every nanosecond, wouldn’t you want a break? Now imagine if you will, the responsibility of watching over this entire universe and all of its lifeforms.

Is it not time for everyone to take personal responsibility for either actions done well or actions that could have been done well? We feel this is to be done simply because you can. It is our responsibility, not God’s, to live our lives in the best way possible without reprehensible talk or behavior directed at God.

Face it, when we shine like the Beacons of Light we each are, we make God look good too.

The newspaper, “U.S. Today’s” poll in November of 2008 had this to say.
People that believe in God – was 90% and is now 80%
People that believe in Heaven – was 82 % now 73%
People that believe in the Devil – was 68% and is now 59%
People that believe in Hell – was 69% and is now 62%

Britney Spears was considered #1 in popularity in 2008. Tell us, what’s wrong with this picture?

Have you ever wondered what God’s stats on all of us are? This is an example of quid pro quo. Yes, the door swings both ways.

Are you a catalyst for truth or are you in stasis mode? Only pure honesty on a person’s part can answer this question. However, this is a life defining moment and be advised “someone” is listening.

Pick one day a week when you can actually not be praying to God for something you may want or complaining about something that you do not have. Remember, when you are giving God a break, you are giving yourself one as well.

If you want to send your comments for future postings, email them to We will post semi-regularly as our time allows.

Salude, Celest and David


Here is an example of the lunacy overwhelming people
by beings pretending to be God.

Man says God ordered him to ram vehicle

He crashed into another vehicle while traveling more than 100 mph
updated 7:06 p.m. MT, Mon., Dec. 1, 2008

SAN ANTONIO – A man who rammed his truck into a woman’s vehicle on a highway early Friday told authorities he crashed into her while going more than 100 mph because God told him “she needed to be taken off the road.”

The truck rear-ended the car on U.S. Highway 281, both vehicles spun across a median then came to a stop along a barrier in the opposite lanes. Both drivers suffered only minor injuries.

“He just said God said she wasn’t driving right, and she needed to be taken off the road,” Bexar County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Kyle Coleman said in the online edition of the San Antonio Express-News. “God must have been with them, ’cause any other time, the severity of this crash, it would have been a fatal.”

The pickup driver did not tell police how the woman was driving. Police could not find alcohol or drugs in either driver.

A psychiatric evaluation has been ordered for a man.


~ Readers Comments ~

How about giving God a break at least once a day, every day? We can start by daily lessening our instant reactions to “bad” news. We can begin and end each day by being thankful. We can love ourselves which naturally leads to loving others. Etc. The cross is the four directions but we go beyond the 4 to 7 and then the whole, the circle (sphere) of life. Thank you for all that you share with us. Blue Star’s words and “And Then God Said…..” are especially appreciated, as are your patience and persistence.

Wanisi, In love, light & joy, Etaoqua


Yes, lets have a give God a Break Day. I feel that is a wonderful idea. We need to take responsibility as well as be accountable for all that we do, and think.

I read that the pregnant woman who was trampled was ok, and her baby is fine too….not without first having a major scare. (I pray that the info I read was accurate and not some neocon disinformation like the store being closed for a medical emergency crap.

Thank you for the ANGER about the absolute, total, stupidity of what went on at that Wal Mart. It was just beyond absurd! We have worked so hard to come beyond all of that, anchoring light, creating change, and THIS INSANITY where a person is killed over THINGS!!!! Not to mention the fact that these cheap, imported items, are made mainly by people in oppressed conditions, with multiple human rights violations, one step up from slave labor, in a Communist Country where they have very few, if any rights other than the right to keep slaving away.

Thank you again for your website and I really look forward to your updates.

Blessing and Light

Thank you Alicia, what a great idea,, taking personal responsibility…………..
you nailed that one…
Kudos to you…
Celest and David


Greetings –
I am sick of all the namy pamby winers who blame God for everything – Even my own father in law is so lame blaming God for the slavery of Jews – (Don’t get me started how I ripped him another one for blaming God instead of taking responsibility for his and everyone elses actions) – Also if I hear one more person in the Bible Belt feel they are above contempt because every sentence starts with, “I’m a Christian”, I am going to lose it – Lord I know I am hear as a light worker and as the ultimate of love vibrations to help aid Gaia but I am choking on humanity right now – I absolutely would love to know how Jesus had such love and compassion for sheer idiocy and selfishness –

God, I am so trying to finish my mission on Gaia – Please help me so I can return to Venus! Really trying to implement your advice in your book – I pray for you as well to hang tuff – I love you and don’t blame you for anything -I am a warrior and hear to kick some serious dark booty back into the Christed Light Realm or off somewhere else – Until Then, Have a Happy Holiday –

Cheers, Diana-Elaine


First of all, I want to say thanks for given me the opportunity to hear the masterful words of wisdom from the Eternal Oneness. You have no idea (or maybe you have) how long I have traveled along the path, searching for words of wisdom and truth. From secret societies to peace movements, grasping at minute pieces of truth along the way. I now feel satisfied and enlightened.

On the question of an off day for God, I do not think so, not at this time. When it is all over, and we are all ascended and settled into our new dimension as it were, we can all celebrate and have all the rest we want. Thank pun intended..



Tell people to give “evil” a break today.
Don’t indulge it.

~ God ~


Hi David and Celeste,
Give God a Break Day, Wow what an awesome thought! } As one who is empathic to fairly thee well, giving God a break would be awesome. I don’t think many us think about how God is connected to all of us; feels what we feel, smells what we smell, sees what we see and so on. God is always part of us, no matter how much we recognize it. God’s there. What would it be like if we all chose, even just for day, to be like God. Love each being unconditionally with a love that is unlimited in its depth, walk the path of peace within each of our souls, act in ways that allow each to to learn freely their life lessons, see the golden glow increasingly glowing around our planet and so on.

What would it be like to feel loving and balanced in all that we say and do? Do kind things because we can. Give a smile or a hug to one who needs “help”. Volunteer and help where we are drawn. Plant a tree or feed the birds. Walk a dog for neighbor that isn’t able or provide a meal when one is needed. Sew a quilt for a stranger in need or box and send necessities (with a kind letter of appreciation) for our troops away from home. Find ways to do Godly things, even for a day! ) Perhaps, if enough of us can do this, and more, then every day can become GIVE GOD A BREAK DAY !

Have a happy, loving and Tree…mendous day! )


Dear Awakened Hearts.

I began some time ago to thank God every night for a wonderful day, for keeping me safe, for my health, for giving me enough of everything, for my family and friends and for keeping B. Obama and his family safe.

Love and Light, Ulli
Hey people,


Do I give god a break? Nah, why should I? You don’t give your friends a break. You don’t give your spouse a break! Imagine telling your spouse that for 1 week every year he can pretend he is not married to you! Not a good idea!

God and I are joined at the hip, like Siamese twins, for better or worse. It took me very long to realize this. Ignoring this fact seems to be step in the wrong direction. So : no break for god!

Luckily god is a superb multi-tasker. I am sure he can take a diving vacation on the coral reefs of Australia or take a long hike through the Amazon rainforest, or have a great time in another part of the universe and still look after me. And all us for that matter.

It is my heartfelt wish that someday he will be walking the earth again, quietly enjoying the beautiful nature. I imagine the newspapers putting it on the frontpage: there have been several sightings of god walking on a trail in the mountains. That would be something to be happy about!




I enjoyed reading Give God A Break Today. Here are some things I thought of, after asking God what would give him a break. Breath, relax, let go of negativity, accept light, and Love.

Peace and Love in the Light,



When I was in my early 20’s I decided to remove myself from daily schedules now and then and have what I called “a do nothing day”. On those days I just followed what the moment brought to me. Usually a “do nothing day” turned out to be a spectacular adventure. At the end of the day I was usually relaxed, refreshed and inspired. Perhaps, God indeed would enjoy having “do nothing days” too. I bet amazing things would come from it.

Another thing I was told by one of my Elders, is that sometimes it is a good idea to send prayers out to your direct ancestors. They are waiting to help you with love and devotion. They only need you to ask. Many traditional people believe this. The African nation is one, from my understanding, that encourages young men going to war to call on their ancestors for help and protection.

I think God must get tired of nations dragging him in while they claim violence. When my children were young they would get into an argument over something. Eventually they would call me in on it and expect me to choose a side. Well, obviously I had not witnessed what had hap pend and loved them equally. It was imposable for me to choose one over another. They were both my beloved children. I think that must be how God feels some days. Yes, giving God a break now and then is a good idea.



about God~~~~
I don’t really talk to God anymore~~~~
I just sit quietly and listen~~

Love you, Celest & David,


Dearest Celest & David,
I often wonder if thanking The Creator for helping God and sending some extra love his way is a silly thing to do? Do you think it might help & give God a little break? I hope so.. As you think so you create, right?
With all my love, prayers & gratitude,

Carol Anne
New York


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