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Commander Theda

Our Interview with Commander Theda Part 5

This is the finale of the interview with Commander Theda.
Part 5 covers:
Ship Shapes, Solar Flares, The Moon,
The Hollow Earth, The Crystal City, The Council of Elders


Our interview with Commander Theda

Part #5 of 5

Uncensored interview with Theda, a Commander of the
Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keepers Forces.

This is the finale of the interview with Commander Theda.
Other messages from Theda are listed on the Index Page

Part 5

Q-Commander Theda what is it that you want to speak about concerning the shapes of airships?

Theda-There appears to be much confusion here about our ships’ shapes although we do not really understand why. Think back to the blueprints that were the beginnings of earth aircraft…which by the way we gave to humans as a gift of technology to assist in aeronautical advancement for you, humans do not still fly the unfriendly skies in the same aircraft they had before. Why would anyone here think that we would remain in outmoded vessels when we are always developing new prototypes for airships? The plane here known as "the stealth" is one of our own vessels which had crash landed many, many years ago and was located by the unilluminated military forces. These men then proceeded to commandeer the design. Surely no one here bethought that a human had designed this craft! Humans are not that smart, for the most part.

We focused our attention to relying on airships that could not only travel at extraordinary speed…you can ask your air force about this but they won’t tell you….but could also be structured using much lighter alloys that we have in abundance. By the right use of the lighter alloys and the increased speed in each new design, more of our technological equipment, as well as more of our troops, can easily ride in comfort and security. A "block" has been placed upon humans accessing the information needed to construct the newest of our alloys, Sorry about that, but humans are far too greedy and untrustworthy for certain information to fall into their hands.

What would be laughable if it were not so serious and so sad, is that your militaries are still conspiring with the dark hordes in attempts to procure this knowledge. Little do they know that the Legion of Sin, never "gives" anything without expecting considerable payoffs. You could ask the American, the Russian and the Chinese governments about that! Oh well, it is what it is. Oftentimes we send out satellite airships that are unmanned and have the function of accessing information relative to enemy deployment on the earth star. They are also to check and realign when necessary, the data banks and monitors containing pertinent information of changing climatic conditions, caused by the deliberate machinations of the military and the ruling figureheads of the government. You could ask President Bush and President Cheney about that one.

It is imperative that we remain abreast of all deliberate weather aberrations that are manmade. It is in this manner that we have always been successful in taking immediate action to countermand the manipulations. We do so by using the satellite ships to calibrate the best direction, the optimum speed and the magnetic force necessary for us to enact and deploy in our laboratories. In this way we can cause tornadoes and hurricanes to change the velocity and the final destination of the course that the programmers had designed. We can cause a smaller less destructive epicenter for manmade earthquakes and alter the actual course of a quake.

All of our satellite ships are compact, not large as other types of ships. For instance a Mother Ship is extremely large. The satellites are built for sound and speed so they may interact with all prevailing conditions, yet immediately "disappear" and return home when necessary. Most of them are a grayish camouflage color and can easily transmit false information, when their detection systems notify the main memory bank that an intruder is attempting to access information and to pursue the satellite. All ships are equipped with a "fail-safe" system as well.

Some planets construct ships in the shape of Sacred icons that have great relevance to those aboard ship. We actually use many forms of Sacred Geometry with a ship’s construction. We utilize different shapes that can be independent of any need for reliance on other ships. All planets’ air ships bear certain insignia, which identify the ship to our brethren who are from far distant galaxies. The insignias I shall not disclose. It is not in our best interests. We have the usual assortment of cigar shaped ships which at times are unmanned; our ever popular model of the "flying saucer" of course is used very much. The Council long ago decided to continue using this shape, but to continually update and thus modify the inner chambers and the hundreds and hundreds of banks of computers and meters which must interface for optimum performance.

Human curiosity was but one reason for that decision. Humans just so LOVE to yell and scream, "Look it’s a UFO!" They would be just soooo disappointed to see a ship that did not render the same façade as the SCI fi movies. The cigar shaped air ships have great flexibility in fitting into narrow places without the need to recalibrate and alter their dimensions. Our triangular shaped ships are starting to be noticed in the skies by people here, more and more. We have noticed that those who actually look into the night sky, become a tad discombobulated when the constellation of a triangular shape they think they are watching, begins to swiftly move. Those people, who are "day watchers," clearly see the perfect circles of brilliant white lights that defines the triangular shapes, even on a highly sunny day.

At times we use our helix shaped ships, their electromagnetic properties are a literal Godsend during battle. Yes, we too have "war ships," as all your military think tanks are aware. One of the most common airships, but a model that is rarely seen by humans, is one that resembles a huge pie with a dome covering the top. We have many forms of airships and each serves a dual purpose, even our hospital ships can be used to bring injured compadres from the earth star planet aboard. They do not just treat those in "space" who are engaged and injured in air combat. Of course except for the necessary modifications for air, lighting backups, foodstuffs etc., all Mother Ships tend to remain the same as they always have been. Although all air ships in general have wondrous housing facilities aboard for all crewmembers, the Mother Ships are total cities within. On a final note, the ships for the most part are a neutral color, although we can instantly alter the coloration to fit into whatever environment we are in. And yes, all ships have the cloaking mechanism.

Q-Theda, what can you divulge about Solar Flares?

Theda-Ah, the proverbial Achilles Heel. I will try to keep this as basic and simple as possible. Solar Flares, contrary to certain Earth star "experts," actually are emitted from all planets, all stars, although in truth, all planets can be considered "stars." The extreme combustive heat that is an integral part of each planet, MUST be released in one form or another, in order to maintain the stability and the gravitational pull of the planet and the impact it would have on other planets, other universes. All planets must have a fluctuation of motion, a flexibility of the range of motion of the planet and the solar system it resides in.. I know that the sun is perceived by the not really knowing what they are talking about people, as the main source of the solar flares with ridiculous stories of the flares from the sun impacting on the atmosphere of the earth star planet.

A true researcher would see that the sun and all other planets are releasing the flares to avoid an implosion. As this NATURAL event occurs, the flares themselves, rather than being a malevolent force, function as a catalyst that works with both cold and hot weather conditions. The flares themselves can be measured in intensity, duration and if you are paying attention here, in the dispensation of the matter and the inevitable dissolution of the fragments of the flares. The effect and the aftermath of flares on planets in close proximity to the issuing planet, do not have the disastrous results you may think. When the issue is the earth star’s sun and the solar flares effecting and impacting on this planet here, yes it is true that the sun is at times much hotter than it once was. You should remember it is an "old" sun.

Eventually, as this sun’s time clock winds down for the final time, a new sun will be born. In the meantime, the sun’s flares although extending down to a certain degree thorough your atmosphere, cannot penetrate the planet with abnormal radiation as you have been told. It is not the sun that is responsible for the changing of the ocean tides, nor the dis-organized chaos of the human race. There are lunar flares that also send matter into the atmosphere. This assists in mollifying the horrendous oxygen depletion of this planet here. As this occurs, the nighttime mists and NATURAL haze containing molecules of oxygen are increased. Too much fear rhetoric is accompanying the solar flare issue. The day will come when you will be most thankful for the flares.

Q-Theda, people have listened to various stories regarding the moon, what have you to say about our moon?

Theda-The moon too is a much-maligned planet. This planet is the opposite concentric center of the sun. That means that the moon is a necessary PART of the sun, it is the exact opposite yet also works with the tides and influences winds to a certain degree. I say "concentric center," for each of these 2 planets performs an opposite function yet relies on the other for its balance. The moon and the sun are the yin and yang of your world; they are NOT combative, yet each has been charting new courses, in case you have not noticed. Several times a year, the total eclipses and the partial eclipses take place. It is during the times that the moon covers the sun that an amazing amount of energy is exchanged between these 2 planets. It is while everything appears to be in darkness then that a specific magnetic interchange takes place.

Currents of energy teleport between the 2 as well, in this manner each recharges the other and has the capacity to send large amounts of productive radiation to the other, thus magnifying that planet’s natural radiation resources. The ancient seafarers knew much of the moon and trusted implicitly upon her for their navigation and "true compass." The moon has a great, great many culverts and craters now, more so than ever before, The moon is not an "empty sphere," she is not without life, nor is she malignant in any manner.

Many ancient civilizations have inhabited the moon before and since the invasive intrusion of the human race. For the earth’s politicians and governments to continue attempting the plot to use the moon as a "space base for their space armies," is ridiculous. The first groups of astronauts received clearly stated warnings about this, which they relayed to their governments. Essentially, that will not be allowed. WE shall not allow it. GOD does not allow it. The CREATOR does not allow it. The die has been cast and is set in stone.

The moon provides a wondrous gravitational pull that is necessary to sustain the main grid around the earth star planet, as well as others in this solar system. It was only a little over 20 Earth time years ago that the moon began a tiny, slow shifting of her location. It was at that time that the true beginnings, the earliest flickers of the dissolving of linear time commenced. As the linear days, months, and years passed by, the moon continued to function more visibly in the "now," rather than in linear episodes of times as it once had to. As the acceleration of the integration of the 4th. Dimension encompasses and embellishes the earth star planet, the moon shifts and dances to the beat of a higher dimension being born into fruition on the earth.

It was only when the moon was held in the grips of a linear world that she could not "free-fall." She too had to remain aligned on a certain linear course. That was then and this is now. All "sky watchers" are aware that the moon comes up when she wants to now; the "governor" is no more. There is nothing to impede her speed or her distance to travel. The moon is reacting and acting in tandem with the stars and constellations that can now been seen….anywhere they want to be.

The 5th. Dimension is now gently touching the 4th., causing more Creative movement on the moon and stars’ part. Men have died on the moon, yet the human races have never been informed of this; as I said, invasive intrusion will not be permitted there.

Animal life forms that are migratory in nature have altered their migratory tracks in order to follow the path of the moon. There has always existed a special compatibility between these animals and the moon. In more ways than humans could understand, the moon nurtures them. She emits "directional signals" that they follow. That is all you need to know.

Q-Theda, much speculation has always been about "The Hollow Earth Theory," can you offer information for the readers on this issue?

Theda-I suspect there are still too many earth cousins who refuse to accept the FACT that all FACTS first begin as THEORIES. Does that give anyone a clue? That issue has been debated amongst the scientific and intelligentsia communities on this planet for far too long. Each side to that issue has their own specific agenda; money and power being the greatest. Once and for all, NO this Earth star planet is NOT a solid ball of fire. There exists an ancient yet quantum modern world beneath the surface of terra. Although the location existed in the pre-Atlantean times, it was in FACT the final death throes of Atlantis that caused the population and the cultivation of the middle earth to flourish. The irony here is that Atlantis in its heyday rightfully prided itself on having the greatest most brilliant academicians, builders, artists, singers, dancers and above all else, scientific minds and telepaths.

The "seeds" of ancient civilizations that in those times inhabited the middle earth, knew by using their own Creative gifts of telepathy and "future seeing," that the time would arrive when Atlantis would be no more. They sought counsel with my own ancestors at the time. An agreement was arrived at; one that would benefit the human race for as long as there was a human race. As usual, the middle earth beings held true to their promise. The agreement simply stated that at the time of the final death throes of Atlantis, many, many people would be airlifted to other spheres, while many others would immediately be taken into the middle earth. There they would dwell with the other remnants of their colonies and be freely accepted by the inhabitants.

They could intermarry into the cultures within the earth, once they had accepted any needed/required remedial education of the most Spiritual kind. Needless to say, there was a critical selective process that began years before Atlantis sealed its own doom. Briefly stated, this birthed a conjunction, a coming together of good heart with good heart, of true Spirit with true Spirit. Nothing less was acceptable. Nor should it have been. So it came to pass that the ancient seeds united in harmony, peace and incredible balance with the Atlanteanless Atlanteans. As a part of the agreement made long before, the middle earth colonies received the technology they had still lacked for enhancement and more modernization of their world within this world. They were already a self-sustaining life form, not dependent on the outer world for their needs or wants. As all worlds should be.

The centers of this world are laced and intersected with grand free flowing natural energy generated by a NATURAL source. They have their own solar system, so to speak. They encase their cities in a type of transparent crystal form, much like the appearance of the Crystal City. Their rivers and oceans are similar to the outer world but sans toxicity, and the blues and greens of the waters are among the many wonders of this universe. They have no need for weaponry, so they have no weapons. Centuries and centuries ago they had mastered the art and cultivation of growing and materializing natural food sources. Many, many times, governments have covertly attempted to locate the portals to the middle earth; they KNOW there are civilizations there.

Although there are 2 main portals that lead into this place, we can easily enter that dimension by other means that you shall not be told about. It is not your business. On occasion, some of the middle Earth peoples will actually venture to the surface. They have their own very advanced means of protecting themselves, you shall not be told of them either. Although none remain top surface very long, they are amazed and saddened by the utter desecration of the outerworld caused by the top surface human race. They have difficulty understanding the incredible ease that governmental control exercises over the human race. They cannot understand why so many millions of people in the top world permit it.

Human beings were never told of the middle world’s existence for many a century, this was only because it was known then that there would be no peace for the middle Earth people. Do not be among the foolish ones who have had "expeditions" to the center and expect that you will be permitted to live to tell about it. This is a highly protected, highly evolved world that shall not allow the dirty to contaminate their world. Over the centuries as linear times have passed, the middle world was awaiting the timelines that the outer world has recently entered. It had long ago been revealed to them, that when the Illuminati and their "egors," were flung back into the hell that spawned them, or they changed course and returned to the true Light of All Light, that once again, they would be able to accept more generations of good humans until such time the humans chose to return to top world.

Lest you do not understand…these beings in their generosity and true desire to see the human race as a whole evolve and to see the banishment or death of the Illuminati, have done much to alleviate certain conditions top world. They have no axe to grind; they do what they can and allow top world people to collide if necessary, with their destinies. No, the Illuminati do not make any forays into the center of the earth. A people, a world, is only as strong as its weakest link. Even the weakest link among middle world people is stronger than your average human on top world. "Theory" indeed!

Q-Theda, many times we have visited the Crystal City while still remaining here physically so to speak, on this planet. Would you care to speak about this citadel to the public?

Theda-The Crystal City is most aptly named by you as "The Citadel;" for in truth this is part of what it is. The earliest of our scribes and record keepers long, long ago transferred all the pertinent data of this place to the main memory banks of the time. As each of our home planets evolved into peaceful, contemplative places, the designated scribes and record keepers of each era of our existences, faithfully transcribed all material relative to the City in more modified and advanced wording. This was necessary in order to maintain the functionality of the memory banks. The Creator as well as the God of our own Universe together dictated this strict course in the earliest beginnings times of our races. You could liken these scribes and record keepers to the facsimile of Earth Star historians, only without the garbaly goop and truth distortions that so permeate ALL earth star history books and religious texts.

The Crystal City which was the original offshoot of all the data stored and still being housed within the central banks, enlarges in exact proportions to the gathered information. It was as the earliest writings entered the vault that the gestalt of the City occurred. It was first seen as a bright pinprick of light. As each being was faithfully supplying information, an amazing juxtaposition took place between the being, the transcription and the magnification of the pinprick of light. Our forebears began a monitoring of this anomaly with the assent of God. Their schematic analysis proved to be absolutely correct; the information and the energy behind the data, had Created its own life form which grew at a stupendous rate. In this manner the City was a "holding tank," which possesses all of the information of the Creator, of God and of the Creation process Itself:

No, our ancestors did not know of this prior to the event. When they questioned God about this, He told them that it had been on a "need to know basis," and until the event occurred they had no need to know. Somewhat mollified by that answer, all of our predecessors diligently followed the expansion of the City. New scribes were selected to record only the data the City emitted, it did and still does relay information to each caretaker; then he or she stores all in a different memory bank. With each new piece of data, more storage space is added to this special vault. The city expands and enlarges on its own, yet continuously Creates additional rooms and coliseum-like places and open-ended rooms within rooms. Of course it is telepathic in nature, it imbues each piece of "itself" with the harmonies of all universes. So it is that music is in perpetual motion.

The City in those early expansion times invited all scholarly and Spiritual teachers to spend time within the hallowed walls and rooms. As each male and female being entered into the City, by means of passing through a type of energy veil, each had to pass and greet the City "gatekeeper." This keeper is an extension of the City; as such it silently records all comings and goings of the people and stores more information consisting of the studious talks they engaged in. This keeper can at any time materialize a huge screen, which plays the entire telepathic conversation back to the scholars. As the time passed and students were invited from other places to enter and learn, or if necessary, re-learn elemental procedures of all types, it was easy to bring the screen into focus and play the data that could be of assistance to them.

As you both know, the City is indeed constructed of a rare crystal energy form; yet it is unbreakable; the outer city appears to be transparent. The inner city is white. The walls feel solid, sort of, when you touch them. They are very smooth and have a silky type of feel to them. There are thousands and thousands of large libraries there, which are replicas of all information relative to the Creator and the Creation. New libraries are added just about on a daily basis. A transparent crystal dome covers the entire outer City. It is also a Citadel not only of learning but a sanctuary. None may enter without the consent of the gatekeeper. All those on this planet the Earth Star, who are the ones who have beamed down to assist the human race, may be called to the City when the Creative Forces deem rest and meditation is necessary.

At times when certain Star Keeper Forces are in dispute of a situation that appears to have no successful resolution, they are called to the City for mediation purposes. It is quite common to go to the City to study and find ancient Speakers dressed in the garb of the old roman and Greek times. Some have encountered a much wiser Plato and Socrates there as teachers. Yes, if the intent is honest, many Earth-bound Earthizens can enter there for study. The City cannot be viewed by or through third-dimensional eyes. It is "beyond time and space." Sometimes when a Soul has gained entrance to the Akashic Library, he or she will read their personal "Book of Life," and discover all the times and reasons they too entered the City. Long ago an open invitation was issued to all life forms on all planets to gather in peace at the City and plan reforms and grassroots movements; to Create a better planet in which to live. Few came. Many are called but few choose themselves.

Q-Theda, please speak of the "Council of Elders," from our own experience with interacting with people, we have found that even those we felt should know more about the elders, do not.

Theda-That is a wise choice of questions. Many on the Earth Star believe themselves to be party to the teachings of the Council yet are so flattered and bemused by the prospect, that they do not take the necessary time to discern what the Council truly is and which Council they are really listening to. The term "Council of Elders," is much bandied about by earthlings with little regard for the ESSENCE of the term. Too little knowledge, too much ego!

In the beginnings of the Creation of God as Supreme Overseer of a Universe, the Creator most wisely bethought to appoint ambassadors from each planet at the time, to sit as "chair" on a governing board which would function as an intermediary source for all life forms. Yet these appointees would be answerable to The Creator first, the Creation second and God third. Each being was awarded the honorary title of "Elder," which simply means, ancient in knowledge; one who is a wisdom keeper. Since we "don’t do" chronological age, this selection process is predicated upon the Soul Status as well as the evolution of a particular being. Although this may seem incredible to some of you, there are Souls who upon being birthed into perfection RETAIN that level of KNOWING and BEING and are immediately appointed to be "chair."

The appointment of "Elder" is a lifetime commitment and is regarded as ones’ Sacred Duty to Universal Law. This position is a highly demanding one and does require that none bring superfluous issues of trivial nature before the Council. There is no one spokesbeing for this group; each has a "voice" in all proceedings. When the issue may be one of deciding whether or not an entity, a planet, or a civilization is found guilty of violating Universal Law, or of another’s violating an individual’s free expression, there is no court of appeals. All Federation matters are brought to the Council for any finalization or stamp of amended rights needed.

There are no set figures for an allotted number of members required on Council. Although as I stated, all civilizations are represented, new Elders are always being groomed to replace those who will eventually pass over into a finer version of themselves and return to Source. This Council is conjoined with The Law of One; therefore their words, in the shapes of geometric designs and telepathic communications, are regarded as the word of the Creation, which they are. It was not very long after the formation of the Counsel, that the Illuminati and their brethren devised a plot that most unfortunately has proven to be far too successful. These groups decided to form a fictitious Council of Elders and to use them to confuse and debase the human race.

Their plan was carried out to their usual notorious perfection. It was to locate all the perfidious humans, all those who have great need to believe they are in touch with the true Council of Elders and convince them that the Elders they believe they are in touch with, are the real thing. It was an easy conquest over the human race. Projecting holographic images of what the human mind conjured their impressions of the Elders to look like, then transmitting them to the unaware humans and SAYING that they really are the Council of Elders, it has been that easy for them. Foolish humans. As a direct result, humans on this world have been busy worshipping something that does not exist; no new news there. Humans have been idolizing these mythical beings without any knowledge that the true Council of Elders does not accept those types of behavior; they find it to be foolish, heinous and a violation of THE LAW. Stupidity is not a consideration.

What we have observed about all the phony Councils of Elders is that "channelers" are believing in them and are failing to check their sources. At best this behavior is ad-nausem. At its worst, the Illuminati and their groups have been integrating with those who may at one time actually been "clear channels." They have so disrupted the energy fields and telepathic awareness of those individuals and their "followers," that these people have been doing incalculable damage to the Spiritual Awareness of those who listen to them. And they do not even know it. Some do not because they do not want to know. None of those Elders are what or who they purport to be; if you could see them in their natural state, many of you would be horrified. What are they really you wonder? Well, does the name "LEGION" sound familiar?

Of the many Elders groups reveling and cavorting among the non-discerning humans, one of the worst and most deadly is the notorious "Council of 13." They are part of a colony of the ancient Drac race, before any of the Dracs crossed over into the Light of All Lights. This group works a bit differently than do the other imitation Elder groups. It seeks out men and women, in particular men, who have cracks in their psyches and/or have for so many, many lifetimes, also followed the path of the unrepentant. The majority of the males have "female issues," they secretly despise females and have been known to deliberately and sadistically abuse females…in every way. So it is that these people are "ready made" for "hostile takeovers of the worst kind."

Then the "Council of 13" announces its presence to the individual and painstakingly preens that one by caressing the ego-self with ubiquitous lies of the person’s worthiness and rarity. WORKS EVERY TIME! The cracks widen and in an amazingly short period of time, that individual begins the self-imposed process of integrating with the presence of the evil ones and begins to seek out, with the intent to destroy, all Light Weavers he or she comes in contact with. The dark ones then with malicious intent, proceed to bring the one(s) they are in contact with, to greater and greater misdeeds against others, without any just cause. "The devil you say," is the usual response when we attempt to ed-u-cate humans about these factions. Our answer always is.."thats who!"

The true appointed Council of Elders never, never makes any attempts to contact any except their own contactees; these are the ones who have signed a pre-birth contract agreeing with TOTAL understanding of the necessity of this agreement. When a being, whether human or not, makes a CONSCIOUS decision to have contact with the Elders, he or she is not aware that it is actually the timing that has been set into motion which had long ago been agreed to. There is no happenstance, no coincidence or any other foolish manmade word for this occurrence. Elders do not pass judgment on silly humans or any other hapless, witless life form that indulges in the dark arts and cavorts with the dark energies. They do however carry out the orders that are a part of the Sacred Writ actualized by Prime Creator so long ago.

In this manner "Justice and the Balance of the Scales," is always maintained for the good of all. I shall advise you one and all earth cousins, that certain rules for initiating and maintaining contact with the true Elders always apply. Never will contact be made or repeated when a being is in sickly condition; never, never will the Elders speak to you in a hateful, denouncing fashion about others who are said to "channel." Never NEVER, NEVER will the Elders vehemently warn humans and the followers of "channels," that the Elders and the Ascended Masters who work in tandem with the Elders, strike down and physically, Spiritually or mentally hurt another human being. It is the antithesis of all that the Creator and God have decreed. It simply has never and will never happen.

The Council of Elders never attempts to defend themselves to another. The Elders never attempt to make excuses for another. The Elders do not attempt to intervene in the affairs of men. The Elders do not attempt to destroy those that are projecting themselves as the actual Council. To do any of the above stated intentions, would destroy the entire conclave; would seriously jeopardize their Souls, would defeat their Life purpose and this they will not tolerate. You may wonder at our understanding of the debacle that has been taking place on the earth star for so long; it is the "understanding" of the nature of the events that makes us great. It is our understanding of the foibles of the human race that makes us strong. It is our understanding of what the hapless humans and others do not know about these projections, that continually motivates us to succeed in our quest for peace on earth. It is our seeing the destruction or salvation, during the now final death throes of the Illuminati, that renders us to consistently be compassionate for those with little compassion.

What we as Star Keepers "off world" share as a commonality of understanding that YOU do not have, is that the secret to the taking of humans by these dark forces has a "blind side" that the prey is not aware of. I shall tell you a secret… Blue Star the Pleiadian has said before, "I shall tell you a secret, don’t tell anyone." These dark forces, especially those posing as true Light Forces, are the ultimate parasite. They cannot exist without the host necessary for survival. Yet when the hosts begin the slow physical and mental descent into ill health that is not a causation of "natural means," then the parasite must destroy the hosts. The descent is inevitable.

Evil always turns upon itself to devour the host, in so doing that particular tentacle of the ungodly, destroys itself. And THAT is the way it is on the path of personal evolution, where all realities must intersect and be understood, also on the path of final destruction.

Think on that…if you dare.

Salude….Commander Theda signing off….

This concludes part #5 of our interview with Commander Theda.
Because of the complexity of our final questions about "Jesus The Christ" and "The Antichrist," Theda has asked us to do two independent writings to cover these. Return to the index page to read these as well.

Our Interview with Commander Theda Part 4

Part four covers the following topics:
Dragons and other mystical beings, Music as an encoding, Parallel Universes, The Illuminati and Natural Resources, The year 2012, Human Sightings – UFO or UH


Our interview with Commander Theda

Part #4 of 5

Uncensored interview with Theda, a Commander of the
Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keepers Forces.

Q-People believe that Dragons are a myth. We know better but we would like you to speak on this subject to our readers please.

A-Dragons were part of the "first societal team" here on Earth. Actually they are gentle creatures for the most part. All Dragons played an important role in the evolution of this planet. Their tremendous girth was necessary here because of the early world’s wild foliage and deep crevasses. You must remember this was prior to the first ice age. The first ice age was of course instrumental in realigning the topography of this world, just as the following ice ages were. In those early times, the Dragons could easily step into extremely deep gorges yet ease themselves out of them because of their (Dragons) stature. Most times the overabundance of foliage effectively hid the animal from the view of their prey. So unless the wind turned the prey would be caught and devoured well before it knew of the proximity of the Dragon. Even though the majority of Dragons were fruit and nut eaters, some of their offspring became carnivorous. Many types of Dragons came into existence because of gene strains that slowly changed over the early centuries.

Dragons were fierce fighters and used their whip like tails as a deadly weapon. Their extremely long claws were able to tear apart some of the more hostile predators that did abound here during those times. Today’s lizard kingdom is a result of the teleforming process that originated with the Dragon. Without the original Dragon family, there could be no lizard today. The lizards of today, the "miniature Dragons" are responsible for controlling much overbreeding of certain bug species that could easily generate viruses to the human. This is all a part of the original Divine Plan for Predator/Prey control. Dragons however were not "man eaters" the way so many books and movies depict. Much like the Bear, Dragon would beat a hasty retreat when it encountered the man scent. It is quite understandable why the early human race lived in such dread of the Dragon; these animals could easily wipe out an entire village simply by walking on it and sweeping it into oblivion by one long movement of its tail.

Much like today’s unfortunate caricature of the "bogeyman," the Dragon image was used to instill fear into people. I speak now of the beginnings of the Illuminati’s methodology of using the Dragon symbol to control the illiterate peoples. They believed in what they still call "Dragon Power," this is a belief based upon the alleged fierceness of the animal and the holographic projection of Dragons devouring people. All descendents of the early Illuminati truly came to believe that they were the original progeny of the Dragon. So it was that Dragon came to be enshrined among the dark brethren. Do not think it foolish that they believed they had a Dragon heritage. After all, millions of you "learned peoples" still believe you are descended from the ape even though you are not. The brainstorm of using the Dragon as the secret symbol for the dark societies came into being in the early part of the 12. century. Their unique idea was to form a facsimile of a Dragon that they hoped would fool people, something that would seem superficially to be innocuous; cause them not to be curious enough to ask too many unwanted questions about the symbol. Well before the 12. Century, Dragon images were ensconced in stone and metal and adorned all the great houses of the ruling junta.

Even those who were skeptical about the Dragon actually protecting those who used his image, were too afraid not to use it…just in case. The Illuminati did their job well, the continuous use of symbols to enslave the populace has still today worked wonders for them. When the facsimile of the Dragon was born all the most hideous features and grimaces imaginable were attributes of this new image. Some of these new creations were Dragons in flight, Dragons breathing fire and so on. This image later became known as "the Gargoyle." Gargoyle rings, pins, necklaces, gargoyle images in hides and simple leathers were foisted upon the unsuspecting public. Little did they know the Black Hand behind this macabre joke. They still do not! Gargoyles are a means of one Illuminati member identifying another. Meanwhile, after the Great Dragon had accomplished its purpose here on the planet, that which was to produce the lizard progeny, it was teleported to a different dimension where Dragon still lives in its original gentle splendor.

Q-What about music as an encoding mechanism?

A-Music is in itself a specific language. All frequencies and vibrations are composed of energized molecules of atatomical matter. Each individualized energy stream of this matter contains a particular tonal sound, a "note," one that corresponds with unilateral and universal energy. It is the energy of the Illuminated side of the Universe. Each MOTE of this energy contains POTENTIAL. This is not "potential," this is the rarified meaning of "POTENTIAL." It is a scalar quantity equal at a given point in an electrical field; it conforms to the work done in moving a unit charge to an infinite distance from the conceptual fields of origin. As the individual unit charge experiences the movement it emits a "sound," one that is indigenous to that particular unit alone. NO TWO ARE THE SAME. Each electromagnet energy field of each unit is called a "note;" this term means "a decibel that is very short, one that is harmonic in nature." The energy fields that contain minute deposits of similar frequency and vibration are magnetically attracted to other units possessing the harmonic similarities. As this occurs, each mote then distributes a singular sound or pitch that vibrates to itself, then bounces from itself to co-join with others.

As this event occurs, "music is Created." The Music of the Spheres is quite simply all these frequencies blending on a specific vibratory level. The Sphere music is a compendium of Soul energies; those who have gone before you and those who are living now. It is also music that radiates from other planets in a gentle "rush" of cytonic energy. Each Soul possesses its own musical note; one that distinctly resembles a "fingerprint." As the individual personality progresses to each more evolved level, the personal note becomes quite clear to that being. The original indelible imprint can and does multiply itself into several different note segments. This can only occur over a long period of time. The older the Soul the more easily the multiplication can take place. This means that spatial time is the progenitor for this period of fecundity to occur. Only when the evolvement of the individual has arrived at critical mass can other notes spawn from the original personal note. These notes as a collective force, will remain a part of the individual Soul as long as the Soul is.

When an entity arrives on this planet he or she bears their personal note which has been encoded into their cellular memory. There is NO conscious recall of the event or the note. The note will be a guiding force on a subconscious and superconscious level of knowing. Should that individual successfully transcend the challenges, the obstacles and traps of the dark brotherhood, the note that was dormant then begins to actively and consciously course through the cellular memory phase into recall phase or conscious phase. Those individuals that we guard here on the earth can and do maintain contact and communication with us through the use of their notes. We have an entire system on our ship(s) that lists all the notes that each individual possesses. It also shows all of the activated ones and those that are not. As the changes occur and the one note multiplies, the system uses its blinking mode to alert us of this event. In time, all evolved Souls carry a harmonic cord. The harmonic cord is one that must be earned, its filaments are both luminance and music. It is incredibly strong and cannot be broken. Again though, this is true only of the most evolved. These beings easily communicate with their Soul Clusters through Music. And we with them.

Q-What can you tell us of "parallel Universes"?

A-A parallel universe is sometimes referred to as a "Sister Universe." These are spheres where so much of what is taking place on the originating sphere is mirrored to the sister sphere. Some universes require more moon, suns, stars and so forth as part of their own planetary evolution. Some of these similar planes have the same set directions for evolutionary purposes, many have the same natures and /or the same tendencies to mature at similar linearly speaking, timelines. Many have the capacity to exist in the same dimension yet cannot be seen or viewed by another sister sphere. Their courses, directionally speaking, are set but in slightly different variations so there is never any collision. It is difficult to explain this situation for it is more complex than people realize. All people are multidimensional in nature, yet few are aware of this. This means simply stated, that a person can be on this earth star planet while simultaneously sharing a lifetime on a different sister planet that is a parallel planet in a sister universe.

There are many Universes for instance, which are carbon copies of this universe in a sense. They have grids yet each grid is mathematically correct for that universe alone. Their solar systems may at first seem much like your own, but the number of planets needed for balance and the equal space needed for the birth of new planets may differ. All the parallel universes will contain a specter of each life form that has ever been there. So if you or Steve have visited the planet Nebru, an aspect of yourselves is ingrained there in the stratosphere. Some universes that share a parallel connection with the earth star planet are home to many more advanced civilizations than yours. These sister universes also use the earth star planet as the schoolhouse base. This is where Souls from the other universes elect to go to for remedial to speak. There are also sister universes where "future" Earth inhabitants may go to when their "timeline" for earth habitation has expired. Simply stated here, all that a person experiences or Creates here on the earth has a ramification or "cause and effect" on other sister universes. If you could see the bigger picture, you would understand that what you do here, you are doing in many other sister universes as well.

Q-What is the tie-in between the Illuminati and Natural Resources?

A-Everything on this planet is perceived as riches in one form or another by the Illuminati. There are many technologically wealthy planets that use many of their own natural resources for the continuity of their generators that keep their worlds safe and fertile. There are those not really advanced in that manner and those must still rely on the day to day experiments and mining etc., until such time that they too have been able to successfully advance into the more easily accessible natural resource proliferation. The earth however has so much that attracts the Illuminati who are constantly busy depleting the earth minerals to supply the space armies with all they need for their continuous hostile barrage upon other planets and even the attempts on Nirvana. Everyone knows of the enormous power that all crystals contain. Not all however are aware of the great deposits that are still available on earth.

When the average human sees a beautiful diamond their minds flash "money, expensive, gotta have it!." Not once do they acknowledge or even know that it is a crystal. Yet it is the intrinsic value of the crystals that actually assist in forming new worlds. Not only that but all crystals assist in the balancing of the grids. Without the grids, the worlds could not maintain balance, stability. Many of the space armies’ armadas are still inchoate, they must be fully equipped with all power generators in order to sustain and thus maintain the velocity they need for attack force. Those satellite bases of the Illuminati still engaged in peculiar cloning procedures must rely on "off world" resources for the continuation of this process. It is the mining of the crystals that is the most important here of all the natural resources that are viewed as most desirable. It certainly is not your air they are after!!

Q-"We know you are probably tired of hearing this one but what about the year 2012?

A-Well, I was tired of hearing about it back in 1900, but that’s another story. Since the beginning of the beginning of this planet, it was well known that a specific timeline would need arrive before the earth would become a progressive, lucid planet. Because "time" is fluid, meaning it all occurs at once, we were at first only able to gauge a decade by the use of systematically correct glimpses into the "future" years of this earth. Much the way the entrapped men of the Philadelphia Experiment did. We at those times ascertained that between 2010 and 2012, the much expected and needed transitions would occur. As Soul after Soul departed this planet eagerly awaiting their next foray to earth, their destinies were revealed to them. We felt very honored that The Great Gestalt had deemed it important for all of us to receive the knowledge of these Souls’ future journeys here and why. After that we simply used our calculations regarding space time continuums and charted the year after year progressions of ancient ones entering this dimension and those that would surely follow.

All things, events, people, planetary changes, both interplanetary and outerplanetary are relative in the symmetry of evolving change. All these issues must overlap/be part of the fulcrum. Remember now, all that we know, so do the Illuminati. This is why the closer we are to arriving to the 2012 timeframe, the more desperate is their cause. So much had to take place before the synchronicity of events Created could occur. So much needed change has rested upon frail human shoulders. Change is not a consistency among the human race. Yet when faced with the alternatives of more devastating and outrageous wars arranged by the politicians of this world, "change" became the only viable alternative. Peace Keepers who originally only appeared by the dozens now are appearing by the thousands. Each has an important part, a role, to play in the "Mission 2012" movie. None is more important than the other. Without these individuals as a whole 2012 would be nothing more than another "bad hair day year."

There is a reason that I am not permitted to speak of concerning the why that particular year for this great event. I can only tell you it is part of a wondrous Epiphany. That year marks well the soon-to-be final resolution to the problem of the Illuminati. Do not expect that you shall awaken the first day of that year and see the earth as a parallel Nirvana, You can be sure however that you will awaken. That should be good enough.

Q-Please explain to the readers how you have "human sightings." How do humans look to you while you are on ship and how you keep track of everyone.

A-"Human Sightings" is our term for spotting and following humans, you say "UFO Sightings" we say UHS. Unidentified Human Sighting. I will try to simplify this procedure as much as possible. Although our ships and our home planets have gigantic viewing screens which allows us to watch the movie of the human exploration of life, generally speaking, we do not "see" humans in the physical guise they have chosen. Every life form has its own individual, personalized electromagnetic field and shield. This is an elementary fact. The human race those that are the least evolved, tend to have their magnetic fields as well as their shields permeated with electro-static energy. This restricts them greatly in formatting changes in their lives. Their "auras" correctly reflect the non-changingling conditions of the mind, heart, emotions and Spirit. They are generally speaking, of a gray hue. Their vibrations are sluggish and nonproductive. This does not mean they are bad people, they simply are "stuck."

Those people who are truly "the bad ones," are very black in hue and the density of their emotions. They have no love in their hearts. They thrive on hate and discord. Dark orbs and energy streamers are a part of their internal makeup; their collective consciousness is a discombobulating mass of blackness and pure evil. Those who have for so very long been "the middle roaders," emit a passive, neutralized hue. It has no strength of energy, it is a thinnish fiber that seems to vacillate, no grounding to it at all. There are rare moments when the coloration alters slightly to a bit more of an intense shade. However, it is short-lived. We have found over the many years, that when this occurs it is because that particular personality has briefly, very briefly, had a thought that is not relative to their native neutral position. Almost immediately, the fear factor sets in and the person retreats to their former self. Where it is "safe."

Then there are those who make our hearts smile! Many humans, who are the most recent descendents of the original star-seeded ones, visibly display their moxy; their colorations are bright and show great strength in the rainbow prisms they emit. The sense of determination and great courage is a predominating factor in their cellular make-up. They radiate and sparkle regardless of the unenviable situations they find themselves thrust into. They are eager to learn and are very dissatisfied with the diffidence and lethargy that assails so many others on this planet. They may not always know what they "know," but that does not stop them from being all they can be.

Then of course there are our walk-ins and several Avatars. We retain constant communication with the Avatars as we chart their progress in this hostile land. The walk-ins are a different story. All walk-ins carry our monitoring systems within their bodies. These are commonly referred to as implants. Most implants are changed from time to time due to the sensitive nature of the mechanisms. Although they last for a very long time, as the physical vehicle alters or is altered, certain types of implants would aid the body more so than others. The term "implant" has caused much fear among some of the earth star peoples. Understandably so. The world governments following the dictums of the Illuminati have been implanting people for many, many years without their consent. Their reasons are not for protection of the individuals, it is to follow their every movement in the hopes in discovering others who are leaders and activated participants of the Quiet Revolution. I am not speaking here of any of the heinous testing of the human race through the use of implants.

All walk-ins prior to their descent into the third-dimension, are made aware of the considerable risks they shall face on this planet. We have very many somber meetings with them before they "beam down." These meetings are crucial to them as well as to us. Attendees include high ranking commanders of the Galactic Federation, as well as the pre-chosen Spirit Guides and those of the Angelic Realm. We leave nothing to chance here. If you could but understand the enormous complexities of safe-guarding these warriors who are teachers as well, none among you would oooh and aahhh about the necessity of the implants. Each walk-in knows that at one time or another during their earth star walk, they will face certain death at the hands of the un-illuminated. Each is apprised of the locations that need most to be protected on earth. Each views with us on the screens that I have previously spoken of, the current situations of all other walk-ins on earth AT THAT PARTICULAR TIME. Each of us quietly assimilates all the information of the conditions pervading against the earth bound walk-ins and what our viable alternatives are in delivering them from the perilous positions to a safer harbor without interfering in their destinies.

It here in our High Council meetings that present and future walk-ins must come to grips with the illusions of reality that continually takes place on terra. If they could not do this, what help could they be to humanity? What help could they be to their Star brothers and sisters relying on them for assistance? It is also here that the walk-ins agree to the monitoring system so necessary to ensure their success and their physical lives. Humans for the most part have very little understanding of how the monitoring system works for us. Our implants range from the size of a miniscule bead to a size about 1 1/2 inches. They are embedded below the skin and in close proximity to the internal nervous system, for the most part. As the walk-in moves through linear years it is necessary to at times add other variations of the original implant to different parts of the body. The original implanting procedure takes place just moments before the descent.

The implants are each calibrated to the individual being. Giant computerized systems continually follow all the physical vehicle’s movements, heart rate, blood pressure and so forth. One of the numerous functions of the implants is to clearly show us where in physicality that being is. In this way we can correctly see the proximity of any danger to that person. Walk-ins who are the most evolved warriors and teachers are not aware consciously when they arrive on terra that they are marked for death. That would serve no good purpose. They have enough to deal with just readjusting to an earth-bound physical body and all the complexities of the lives of the bodies’ former inhabitants. There are a handful that arrive here with total recall. I shall not explain why. It is a private matter. All though are most carefully guarded until such time as the implants alone are all that are required for us to observe and protect.

The walk-ins bear a specific symbol that is inherent to their home planets. The symbol is always visible to us, even as they jettison the former inhabitants’ illusions and personal fears. Walk-ins are bathed in vivid colors, each color denotes that individual’s current progress and brotherhood symmetry. If you would take a picture of a person with a Polaroid and look at the development of it, before it is a fully developed picture, all the outlines, the silhouettes would be visible. So it is for us. It is at the timelines that are designated for their own personal advancement that the most dastardly attacks upon them occur. Also when they are reconnoitering with others of their Soul Clusters. So you see, we have our own manner of "imaging" others; of viewing and observing those on this planet…for the Greater Good.

****** Special Notice ******

Commander Theda has stated that she wishes to address some issues that we have not asked about but that she feels are very, very important.

I wish to comment on the growing concerns amongst many of you about the "channeling wars" that are ongoing at this time, just as they have in the distant past. Those of you who are aware of the dimensional merging and the overlapping of dimensions, know that many lower based entities (vibrationally speaking,) are now more able to access your minds and confuse very well-intentioned individuals. It is these individuals that need to practice "self-discernment" along with "passionate detachment" in their receiving or sending of information through their telepathic highways. The lower based entities are attempting to disrupt and influence many otherwise "clear channels." These entities that I am speaking about have objectives that are not in your best interest. Their intentions are not in your highest good; they are not capable of allowing themselves to see the larger clearer picture.

We who are your brothers and sisters from among the stars, urge you to "check your sources," for the validity of all information being sent to you. If at any point it feels invasive, or not from an extremely Evolved Source, we urge you to terminate all communication immediately! There are many amongst us whose task is to ensure the safety of the many of you who are fellow Earth Star Walkers. This we shall continue to do within the confines of Universal Law. We do so also honoring any Soul agreements made prior to the descent onto the Earth Star planet. We will not interfere in your personal destinies. Each of you need to be personally accountable for your actions, your interactions and any mitigating circumstances that can cause you to be used by this dark force. We will not do this for you. Nor will we impose our desires in your personal choices of a life well-lived, or not well-lived, whichever may be the case.

Learn to trust in your intuition, have trust in yourselves. If your "source" information does not resonate well with you and with great clarity, you have the ability to alter the perilous situation by not entering the lions den. We are not your babysitters, we are to merely assist in the prevention of grievous mistakes that can impact on your fates and the rest of humanity.

We shall observe and bear witness.

Salude, Commander Theda signing off

This concludes part 4.

Parts 5 and ? shall answer these questions and subjects and more:

Jesus The Christ, The Anti-Christ, Solar Flares, The Moon, The Crystal City,

Council of Elders, Ship Shapes, The Hollow Earth Theory.

Please note, because of the complexity of these interviews, they are running into more than four parts.

Celestial and David

Our Interview with Commander Theda Part 3

Part three covers the following topics:
Tells the readers about the planet "Arcturus." The truth about New Years Eve and the Rainbow Warriors. Earths north and south poles. Pyramids. Who are the Bird Tribes and the truth about Angels. Diseases in the human body, who is responsible for them and why they occur.


Our interview with Commander Theda

Part #3 of 5

Uncensored interview with Theda, a Commander of the
Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keepers Forces.

Q-" What can you tell the readers about the planet "Arcturus?"

A-" When the Divine Force of Creation set about to form spheres of habitation for other expressions of HimSelf, He centrally located some of them as part of the Divinity of Integration. "Centrally," means they were fashioned to align to a specific coordinate point, so that each sphere would receive reflective energies from others that would be on the same vibrational energy wave. This was presumed by the Council of Elders to meet the most prolific guidelines for not merely birthing life forms on planets, but to also allow each one to exchange advanced forms of technological information without any hostile intrusions. I was not the same being that I am now at that time, I was what today is known as an "orb." Within the Akashic Records though is the compilation of the early Creative Forces.

These records are quite thorough in their "dictated form." Each planet was to allow the most serene atmospheric conditions; each of the first 6 was to function as "outerplanetary" way stations for space travelers and evolved teachers. It was clearly understood that the atmospheric conditions would reflect the emotions and mind thoughts of its inhabitants. Arcturus was one of the spheres designated as a teaching planet. This also included the further research of the space harmonics. Some of the greatest teachers and some Avatars whose place of origin is Arcturus now have converged on the earth star planet. Arcturian’s possess great integrity and stupendous energy for correcting mistruths and misbeliefs that are so prevalent in this world.

Arcturian men and women are humanoid in appearance…for the most part. Some bear a distinct resemblance to Pleiadian’s. This is in part due to their inner-marriages over the centuries. Both races share a commonality of belief systems; their credo is "justice for all, never sacrifice the many for the few." The Arcturian sky is resplendent in its many hues of blue and gold, the moons and suns shed a radiance not seen on the Earth Star planet. Many of the aquatic life forms still inhabiting the earth star planet were deposited here by the Arcturian peacekeepers. In our realms, Arcturus has become legendary for its ability to attract extremely evolved Souls from other spheres. Arcturian’s are one of the races here that suffer the most grievously, when bearing witness to the continuous slaughters of the innocents and the madness of the earth people who have succumbed to the Illuminati.

The Arcturian’s do not have any remorse about their decisions to migrate to the earth star planet. Their presence and their abilities to peacefully adjudicate "wars in the making" is awesome! A few had once fallen prey to the dark forces because of their naive belief that all of that horde could be persuaded to extricate themselves from that devious energy. They paid dearly for their vain efforts. However, it did serve as a reminder to other Arcturians, "when on earth do not always do what the earthlings do." All those from Arcturus, who are on this planet, are carefully monitored just as those from other planets are. When it is possible and permitted, we can assist them in the understanding of the human mind. Arcturians do not just arrive here with total recall. They do know they are here to teach by example. All data is transmitted to the "Watchers" of the Arcturian conclave. They in turn add all the new information about events transpiring and the names of the humans who are the greatest malefactors on this planet. Of course this is added to the Akashic Library as well. If you vow to stop evil you must first understand it and all the nuances it induces, that humans for the most part do not hear. Arcturians have learned their lessons well. "

Q- "Explain to the readers the true importance of New Years please."

A-" New Years is a changeable event; as the counting of days and years altered with new types of calendars, so did the date change. It was originally started hundreds of linear years ago as an intent to overshadow the celebration now known as Christmas. It was not long before "new years," was seen to be an advantageous financial coup. The same dark lords who have so successfully ruled your earth star world for so long, also perceived it to be a most fortuitous time to creep into the hearts and minds of humans. They were well aware of the gullibility of the masses of this race. It needs to be understood here that the inability of humans to be "happy," to be "content," with themselves was well known. The human propensity to congregate with others also afraid to be alone, was seen as a viable vehicle for bringing these "lost Souls" together in a false merriment time. It was so simple to convince humans that new years was a time of fertility, a time of bringing in brand new people, places and things.

The dark horde counted on the people’s utter desperation and discontent in their lives. The horde was happily rewarded by the sheer numbers of mankind both then and now, who acquiesced with NO STRUGGLE at all! Drinking and illegal drugs, indiscriminate sex and senseless violence became "New Years" for the human race and they don’t even realize it. How pathetic. The dark brothers depend heavily upon the insolence and arrogance of humans, the force learned centuries and centuries ago that mankind is easily controlled; they (brotherhood) know how to appease the human "appetite" just as they appease their own. Humans are so intent on "partying hearty" that they are unaware, or don’t care to know, that they are being used as human sacrifices. While all this Spiritual malaise and emotional turbulence is occurring, there is another side to new years that few on this planet know about. Those who do are the active participants in The Crossing of the Rainbow Bridge.

We who are the observers of this event, dearly love being permitted to bear witness. As you two well know, it is on new years eve linear time, when the portal closes to disallow the "familiars" of the dark brotherhood to remain here in the third-dimension. This is when the great battle ensues between the dark and the illuminated. As the linear timepiece winds down to midnight, those of the illuminati clan who cannot cross the bridge to access the portal are destroyed. It is August 15th. of each year that this portal enters your dimension and begins its inexorable opening. It is on All Hallows Eve that this portal blasts wide open. This when Universal Law permits ALL to enter this world. The good the bad and the pure evil. Thus the battle for the Souls of humanity accelerates during that time period at an incredible pace. The numbers of suicides, homicides, domestic abuse, rape and torture drastically increase. Humans who are prone to disbelieve in forces greater than themselves are easy prey. At the same time that the degenerate forces descend into matter, so do the first enclave of The Rainbow Warriors.

Each of these two opposing forces has an assignment, those who are of The Rainbow Warrior Clan, materialize to be of assistance in serving and protecting our earth star cousins and all benevolent walk-ins. Those who are part of the dark horde are here to provide mayhem and disruption in human affairs and take possession of all those who are mentally unstable or Spiritually unsound. This may not seem fair or "right" to many of you. That is only because you are not looking at the bigger picture. You are here to learn anew and to unlearn that which is unwise and not in your best interests. Those of you whose commitment is to self and not to service to others, should not complain when the dark forces beckon to you. They do not tackle those who are Sound in Mind and Spirit. They simply seek the alignment that so many humans have provided for them. These invasive forces continually test the human Spirit, searching to see if those "weak links" among you can be taken over and consumed. This force is on a strict timeline, they must accomplish all which they can of destructive and murderous nature before the clock strikes midnight on new years. Each cycle of this yearly progression sees the rapid movement for the portal on new years; multitudes of the dark legion must escape through the opening or perish. Once the portal closes they cannot sustain their life force in this dimension. Universal Law dictates that specific entities in human embodiment are to guard this portal and destroy all those dark forces before they can escape.

Another occurrence that takes place simultaneously, as the foes of the human race are madly scrambling for sanctuary beyond the portal, is the 2nd. Wave of Walk-Ins rapidly descending through the portal and across the bridge in a type of "energy to same energy chain." Those selected to guard the portal must now not only be engaged in the fiercest combat, one too gruesome for earthlings to imagine, they must AT THE SAME TIME protect and defend the emergence of The Rainbow Warriors, as these warriors descend into matter. These battles are known of in advance. None can enter here without the warning. Those un-illuminated entities struggling to escape that are killed in this combat do not regenerate, they cannot return. The Warriors who successfully make the rainbow crossing are immediately dispatched to their pre-chosen global destinations. Those who are the defenders of this realm who survive the combat, return again and again on that same date as part of their destined life experience. You will not read about them in your yellow tabloids, nor will you hear of the extraordinary feats they accomplish in battle. This planet does not as yet have access to the laser combat beams that are used in this confrontation. Nor will you listen to them as they grieve for their fallen comrades, those who have willingly given their lives for others. They grieve in silence. It is our way.

Except for the august through New Years Eve time period, the human race is free to go about their daily lives in any manner they choose. That period of great conflict is necessary in order for the human race to evolve at an individual pace. It is not the evolution of the masses that is an issue here, it must be one Soul at a time. Don’t mistake this by assuming that the dark forces have all left, they have been here as long as this planet has been. The good news is they are now slowly loosing their tenacious grip on humanity. It is merely at that previously designated time period, that timeline which is the time that challenges peoples Souls that poses the greatest threat. This is the time of the dark period of the Soul, dark meaning that peoples beliefs systems are tested, their staunchness of Spirit is tested, their ability to stand in their truths is tested, more so than at any other time of the year."

Q- "What information can you offer about the "poles?"

A-"The poles are essential to the balance of this planet. Each pole performs a necessary duty in maintaining the equilibrium of the planet, even when the earth star is tilting, as she is now. Much pressure is released through the north and south poles. This is merely a natural occurrence that emanates from the middle earth, the balance needed keeps the planet from imploding. There are enormous openings that lead into the poles and down through them into the middle earth. As the pressure is released it "vacuums" upward or downward, depending on the pole, in an arc of free form energy. There are specific times of the year when the most gaseous energies are dispersed. As that occurs the planet realigns herself with the aid of the positive and negative charges that the poles magnify for that specific purpose. Also all Star Keeper ships have certain bases inside the poles, well hidden from human curiosity hunters and planes. At times someone will see a ship descend into the interior of a pole, but they can only see so far. Our bases are well concealed. No the planet is not going to flip, she is shifting as she does every one to two thousand years."

Q- "What do you know about the pyramids here on earth?"

A-"The pyramids were symmetrically Created for communication purposes and for gathering the energies of the sun, the moon and other "outer planetary energies. The original pyramids were Created through mind-thought. No human labor was involved, contrary to the popular mistruths that abound on this planet. Long, long before my birth into existence, my forebears who were closely following the Divine Plan, erected these monoliths in conjunction with precise mathematical, scientific and astrological data pertinent to interstellar diagrams written by the greatest minds of the universes. It was in this manner that Star Keeper forces were able to maintain communication with other planets of the galactic federation. Information was continually transmitted both to and fro, accurately describing all weather patterns, environmental conditions and healthy areas on the earth star that would in time be fit for human habitation. The energy was harvested from the sun, the moon and others and subtly directed in concentric waves over this world. In this manner a "timing" was enacted, now known to you as summer, winter, fall and spring. All pyramids have hidden rooms within rooms and beneath other hidden rooms. These were places where crystals and stilight were kept for replenishing purposes. Data was also housed there for Star keepers who return still. Pyramids are incredible warehouses of energy. They should NOT be tampered with!"

Q-"Who are The Bird Tribes and Angels?"

A-"The term "bird tribes" was originally given to all Star Keepers by the ancient humans. When we and before us our ancestors, descended to the earth star we unfortunately scared primitive man. Because we were airborne beings, they mistook us for some type of deity that descended from the skies. We learned to camouflage ourselves with bird feathers and headdresses to allay their fears. They had great respect for birds, birds were not only food to them but birds were also seen by them to be either fortuitous omens or warnings. Because early man was divided into many tribes, they called us tribe as well. They then began to call us "The Bird Tribes." Many indigenous tribes on this world also believed we were some types of gods or at times, an avenging deity. In their pictograms and spoken histories they speak well of us, but as "bird tribes." Angels have always been in existence. The angelic realm is in a different dimension than is ours. They exist on many levels of development, as do we. The Creator Force considers them to be "extensions of HimSelf," they are pure luminescence, as is He. When a Soul is birthed he/she is offered the option of remaining on Nirvana and performing duties of interacting and interfacing with other expressions of God, or incarnating for a "living" experience.

No, angels do not have wings or halos. They are each a magnetic force unto themselves. They easily adapt a human visage that conforms to an identity that a human has either had long, long ago, or is reminiscent of an energy that the individual person is happy with. Each Soul is issued a guardian angel, this is one whose task is to do whatever he/she can to allay subconscious fears and promote the evolution of that Soul through "inspirations" and timely guidance. Of course that is dependent on the individual’s ability to LISTEN! There are 12 levels in the angelic realm that I know of. In time, as the angel ascends to a higher level, the luminance that is the internal makeup of the being, achieves an even greater light. As the light wave increases, an anomaly occurs. With each further step that arrives at completion on the final level, the brilliance of the light becomes not only blinding, the actual form of the being becomes smaller as the light becomes brighter. With the actual conclusion of this progression, that form is then a pinprick yet the light is incredible. That one then remains as part of God, never to leave Nirvana again. Sometimes special dispensations are granted that allow an angel(s) to enter the third-dimension for a stipulated time. These are special circumstances that may be either relevant to an event about to take place worldwide, or a situation that a light bearer is involved in that could have planetary repercussions. That is all I am permitted to speak about on this subject."

Q-"What can you tell us is the true cause of diseases on this planet?"

A-"Diseases are sadly misunderstood on this planet. It was never intended for the human race to suffer these maladies!! If only the people could understand the political shenanigans that are behind disease. All disease originates from 2 sources. #1-the mind. #2-the governments. The mind responds to the analytical properties of the body. In a very real sense, the mind is a hypochondriac. When the body performs its routine self-analysis, carefully scrutinizing each cell, each organ, it then sends that information to the mind. It is what the mind relays back to the body that causes the problem. The mind is nothing more than a complex computer. Its interpretation of the events ongoing within the body is subject to the intellectual whims of the individual. The conditioning of the human race as a whole has contributed 95% to the creations of diseases. The emotional state of the human is catalytic to the mind’s response to the body. In other words, the human body has great integrity, no one should doubt the integrity of their body. Yet when the emotional state is one of distress, regardless of the issues, the mind fastens upon the distress as "an anomaly," one that means the body is in disrepair. It then signals the body that the human has an illness, something foreign to its nature. The body recalculates the physical state and finds nothing wrong.

However, the mind is in control not the body, because the human has created a problem that the mind must deal with. So the mind then broadcasts to the physical body that there is an intruder within the body, not understanding that it is only dis-ease. Simply stated it means the body is temporarily without the natural flow, the EASE of complete unification of mind, emotion and body. These are essentially self-created illusions and delusions. I speak not of accidents and injuries here, those are relative to an individual’s life contract and karma. The illuminati have worked overtime in foisting false beliefs and false prophets who are only too willing to take advantage of the feeble human minds that believe in the inevitability of disease. People are afraid to eat what they should, they are afraid to drink what they should. People do NOT listen to their bodies cravings and desires for this nurturing. People are always seeking better health professionals to instruct them about their own PERSONAL bodies, each body is different so how, unless the health professional is inhabiting your body as well as their own, can they tell YOU what is best for YOUR body? Humans can be highly illogical and very dangerous to themselves.

Then of course while people are listening to horror stories that have no basis in fact.****special note: Theda is talking about the general populace who don’t read about any of this kind of information and most likely would not believe it anyway.***** The world governments in collusion with the parent companies of ALL pharmaceutical companies, are milking billions of dollars every year for illnesses that are laboratory created. Part of the accelerated plan in force for "new" drugs, ones that will inevitably lower your body’s natural ability to maintain good heath, is the preponderance of chemtrails in this world, the releasing of toxins through environmentally controlled "substances," the use of fluoride, the radioactive currents emitted by nuclear reactors which are airborne. Sun screens and certain dyes in clothes that are not amicable to the human condition and should not ever be worn, actually contain slow acting toxins. Aids and the offshoots of aids related viruses are all laboratory created. Cancer was created in a lab as well. If you could bear in mind that first you need to control your mind, the body will gladly follow suit. Of course if you are determined to have disease…..well…enjoy it!

If you must treat a physical condition then stop taking the antibiotics and the regimen of blood thinners and other such illuminati created substances and look for a natural alternative. They are available in great quantities on this planet. How many of you are aware that one of the most sought after and most used anti-coagulants prescribed by doctors on this planet for heart problems, is nothing but rat poison? Surely you do not really expect them to label it "rat poison for the heart," and then convince you to take it. The main problem here is that humans readily accept at face value the false propaganda that is so rampant here. Yet conversely, they deride with great sarcasm, the minority of humans who have sought and found a better way to contribute to the body beautiful.

And that is all I have to say about Disease!"

Salude…Commander Theda, signing off

This concludes part 3.

Parts 4 and 5 shall answer these questions and subjects and more:

Dragons and other mystical beings, Music as an encoding, Parallel Universes, Illuminati and Natural Resources, 2012, Human Sightings, Jesus The Christ, The Anti-Christ, Solar Flares, The Moon, The Crystal City, Council of Elders, Ship Shapes, The Hollow Earth Theory.
Please note, because of the complexity of these interviews, they may run into more than four parts.

Celestial and David

Our Interview with Commander Theda Part 2

Part two covers the following topics:
What is a shooting star, why most people cannot see the space ships, Aerial battles with the Illuminati, why David and Celest are here,
The bible and mass exodus from the planet Earth, Star Trek, Orbs, and what we can do to help Earth and all her relations.


Our interview with Commander Theda

Part #2 of 5

Uncensored interview with Theda, a Commander of the
Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keepers Forces.

Theda is commander of the star fleet ships liaison for
the Pleiadian and Arcturian Flagships

Interview with Theda – Part 2"

1–Q-What is a "shooting star?"

A-That term is a very loose description of a star or a fragment ejecting from a planet that rapidly begins a descent through the skies from it’s "home base." The rapid acceleration process of that fragment or burned out star, causes it to contrast with the gravitational flows as well as with some non-gravitational spaces. As this occurs an incredible amount of friction, one that is many cases is almost a combustible process occurs. As this does, the "element" descending burns faster and faster until it literally burns itself out and dissipates into nothingness. Thus is not to be confused with a certain type of flare signal that we send to earth to alert our forces on this planet to either an incoming threat or to issue an a "E.T. call home" beacon. –

2–Q-Can a shooting star be mistaken for an actual beam ship "shooting" across the sky?

A-Not to the truly astute ones on earth, no. When a ship is streaking above the earth but in plain sight of those who are looking to the skies, it moves very rapidly in certain patterns of flight. Our ships fly in either straight lines, lines that suddenly and abruptly curve straight up or straight down, "barrel turns," or change from miniscule dots fleeing across the hemisphere, to gigantic ship forms that cannot be mistaken for any other object. Oftentimes, when there is a lesser amount of duress affecting our schedules, we "play" with those humans that we know, those with whom we have arranged by prior appointment to meet with and provide some lighthearted mischievous "air shows." This helps to lessen the normally serious natures of all of our usual days here.

3–Q-In part 1of the interview, you mentioned that at any given moment, although the numbers can vary, 10,000,000 ships fill our skies. Why is it that we cannot see them?

A-Well, it is not because we practice "hocus pocus" I assure you! From the perspective of the average human, when he or they look up at the sky, they can see only from their vantage point. In other words, they can see sky above them but it is only that portion of the sky that can be seen. Take that into account then add the fact that we know the sky to be limitless in this particular universe. All universes have their own skies although not all are the same. In this dimension if you were in a ship or satellite traversing the entire globe you would see all the sky but never all of it at the same moment. Now add to this the fact that we cloak our ships, you can see the sky somewhere THROUGH the transparency of our ships, but not the ships themselves unless we want you to.

4–Q-How often do the aerial battles occur with the Illuminati?

A-These battles never seem to cease, unfortunately. I cannot give you an exact number, they happen continuously. Nightfall though does seem to be the times of greatest peril from those forces.

5–Q-Why can’t people see them from Earth?

A-There are many answers to this. Under normal circumstances the battles take place high above the stratosphere; in dimensions that humans are not aware of. Oftentimes they also take place under the shadows of other planets, in no way could a human witness this event. If any of the ships were too close to the gravitational pull of the earth star planet, the ships themselves would fall victims to the gravitational pull resulting in a great loss of life for all the ships and crews, not to mention the humans on the planet. Then too there is the all pervading "fear factor" of the human mind. Humans are for the most part such a primitive race that there is no telling of how severe the reactions to their mind functions would be. I give you an earth example: think about what happens when civil unrest assaults the people. When there are riots or other instances of mayhem, would do humans do? They loot, rape and murder. Just another day in paradise! It boggles our collective minds to consider what would take place if they had the physical and mental awareness to observe these battle conditions.

6–Q-Why is it you, the entire fleets of benevolent Star Keepers, cannot stop all incoming and outgoing Illuminati vessels?

A-Tell me Celestial; how long can you hold your finger in the dyke and effective keep the raging waters from breaking through? Of course it is possible for the Illuminati and their brethren to break through barriers that have been erected and land on this planet. It is but one reason that we also have many, MANY ships based here on Earth. Our underground bases located in specific deserts, mountains and waterways, can clearly see by the invading ship’s coordinates, where precisely those ships will land, even if they must detour they are tracked by us. The usual procedure for the invaders is to tunnel beneath the surface of the earth where they either have a base or will be building one. Our earth based ships monitor their movements at all times; they do not seek to provoke any engagement with these other ones until such time as it is clearly defined as to the purpose, the mission of the incoming. It is said on earth, "always keep your friends close by and your enemies closer." WE DO!

In the normal scheme of things, a type of "patch" can be attached to the spot where the dark horde has landed. This is to ensure that the slightest deviation from everyday protocols can be followed. Unless our orders are to seek and destroy those landed vessels, we keep them under strict scrutiny until they are leaving here to return to their point of origin. Then we have permission to destroy them, thus preventing them from returning yet again. Many times we as well as our contactees, have planted false data where we know they will be landing and deliberately allow them to return home without interference. Also, remember we all adhere to the Universal Laws of non-interference, non-interfacing. There are pre-destined times and places when and where the Illuminati and their contactees must play out their roles.

7–Q-So many people have been wondering why David and I are here on the earth star planet. Can you give them any insight to this query?

A-Celestial I am well aware of the difficulties you have both encountered in your quest here. This is a difficult place to be and you two and many, many others like you are here in the most difficult of times. You yourself, as you well know, insisted on being here, over the most strident objections of your father Blue Star. In part, you knew of course that once again you would be reunited with David, yet you chose to assist humanity as the greatest show on earth unfolds, one that requires all the true torch bearers, all the true teachers to BE all that they CAN be. You discovered the weak links here. The teachers whose beliefs in themselves have not been able to endure the slings and arrows of the unGodly, have given thanks to each nano moment you have spent with them; reassuring them and re-teaching them how to best fight the beast from within. You teach them how to play the beast’s game; you tell them to play the game better than the beast and to use the beast’s game against itself, thereby defeating it at and in it’s own lair. Pretty cool!

David had chosen a very rough trail for the beginning of his walk-in life here. He succumbed to much that he would not have if he had been physically, mentally and Spiritually in touch with you before 2002. David underwent a great lack of faith in David. Although this was perceived by him prior to his entering into human dross, he knew the rules, he would not be permitted to remember his upcoming earth walk challenges. His personal mission was to overcome all the gross experiences rampant on this planet. His Spiritual mission was to meet you and then begin again to evolve…with the speed of a rocket! He had to relearn to give credence to himself as mentor and guide to others. He has always been a teacher yet this was his most difficult self-appointed mission. He has learned that he will not fail himself. He has relearned "passionate detachment," he now understands why he is so often attacked by those children of a lesser god.

You are a team; you are a match! No one and no-thing shall keep you two from aligning with those great teachers who seek the congeniality and the advanced teachings that you both can provide.

8–Q-The bible speaks of a mass exodus from this planet at the time of Armageddon. What can you tell the readers about this?

A-Armageddon, Apocalypse are but mere terms describing "a cleansing." Humans who resonate to the fear factor make much of this verbiage. Humans, whose keen perceptions are such that they innately are aware that there is nothing to fear from this cleansing, tend to not give credence to the others’ beliefs. Of course then there are the extremely religious types who see Armageddon as just cause for the unjust. Unfortunately, it seems to always be the religious zealots backed by the politicians and their malicious lobbying that determines who are the "unjust." Having stated this I shall answer the question more fully. The cleansing has begun. Plain and simple! The planetary changes that are now taking place in spite of the political maneuvering and the voices of the people that are rising and stating "we have had enough, we are mad as hell and refuse to take it anymore," are but a part of the cleansing.

Why is it that so many people still do not have the understanding that the bible, all bibles and religious dogma, were written by humans? Jesus The Christ did not write them, The Divine Force did not write them. They were written by people to control and confuse people. Unfortunately it worked, that is one reason why we must be here. Never did the Sacred Ones ever state that there would be a mass exodus initiated by The Divine Force. However, there is in fact a mass exodus in motion here.

Thousands and thousands of humans are leaving this planet. Many through purely natural disasters, many by the reckless and hateful acts of violence perpetrated against them by politics and the malcontents. . Many on the Internet who call themselves "light workers" postulate that ships will descend to save the "good." That is ridiculous. We interface here with many other Star Keepers to protect the planet; to alleviate the toxins assaulting this world by chemtrails and other atrocities. We are the caretakers of our walk-ins and other evolved Souls on this planet. We can cause revisions in many of the malefactors’ plans to control this planet. We are not here to swoop down and participate in any exodus. Each Soul here in this world must follow their own chosen paths of destiny. When need be we prevent the contagion that the planet emits from tainting other planets in this Universe. Mass exodus indeed!

By the way, we do not use the term "light workers," to describe those who truly follow the path without needing to prove anything to anyone. We have called them "torch bearers." There is a difference. We now refer to them as "Light Weavers." There too is a difference.

9–Q-What purpose do you think "Star Trek" has had, if any, in awakening the people to the fact of the existence of life forms other than humans?

A-Star Trek, The Star Wars Movies and other fine epics were sent to the earthlings who "wrote" them as a prearranged means of restarting the cellular memory banks of many fine teachers and those who will become excellent teachers. This was also to "jump start" the submerged intuitive Self into REMEMBERING their walk-in missions and to offer remedial teachings to those who have had temporary Spiritual amnesia. Our records clearly indicate that this purpose is being and will continue to be accomplished.

10–Q-Do ORBS assist your ships in any fashion?

A-Yes the orbital revolving system was initiated as a means of not only assisting the human race, but they accompany many of our ships and can act as "lookouts" when needed. The amounts of intense and incandescent energies they possess are an incalculable help to us. You do know that they communicate telepathically. They can also monitor specific areas for us and can warn us well in advance of incoming and cloaked enemies.

11–Q-How can we assist in the battles against the Illuminati? Why would we?

A-The Illuminati are standing between the continued existence of humanity as well as the evolution of humans as a whole. They are the one great threat to life as you know it. They cannot assume their chosen roles as leaders of this universe and the domination of 6 other universes without the earth star planet firmly under their control. They are now at a depleted state insofar as their genetics are concerned. They need to continue to breed with selected humans while simultaneously targeting those other humans who shall function as food or drones. The gas chambers built by Hitler cannot compare to how terrible a death would be experienced by the hapless humans. Those of the Illuminati who have become mentally unbalanced, in part due to inbreeding, have been known to devour their victims while the prey was still alive. It is a slow, agonizing death, to say the least.

Ironically many descendants of the Illuminati residing on Earth, have over the last hundred years forsaken the old ways and are ashamed of their heritage. I do not speak of those who are the wealthy icons of society. It is because of this turnaround, that the depleted numbers of their forces are so eagerly attempting to solicit those wiser ones and return them to the fold. If those who truly desire to be of help to us in this horrendous battle would educate others, even if it is only one human at a time, simply ask us to lead you to those who are seeking the truth. AWARENESS is essential now, more so than ever before. Humans cannot fight against that which they are unaware of. We can arrange matters so that those you seek, you shall find and those who need you most shall find you. Truth can be a double-edged sword on this planet. Remember that. Do not expect your quest for truth to result in the world governments admitting to whom and what they pay allegiance. Yet do not feel that you are alone in this effort either. We are aware of everything you do, say and feel. There are so many of you who have the financial freedom to assist those who do not have it and yet need it in order to continue their good works. Share the wealth without expectations. That too is a little understood aspect of "freedom."

Continue to be alert for attacks upon you by the Illuminati. They too know who you are and the importance of your missions. Above all…..Maintain your faith in Creator God and The Creation; maintain your faith in your Self; KNOW that wherever you are, whatever you do, we shall be on your shoulder very much.

Salude….Commander Theda signing off

This concludes part 2.

Parts 3 & 4 shall answer these questions and subjects and more:

Arcturian planet and travel times, New Years, Poles, The Pyramids, The Bird Tribes and Angels, Dragons, Music as an encoding, Parallel Universes, Diseases, Illuminati and Natural Resources, 2012, Human Sightings, Jesus The Christ, The Anti-Christ, Solar Flares, The Moon, The Crystal City, Council of Elders, Ship Shapes, The Hollow Earth Theory.

Celestial and David

Theda’s Bio

Commander Theda’s Bio is Below.

Theda, a Commander of the
Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keepers Forces.

Now we give you Theda.

“I am Theda, a Commander of the Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keepers Forces, chief Officer of the Interplanetary Diversionary Project, expert on holographic projectile infusions and former explorer of ancient worlds. As a young child I was trained in the arts of stellar communication and the proper raising of hydroponic foods. I was a liaison for the exchange program of Pleiadian and Arcturian students, I studied under Ewashon, a highly placed commander of the Arcturian planet, who taught me the interfacing and laser technology necessary to pilot our ships. As a young adult I excelled in the studies of holographic projectory and the advanced courses on diversionary tactics. I was approached by a High Fleet Commander who proposed my name to the Euburian Council as a possible Administer of the Peace Keepers Forces, which had just been initiated. My name was accepted by Council and I began 14 years, in my time measurement, of intensive training.”

“I will not reveal all of the training techniques solely because earth people cannot all be trusted; however, part included the exploration of ancient worlds where advanced cultures now thrive. I was accompanied at that time of training by 34 other individuals whose destines aligned with my own. We all learned many languages that we needed to learn in order to interact with more primitive life forms. To date, I now can speak, when necessary, in 134 languages. Many are Earth Star “lingo.” I was issued my own ship 612 years ago, again in my time measurements. I was given my own fleet 124 years ago.”


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